Karl Rove to Resign at the End of August

Karl Rove, chief architect of the Bush presidency and the premier Republican strategist of the last decade, will step down as White House deputy chief of staff Aug. 31.


Karl Rove, by What Measure Genius?

Truthout's Executive Director, Marc Ash, writes: "I never thought Karl Rove was a genius. Rove is not brilliant; he's ruthless. There is a difference. What makes Rove dangerous is he will take risks no one else will take. Risks are like straws on a camel's back: one too many and you, and the camel are undone."


Democrats Continue to Seek Testimony From Rove

Paul Kane, of the Washington Post, reports: "Congressional Democrats said yesterday that they will continue to demand the testimony of senior White House adviser Karl Rove about a range of sensitive policy matters even after he leaves the West Wing at the end of the month. 'Karl Rove's resignation will not stop our inquiry into the firings of the US attorneys. He has every bit as much of a legal obligation to reveal the truth once he steps down as he does today,' said Sen. Charles E. Schumer (D-New York), who has helped lead the Senate Judiciary Committee's inquiry into the dismissals."


The Twisted Legacy of Rove

Joe Conason writes for The New York Observer: "It is Mr. Rove's disfiguring impact on our political culture that will encapsulate his career. By overreaching for permanent power, he inflicted lasting damage on the nation he swore to serve. He likes to describe himself as a student of history - so he must also know he cannot escape that dismal legacy by resigning."



Rovemort's Change Of Address

by Rick Perlstein

Karl Rove's "leaving" the White House—but it's worth considering what he can do on the outside that he was hindered from doing on the government payroll.


Garbage Man

by Rick Perlstein

Karl Rove is the direct link between Watergate and W. There's really no two ways around it.



Karl Rove to leave the White House

Rove is ominously known as "Bush's brain" -- a genius at winning elections for the US president and a master of Washington's dark political arts needed to maintain a grip on power.


Not the legacy he had in mind

Karl Rove will be remembered for two things from his time at the White House: incompetence and duplicity.


From Information Clearing House


We’ll go no more a-Roveing

by Sidney Blumenthal


With the departure of Karl Rove the Bush administration now enters its last throes. As a legacy for his patron, Rove has designed the public relations offensive for the fall presidential campaign to attempt to corner congressional Democrats through a combination of Gen. David Petraeus’ forthcoming report on the ’surge’ in Iraq and presidential budget vetoes; but once those tactics are played the political string runs out. President Bush will be left with the unalloyed counsel of Vice President Dick Cheney, whose endgame transcends Rove’s machinations. ‘I don’t worry about the polls,’ Cheney said on CNN’s ‘Larry King Live’ on July 31. One more hypothetical restraint on Cheney has been removed...


Rove a genius? Please

Mother Jones
by Jonathan Stein


In light of the big retirement announcement, the media has spent the day gushing over Karl Rove. But it’s worth asking some tough questions. Besides the fact that he got an intellectual lightweight with no particular qualifications for the office elected to the presidency, what has Karl Rove done? That is, what will he be remembered for post-2000?


Rove exits with his usual MO

by Arianna Huffington


So this is the way the Rove ends, not with an indictment but with a ‘rambunctious’ resignation. Having dodged the Plamegate bullet and confident of executive privileging his way out of the U.S. Attorney firings scandal he no doubt masterminded, Rove is heading out the door the doughy personification of the Bush White House. In his exit-announcing interview with WSJ editorial page editor Paul Gigot, the man dubbed the Boy Genius manifested all the worst traits of the administration he helped forge: he was delusional, fanatical, and deceptive...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


What Is Karl Rove Hiding?


Karl Rove gives the "Lucifer Salute"

Informant: Supreme Law Firm


Hasta la Vista, Karl Rove!



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