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Bemerkenswerte Nebentätigkeiten von Politikern

Hintergrund: Bemerkenswerte Nebentätigkeiten von Politikern (23.05.06)

Über Nebentätigkeiten von Bundestagsabgeordneten wird seit Tagen heftig diskutiert. Anlass ist die Debatte um den Parlamentarischen Geschäftsführer der Unions-Fraktion, Norbert Röttgen (CDU), der zum Jahreswechsel Hauptgeschäftsführer des Bundesverbandes der Deutschen Industrie (BDI) werden soll. Röttgen ist kein Einzelfall. Beispielsweise gehen auch die Abgeordneten Brandner, Göhner, Lauterbach, Lippold, Merz, Riesenhuber, Schultz und Wissmann bemerkenswerten Nebentätigkeiten nach.

Die ganze Nachricht im Internet: http://www.ngo-online.de/ganze_nachricht.php?Nr=13679

Impeachment: A Winning Argument

Begin forwarded message:

From: John Calvert
Date: May 23, 2006 11:35:32 AM PDT
Subject: Impeachment: A Winning Argument


Informant: Bob Banner


Some don't buy bird flu threat

May 23, 2006, 1:29AM

As the dire predictions of a pandemic mount, skeptics warn of the dangers of overreaction

Some don't buy bird flu threat

Copyright 2006 Houston Chronicle http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/metropolitan/3881291.html

For months, the warnings have been relentless: Bird flu could jump species and kill tens of millions of people, a pandemic to rival the 1918 Spanish flu. Economies would collapse and governments risk catastrophe if they don't put together elaborate contingency plans.

Not everyone is convinced, however. A small group of skeptics says the warnings are just a lot of hype, scare talk that does more harm than good to the public health. Such doomsday predictions go well beyond good science and siphon money and attention from more important threats, they say.

"It's a great story, a disease that can wipe out mankind as we know it," says Dr. Gary Butcher, a University of Florida veterinarian specializing in avian diseases. "Fortunately, the facts are contrary to what's being reported. This disease is going to fizzle out, be forgotten in the near future and be replaced by another 'potential worldwide threat.' "

That view may have received a boost last week when the United Nations' chief pandemic flu coordinator confirmed that the flu virus known as H5N1 largely has been contained in the Asian countries where it first hit.

Public health officials were quick to warn it would be premature to declare victory. Dismissive of those who play down the threat, they argue it would be irresponsible not to plan for a worst-case scenario.

H5N1, they note, shares many genetic features with the Spanish flu, according to a research team that reconstructed the horrific 1918 virus — except it's even more lethal. The new virus has killed nearly 57 percent of its 217 confirmed human carriers. The 1918 pandemic paralyzed society, but the resulting 20 million to 50 million deaths represented just 2 percent of those infected.

In addition to common flu symptoms like fever and cough, those infected with the H5N1 virus can develop viral pneumonia or other life-threatening complications within days. The virus, to date, is believed only to have been transmitted to humans through direct contact with diseased birds.

Virus transmission The most recent reported deaths attributed to H5N1 were those of six Indonesians, five of them in an extended family. The deaths, reported last week, initially were investigated as a "cluster" that health experts feared could mean the virus was mutating into a form more easily passed between humans. World Health Organization investigators have all but ruled out human-to-human transmission, saying the virus likely was caught from infected animals.

It's the idea of easy transmission between humans that brings out the apocalyptic visions. One researcher went so far as to suggest half the world's population could die in such a pandemic. U.S. Secretary of Health & Human Services Michael Leavitt advised Americans to stockpile cans of tuna fish and powdered milk in case of an outbreak. And officials have called for more than 100 million doses of a still-to-be-developed vaccine for the virus to be made available to Americans.

Contrarians such as Butcher say it's all a bit much, considering that some experts doubt the current lethal form of the virus will ever jump to humans . They also note that the three pandemics of the last century claimed successively fewer lives. The last, in 1968, killed 34,000 people, fewer than the number who succumb each year to seasonal flu.

