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Dirty food company secrets revealed

Inequality Run Amok

by Dmitri Iglitzin and Steven Hill, The Huffington Post

The nation's stark, and growing, economic inequality has become a third rail of politics.

Katrina: "Golden Opportunity"

by Rick Perlstein

After the deluge, conservative policy entrepreneurs rejoiced at the chance to radically defund government. Read it and weep, for these are our coutrymen.

Katrina: "It's The Blacks"

by Digby

Katrina also brought on a hurricane of racist paranoia. Will it happen again?

Anti-Iran propaganda campaign downshifts: 'It is happening again'

Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

Klimaziele: Deutsche Ankündigungspolitik

Seit 17 Jahren üben sich deutsche Regierungen in der Ankündigung großer Klimaziele von denen bisher keines erreicht wurde.

An Army as a Cultural Relic

J. Sri Raman, writing for Truthout, uses a visit to Emperor Qin's Terracotta Army to reflect on the relationship between propaganda and the past.

Who Will Prevent the Banks From Losing?

Right, center and left: Myret Zaki in Le Temps, Joseph Stiglitz in The Taipei Times and Barbara Ehrenreich in The Nation decry the Greenspan debt bubble and expose its inescapable consequences.

Notorious Criminal Flew US Supply Missions in Iraq

Justin Rood, of ABC News, reports: "The US government paid a wanted international criminal roughly $60 million to fly supplies into Iraq in support of the war effort, a new book alleges."

White House Wrote Manual for Squelching Protests

Peter Baker writes for The Washington Post: "Not that they're worried or anything. But the White House evidently leaves little to chance when it comes to protests within eyesight of the president. As in, it doesn't want any."

Stacking the Electoral Deck

The editors of The New York Times write: "The Electoral College should be abolished, but there is a right way to do it and a wrong way. A prominent Republican lawyer in California is doing it the wrong way, promoting a sneaky initiative that, in the name of Electoral College reform, would rig elections in a way that would make it difficult for a Democrat to be elected president, no matter how the popular vote comes out. If the initiative passes, it would do serious damage to American democracy."


Informant: Bob Banner

Margolis says TV news hiding truth about Iraq civil war

Informant: Paul Jay

Fordern Sie von Credit Suisse, die Penan zu entschädigen!

Siberuts einzigartige Regenwälder retten

Why Cheney Really Is That Bad

Everything That's Wrong with America

Let's Face It: The Warfare State Is Part of Us

The Real Iraq Progress Report

Bush League War Drums Beating Louder on Iran

White House Manual Details How to Deal With Protesters

Not So Fast, Christian Soldiers

Bush Must Release Global Warming Reports

Watchdog has ‘let us down’

by Tom Bradshaw

A SENIOR States member has accused the island’s utility regulator of ‘letting down the people of Guernsey’.

Yesterday the Office of Utility Regulation announced plans to amend phone operators’ licences to make rival companies share telephone masts.

But Deputy Mary Lowe said this should have been the case from the start and would have avoided putting islanders through ‘years of anguish’.


Church mobile phone mast bid rejected

A CHURCH body has ruled against one of its own churches over a controversial bid to have a mobile phone mast installed.

St Stephen's CE Church, in Oxford Road, Burnley Wood, was forced to hold a Consistory Court hearing to allow opponents to have their say on the installation of an O2 mast in its Grade II listed tower.


Merkel soll Mitarbeit von Lobbyisten in Ministerien beenden

Berliner Finanzsenator Sarrazin: Bertelsmann Länder-Ranking ist „ideologischer Quark“

Tennessee Nuclear Fuel Problems Kept Secret

Duncan Mansfield reports for The Associated Press, "A three-year veil of secrecy in the name of national security was used to keep the public in the dark about the handling of highly enriched uranium at a nuclear fuel processing plant - including a leak that could have caused a deadly, uncontrolled nuclear reaction."

