Help Promote The EARLY VOTE Protection Movement

Help Organize The EARLY VOTE Movement To Protect Our Registrations

Here is an action page to organize your friends to early vote and to report any problems you experience to give legal activists the evidence to take action and DO something about it.


We are already hearing reports of secret purging of the Democratic voter rolls in various states, just the way we know for a FACT things like this happened in the last couple elections. At least some of these rumors are most certainly true. The problem is, if we wait until election day to move proactively to head off such things it will be that much harder to overturn or reverse them. The question is, what can we DO to prevent such wrongdoing BEFORE we have all the evidence. To head it off at the pass, so to speak.

The answer is to get AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE to early vote, to test the integrity of our voting system.

Then, if there are purging issues revealed in particular states, we need everyone to come to this page and submit a problem report that we can refer to legal activists to build the case that will give them the evidence to do something about it. This is something we must do anyway, lest we become a victim to a repeat of other vote suppression schemes which have employed underallocation of voting machines, shortages of provisional ballots, polls that aren't open on time, and on and on.

We CANNOT wait until election day and cross our fingers that there will not be even more dirty tricks than last time. The recent primary elections in places like Maryland have already demonstrated that electoral train wrecks are more likely than not in some jurisdictions. But if we early vote in massive numbers we can ameliorate most of the problems we know we can expect. It is easier in all cases, you will wait LESS time in line, and you can be sure you at least had a chance to vote.

It is sheer lunacy to wait until election day on the HOPE that all will go well, when every indicator is that certain partisan secretaries of state have it planned to not go well.

We need student groups to organize their campuses to carpool their friends to the appropriate election offices.

We need community activists to carpool as many of their neighbors as possible to vote NOW, and not face possibly longer lines on election day itself.

Especially if we are hoping for a large turnout, we must do these things to protect our vote.

Bookmark this special one click action page which will allow you to report and make a record of any problems you have experienced with your voting registration when you try to early vote. Be sure to bring all possible identification with you, and if you experience any problems at all, please immediately return to this page and submit your activist report. Then if want to also report your experience to your daily local newspaper, you can select that additional recipient option below.


Also use this page to help organize all your friends to get out and early vote. If you enter the email addresses of all your friends, they will get the text of this alert with the subject "Join Me In Early Voting."

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed to be ours.

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