5.8GHz Microwave Masts for National Road Charging

Info from a well wisher:

5.8 GHz Dedicated short Range Communication (DSRC) systems for road charging.

After what I read about the mast illness is all in head, I thought I would write to you of something that would be of interest to your organisation.

I would like to inform you of Road Pricing System's infrastructure, nearly £500 million is being spent by the Dept for Transport. Reports which dismiss linkage between health and microwave radiation may be part of a propaganda war to soften the general public to a potential massive increase of microwave antennae to be used for National Road Charging.

The heart of the infrastructure relies on a very high capacity telecoms system. The Highway Agency calls this system the National Road Telecommunications System (NRTS). It is a very wide area fibre optic network with the intention on plugging in the EU standards for road charging transceiver equipment to interogate on-board vehicle transponders, a system known as tag-and-beacon. This is supplemented by the up and coming EU's version of GPS, "Galileo". Enforcement systems will also be using the system.

If the designs are approved, then there will be hundreds if not thousands of
5.8 GHz microwave masts along UK roads starting with the motorway networks. In the DfT Feasibility Reports, it only makes a brief mention of health and safety of the equipment. Higher frequencies mean wide bandwidth and the ability to pump out more energy. The new system will also cater for third parties to use the infrastucture - such as telephone companies. The emphaisi GSM/GPRS technology has been mooted, this may displace 5.8GHz DSRC transmission systems, but they will still use lower frequency microwave (sub 2GHz)

A lot of information can be found on The Association of British Drivers
(ABD) and Manchester Against Road Tolls (MART) websites. The have supplied information to the Sunday Telegraph which gives a detailed account of what is in store and de-mystifies the very technical and verbose DfT Feasibility Report.

Good luck in your campaign.



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