Senate Acts, Bureaucrats Stall on Freedom of Information Act Requests

Mike Mitchell and JR Santo report for ABC News, "Just days after the Senate unanimously passed the OPEN Government Act, a new report asserts that information grants from federal agencies to Freedom of Information Act solicitations remain infrequent and limited."

Judge: Bush Forestry Official Faces Contempt

Jeff Barnard reports for The Associated Press, "A federal judge in Montana has ordered the Bush administration's top forestry official to explain why he should not be held in contempt of court for the US Forest Service's failure to analyze the environmental impact of dropping fish-killing fire retardant on wildfires."

DOJ: Records of Missing White House Emails Secret

Pete Yost reports for The Associated Press, "The Justice Department said Tuesday that records about missing White House e-mails are not subject to public disclosure, the latest effort by the Bush administration to expand the boundaries of government secrecy."

Help the Mountain Gorilla's, sign this petition

The heart of queens

by Dahlia Lithwick


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is proving to be the surprise O. Henry ending to last November’s elections. The American voters gave Democrats clear control of Congress, rebuked President George W. Bush, and voiced an unequivocal public craving to trade in customary narrow-minded politics for something more inspiring. Yet motivated by partisan concerns over the 2008 elections, the new speaker is following President Bush around like a sheep while he solidifies an imperial presidency and diminishes the Congress into irrelevancy. Just look at the latest ACLU advertisement targeting Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. The only thing Pelosi has retained for the Congress is small-minded earmarks to attract political contributions. If Pelosi persists in her imperious, mean-spirited, and myopic thinking in disregard of her oath to support and defend the Constitution, members of the House should replace her with Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, D-Md...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

The assault on the United States’ supremacy

Asia Times
by Dilip Hiro


The assault on the United States’ supremacy has been as striking as it has been unexpected — from the breaking of the Anglo-American 24-hour news monopoly globally to the rise of the Russian energy superpower and of the Chinese economic juggernaut. New powers are challenging different aspects of US dominance — Russia and China in the forefront, with Venezuela and Iran forming the second rank...

Gallup: Congress matches record approval low

USA Today


The approval rating for Congress is now ‘the lowest it has been since Gallup first tracked public opinion of Congress with this measure in 1974,’ Jeffrey Jones of the Gallup Poll reports today. According to Jones: ‘Just 18% of Americans approve of the job Congress is doing, while 76% disapprove, according to the August 13-16, 2007, Gallup Poll. That 18% job approval rating matches the low recorded in March 1992, when a check-bouncing scandal was one of several scandals besetting Congress’...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Demand a Fully-Funded Safe Withdrawal from Iraq

Amazon Forest Sold Off in Housing Scam, Claims Greenpeace

Sophie Morris, The Independent UK, writes: "The Brazilian government stands accused of selling off huge swaths of the Amazon rainforest - including its oldest protected national park - to unscrupulous logging companies, under the cover of a flawed sustainable development project."

Smell of Death Permeates Ruined Iraqi Villages

McClatchy Newspapers' Leila Fadel writes: "The pungent smell of the dead hangs low in this village, and not even the colorful headdresses the men have wrapped across their faces can keep it out. Nearly one week after four bombs blew apart this village, the dead are still being recovered, adding to the toll that already had made last Tuesday's bombings the deadliest terrorist attack since the September 11, 2001, attacks in the United States."

Deeper in debt: Predatory lending in America

Global Warning: Brutal lessons from an Antarctic summer

Here is climate change in action, Antarctica as a living experiment.

From Information Clearing House


Islands Emerge As Arctic Ice Shrinks to Record Low

Alister Doyle reports for Reuters: "Previously unknown islands are appearing as Arctic summer sea ice shrinks to record lows, raising questions about whether global warming is outpacing UN projections, experts said."

Sea Rise Outpacing Predictions Due to Antarctica

Alister Doyle writes for Reuters: "A thaw of Antarctic ice is outpacing predictions by the UN climate panel and could in the worst case drive up world sea levels by two meters (six feet) by 2100, a leading expert said on Wednesday."

