School rooftops desired space for Webnet wireless internet antennas

Dear sirs.

My name is Agnes Ingvarsdottir. I am Icelandic by birth.

I live in the United Kingdom.

I had to abandon my home in 2003 because of violent sickness induced on me and my family, by a 3G mobile phone (cellular) mast installed on the roof of the building next door to my home.

Which means I know first hands what the Microwave Radiation can do to grown-ups, let alone to children.

And by now I know all about the irretrievable damage this has done to my health and well-being

I read about your decision at:

I urge you to please, to think again before you allow a mast to be installed on your children’s school for the cash promised by the wireless company, no matter how nice that might be for the school, and how needed.

And I will remind you that whatever health effects the microwave radiation will cause your pupils you can be held liable for.

There exists NO scientific research that proves the harmlessness on human health and wellbeing, but there exist scores of evidence that it does.

Don’t take my word for it, ask the Wireless company to show you research documents that proof “Beyond Doubt” the harmless of the Microwave Radiation emitted by their equipment.

And remember, just because it does not suit our politicians to accept the existing evidence of harm to humans (for short term monetary reasons) does not mean that the evidence does not exist. The evidence of harm is Abundant!!

The Wireless Industry KNOW it Harms, but they are in it for Profit, and they buy politicians, they buy you, and they have no concern whatsoever for the victims of this faulty technology. (Many of whom will suffer irretrievable health consequences.)

And we are still only talking short term effects.

But by the time the long term effects (cancer) will be established the same politicians will no longer be in office, and so cannot be held liable.

So the only people, we, the children, parents, populations will have to blame will be YOU, who allow these installations to go ahead regardless, and more often than not do not even bother to investigate if there is a danger of harm!

I have added links to a few documents and video interviews with some of the most respected scientists, within this area of science, from different places in the world, and this is just a tip of the iceberg.

Dr. Barry Thrower. UK addressing the Welsh assembly in autumn 2006.

Prof. Gerald Hyland. UK

Dr. David Dowson. UK

NRPB: National Radiation Protection Board. UK

Dr. Gerald Goldberg. USA (mp3)

Dr. Louis Slesin USA. (mp3)

Prof. Magda Havas. USA/CANADA (mp3)

Prof. Olle Johansen. Sweden. (mp3)

Dr. George Carlo. USA (mp3)

Dr. Neil Cherry. New Zealand. (mp3)

Australia: Rise in Children´s brain tumor´s (video)

(47 cancer clusters around schools)

Schools and Cell Tower Antennaes (3.11.03)

France: Dr. Roger Santini

And there are many more, as I have only included those in English.

I seriously ask you to reconsider the allowance of the installation and instead consider the biological harm you will be inflicting on your pupils.

Kind regards.

Agnes Ingvarsdottir.
Glen lea. Upper Colwall. Nr. Malvern. WR13 6DH. Herefordshire. United Kingdom.
E-mail: agnes(at)


Dear Sirs

Following in support of the e-mail from Agnes Ingvarsdottir with regards to School rooftops desired space for Webnet wireless internet antennas.

I am a trustee for the EM Radiation Research Trust in the UK. I have enormous respect for Agnes Ingvarsdottir, she has also lost almost all of her life savings due to fighting for justice to live her life in peace without having to suffer from radiation sickness due to a phone mast. She continues to help other people throughout the world and is one of the many people who would never put profit before people’s health.

I would like to urge you to think again, before you make your decision please read the enclosed information about an Orange mast which was suspended after 8 children developed cancer near a phone mast in Paris. I’ve enclosed a whole list of cancer cluster details in the vicinity of phone masts, pay special attention to the recent news article about a cluster of children who developed leukaemia near a mast in a nursery school in Southport. I’m sure you would not want your school to be featured with this type of headline, I ask you, is it worth the risk?

Schools and home owners are often placed in a difficult position; if they go public with regards to the short term exposure symptoms such as radiation sickness problems, they either devalue their homes or frighten parents from sending their children to their school.

We faced this difficult decision when we discovered the cancer cluster where I live in the tiny hamlet of Wishaw, we decided to face the truth and accept the consequences as health is more important than money and people need to know about the risks and research that is available.

Read the following paragraph by Dr Robert O. Becker, M.D. he was twice nominated for the Nobel Prize for his research into EMF’s.

“I have no doubt in my mind that at the present time, the greatest polluting element in the earth’s environment is the proliferation of electromagnetic fields. I consider that to be far greater on a global scale, than warming, and the increase in chemical elements in the environment.’’

