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Death knell for phone mast?

27 May 2006 10:33

Plans for new homes may finally signal the death knell for a controversial phone mast.

Families living near the 15 metre-high Vodafone mast in Fakenham Road, Taverham, have tried for years to have it removed.

Now, Broadland District Council, whose decision to refuse consent for the mast in 2003 was thwarted after a successful appeal by the telecoms company, has approved proposals for new flats on the site.

London-based Equity Holdings and Investments has obtained permission to remove a petrol station, replacement mast and another mast on the land in 321 Fakenham Road.

Work is expected to start later in the year to clear the site to make way for a development of 19 flats.

If everything goes to plan, that would end campaigners' anxiety about living so close to the mast.

“It's been a long road,” said Graham Barker, 67, of Lloyd Road. “After all the campaigning that went on for a long, long time, we just thought: 'Where else could we go without taking High Court action?' We were banging our heads against a brick wall. We were in a corner, but this came as a total and utter surprise - a very welcome one.”

But he said the champagne would stay on ice until after building work began.

“We will not celebrate, so to speak, until such time as we see the masts taken down, which I understand is supposed to be later this year,” he said.

The Evening News, through our Put Masts on Hold campaign, has fought against mobile phone masts being installed near homes and schools until it is proved they are safe.

Vodafone said it did not know anything about the proposal for homes on the site.

A spokesman said: “We haven't been requested to relocate, and we will just have to see what develops.”

Last February, we reported how campaigners sent a letter to the Ombudsman, an independent watchdog, about the mast.

It came after a planning inspector upheld an appeal from the phone giant against Broadland council's decision in December, 2003 to refuse permission for a replacement mast.

But the Ombudsman, who can consider complaints alleging administrative fault on the part of Government departments, ruled there was no basis for further intervention.

The original mast was installed in the mid-1990s amid controversy. Its height meant planning consent was not needed at the time, although the district council was required to give prior approval.

The council approved it despite opposition from Taverham Parish Council.

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Aufruf anlässlich der Masern-Epidemie in NRW


One Man's Constitutional Crisis

"Republicans and Democrats in the House of Representatives have achieved an almost unprecedented level of bipartisanship in denouncing the FBI's search of a congressman's office." The New York Times ponders, "... where all these concerned constitutionalists have been for the last five years."

Stop the National Animal Identification System


Congress is debating a controversial program called the National Animal Identification System (NAIS). The system would require tagging or implanting all farm animals with radio frequency devices and registering those animals with a federal government tracking system. The plan would require every owner of even a single livestock animal to register their home with a national tracking system, including Global Positing Coordinates (for satellite tracking) and implant or tag every animal with a radio frequency device (RFID). Large-scale livestock producers say NAIS would help them control an outbreak of disease by allowing individual animals to be tracked to their origins. Small-scale farmers say the registration fees, RFID expenses and administrative bureaucracy of the system would drive them out of business. OCA supports the principle of being able to track animal diseases back to the source in order to protect public and animal health, but any national program needs to be designed so as to not harm small farmers and must insure the privacy of farmers and animal owners. Take action:


The Organic Consumers Association's (OCA) call for a boycott of Horizon and Aurora organic milk is resonating among consumers across the country and generating significant media coverage. Horizon Organic (owned by food giant Dean Foods) and Aurora are currently taking advantage of loopholes in organic regulations by purchasing the majority of their milk from intensive confinement dairy feedlots where the cows have little or no access to pasture. At their recent shareholders meeting in Dallas, Dean Foods executives expressed alarm over the public relations and investor fallout they are currently facing. Besides recommending that conscientious shoppers boycott Horizon and Aurora products, OCA is asking consumers to keep flooding the USDA with email letters calling for mandatory pasture access for cows on organic farms, as well as an end to the unethical practice of continuously importing calves from conventional farms to organic dairies. The USDA is accepting public comments on this issue until June 12. Over 40,000 OCA members and supporters have already taken the time to comment on this important issue, but we need thousands more to turn up the heat. Please take action now:

GAO Report Faults Voluntary Programs to Cut Air Pollution

The Bush administration's voluntary programs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by industry have yet to deliver promised results, according to a report issued yesterday by the Government Accountability Office.

Wrong Way Bush

"The road to recovery, whether from addiction or failed policy," writes Larry Johnson, "starts with admitting one has a problem. It is time for the President to do more than admit rhetorical mistakes. It is time to call a halt to our mistaken policy in Iraq."

