Donnerstag, 9. August 2007

Residents fume over phone tower fiasco

Aug 9 2007

Report by Rhys Griffiths

HOMEOWNERS in Temple Ewell said they felt "cheated" after the parish council failed to consult with them about the erection of a T-Mobile mast behind their houses.

Angry parishioners claimed that the first they knew about it was when its construction began last month.

As a result, residents said they were unable to express their concerns, particularly at the health risks to their families and the pupils at nearby Temple Ewell Primary School.


How the administration got sweeping authority for open-ended surveillance

Inside Bush's Power Grab

by Aziz Huq,

Hedge Funds May Pose a Risk to US Economy

Kevin G. Hall and Robert A. Rankin report for McClatchy Newspapers: "Wild mood swings on Wall Street are nothing new, but the recent quaking in financial markets has a worrisome new wrinkle: It's being driven more by what isn't known than by what is. That's because a huge share of the money that's flowing through US financial markets is being invested by giant 'hedge funds' that aren't subject to much regulation. No one really knows what they own. And there's a chance that some of what they own is worthless."

Even if Calls Not Tapped, Our Fear Is

Diane Carman writes for the Denver Post: "Edith Williams is certain that her phone is being tapped, and nobody can convince her otherwise. I wouldn't dare try... After all, it doesn't matter whether the government actually is eavesdropping on Williams' phone calls - or yours or mine. Just knowing that some government goon can listen for any reason - or no reason at all - can make a person think twice about expressing dissent."

Security Threat From Hackers in New FISA Law

Susan Landau reports for The Washington Post: "To avoid wiretapping every communication, NSA will need to build massive automatic surveillance capabilities into telephone switches. Here things get tricky: Once such infrastructure is in place, others could use it to intercept communications. Grant the NSA what it wants, and within 10 years the United States will be vulnerable to attacks from hackers across the globe, as well as the militaries of China, Russia and other nations."

Data-Mining Our Liberties

Aziz Huq writes for The Nation, "The Protect America Act of 2007--the title alone ought to be warning that unsavory motives are at work--is the most recent example of the national security waltz, a three-step Administration maneuver for taking defeat and turning it into victory."

Energiesparlampen mit Haken

Baubiologen und Umweltmediziner fordern die Einführung eines Grenzwertes für hochfrequente Strahlung von Energiesparlampen.

Hambach Reloaded

Im Juni veröffentlichte der Deutsche Journalistenverband einen Appell mit historischen Wurzeln, um gegen die Beschneidung der Meinungs- und Pressefreiheit durch die Bundesregierung zu protestieren - der Appell ist heute aktueller denn je.

Korallen sterben schneller als gedacht

Wegen ihrer Artenvielfalt werden sie auch Regenwald der Ozeane genannt. Nun wurde bekannt, dass sie noch schneller schrumpfen, als ihre Namensgeber.

Senator Bernie Sanders: Earth to Bush: The Middle Class is Shrinking

ACLU Asks Secret Intelligence Court to Release Orders That Led to "Emergency" Wiretapping Legislation


Civil Rights Group Seeks Court's Spying Rulings

James Vicini reports for Reuters, "A US civil liberties group said on Wednesday it is asking a federal court to disclose its recent legal opinions on the Bush administration's authority to engage in secret wiretapping of Americans."

A Lot More Than One Bridge Could Crumble Under GOP

Bush More "Disastrous" Than Nixon

"Terror War" Terrorizes Spineless Democrats

PACs and Lobbyists Aided Obama's Rise

UN Staff Oppose Proposed Iraq Resolution

Prevent War With Iran

Send an email to your Congressperson about wiretapping

Leahy Sets Final Deadline for Wiretapping Documents

Kara Oppenheim reports for The Hill, "Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy (D-Vermont) Wednesday set an August 20 deadline for the Bush administration to produce documents related to the panel's probe of the National Security Agency's wiretapping program."

Lawmakers Who Failed to Vote on FISA Bill

Karissa Marcum reports for The Hill, "On Friday night, 12 senators missed the vote to expand the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, while 13 House members did not vote on Saturday and Sunday morning."

Bush Readies Bid for Corporate Tax Cuts

Peter Baker reports for The Washington Post, "President Bush said yesterday that he is considering a fresh plan to cut tax rates for US corporations to make them more competitive around the world, an initiative that could further inflame a battle with the Democratic Congress over spending and taxes and help define the remainder of his tenure."

