Samstag, 11. August 2007

Police Seize Cameras, Arrest Photographers and Solicit Information at Anti-War Protest

Informant: John Johnson

Bush War Adviser Says Draft Worth a Look

The Associated Press reported Friday evening that President Bush's recently installed war adviser suggested the US should consider a return to a military draft to offset extraordinary demands on the volunteer force due to frequent tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Very Scary Things

New York Times columnist Paul Krugman wrote in Friday's edition that the credit crisis affecting the nation's financial markets over the past few days "is something that truly scares monetary economists: liquidity has dried up. That is, markets in stuff that is normally traded all the time - in particular, financial instruments backed by home mortgages - have shut down because there are no buyers. This could turn out to be nothing more than a brief scare. At worst, however, it could cause a chain reaction of debt defaults."

Guantanamo Man's Family Release "Torture" Dossier

The Guardian UK's Vikram Dodd reports in Saturday's editions that "a British resident held by the US as an alleged terrorist has claimed his captors repeatedly tortured him, subjecting him to beatings, sexual abuse and threats of execution."

Wiretap Denial a Criminal Cover-Up

Jon Eisenberg, an attorney representing a defunct Saudi charity whose senior members are suing the US government claiming were illegally spied upon by the National Security Agency, writes in The Recorder, a California legal newspaper, that the eight words President Bush uttered during a news conference on December 19, 2005, "these calls are not intercepted within the country," appear to be untrue and "concealed unlawful conduct."

Bush, Congress Could Collide on Iran

Matt Stearns, reporting for McClatchy Newspapers, said the Bush administration's increasing rhetoric against Iran "could put President Bush on a collision course with Congress. Leading Democrats and a Republican lawmaker cautioned Friday following Bush's threat of unspecified consequences for alleged Iranian meddling in Iraq."

End China's Human Rights abuses in Tibet

From Drew R.

States Seek Change in Presidential Election Process

Jennifer Steinhauer reports in Saturday's edition of the New York Times that lawmakers, voting rights organizations, and political party leaders, "frustrated by a system that has marginalized many states in the presidential election process, or seeking partisan advantage ... are stepping up efforts to change the rules of the game, even as the presidential campaign advances."

Interfaith Leaders Affirm Water Is a Sacred Gift

Anil Netto for Inter Press Service reports that "When religious leaders from different faiths sought to jointly affirm the sacredness of water as the source of life but were shooed away by authorities, it was seen as a move to scuttle interfaith harmony as well as support plans to privatize a common resource."

9/11 Workers Outraged by New Giuliani Claim

Celest Katz reports for The New York Daily News that "Rudy Giuliani drew outrage and indignation from September 11 first-responders yesterday by saying he spent as much time - or more - exposed to the site's dangers as workers who dug through the debris for the missing and the dead."


Rudy Giuliani's Five Big Lies About 9/11,barrett,77463,6.html/full

Informant: bigraccoon

Using New FISA Law, Bush Challenges NSA Spying Suit

David Kravets for Wired Magazine reports that "four days after President Bush signed controversial legislation legalizing some warrantless surveillance of Americans, the administration is citing the law in a surprise motion today urging a federal judge to dismiss a lawsuit challenging the NSA spy program."

World Markets Roiled by Credit, Mortgage Crisis

Ye Xie for reports that "the Federal Reserve added $38 billion in temporary funds to the banking system through the purchase of securities, including mortgage-backed debt, to meet demand for cash amid a rout in bonds backed by home loans to riskier borrowers."

'In the land of the blood feuds': US soldiers in the Triangle of Death

Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news


09:00 - 11 August 2007

Homeowners have vowed to fight against proposals for a mobile phone mast just feet from their gardens.Industry giant T-Mobile has submitted plans to Cheltenham Borough Council for a 12m pole at the corner of Warren Close and Warden Hill Road.


The "Plunge Protection Team" (PPT) Working Overtime to Save US Stock Market

The PPT cannot afford to sit back and watch both the US housing market and the stock market sinking at the same time. That might spell the dreaded "R" word, - Recession.