Enron: the Bush Connection

From Information Clearing House

The United States has become a world leader in avoiding human rights accountability

“The United States has become a world leader in avoiding human rights accountability; a case in point is the reliance of the United States government on private military contractors, which has helped create virtually rules-free zones sanctioned with the American flag and firepower,” said Larry Cox the executive director of Amnesty International’s US Chapter.

From Information Clearing House

Russia Cools to Dollar As it Invests in Stability

Russia has raised the share of euros in its growing central bank reserves, a top central banker said on Thursday, confirming Moscow’s cooling to the dollar as a dependable store of value.

From Information Clearing House

Putin revives energy row with US

The Russian president Vladimir Putin yesterday returned to his feud with the US over energy supplies when he declared that Washington is in no position to deliver lectures after the invasion of Iraq.

From Information Clearing House

Russia to Sell Anti-Aircraft Missiles to Iran

Russian defense minister Sergei Ivanov Friday reiterated Moscow’s commitment to supply Iran with sophisticated anti-aircraft missiles, Interfax news agency reported.

From Information Clearing House

Haditha: inquiry points to atrocity by marines

By Thom Shanker, Eric Schmitt and Richard A. Oppel Jr.

A military investigation into the deaths of two dozen Iraqis last November is expected to find that a small number of marines in western Iraq carried out extensive, unprovoked killing of civilians, according to congressional, military and Pentagon officials.

How US Marines Massacred 24

Sarah Baxter, Washington
Hala Jaber and Ali Rifat, Baghdad

The killings are emerging as the worst known American atrocity of the Iraq war. At least seven women and three children were among those killed. Witness accounts obtained by The Sunday Times suggest the toll of children may be as high as six. “This one is ugly,” a US military official said.

The Few, The Proud, The Murderers

By Pierre Tristam

Of course the first line of defense, for those craven enough to defend atrocities just because Americans commit them, is to say that Iraqis do worse.

Haditha: the worst US atrocity since Vietnam …

Iraqi women and children massacred by American marines. How did it happen?


CIVILIANS who spent time at the Haditha Dam base of the Third Battalion of the First Marines describe the place as something out of Apocalypse Now or Lord Of The Flies. It was “feral” one said. Soldiers didn’t wash. They had abandoned regulation billets and had built make-shift, primitive huts bearing skull-and-crossbone signs.

Oped News FEATURES Impeach Team Radio Spot

Why Didn't More Democrats Oppose The Hayden Nomination? ANSWER: Not Enough Primary Challenges

The above is the title of the featured article right now on, the fastest growing and most innovative source of progressive opinion and news on the internet. And now they are pioneering the use of audio in progressive web media. If you visit the link directly below, you can hear the new Impeach Team "call to action" radio spot right on the page link directly below.

Other top op-ed articles on

Our Socialized Corporations

Enemy of the People - Al Gore or George Bush?

The Narcissism of Differences Big and Small

A Progressive Honoring Conservative Values

The Never-Ending War


This morning the Senate confirmed as CIA director the military general who is directly responsible for implementing the illegal wiretaps of vast numbers of innocent American citizens. This is an administration operative who by his own admission hasn't got the vaguest clue that the 4th Amendment to our Constitution expressly specifies there must be "probable cause" to justify any search or seizure. The president's approval ratings are dipping under 30% and still falling. And yet today only 15 U.S. Senators had either the judgment or courage to reject the Hayden nomination. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE?

The problem is our members of Congress believe they are immune from challenge. They believe they have their own districts so gerrymandered that it is unlikely they will ever lose an election to a member of the other party. They believe no serious alternative candidates could ever arise in their own party to cost them their own nomination. And UNTIL that happens they actually believe they don't have to listen to the voices of their constituents ever.

We have a message for those members of Congress. IT JUST HAPPENED.

In California right now there are THREE candidates in the Los Angeles area alone, count them, three, who are mounting serious challenges to incumbent Democrats in the upcoming June 6th primaries. They are Charles Coleman, Jr. (D-CA-28), Bob McCloskey (D-CA-29) and Marcy Winograd (D-CA-36) who are ALL challenging incumbent Democrats in their "safe" congressional districts, and they are all serious.

Together they have teamed up to run joint "call to action" ads to get people more involved and engaged in the political process by encouraging them to speak out on the issues with their own voices. Together they founded the Impeach Team, all standing up by calling for the impeachment of the president and vice-president NOW for their many lies, deceptions and abuses of power.