White House Long at Odds With FISA Court

Jason Leopold reports for Truthout: "The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act was enacted by Congress in 1978 after lawmakers discovered widespread abuses by the Nixon administration involving covert activities against American citizens. The legislation Congress passed last week, and signed into law by Bush, dismantles the safeguards Congress put into place nearly three decades ago."

The web without wires

By Neeta Dutta

World wide worry: the potential health risk of WiFi internet has Haringey Council asking schools to use networks only when neccesary

School governors in Haringey have been advised to examine their WiFi internet access provision as health concerns about wireless technology intensifies.


Phone mast fears that will not go away

MOST technology comes at a cost, and mobile phones are no exception. The ability to make and receive calls in the street, in the car or even at the top of a mountain is a wonderful thing, but the downside is the huge network of radio masts required to make the system function.

Not only are these masts often unsightly - despite the efforts of mobile phone companies to disguise them as trees or flagpoles - but some of us also suspect they are bad for our health.


Obama’s crazy talk

Fox News
by Mike Baker


This past week produced these two gems, one from the Republican side and one from the Democratic field of candidates: ‘There are terrorists holed up in those mountains who murdered 3,000 Americans. They are plotting to strike again. If we have actionable intelligence about high-value terrorist targets and President Musharraf will not act, we will.’ That of course was from Barack Obama, who later came under fire from Pakistani government officials for his odd James Cagney impersonation. Apparently, the Pakistanis did some checking and confirmed that, yes, they are a sovereign nation and ally of the United States, making Obama’s comments somewhat inflammatory and, uhh, stupid...,2933,292465,00.html

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Creating radio for the people

by Amy Goodman


Rupert Murdoch is looking like the cat that ate the canary with his successful takeover of Dow Jones & Co. and its flagship newspaper, The Wall Street Journal. Media conglomerates like Murdoch’s News Corp. are among the most powerful corporations on the planet. His papers beat the drums for war while distracting with gossip and glitz. Yet people are finding innovative ways to fight back, to demand independent, community-based media. One such effort that you can join is the movement to create new, full-power, noncommercial FM radio stations in the U.S. This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity. The Federal Communications Commission will open a one-week window, Oct. 12-19, during which nonprofit community groups in the U.S. can file applications...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

New fans for wiretapping

Disloyal Opposition
by JD Tuccille


Not surprisingly, questions are being raised (by me, among others) about Congress’s approval of the Bush administration’s wiretapping bill. The conventional wisdom is that Democrats won control of Congress on a wave of public revulsion toward the war in Iraq and related incursions into civil liberties here at home. The Republicans got booted so that Democrats could at least provide some legislative opposition to the Bush administration’s excesses. So why did the Democrats vote to expand the government’s power to spy on Americans’ without warrants?

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Market meltdown: understanding climate economics

Mother Jones
by James K. Galbraith


Eight years ago in Austin, Texas, pio­neering climate economist Eban Goodstein drew a thin crowd speckled with hecklers, whose buttons demanded, ‘Show Me the Science!’ When he returned this year, the deniers were gone, the room packed, the mood serious. Thanks to Al Gore, people get the science. Now, they want to know what to do. To this, Republicans in Congress answer: nothing. House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) has appointed six members to the new climate change committee. Most of them had been global-warming skeptics; now they’re policy skeptics. As Rep. John Shadegg (R-Ariz.) stated: ‘We must be careful not to enact policies that will unnecessarily impose a financial burden on American families.’ Their new button reads: ‘Show Me the Economics!’

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

They can hear you now: Congress Protects America From Privacy

Human Events
by Jacob Sullum


When you talk to your mother on the phone, do you have a reasonable expectation of privacy? I thought I had privacy, but apparently I don’t — at least not anymore — because my mother lives in Jerusalem. Under the inaptly named Protect America Act of 2007, which President Bush signed into law on Sunday, the federal government no longer needs a warrant to eavesdrop on phone calls or read e-mail messages between people in the United States and people in other countries. Unless the courts overturn this law or Congress declines to renew it when it expires in six months, Americans will have no legally enforceable privacy rights that protect the content of their international communications...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