Bird flu, they argue, is just the latest in a line of overhyped scares that include anthrax, West Nile virus, smallpox and SARS, which taken together claim a mere fraction of the lives lost every year to, say, pneumonia.

The skeptics warn of the dangers of overreaction, citing 1976's swine flu debacle, when more than 40 million people received a vaccine against a new pig virus that, ultimately, never took hold. The virus killed one person, a military recruit whose speedy death ignited the crash program. But as many as 1,000 people who were inoculated developed a paralyzing nerve condition; 32 died. The public relations nightmare and lawsuits against the government helped drive many drug companies away from making flu vaccines at all.

One reason some remain unconvinced of the new virus's potential transmissibility is because it has infected so few people to date. Since
1998, hundreds of millions of chickens in Asia have been infected with the virus. Millions of people lived with the diseased birds, but, as of last Friday, 217 had become infected. Of those, 123 died.

The high fatality rate also is suspect, according to the naysayers. No one knows how many people in close contact with domesticated birds may have picked up the virus, but never got sick or only showed mild symptoms, and, thus, never reported the disease.

The current flu virus, H5N1, is what is infecting birds. That virus, however, infects humans by lodging deep in the lungs, and, thus, isn't likely to be spread by coughing or sneezing.

The fear among scientists is that the avian flu strain will mix with a human flu, producing a new, easily transmissible virus against which people have no immunities.

"It would be devastating if it gained the ability to spread easily from person to person," said Dr. Wendy Keitel, a molecular virologist at Baylor College of Medicine. "Its fatality rate in humans is unprecedented, as is the extent and severity of the outbreaks in poultry."

Differing views But Paul Ewald, a professor of evolutionary biology at the University of Louisville, said such pathogens would lose their virulence, a law of natural selection ignored by those who fear the worst-case scenarios.

"Everything we know about evolution says pathogens have to become more mild to keep their host mobile," Ewald said. "If they're so virulent the host can't pass them on, they don't survive."

The exception, he said, occurs in "disease factories" — environments where people immobilized by illness can easily transmit a virulent pathogen to new hosts — which is what happened on World War I's Western Front with the Spanish flu. Hospitals, trains and trenches packed with deathly ill and healthy soldiers facilitated the disease's lethal spread.

Public health officials respond that researchers still don't know exactly what made the Spanish flu so deadly, particularly to the young and healthy. They say they can't afford to do little and hope time proves Ewald's theory correct.

Are grants driving hype? Some critics see a different "agenda" behind the public concern about bird flu — funding. Butcher says President Bush's $7.1 billion flu pandemic plan means a bonanza of grant money for researchers and the justification of the budgets and existence of agencies such as the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the World Health Organization.

The bait is not taken by many officials most concerned about the bird flu threat. One such, Dr. C.J. Peters, director of biodefense at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, calls the more vocal skeptics "well-intentioned folks reacting to media hype."

Some mostly just wish the money wasn't being directed so single-mindedly to the new virus. With nearly 150 different strains of flu viruses with the potential to cause a pandemic, New York University School of Medicine internist Dr. Marc Siegel said he'd like to see more effort aimed at general pandemic preparation, such as developing better methods for making vaccines, and less given to panic-inducing rhetoric.

"I'm concerned that the public discussion about bird flu, the new bug du jour, is so weighted with end-of-the-world terms that it's causing a kind of hysteria," said Siegel, author of Bird Flu: Everything You Need to Know About the Next Pandemic. "The greatest problem isn't influenza — it's fear of influenza."


Informant: Teresa Binstock


Bush Snubs Gore Film on Global Warming

Is Bush likely to see Al Gore's documentary about global warming? "Doubt it," Bush said coolly Monday. "But Bush should watch it," Gore shot back. In fact, the former Democratic vice president offered to come to the White House any time, any day to show Bush either his documentary or a slide show on global warming that he's shown more than 1,000 times around the world.


End the Hostile Takeover

Joshua Holland interviews David Sirota about his new book "Hostile Takeover," and how Big Business is "a system corrupted almost beyond recognition. We have a government in which the greater good is subsumed by corporate interests day in and day out, and where political discourse itself is framed by those very interests."