How long will the outrages go on? They will continue only as long as it takes for the first member of Congress to actually lose an election because of their spineless, gutless cowardice on issue after issue. Where is the law that says the representatives we have now are the best we could have in any of these districts? How many members of Congress are actually calling for the immediate impeachment of both occupants of our out of control White House. Would you believe zero?!?! If there were any justice in the world they would ALL be facing primary challenges and they would ALL lose.

If the flash animation player will for you (and it should work for most people) at the link above you should be able to hear the new radio spot the Impeach Team put together with Air America Radio (courtesy of their production department), which is already running on the Air America Radio national stream, and is about to start running on the Los Angeles Air America Radio affiliate as well. Otherwise, click on the link below.


We need to all we can to support these brave candidates who DO have a chance to win. Marcy Winograd was featured on the front page of the Los Angeles metro section the other day, and the tone of the article was that they recognized her as a serious and viable challenger. Bob McCloskey and Charles Coleman are also getting good coverage, and with your support the Impeach Team can achieve a major media breakout between now and June 6th.

Please visit their action page on impeachment where you can send a message to your members of Congress calling on them to stand up for impeachment now. And then BACK THAT UP by making a contribution if you can so the Impeach Team can run as many of these "call to action" ads as possible.


If you are from CA this same action page will send your personal message also to your members of the California state legislature, supporting AJR 39, the state measure of CA itself to bring impeachment to the floor of the U.S. House. And especially if you live in one of these Los Angeles districts, BACK THAT UP by coming out to vote on June 6th for one of these brave candidates, and rally all your friends to do the same. The ultimate message to send to Congress is the vote to remove them from office. SEND THAT MESSAGE.

If you have a web site of your own, please email the Impeach Team from one of their pages so you can play the call to action spot on your own web page. In exchange the Impeach Team will give you a featured link back to promote your own activism and thank you for helping to make participatory democracy work.

It is not enough just to take back Congress. It is not enough to have a majority if that majority is STILL afraid to exercise its power. We must take it back on the platform of courageous, decisive action. We must take it back on the platform of what we stand for and what we will do if restored to majority power. And the best evidence of that for the electorate is what we are standing up for and doing NOW with these action pages which our candidates champion.

Please do all you can to support these three candidates. And on June 6th let there be a political earthquake in the Los Angeles area, with tremors in every Congressional office in the Capitol. And THEN, our members of Congress WILL listen to the voice of the people at last.

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed to be ours, and forward this message to everyone else you know.

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Phone mast protest

26 May 2006

Staff, pupils and parents at Branfil In fant and Junior School protest over the planned phone mast.

PUPILS, parents and teachers of an Upminster infant and junior school have said "no" to plans by mobile phone giant O2 to erect a mast nearby.

The telecommunications company has applied to site a phone mast on the corner of Little Gaynes Lane and Gaynes Park Road only yards from Branfil Infant and Junior School.

The application is due to be heard by Havering Council before the end of the month and last week a protest was held by those opposed to the mast outside the school gates.

For more on this story see this week's Recorder.

Copyright © 2006 Archant Regional. All rights reserved.

Julia Butterfly Is At It Again: South Central LA Tree Sit

From: Circle of Life
Subject: Help NOW! Julia in Tree in S. Central LA
Date: Fri, 26 May 2006 19:27:02 -0400 (EDT)

Julia Butterfly Is At It Again...South Central LA Tree Sit

Julia Butterfly Hill, Joan Baez, Darryl Hannah and John Quigley on the Scene in South Central LA

As many of you have already heard…she’s at it again! Julia is sitting in a tree along with fellow treesitter, John Quigley and folk singer and activist superstar Joan Baez.

Read on for more info here or at, but NOW what you can do is:

1. Go to the FARM NOW for tonight's vigil. For address and info see: .

We have heard that tomorrow morning the LA Sheriff's Department will enter the farm and need community support tonight. Please forward this info to anyone you know in Los Angeles.

2. Call Mayor Villaraigosa and tell him that you want the City of Los Angeles to buy the farm back from the developer and give it in perpetuity to the South Central Farmers. (213) 978-0600

3. Make a donation to the South Central Farmers
to help buy back the farm.

Julia is asking for every person to give at least $1 towards this historic farm. Together we can make the difference. Donate NOW at

Here's the story:

Just about one week ago, Julia walked into the Circle of Life office and told us that while she hoped it did not come down to the need for her to do direct action to save the South Central Farm in Los Angeles—she would be up in a tree soon if there was a need. On Tuesday, May 23 Julia stationed herself in the “community watchtower”- a 3 story high walnut tree on the 14 acre South Central Farm. She joins in solidarity with 350 poor working class families who use the farm to grow organic food for themselves and their community.

