Feingold Introduces Resolutions Censuring Bush, Cheney and Gonzales

Frederic J. Frommer reports for The Associated Press that Senator Russ Feingold (D-Wisconsin) has introduced resolutions to censure President Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney and Attorney General Alberto Gonzales for misleading the nation into war and undermining the rule of law. In the House, Representative Maurice Hinchey (D-New York) introduced companion resolutions.




Now that the people driven impeachment movement is starting to get some serious attention, some of those members of Congress who have been resisting impeachment are proposing half-stepping measures such as censure. It appears even Jay Inslee's proposal to impeach Gonzales was a move in part to distract from Cheney/Bush impeachment (which he still opposes). But we suggested last week that it would have the opposite effect, and that calls for impeachment itself would also expand. And so they have.

First there was Russ Feingold, and now comes Maurice Hinchey (D-NY) with his own proposed censure resolutions. But if it is true as he asserts that Cheney and Bush LIED about about Iraqi WMDs and links to Al Qaeda, those are monumental constitutional crimes which DEMAND impeachment. And if it is true as he asserts that they willfully instituted torture violating the Geneva Conventions, corrupted our system of justice by firing prosecutors at the highest levels for partisan political reasons, defying Congressional oversight and obstructing justice about these matters on top of it all, there is one and only one adequate response . . . impeachment.

IMPEACH ALL ACTION PAGE: //www.usalone.com/impeach_them_all.php

Unless we immediately move for impeachment, what will happen when another president comes along who is only 80% as bad as Cheney and Bush? Their asserted defense may well be "Hey, you didn't impeach them for what they did, so get out of my face." Cheney has been quoted in the Senate chambers using blunter words than that.

If it was ever too late for another act of grandstanding political theater this is that time. Indeed, a censure resolution may well garner LESS support than one for impeachment, for it will be riduculed by the other side, and rightfully so, as a toothless and meaningless gesture which doesn't actually DO anything to confront these abuses. Censure under these circumstances would make a mockery of our Constitution and its imperative that Congress SHALL exercise its power in the face of such outrageous abuses.

It is not entirely critical where we start. We had thought that Cheney should be impeached first, and he certainly deserves it the most. But Gonzales has barged so far over the line with outright perjury if not profoundly embarrassing professed incompetence it is a disgrace to our justice department every day he remains in office, his only purpose being to protect the flanks of the Cheney White House from accountability for their own crimes.

But what is critical is that we commence the process immediately. And what is most critical for us to do is to continue to speak out in greater and greater numbers, and in increasing frequency, to let our members of Congress know they cannot grandstand their way through another election puffing hot air. In November, they told us they were ready to lead. We must see that leadership NOW, or they will not get another chance.


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Last night we heard Dennis Kucinich pull no punches about getting us out of NAFTA and all the other slanted so called "free trade" agreements, which are nothing more than freedom for unpatriotic corporations to exploit the most desperate labor they can find, anywhere in the world. This is the same Dennis Kucinich whose leadership made the entire impeachment movement a reality. Please make a contribution to him if you are in a position to do so to encourage him to keep standing strong on the issues.


Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed to be ours, and forward this message to everyone else you know.


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