So-called 'democracy' simply does not exist

As I have often said, rightly or wrongly, until such time as a causal link is recognised by the HPA or similar foreign agency between mobile phone technology and adverse health effects, the only real recourse we have in preventing the siting of installations close to schools, residential areas, etc is to invoke, as far as we can, Government planning regulations which fall over backwards to support the operators. Time after time, we appeal to our elected councillors to support us in refusing applications for telecoms installations and, with similar regularity, Local Planning Authority officers advise that there can be no defence and that, with few exceptions, approval must be given. Councillors are then threatened unless they accede; this is so-called democracy in the present day Britain.

In the wider sense, I expect that some of you will have seen the snippet in yesterday's Sunday Telegraph which I quote here:

"In February, I reported the disturbing story of Bob Mills, a Powys county councillor, who had been told that, because he had written a letter to the local paper questioning the benefits of wind turbines, he would be barred from the council chamber whenever windpower was discussed, though no such ban applied to councillors who supported the council's pro-turbine policy. Since then I have reported a long succession of similar cases, showing how the unlamented John Prescott's Code of Coduct for councillors, enforced by monitoring officers and the Standards Board, is being used to silence opposition to official policies, undermining the most basic principles of democracy.

Last week, I had a call from Sir Sandy Bruce-Lockhart, the chairman of the Local Government Association (LGA), the influential cross-party body representing 500 local authorities in England and Wales, to say that the LGA is very concerned by this issue. In Closer to People and Places, a document published in advance of yet another promised local government Bill, Sir Sandy and his colleagues - including his Labour predecessor Sir Jeremy Beecham - call on the Government "to ensure that councillors are not legally restricted from speaking out for their communities" on issues such as planning.

The LGA cannot yet bring itself to call for the outright scrapping of Prescott's crazy system, including the Standards Board. But at least it wants to end this perniciuous anomaly whereby councillors can be forbidden to speak for their communities, even about the issues on which they were elected to represent their views."

This says it all. So-called 'democracy' simply does not exist. Decision-making and influence remain firmly with the power-brokers, the big money people (who you now see scrambling in the gutter for honours) and foremost amongst this bunch of parasites are, of course, the mobile phone operators. But it's not necessary for me to tell you that!



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