Subprime: The Ugly American Hits Europe

French bank BNP suspends subprime-linked funds. Europe's central bank responds; stocks tumble

From Information Clearing House

Mr. Hiroshima-san

When it comes to the question of whether the United States was justified in dropping the "Little Boy" atomic bomb on Hiroshima and "Fat Man" on Nagasaki three days later - together instantaneously claiming 210,000 lives - Leeper agrees with Japanese at both ends of the political spectrum that those attacks were inexcusable.

From Information Clearing House

The Iran Attack That Wasn't

How reporters trumped up a story about Iranians killing Americans in Iraq.

From Information Clearing House

Goodbye Uncle Sam: What does it feel like to turn your back on your country?

As increasing numbers of US military personnel head for Canada to escape service in Iraq and Afghanistan, three deserters explain what drove them to such drastic action.

From Information Clearing House

Need help with a down payment? Ask the Army

Need a down payment for your home? Seed money to start a business? The Army wants to help - if you're willing to join up. Despite spending nearly $1 billion last year on recruiting bonuses and ads, Army leaders say an even bolder approach is needed to fill wartime ranks.

From Information Clearing House

Marine Describes How Squad Gunned Down innocent Iraqi

Magincalda helped as his squad mates dragged Awad to a ditch by the side of a dusty road, then watched as they fatally shot him. The corporal had helped tie the man up and place expended shell casings by his corpse to make it look like he'd been shooting at the Marines.

From Information Clearing House

UN Council OKs bigger UN political role in Iraq

U.S. and British officials have denied that their aim is to offload Iraq's political problems onto the United Nations, then pull their forces out. But they want more U.N. involvement in recruiting nations in the region to help Iraq.

From Information Clearing House

Fighting for the Right to Learn in New Orleans

By Bill Quigley

There is a massive experiment being performed on thousands of primarily African American children in New Orleans. No one asked the permission of the children. No one asked permission of their parents. This experiment involves a fight for the education of children.

The Grim Reaper Pays a Visit to Wall Street

By Mike Whitney

Alan Greenspan's low-interest, subprime, snake-oil Caravan took another spin down Wall Street today---ripping up pavement, knocking down power-poles and sending traders scampering for safety. When the dust finally settled, "Maestro's" wrecking ball had lopped another 387 points off the Dow Jones leaving markets reeling and investors cringing in fear.

How the Democrats Blew It in Only 8 Months

By Alexander Cockburn

The voters put the Democrats in to end the war, and it's escalating. The Democrats voted the money for the surge and the money for the next $459.6 billion military budget. Their latest achievement was to provide enough votes in support of Bush to legalize warrantless wiretapping for "foreign suspects whose communications pass through the United States." Enough Democrats joined Republicans to make this a 227-183 victory for Bush.

Ron Paul: When in the course of human events...

Best Ron Paul video - (Reply: WRONG! presidential candidacy video EVER!!!)

Though my heart & mind & soul is with Dennis Kucinich, I would vote in a heartbeat for Ron Paul if Kucinich doesn't get the Democratic presidentail nomination.

I think that the presidential campaign video which follows is the BEST I've seen.

Jack Topel

2008 ' is now the Democrats' game to win or lose'

Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

Kinder in der EU möglicherweise zu sorglos mit Internet und Handy

EU-Studie zur Internet- und Handy-Nutzung von Kindern

Flexispy: Spionage-Tool fürs Handy

The Death of Freedom

by Joe American

Rome's Emperor's understood the importance of bread and circus'. The empire knew that if they kept their population in a perpetual state of war, provided cheap bread and offered the spectacle of the Roman Circus in the Coliseum, they could rule with an iron hand and no one would complain. It worked for nearly five-hundred years. Yet Romans thought themselves "free." Today........


Why Your Elected Officials are Not Protecting Your Rights

by Rosalind Peterson

It is time to step forward and demand that our elected officials stop undermining our U.S. Constitution and our Civil Liberties. And if they don’t, we the people, can show up and vote “no” at election time. The American people have a powerful voice and can apply pressure today on all of our elected officials… and we can let them know we outnumber the corporate lobbyists at the ballot box........

Military recruiters plan 'bolder approach' to fill goals

Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news


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