Iran Target of Apparent US Disinformation Ploy


The Delusions of Global Hegemony

In an interview by Tom Engelhardt, Andrew Bacevich discusses his subjects of choice: American militarism and the American imperial mission.


Top CIA Officials to Testify Libby Lied on Leak

Two top CIA officials will bolster prosecutor's charge that Vice President Cheney's chief aide lied to them, court papers show.


Amnesty International: Iraq War Provoking Terror

"The war on terror and the way it has unfolded is actually premised on the principle that by eroding human rights you can reinforce security," said Amnesty International's Secretary-General Irene Khan. "And that is why as part of the war on terror we see restrictions being placed on civil liberties around the world."


Message to Bush: don't dare lecture any nation on what democracy means


Informant: Bugs

Which Is the Real Iraq?

"A frustrating aspect of writing about Iraq since the invasion is that the worse the situation becomes, the easier it is for Tony Blair or George Bush to pretend it is improving," writes Patrick Cockburn. "That is because as Baghdad and Iraq, aside from the three Kurdish provinces, become the stalking ground for death squads and assassins, it is impossible to report the collapse of security without being killed doing so."


Judge Steps In for Poor Inmates Without Justice Since Hurricane

Hurricane Katrina took his house, his courtroom and, Judge Arthur L. Hunter Jr. says, his faith in the way his city treats poor people facing criminal charges. Nine months after the storm, more than a thousand jailed defendants have had no access to lawyers, the judge says, because the public defender system is desperately short of money and staffing, without a computer system or files or even a list of clients.


Lobbyist Money ... He's No. 1, He's No. 1!

"The folks over at the Congress Watch of Public Citizen have put out a report on the lobbyists who bankroll Congress," writes Will Bunch. "It features a list of the 20 biggest givers among lobbyists - an interesting read, to be sure - but they've also compiled a tally of the biggest 'getters,' the members of Congress who've pulled in the most money from K Street during the 1998-2004 election cycles."


The right discovers Bush's 'honesty': Conservatives are finally getting a taste of his misleading rhetoric

The right discovers Bush's 'honesty'


Jonathan Chait: The right discovers Bush's 'honesty'
Conservatives are finally getting a taste of his misleading rhetoric.

Jonathan Chait

May 21, 2006

IT APPEARS that the scales have fallen from David Frum's eyes. The former Bush speechwriter, and current National Review writer, once had faith in the basic decency and honesty of George W. Bush. But now the president he once served so loyally, and whose honesty he once found above reproach, has done something utterly uncharacteristic. He has presented his policies in a misleading light.

No! you say. This can't be true! But it is. Allow me to quote Frum: "Putting the [National] Guard on the border is a symbolic act…. But I am afraid that in this case the symbolism is manipulative and deceptive."

Deceptive? Bush? He must have the wrong guy. Just a couple of years ago, Frum wrote: "I've always thought it strange that so many on the left have chosen to make an issue of President Bush's honesty. The president is, if anything, almost excessively direct and self-endangeringly truthful."

It's funny. I remember when Bush insisted that he wanted to bring the parties together to pass a patients' bill of rights, even as he arm-twisted Republicans who favored such a bill into renouncing it. I remember when he insisted that lower-income workers reaped the biggest share of his tax cuts. I remember when he presented his stem cell position as a way to dramatically expand research opportunities. One could say that misleading rhetoric was the hallmark of Bush's political style. But if you said that two years ago, you were a rabid Bush-hater.

Now the immigration debate, which has turned the right against itself, has provoked a kind of right-wing glasnost. Former Bush loyalists are discovering all sorts of unpleasant things about him, and each other.

Last week, the Wall Street Journal, which favors more open immigration, sadly noted that the party's "restrictionists still aren't satisfied" with Bush's compromise plan.

"Bush attempted to meet his own party's restrictionists halfway," the editors fumed, "and they are saying it still isn't enough."