America under surveillance

by Tim Shorrock


On one level, the engagement of the NGA and the U-2 flights over the Gulf Coast during Katrina were commendable efforts to use America’s vast surveillance powers for the safety and support of its citizens. But at the same time, the incident apparently marked the first time in history that U.S. intelligence agencies created to spy on foreign countries were deployed to collect extensive information on the U.S. ‘homeland.’ Their role during Katrina is just one aspect of an enormous domestic surveillance infrastructure put in place by the Bush administration ever since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks sparked a radical restructuring and expansion of America’s intelligence system. Although the full scope of domestic surveillance under Bush remains elusive, we now know from press accounts, lawsuits, and Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and other top Bush officials’ descriptions and denials that the NSA has been involved in multiple domestic surveillance programs — in apparent violation of federal law — including spying on Americans’ telecommunications and Internet traffic, as well as data mining...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Fear, frenzy and FISA

by Julian Sanchez

Like Bill Murray’s hapless weatherman in Groundhog Day, America is locked in a perpetual September 12, 2001. How else to explain this weekend’s frenzied passage of a sweeping amendment to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), effectively authorizing the program of extrajudicial wiretaps first approved in secret by President George W. Bush shortly after the terrorist attacks of 2001? How else to make sense of a Democratic Congress capitulating to the demands of a wildly unpopular executive for yet another expansion of government surveillance powers, mere months after the disclosure of the rampant abuses that followed the last such expansion? The hasty passage of the massive USA PATRIOT Act, a scant 45 days after those attacks, was ill-considered but understandable. Six years later, however, the administration has grown comfortable with the prerogatives panic affords. And, perversely, it has learned that it can continue to wield those prerogatives even under a Democratic majority, provided it insists on regarding Congress always and only as a last resort...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

US attacks Iraqi militants allegedly tied to Iran while Maliki makes friendly visit to Tehran

Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

Terrorists Win: Americans Living In Perpetual Fear

Pollution Closes Record Number of Beaches

Reuters reports that "The number of US beaches declared unsafe for swimming reached a record last year, with more than 25,000 cases where shorelines were closed or prompted health advisories, an environmental group reported on Tuesday."

Sierra trees dying at alarming rate as climate warms

Informant: Teresa Binstock

Coral Reefs Dying Faster Than Expected

The Associated Press reports, "Coral reefs in much of the Pacific Ocean are dying faster than previously thought, according to a study released Wednesday, with the decline driven by climate change, disease and coastal development."

Extinct: The Dolphin That Could Not Live Alongside Man

Jeremy Laurance, The Independent UK, writes, "After more than 20 million years on the planet, the Yangtze river dolphin is today officially declared extinct, the first species of cetacean to be driven from this planet by human activity."

Talk of Impeachment Is in the Air

Bill Moyers Journal is rebroadcasting the show with constitutional scholar Bruce Fein, who wrote the first article of impeachment against President Bill Clinton, and The Nation's John Nichols, author of "The Genius of Impeachment."

Labor Dept.: 1,001 Contractors Have Died in Iraq

The Houston Chronicle's David Ivanovich reports: "More than 1,000 civilian contractors have been killed in Iraq since the US-led invasion more than four years ago, according to Labor Department records made available Tuesday."

Informationelle Selbstbestimmung erhalten

9. August 2007

Zur Einführung einer zentralen Steuerdatei erklärt die stellvertretende Vorsitzende der Partei DIE LINKE, Katina Schubert:

Die Bekämpfung von Steuerhinterziehung zulasten der öffentlichen Haushalte und damit auch der sozial Benachteiligten ist dringend notwendig. Noch immer gilt Steuerbetrug mehr als Volkssport denn als Vergehen. Doch der Zweck heiligt auch hier nicht die Mittel. Eine zentrale Steuerdatei mit hoch sensiblen personenbezogenen Daten weckt bei staatlichen Institutionen und Privaten weitere Begehrlichkeiten nach Zugriff und Verwendung dieser Daten, die eben nicht dem Zwecke der Datenerhebung, nämlich der Ermittlung der Steuerlast dienen. Beispiele davon liefert die bundesdeutsche Geschichte genug: von den Verbindungsdaten der Telefongesellschaften über Passagierdaten der Fluggesellschaften bis hin zu den Mautdaten. Auch in der Steuergesetzgebung muss das vom Bundesverfassungsgericht in seinem Volkszählungsurteil begründete Recht auf informationelle Selbstbestimmung gelten. Das bedeutet, jede und jeder muss selbst über die erhobenen personenbezogenen Daten bestimmen können und wissen, welche Daten wer über sie oder ihn verfügt. Personenbezogene Daten dürfen ausschließlich für den Grund ihrer Erhebung genutzt werden. Für die Steuerdaten heißt das: Arbeitgeber haben in der Steuerdatei der Finanzämter nichts zu suchen. Und die Gefahr, dass eine bundesweite zentrale Steuerdatei eine Überwachungsdatei wird und damit Grundrechte verletzt, ist größer als die Möglichkeit, Steuerbetrug zu bekämpfen. Deshalb ist das der falsche Weg!Überwachung