Fourteen years ago, this spot was a wasteland- and in the wake of the 1992 LA uprising then-Mayor Bradley and Doris Block of the L.A. Regional Food Bank made a handshake deal to allow it to be used for a community farm. Today, after thousands and thousands of hours of sweat and labor, the South Central Farm is the largest urban farm in the nation. The 350 families who use the farming plots are low‑income and depend heavily upon the food they grow to feed themselves. In addition to growing food for themselves, the people involved with the community garden hold Farmers' Markets, festivals and other cultural events for the public at large.

In a backroom deal in 1996, the 14 acre farm was offered to a developer at a discount, but the deal was never approved by the City Council. In
2002, the developers sued the City and a settlement was reached giving the farm to the developers for a significantly below-market price. To repurchase the farm, the developer is insisting on over $16 million (they paid just over $5 million for it four years ago) and $6 million has already been raised by the South Central Farmers. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has the ability to pay the rest of selling price from the City budget, or further challenge the original sale. However, he has done neither.

“This is the Promised Land”, community leader Dele Ailemen emphatically stated on the encampment’s first day. “It was land that was promised to this community by the Mayor of Los Angeles after the 1992 uprising.” “It will not be taken away by broken political promises.”

From EF! Media Center


Associated Press
May 24, 2006

LOS ANGELES - Joan Baez and tree-sitter Julia "Butterfly" Hill have taken up residence in a tree to raise awareness about a 14-acre urban farm threatened with demolition.

Hill, who lived in a redwood in Northern California for more than two years to prevent loggers from cutting it down, said Tuesday that she and Baez will be among those who will occupy the tree in shifts.

The 65-year-old folk singer's hits include The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down and Please Come to Boston.

Two door-sized platforms have been placed in the tree for the sitters, and a support group has set up an encampment on the ground.

Hundreds of farmers could face evictions after The Trust for Public Land came up $10 million short in its bid to buy the site. The non-profit group was not able to raise the $16.35 million required by the time the purchase option expired Monday.

The trust signed a contract in April with landowner Ralph Horowitz to buy 10 of the 14 acres in south Los Angeles where about 350 families, most of them working-class immigrants from Central America, tend small plots of fruits and vegetables.

Hill said she was protesting now because Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has pledged support for the farmers but has not come through yet.

Villaraigosa's spokesman did not immediately return a message left after business hours Tuesday.

Deputy Mayor Larry Frank has said the city was trying to help the farmers move to other sites, including an 8-acre plot that can accommodate 200 of them.


Informant: NHNE


The farmers' own website (including photos):

Contact info for Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa: or call (213)978-0600

Mayor Villaraigosa pledged to support the farmers, but has not really lived up to his commitment. Please contact his office and ask him to take a strong stand in this urgently important struggle.

I agree emphatically with the statement (below) by Green Party cong. candidate Byron DeLear: the mayor needs to use the power of eminent domain to save the farm. It seems to me that this is exactly what it was intended for!

Craig Gingold
(near) Midpines CA

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: [GPCA-MediaComm]
FINAL ADVISORY: Green Party joins Joan Baez, Daryl Hannah, others at LA's urban farm encampment
Date: Fri, 26 May 2006 14:25:02 -0700
From: civillib


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Friday, May 26, 2006

Contact: Sara Amir, spokesperson 310.270-7106 Pat Driscoll, spokesperson 916.320-6430 Susan King, spokesperson 415.823-5524 Cres Vellucci, GPCA press secretary 916.996-9170

California Greens join celebrities, tree-sitters in solidarity with South Central LA farmers trying to save nation's largest urban farm

LOS ANGELES (May 26, 2006) - Scores of Greens - including a Green Party candidate for Congress and a former Santa Monica mayor - have joined thousands of people who have built an encampment and formed a growing resistance movement here to save the largest urban farm in the U.S.

Among threats of eviction and arrests, people - including environmentalist Julia "Butterfly" Hill - are "tree-sitting" and have put up a "tent city" for supporters. Hundreds of people - including celebrities Joan Baez, actresses Daryl Hannah and Laura Dern, and slide guitar ace Ben Harper - have gathered at the farm to demand environmental justice for the farmers.