Conservative Republicans refusing to compromise! Can you imagine? And this is the same Wall Street Journal editorial page that flays any Republican who wants to pass a tax cut only slightly less enormous than the one favored by the party's right wing. The Journal has spent years leading torch-bearing mobs through the ranks of its party, hunting for heretics. And now the party base, ungrateful for the Journal's years of service to the cause of ideological purity, is refusing to settle for half a loaf on its own top priority. The nerve.

During his immigration speech, Bush asserted that "some in this country argue that the solution is to deport every illegal immigrant." National Review's Kathryn Jean Lopez angrily retorted, "Do you know anyone who seriously argues such a thing?" Why, it's almost as if Bush turns his opponents' beliefs into some kind of a caricature.

ACTUALLY, some of us have noted that tendency for a while. Washington Post reporter Dana Milbank wrote a story in 2004 detailing how Bush attacks straw men time after time. "Some say" is generally Bush's cue to viciously mischaracterize the other side. For instance, "Some say, 'Well, [fighting terrorism] is just a matter of law enforcement and intelligence,' " or, "Some say, 'Well, maybe the recession should have been deeper.' "

National Review did not laud Milbank for noting this Bushian tendency. It did, however, publish an article two weeks later attacking him as "probably the most anti-Bush reporter currently assigned to the White House by a major news organization."

This outbreak of unflattering conservative insights suggests two possibilities. The first is that, until this moment, Bush never used dishonest tactics to frame his views and those of his critics, and conservative activists never displayed a fanatical aversion to compromise. Somehow, though, Bush and the conservatives are suddenly using tactics against each other that they were too honest and thoughtful to use against the Democrats.

The second possible interpretation is that they've been like this all along, and the conservatives are only starting to notice because for once they're on the receiving end.

Informant: Bugs

Zwangseinweisung für Depotspritze genehmigungsunfähig

Ein gutes Urteil, das man sich merken sollte, siehe: http://www.jurion.de/login/login.jsp?goToUrl=../urteil/122671.html&docid=1-122671

Die gegen den Willen des Betreuten durchzuführende stationäre Unterbringung, allein um ihm zwangsweise eine Depotspritze mit einem Neuroleptikum zu verabreichen, kann keinesfalls genehmigt werden

Hanseatisches OLG in Bremen, Beschluss vom 25.10.2005, Az. 4 W 19/05; 4 W 20/05

Die kurzfristige, notfalls unter Anwendung von Zwang gegen den Willen des Betreuten durchzuführende stationäre Unterbringung in einer psychiatrischen Klinik allein zu dem Zweck, dem Betreuten zwangsweise eine Depotspritze mit einem Neuroleptikum zu verabreichen, ist nicht nach § 1906 Abs. 2 BGB i.V.m. § 1906 Abs. 1 Nr. 1 BGB und 2 oder § 1904 BGB genehmigungsfähig.

BGB § 1906 Abs. 1 Nr. 1, BGB § 1906 Abs. 2

Hoffentlich wird jetzt niemand mehr das Martyrium durchmachen müssen, mit einer Depotspritze mißhandelt zu werden und dieses Verbrechen erst Monate danach von einem OLG als solches bestätigt zu bekommen.

Ein Posting des Werner-Fuß-Zentrum
Scharnweberstr. 29
10247 Berlin

Lösung für den Braunbären in Bayern

VIER PFOTEN - Newsletter

Liebe Tierfreundin, lieber Tierfreund,

um den Abschuss des in Bayern eingewanderten Braunbären zu verhindern, haben VIER PFOTEN und Stiftung für Bären dem Bayerischen Umweltministerium die Aufnahme des am Wochenende aus Österreich eingewanderten Braunbären angeboten. Gleichzeitig fordern beide Organisationen eine Rücknahme der Abschussgenehmigung.

Die beiden Tierschutzstiftungen stellen ein drei Hektar großes Bärengehege in Bayern zur Verfügung, das zum Ende der Woche bezugsfertig ist. Das Areal entspricht den hohen Standards, die bereits in den bestehenden Bärenschutz-Zentren beider Stiftungen gelten. Damit wäre die nahezu artgemäßen Unterbringung des Tieres sicher gestellt und der drohende Abschuss abgewendet.