July Foreclosures Up 9 Percent From June

The number of foreclosure filings reported in the U.S. last month jumped 93 percent from July of 2006 and rose 9 percent from June, the latest sign that homeowners are having trouble making payments and finding buyers during the national housing downturn.

From Information Clearing House

Two casualties of US mortgage meltdown racked a combined $1.8bn in losses

The ninth-largest US bank by market value, Capital One, and one of the biggest US credit card providers, which bought mortgage provider GreenPoint in last year's $13.2 billion purchase of North Fork Bancorp, of Melville, New York, on Monday announced the closure of the unit with the loss of 1,900 jobs.

From Information Clearing House

National ID? How about a global ID?

The cultural gap with the public in general is still too wide," said Dr. Mike Mestrovich, president of FiXs. "I think there would have to be a public consensus to move us in that direction and I don't see that happening until at least 2009 or beyond."

From Information Clearing House

CIA Missed Chances to Tackle al-Qaida

The CIA's top leaders failed to use their available powers, never developed a comprehensive plan to stop al-Qaida and missed crucial opportunities to thwart two hijackers in the run-up to Sept. 11, the agency's own watchdog concluded in a bruising report released Tuesday.

From Information Clearing House


CIA Details Errors It Made Before 9/11

Mark Mazzetti reports for The New York Times, "A report released Tuesday by the Central Intelligence Agency includes new details of the agency's missteps before the September 11 attacks."

Alice in Wonderland: Iraq, ZNet and the art of numbers

Why are there so few people complaining and voicing outrage?

From Information Clearing House

Clinton says Bush's new strategy is working

From her office in clouded cuckoo land

Clinton, seeking the Democratic nomination for president, praised the work that soldiers have done in Iraq but described the government there as "on vacation," leaving American troops in the middle of a sectarian war.

Standing on the bodies: Thompson tells veterans

U.S. should remain in Iraq, rebuild military for global fight: Undeclared presidential candidate Fred Thompson says the U.S. needs to rebuild its military to fight global terrorism because leaders "took a holiday" at the end of the Cold War.

From Information Clearing House

Why Iraqis oppose U.S.-backed oil law

Across the political spectrum in Washington, members of Congress are now demanding that the Iraqi government meet certain benchmarks, which presumably would show that it's really in charge. But there's a big problem with the most important benchmark: the oil law. It is extremely unpopular in Iraq.

From Information Clearing House

What We Chose To Ignore


A brief summary of presidential directives, executive orders, and congressionally approved bills that where signed into law over the last 40 years or so.

The Authority to Abuse the Constitution

The FBI's New Power

By Saul Landau

On August 4, ignoring former House Speaker Newt Gingrich who had spoken of Bush's "phony war" on terrorism, Congress authorized vast authority for repressive agencies to spy further on the public. Under the pretext of "fighting terror," the bill opens further already existing wide parameters for telephone and email intrusion without court warrants.

A Debt Culture Gone Awry

By Hamid Varzi

The U.S. economy, once the envy of the world, is now viewed across the globe with suspicion. America has become shackled by an immovable mountain of debt that endangers its prosperity and threatens to bring the rest of the world economy crashing down with it.

Back to School During Wartime

By Sunsara Taylor

You didn't carve up the earth with man made borders, subjugate whole peoples, drive millions from their families and homelands in a desperate search for work in the leaner and meaner globalized economy-but you can't escape the fact that the clothes on your back, the food you eat, the roads you drive on, the computers you use were all made through this global system of capitalist exploitation and plunder, including of millions of children literally chained to machines working 12, 14, 16 hours a day.

Iraq Progress Report: A Time to Assess and Reflect

By Stephen Lendman

We're now "losing two wars and creating a vast arc of profound strategic and political instability from the Mediterranean Sea to South Asia." In addition, we reignited the arms race in Europe, turned a friendly Russia into a foe, and are heading the country toward possible bankruptcy through reckless fiscal policy.