A land developer is planning to evict 360 Latino and indigenous families from the 14-acre plot at Alameda and 41st streets in South Central Los Angeles, which has allowed them to supplement their incomes with healthy crops of fruits, vegetables and medicinal plants

"We are putting out a call to Green Party members and others across the state and nation, to come to Los Angeles and stand in solidarity with the farmers against a developer and city government who refuse to save this community farm. If they evict and jail them, they'll have to evict and jail us too," said Michael Feinstein, former Santa Monica mayor.

"The Green Party demands that developers not be allowed to dictate to the government of the people and for the people. This is not the government of and for the dollar. We are not going to let this farm be destroyed," said Green Party congressional candidate Byron DeLear, (28th CD, Los Angeles/San Fernando) , one of many Greens who has camped out overnight at the site. He said the city should use the power of "eminent domain to protect this national treasure."

"I am appalled that instead of ensuring that people are able to subsist, the City of Los Angeles is selling out the people to build on a property already financed by the taxpayers," said Donna Warren, a native of South Central and candidate for Lt. Governor in June on the Green Party ticket.


A New Protest Song: Joan Baez Sings to Save Acres of Land

A veteran of 40 years of demonstrations, the American folk singer's latest campaign involves camping in a tree to save a 14-acre farm from developers.


Baez and Butterfly in LA tree sit

Informant: Scott Munson


Farmers, Activists Resisting Eviction at Nation's Largest Urban Farm

The 14-year effort to establish an urban farm in the heart of South Los Angeles came to an end today when sheriff's deputies moved in to evict the farmers, as well as some celebrities who were supporting them by keeping vigil on the land. Farmers and activists continue to resist.


Farmers, Celebrities Evicted From South Central Food Farm,0,6338849.story

Informant: NHNE


Farmers vow to prevent garden demolition

Laurel Leader-Call


Workers tore down fences Wednesday inside a 14-acre urban garden while evicted farmers and their supporters kept watch and vowed to prevent bulldozing of the inner-city greenspace. 'We're still not giving up hope,' said Alberto Tlatoa, 20, a day after sheriff's deputies enforcing an eviction order arrested dozens of protesters, including actress Daryl Hannah. Tlatoa, sitting in a chair on a sidewalk outside the fenced garden, said he and his family had grown pears, broccoli, tomatoes and edible cactus for eight years...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp



Armed police stormed a community garden in South Central Los Angeles this week, arresting 25 people including actress Daryl Hannah. The 14 acre plot of land, tended by over 350 neighborhood fruit and vegetable farmers for a decade, is the largest urban community garden in the country, and a symbol of hope for the embattled South Central neighborhood. Although the highly successful garden provides affordable, mostly organic food for low-income residents in this economically depressed area, a ten-year ownership dispute over the land has led to a dramatic standoff between neighborhood residents and the powerful real estate lobby of Los Angeles. Despite massive public opposition, multi-millionaire real estate developer Ralph Horowitz obtained a court order to pave over the community garden and replace it with an industrial warehouse. After back-tracking on a proposal to sell the 14 acre plot to neighborhood residents for $16 million, Horowitz called in the police and bulldozers to clear the property of inhabitants. Neighborhood farmers and residents, along with the L.A. organic community, have vowed to keep up the struggle and save the community garden.

Learn more:


South Central Farmers Evicted: The Struggle Is Just Beginning

A Film by Chris Hume

On June 13, bulldozers started clearing the 14-year-old South Central Farm in Los Angeles. Dozens of people were arrested, and the farmers were evicted from the land. Truthout correspondent Chris Hume was there to cover the incident, and to get the story about the ongoing legal fight to keep the farm from being turned into a complex of warehouses.


The Golden Rule in the City of Angels?

Jane Ayers describes what has been happening over the past week at the South Central Farm in Los Angeles as farmers, activists and celebrities nonviolently resisted: "Surrounded by organic flowers grown on the South Central Farm, a huge Sacred Heart of Jesus altar sat at the base of the tree where protesters were tree-sitting to save the urban community farm."


By Andrew Bridges
Associated Press
May 25, 2006

WASHINGTON - Deserts in the American Southwest and around the globe are creeping toward heavily populated areas as the jet streams shift, researchers reported Thursday.

The result: Areas already stressed by drought may get even drier.