Die Bio-Heuschrecken kommen

Umweltinstitut München e.V. - Newsletter vom 9. August 2007

Der Skandaldiscounter Lidl kauft sich die Basic Supermärkte. Unsere Kritik haben wir in einer Pressemitteilung zum Ausdruck gebracht:

Heute um 16 Uhr finden vor und in dem Basic Laden in der Westenriederstraße (nähe Isartorplatz) Fernsehaufnahmen (Bay. Fernsehen, Land und Leute, Sendetermin Sonntag, nach 18 Uhr) statt. Wer will, kann dort zu dieser Zeit mit einer Lidl-Tüte zum Einkaufen gehen und damit seinen Unmut zum Ausdruck bringen.

Eine Erhöhung des Anteils der Bioproduktion an der deutschen Landwirtschaft lässt sich nicht durch eine Beschleunigung des exorbitanten Wachstums von Basic (37% im letzten Jahr, gemessen am Umsatz) erreichen. Discounter wie Lidl gehören erfahrungsgemäß nicht zu verlässlichen Abnehmern. Sie sind dafür bekannt, dass sie ihre Lieferanten unter Druck setzen, bis die Bauern als Letzte in der Kette nur noch Preise erzielen, die unter ihren Gestehungskosten liegen. Basic wird durch die Kooperation mit Lidl keinesfalls Landwirte für eine Umstellung ihrer Betriebe gewinnen können. Wie der Vergleich mit Österreich mit einem viel höheren Anteil ökologisch wirtschaftender landwirtschaftlicher Betriebe zeigt, sind vielmehr geeignete politische Rahmenbedingungen und Förderprogramme gefragt.

Basic bezieht schon jetzt seine Waren weltweit. Ein globalisierter Biomarkt kann den Forderungen nach einer Ökologisierung unseres Lebens keinesfalls gerecht werden. „Bio“ muss mehr als nur gesund für die Verbraucher sein. „Bio“ muss auch ein Beitrag zum globalen Umweltschutz sein.

Inzwischen formiert sich weiterer Widerstand gegen den Ausverkauf der Biosupermärkte. Attac-München hat eine e-Mail Protestaktion organisiert, an der Sie sich beteiligen können:

Harald Nestler Vorstand
Umweltinstitut München e.V.
Landwehrstr. 64 a
80336 München

American Express fined $65mln over money laundering

American Express Co. (AXP.N) agreed to pay $65 million for failing to detect drug-related money transactions laundered through a subsidiary over several years, U.S. authorities said on Monday.

From Information Clearing House

Subprime fallout deepens in Germany

Germany, which last week became the first European country infected by the woes in the American mortgage market, suffered another blow Monday when a Frankfurt-based asset management firm closed one of its funds to halt withdrawals by rattled investors.

From Information Clearing House

Secret call log at heart of wiretap challenge

In open court and legal filings it's referred to simply as "the Document." Federal officials claim its contents are so sensitive to national security that it is stored in a bombproof safe in Washington and viewed only by prosecutors with top secret security clearances and a few select federal judges.

From Information Clearing House

Iran sees US plot to topple its leadership

An Iranian minister said he believed the United States had dropped the idea of attacking Iran but wanted to topple its leadership through what he called a "soft revolution".

From Information Clearing House

Pakistan 10 killed: Musharraf chides Americans

President Pervez Musharraf said yesterday that discussion of U.S. military strikes against al-Qaida in Pakistan only hurts the fight against terrorism. Meanwhile, 10 people were killed as his troops bombarded militant hideouts in their strongest response yet to a month of anti-government attacks.

From Information Clearing House

US Envoy, Japanese Opposition Leader Spar Over Involvement in Iraq, Afghanistan

Ozawa says the U.S.-led operations, in which Japan currently participates, do not have United Nations Security Council authorization.

From Information Clearing House

Top Iraq MP: No oil law under occupation

A top member of the Iraqi prime minister's party says a law governing oil reserves should be delayed until occupation forces leave the country.

From Information Clearing House

A surge of phony spin on Iraq

Bush's backers are peddling a sunny view of the president's strategy -- despite Iraq's political chaos and soaring death counts.