Cindy Sheehan: "Inshallah"


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Die Mobilfunkanlage ist weg

Sie ist weg!!!

Die Mobilfunkanlage am Heideweg wurde heute, nach 6,5 Jahren, entfernt.

Den vielen hunderten Klicks auf unsere Website (live webcam ) zufolge, wurde heute die Rückbauaktion mit großem Interesse von Vielen verfolgt. Wie angekündigt haben wir das Ereignis heute Abend ab 20:00 Uhr gebührend gefeiert. Ca. 60 Nachbarn und Mitstreiter aus Dachau und Umgebung sind unserer Einladung spontan gefolgt. Trotz dem schlechten Wetter, wurde in dem kurzfristig errichteten Partyzelt, im Enzianweg, bis in die späten Nachtstunden gemütlich gefeiert. Einstimmig wurde beschlossen, öfters ein geselliges Straßenfest in unserer Nachbarschaft zu organisieren. Bevorzugtes Datum wird aus gegebenen Anlass der 20. August bleiben. Über die zukünftige Rolle unserer Bürgerinitiative werden wir demnächst beraten und Sie informieren.

Bürgervereinigung gegen die Mobilfunkanlage in Dachau-Süd

Phone mast: law unjust

22 August 2007

SIR - Today I have received a letter from the Planning Inspectorate, at Bristol, containing the unwelcome news that Torridge District Council's decision to refuse permission for the erection of a mobile phone mast on St Mary's Church, Bideford, has been overturned, which means that this monstrous project can now go ahead - to the detriment of the health of people living nearby.

I am afraid Government pressure has played its part in this decision. What is worrying is that the research on the possibly harmful effects of these masts is based on biased and flawed research by Government or cellular phone company-backed institutions.


SOGA-NEWSLETTER Nr. 10 - 34. Woche 2007

Who Should Be IMPEACHED First? How About Gonzales?


The New York Times published an editorial over the weekend concluding that when the founders created the remedy of impeachment, "Mr. Gonzales's malfeasance is just the sort they were worried about." At this point we would say it is rather a foot race as to who should be impeached first, with 28 House members already backing the Jay Inslee call for the impeachment of Gonzales versus the 20 backing the Kucinich call for impeachment of Cheney. With the Times now weighing in we think it's time to give Gonzales another push.

Remember, the White House had ordered the Justice Department (read Gonzales) not to prosecute contempt charges against any of its operatives who it had also ordered not to testify in the first place. Another outrage was disclosed just today when Leahy revealed that a Republican senator at a committee meeting to consider subpoenas stated that he had been told by Cheney that Congress was "not allowed" to do that. Since when did Republican senators become the mindless puppets of the White House? No later than the year 2000 we think.

Gonzales who HAS testified has told so many different stories that were he not himself the attorney general he would be facing perjury charges right now. But of course even if he were convicted he would instantly be commuted or pardoned as was Scooter Libby. There is one and only one constitutional recourse left and that is impeachment. The appeal courts have already been stacked with right wing judges and they will not intervene. The solicitor general will not appoint a special counsel. Only through impeachment can Congress demand a return to integrity.

It was Alberto Gonzales who tried to browbeat a semi-conscious John Ashcroft into signing off on a patently illegal spying program, who was the point man in doing a legal end run around the laws against torture, who let the White House dictate which U.S. attorneys were not sufficiently partisan in their prosecutions, and who then lied repeatedly under oath about it all. Did Cheney also dictate to him what he was not allowed to do?

For those focused on impeaching Cheney and Bush we suggest this is not a distraction. Instead it could be an important strategic icebreaker. To just get the word "impeachment" past the lips of some members of Congress has been a major struggle. It would not be the first time a cabinet officer has been impeached, as Secretary of War Belknap was in 1876. The remedy has not been used often, but in the case of the Cheney cabal, certainly not nearly enough.

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed to be ours, and forward this message to everyone else you know.


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