I have no doubt in my mind either that I am a victim to long term exposure to radiation from a phone mast. Almost five years ago I developed breast cancer at the age of 38 with no history of breast cancer in my family and living a healthy life style.

In a recent report on 21/9/2006 the head of cancer registry in Berlin, Roland Stabenow informed the residents of Steinbach-Hallenberg in a recent conference, that there is an increase of 7 fold in breast cancer in their area (an area with cellular antennas). He emphasized that this is not a proof that the increase is linked to the antennas. He also talked about the causes of breast cancer. The attention to the place was drawn after a map was prepared by the residents and the cancer cases are near the antennas.

I am almost scared to say that I am now almost five years clear of this terrible disease and it had an enormous impact on my life and the lives of my family. It has been a long hard battle not only against breast cancer, but also against the insensitive siting of the T-Mobile phone mast which was 100 metres from my home. I now live in a cancer cluster which is one of many we have since discovered around phone masts after long term exposure. Thankfully the T-Mobile mast was torn down on 5th November 2003, go to the following link for more information:

I have continued to campaign 24/7 and am now at the highest level. I am now a member of the EMF Discussion Group which is chaired by Sir William Stewart, Chairman for the Health Protection Agency for the UK; please see enclosed details which include a link to minutes of our first meeting in March.

Our next meeting is on 16th October, 2006 at the Health Protection Agency in London. I have received an invitation to give a presentation to the group on mobile phone masts and health concerns. We are also discussing EMFs and the effects on melatonin and breast cancer. There have been concerns that exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) might increase the risk of breast cancer.

There is evidence in abundance in support of the hypothesis that EMFs affects melatonin levels and the risk of breast cancer. There is a desperate need for INDEPENDENT funding for scientists to carry out this important work.

Please read the following critique of the HPA-RPD Melatonin Report, by Professor Dennis Henshaw, Bristol University published on 2nd March 2006

People can take measures to help avoid EMFs by using mobile phones for emergency calls only. Stop using DECT phones, replace them with a fixed land line phones and also avoid wireless communication until a safer technology becomes available. But what do you do if there is a mast next to your home or wireless communication in your school or work place, how do you keep away from that?

If only I'd known about the research in connection with EMF's, I might have realised that it is not a good idea to live 100 metres from a 22.5 metre phone mast. Out of our tiny hamlet in Wishaw four other ladies developed breast cancer at the same time out of the 18 houses around surrounding the mast and one man died of motor neurone disease. I had been living next to the mast for over seven years before I was diagnosed with breast cancer. If only I had been told about the dangers, I might have realised that the years of suffering with sleep problems, headaches, vertigo, skin rashes, heart palpitations and low white blood cells had all been connected to radiation from the phone mast. This is a condition known as electro-sensitivity (EHS) I now realise that I am electro-sensitive mainly to microwave frequencies from phone masts and DECT phones.

I have since campaigned constantly visiting the UK Parliament and have met many MPs, including Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt and Solicitor General Mike O'Brien. Prime Minister Tony Blair has refused to meet with me despite many requests from a number of MPs. He was quoted in the Birmingham Evening Mail as saying "he was more concerned about the damages to business and industry", could this have anything to do with the £22.5 billion pounds they took selling the licences to the phone industry? I have given evidence at many Inquires in the UK and have visited the European Parliament in Brussels with Professor Olle Johansson and Dr Gerd Oberfeld.

A UK Ex-Government Military Scientist Barrie Trower, trained spies in microwave warfare and has given out the following statement:

"This Government, some of the Government Scientists and this Industry will be responsible for more deaths in peace time than any terrorist group in the world ever!"

I have enclosed a short 8 minute film which is worth watching, just click on the flag and wait a few minutes for it to download, it will give you an idea of the campaign in the UK. It has now been translated into French, German and Spanish.

Thank you to French – “Next up” Campaign Group for translating the enclosed film into other languages for people around the world to view. The film was produced by a group of media students from the University of Central England and captures the phone mast campaign in the UK.



Version DEUTSCHE und/and ENGLISH

Don’t be left using the words ‘If only’! For the sake of us all, especially our children, isn’t it better to be safer today rather than sorry tomorrow?

Eileen O’Connor
Trustee – EM Radiation Research Trust



Cancer Clusters in Vicinity to Cell-Phone Transmitter Stations


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