VIER PFOTEN betont, dass der erste Braunbär, der nach 170 Jahren wieder den Weg nach Deutschland gefunden hat, nicht abgeschossen werden darf. Weitere Informationen finden Sie in unserer aktuellen Presseerklärung.


Herzliche Grüße sendet Ihnen

Ihre Beate Schüler
VIER PFOTEN - Stiftung für Tierschutz

Snubbing Iran

by Elizabeth Spiro Clark, TomPaine.com

The Bush administration's recent actions make clear it does not want to defuse the situation.


Commercial Whaling Comeback?

Nathan driving the Billy G in the Southern Ocean

Just a few months ago, I wrote to you from onboard the Greenpeace ship Esperanza in the Southern Ocean. I spent two months driving an inflatable boat (better known as the Billy G) between the harpoons of Japanese whalers and whales. I witnessed some of the most horrific and painful deaths you could imagine, and I will never forget what I saw.

In just over three weeks, the next International Whaling Commission meeting will take place, and the fate of the world’s whales will rest in the hands of a few individuals. Unfortunately, some of those hands are covered in blood money. That’s because the Japanese government has been buying votes on the Commission, and after years of political maneuvering, they may have the votes they need to take over and push to reopen commercial whaling. We need YOUR help to make sure that doesn’t happen.

TAKE ACTION Write the U.S. State Department NOW and demand intervention! On June 16, when the meeting begins, many of the votes will already be decided by the delegates attending. That’s why it’s so important that the nations who are undecided today, are influenced by YOU, and not by Japan’s financial incentives.


Another Greenpeace ship, the Arctic Sunrise, will be in St. Kitts to witness the events of this meeting. My friend, Ocean Campaigner Buffy Baumann, will be onboard. You’ll be hearing from her soon, and she will keep you posted during the week-long meeting.

The images of the whales I saw during my time on the Esperanza are burned into my heart and mind. Please, don’t let our efforts be in vain. Take Action now, and follow this story as it develops over the coming weeks. We’ll need your help again, and I hope you’ll be there for us and for the whales.

Your friend,

Nathan driving the Billy G in the Southern Ocean
Nathan Santry Actions Director

Auf die Straße gegen soziale Demontage

Bundesweite Demonstration am 03. Juni 2006 in Berlin

An ver.di ,den DGB und die DGB-Gewerkschaften: Auf die Straße gegen soziale Demontage am 3.6.06 in Berlin

Aufruf des „Netzwerk für eine kämpferische und demokratische verdi“ http://www.netzwerk-verdi.de/Demo2006-06-03.html

Aus dem Text: „… In anderen europäischen Ländern hätte jeder einzelne Angriff in den letzten Jahren zu Massenprotesten geführt. Wenn das in Deutschland bisher nicht der Fall war, liegt das nicht daran, dass die Bevölkerung hierzulande nicht zu mobilisieren ist, sondern daran, dass sie niemand mobilisiert. Die Gewerkschaften, deren Aufgabe es wäre mit Demonstrationen, Streiks bis hin zu politischen Streiks und Generalstreiks die Umverteilung von unten nach oben zu stoppen, sind nach wie vor unter Kontrolle von SPD-Funktionären, die keine Alternative haben zur neoliberalen Politik. Sie setzen auf Co-Management, Kanzlergespräche und Runde Tische. Sie wollen keine Massenbewegung, die die Basis aktiviert und dazu führen könnte ihre Politik zu untergraben. Deshalb blockieren sie die Kampfbereitschaft mit allen Mitteln. (…) Wir fordern alle ver.di-Gliederungen, Bezirke und den ver.di-Bundesvorstand auf, für die Demonstration in Berlin zu mobilisieren und kostenlose Busse zu organisieren.“