From Information Clearing House

Iraq's hall of mirrors

Britain and the US are maintaining positive illusions about the situation in Iraq, but the unvarnished truth is less comfortable.

From Information Clearing House

US uneasy as Britain plans for early Iraq withdrawal

The Bush administration is becoming increasingly concerned about the impact of an imminent British withdrawal from southern Iraq and would prefer UK troops to remain for another year or two.,,2143879,00.html

From Information Clearing House

Iraqi Leader Arrives in Iran

The premier, who is a Shiite and is deemed a close ally of Iran's Shiite regime, said he would also discuss and sign a number of cooperation memorandums with Tehran. He did not elaborate.

From Information Clearing House

U.S. Says Iran-Supplied Bomb Kills More Troops

Attacks on American-led forces using a lethal type of roadside bomb said to be supplied by Iran reached a new high in July, according to the American military.

From Information Clearing House

Iraqis protest civilians' killing in US airstrike

Protests broke out in al-Tareq district in eastern Baghdad's predominately Shiite Sadr City, with demonstrators carrying the coffins of people killed during a US air strike on Wednesday morning, Iraqi state-run al-Iraqiya TV reported.

From Information Clearing House

Cracks in the Constitution

A Review By Stephen Lendman

Lundberg is firm in debunking the notion that America is a government of laws, not men. It's "palpable nonsense of the highest order," he said. Governments enacting laws are composed of men who lie, connive, misinterpret and pretty much operate ad libitum discharging their duties as they see fit for their own self-interest.

We Are The Enemy

By Marcus Karr

How elegantly simple and effectively deceptive the method of revolution really is! All it takes is to convince the people of a serious and imminent threat, and then, with panic and fear sown in their hearts, they will hand over their liberties without thought or hesitation. The 'serious and imminent threat' of the hour, which is naught but hallucinated menace, has heretofore been of the strange and external variety: 'They' are 'over there', where we must meet them with courage and conviction, lest 'they' come 'over here' once again, and do us real harm. This myth has served its purpose well enough - we are occupying Iraq.

Barbara Lee: Let Us Praise an Infamous Woman and Our Own Possibilities

By Norman Solomon

A grand total of two people in the entire Congress were able to resist a blood-drenched blank check for the Vietnam War. Decades later, a single Congress woman stood up after September 11, 2001 and voted against the gathering madness.

The Pentagon's latest Big Lie

By Mike Whitney

The War Dept.'s latest fraud appeared in this week's newspapers under the ominous-sounding headline: "US Kills Mastermind of Iraq Shrine" The article is similar to hundreds of other stories we've seen in the passed few years boasting of the murder of an "alleged" terrorist kingpin whose evil deeds have prevented democracy from flourishing in Iraq. Oh, please.

Beyond Disaster

By Chris Hedges

The war in Iraq is about to get worse -- much worse. The Democrats' decision to let the war run its course, while they frantically wash their hands of responsibility, means that it will sputter and stagger forward until the mission collapses. This will be sudden. The security of the Green Zone, our imperial city, will be increasingly breached. Command and control will disintegrate. And we will back out of Iraq humiliated and defeated.

Uncle Sam, Your Banker Will See You Now

Bush’s lie ‘prepares the PR ground for strike against Iran’

Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

Genocide in Burma

Mobilfunkmast auf dem Hausdach nur bei Zustimmung aller Eigentümer

Urteil: Alle Eigentümer müssen Mobilfunkmast zustimmen

Abwehrrecht gegen Masten

Police & National Guard to get barf-beaming ‘puke-sabers’ by 2010

Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

Village protest against mast

Exclusive By Sally Jones

RESIDENTS in a village near Worcester are launching a campaign against plans to site a mobile phone mast near a primary school.

T-Mobile UK Ltd has applied for planning permission to put the 15-metre high mast at Hallow Telephone Exchange. It would facilitate three 2G/3G antennas.

However, residents in Hallow are outraged at the plans and are calling on Malvern Hills District Council to throw out the application.Nicky Harper, a mother-of-two, said: "The mast is less than half a mile from the primary school and pre-school. I am very concerned about the health risks of siting it so close to schools. We do not know whether these things are safe as yet, which is extremely concerning.

"A mast was pulled down in Warwickshire in April this year due to a cluster of cancers and other serious illnesses occurring to people living near it."


Chinese brandish ‘nuclear option’ of dollar collapse

Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

Observations of Hiroshima and Nagasaki anniversaries matter

Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

Views on Expanded Warrantless Wiretapping Powers;article=112733


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