Plan to Attack Iran Confirmed, Vote on IMPEACHMENT Now


If you thought the Cheney White House could not be so crazy as to attack Iran given the existing debacle in Iraq, we have news for you. They ARE that crazy. As reported by Time magazine on line yesterday, an administration official declared unilaterally "There will be an attack on Iran", based on the totally bogus assertion that they are the source for the IEDs being used in Iraq. And the only way to stop the insanity is to impeach the Vice President immediately.


Never mind that all anyone has to do is Google the words "missing explosives iraq" and in seconds you will find all the links to how
340 bulk tons of the most powerful military explosives just walked away from the Al Qa'qaa storage depot and others, which HAD been under U.N. seal, until they were left entirely unguarded for a month and a half while the U.S. military was only interested in protecting the oil ministry.

Never mind that all one of the strategic Keystone Cops in the Vice President's office would have to do is Google the words "ieds copper discs" and in seconds they too would find all the links to how local machine shops in Iraq were cranking out the parts needed to make all those IEDS as a cottage industry, given that they now have enough stolen high explosives stockpiled for a 200 year insurgency at current rates of attacks.

And yet still the push is from Cheney's office to tell even bigger lies about Iran than he ever told about Iraq, and to escalate yet another fraudulent casus belli into world war with a billion Muslims,
99.999 percent of whom would have rather just be left alone in peace had we not gone out of our way to bomb their cities.


Remember that Cheney is the originator of the irrational 1 percent doctrine, by which he asserted that even if the chance of potential threat is very small we must act preemptively to take that threat out. As a result of such doctrinaire dogma, 99 percent of the million Iraqis killed so far, and of the millions more made into refugees or maimed, have been innocent bystander civilians. That's a whole lot of hearts and minds. Operating with at most 1 percent intelligence, and
99 percent of the certainty of a paranoid, delusional madman, Dick Cheney has turned U.S. foreign policy into a self-fulfilling disaster.

This is the same Dick Cheney who when interviewed in 1994 explained
(in a private assessment he wishes he could suppress now) what a bad idea it would have been to try to depose Saddam by ourselves all alone with nobody from the region with us, and how it would lead to nothing but a quagmire and Iraq flying apart into sectarian pieces. THAT 9/11 did not change. But were they candid with the American people about the risks of an occupation of Iraq? No, they lied about that too. They told us it would be a six week cake walk with candy and flowers, to sucker us into sacrificing thousands of American lives and a trillion dollar from our treasury to Cheney's war profiteering cronies, only to then tell us that's the reason we can't just leave now.

Only impeachment can save us now. Only impeachment can remove Cheney from office before he executes the final solution leading inevitably to all out nuclear war and to the end of civilization. We do not have time for the next election to save us. With more and more evidence surfacing that the last two presidential elections were stolen outright, with them putting into place secret presidential directives to declare martial law and worse in response to the crisis they themselves are determined to precipitate, only if you speak out now can we save ourselves.


Please cast your vote on the action page above, just as over 100,000 of your fellow alarmed citizens already have, which will send your message in real time to all your members of Congress, and letter to the editor of your nearest daily local newspaper if you like as well. In doing so we can pressure more members of Congress to sign on to H.Res. 333, calling for the impeachment of Vice President Cheney, just as 20 House members already have. If enough of us speak out Congress absolutely will act. All House members are up for reelection. They cannot ignore us all.

Please speak out. Click a mouse one time. We need YOUR voice to join in the mounting calls for impeachment NOW. Please.

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed to be ours, and forward this message to everyone else you know.


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