Satellite measurements made from 1979 to 2005 show that the atmosphere in the subtropical regions both north and south of the equator is heating up. As the atmosphere warms, it bulges out at the altitudes where the northern and southern jet streams slip past like swift and massive rivers of air. That bulging has pushed both jet streams about 70 miles closer to the Earth's poles.

Since the jet streams mark the edge of the tropics, in essence framing the hot zone that hugs the equator, their outward movement has allowed the tropics to grow wider by about 140 miles. That means the relatively drier subtropics move as well, pushing closer to places like Salt Lake City, where Thomas Reichler, co-author of the new study, teaches meteorology.

"One of the immediate consequences one can think of is those deserts and dry areas are moving poleward," said Reichler, of the University of Utah. Details appear in Thursday's Science Express, the online edition of the journal Science.

The movement has allowed the subtropics to edge toward populated areas, including the American Southwest, southern Australia and the Mediterranean basin. In those places, the lack of precipitation already is a worry.

Additional creep could move Africa's Sahara Desert farther north, worsening drought conditions that are already a serious problem on that continent and bringing drier weather to the countries that ring the Mediterranean Sea.

"The Mediterranean is one region that models consistently show drying in the future. That could be very much related to this pattern that we are seeing in the atmosphere," said Isaac Held, a senior research scientist with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. He was not connected with the research.

A shift in where subtropical dry zones lie could make climate change locally noticeable for more people, said Karen Rosenlof, a NOAA research meteorologist also unconnected to the study.

"It is a plausible thing that could be happening, and the people who are going to see its effects earliest are the ones who live closer to the tropics, like southern Australia," said Rosenlof. Her own work suggests the tropics have actually compressed since 2000, after growing wider over the previous 20 years.

Reichler suspects global warming is the root cause of the shift, but said he can't be certain. Other possibilities include variability and destruction of the ozone layer. However, he and his colleagues have noted similar behavior in climate models that suggest global warming plays a role.

Moving the jet streams farther from the equator could disrupt storm patterns, as well as intensify individual storms on the poleward side of the jet streams, said lead author Qiang Fu, a University of Washington atmospheric scientist.

In Europe, for example, that shift could mean less snow falling on the Alps in winter. That would be bad news for skiers, as well as for farmers and others who rely on rivers fed by snowmelt.

"This definitely favors or enhances the frequency of droughts," Fu said of such a shift.

Informant: NHNE


Jet Stream Shift Is Expanding the Earth's Tropics and Deserts

Deserts in the American Southwest and around the globe are creeping toward heavily populated areas as the jet streams shift, scientists reported Thursday.

Memorial Day

The Irony of Iraq

The Suburban Fantasy

Enron's Schemes "The Very Nature of Profit-Based, Market Capitalism"

Rise and Fall of the Enron Boys

Power Outage: An Enron Backgrounder from the Center for Public Integrity

What If They Gave a War?

Iraq Says It Backs Iran's Right to Nuclear Program

ACLU Seeks Public Hearings in Phone Record Scandal

Tell the Senate to Block Another Trillion Dollar Tax Cut for the Super Wealthy

The Senate is set to consider next week proposals to eliminate or "reform" the estate tax. Senator Jon Kyl (R-AZ) has proposed a "reform" that would eliminate most of this tax.

But the estate tax is needed to slow the division of our nation into permanent hereditary classes, and the revenue it raises is desperately needed right now to pay for essential services like Medicaid and student loans. These services are under threat from huge deficits driven by reckless spending on an illegal war and on other destructive tax cuts.

Write to your Senators now!

Introducing the Impeachment Resource Center

We have put together an Impeachment Resource Center. It includes not only resources you can access online, but the means to contact experts who can assist you with resolutions, research, websites, media, or events planning.

Please use the resource center to continue building a movement!

Tim Robbins Speaks Out on Impeachment
Listen to Tim Robbins' PSA


TAGGED FOR DEATH has been updated with the 2006 Gold Section with a discussion on bird flu and a genetic marker, TAGGED FOR DEATH , which you may find interesting.

Thank you for your interest.


THE LIES BEHIND THE SECRETS: 'National security' as exemption from justice

Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

On the 'National Post' Iran smear

Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

"Sustainable Development" Privileges the Few

What May Come of the Haditha Massacre?

How Bush Brewed The Iran Crisis

Informant: ranger116

Gonzales Said He Would Quit in Raid Dispute

Informant: ranger116


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