Aus: LabourNet, 23. Mai 2006


Dezentrale bundesweite Proteste während der WM

Erwerbsloseninitiativen rufen zum dezentralen Aktionstag am 27. Juni auf

Vom 25. bis 28. Mai fand in Naumburg das Jahrestreffen der Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft der Erwerbslosen- und Sozialhilfeinitiativen
(BAG-SHI) statt. Das Anschlussplenum der Versammlung hat sich einstimmig für den 27. Juni als Aktionstag zur Durchführung von dezentralen Protesten gegen die Verschärfung der Hartz IV Reform ausgesprochen. Die VertreterInnen bestätigen damit das Votum des NRW-Vernetzungstreffen vom 24.05. Die zentrale Demo am 3. Juni müsse der Auftakt sein für Proteste gegen die Politik der großen Koalition. Ein abgestimmter Termin für Aktionen während der WM, könne dem Widerstand gegen weiter Kürzungen mittelfristig eine Perspektive verleihen, so die Meinung der TeilnehmerInnen aus dem gesamten Bundesgebiet.

Dezentrale Aktionen in NRW am 27. Juni 2006 wurden bereits vor einigen Tagen für NRW (Köln als Auftakt am Abend des 26. Juni) beschlossen.

"Schluss mit den Refomen gegen uns!" bundsweite Demonstration in Berlin am 3. Juni

Vorläufiges (!) Redner/Innenkonzept am 3. Juni http://www.protest2006.de/infos/allgemein/vorlaufiges_redekonzept_am_3._juni.html

siehe dazu:

»Die Mehrheit wollte, daß Frank Bsirske redet«

Soziale Bewegung mobilisiert nach Berlin. Gewerkschaften halten sich zurück, dürfen aber auf die Bühne. Ein Gespräch mit Daniela Schelling, Mitglied im Rhein-Main-Bündnis gegen Sozialabbau und Billiglöhne und im bundesweiten Vorbereitungskreis für die Demonstration gegen Sozialabbau am 3. Juni, von Wolfgang Pomrehn in junge Welt vom 30.05.2006 http://www.jungewelt.de/2006/05-30/052.php

Der Sonderzug aus Nordrhein-Westfalen wird am 3. Juni nach Berlin fahren

Fahrtroute: Koblenz (4:00 Uhr), Bonn, Köln, Düsseldorf, Duisburg, Essen, Bochum, Dortmund (ca. 5:00 Uhr) eventuell Hamm, Bielefeld, Hannover
(9:30), Berlin.

Es wird gebeten, alle Bus- und Autofahrten zur Anreise bei der Mitfahrzentrale von Attac einzutragen: http://www.attac.de/demo3.6/mfzpk/

Wir wollen Alles! Aufruf der Interventionistischen Linken http://www.antifa.de/cms/content/view/351/32

Aus: LabourNet, 30. Mai 2006


Wednesbury Action for the Removal of Telephone masts.

It is good to see that some councils are taking the matter seriously. All councils should adopt the precautionary approach and not allow masts to be sited within 500 meters of residential properties or schools.

Planning officers should also take the time to find out if existing masts cover the area adequately. If they do then applications for 3G should be refused on the grounds that present signal coverage is adequate.

Peter Mobley

Gloucester Echo
10:30 - 18 May 2006

Tewkesbury borough councillors want more research carried out into the possible health risks posed by mobile phone masts. Members of the full council backed a motion put forward by Coun Gordon Shurmer (Con, Twyning).

It said two studies published in 2004 provided new evidence of the possible dangers of living near a cell phone transmitter base station.

The motion called for the studies to be referred to the appropriate council committee for further consideration before the matter is brought back to full council.

Coun Shurmer said: "The conclusion of the studies is alarming in the extreme. I found them extremely worrying."

Earlier this year, the authority gave the go-ahead for officers to negotiate with mobile phone firms interested in putting masts on top of the council offices' roof.

Members were told that the rental from up to four masts could bring in £38,000 a year.

Coun Jim Mason (Con, Winchcombe) suggested it might be wise to look at the subject again.

He said: "We must put the wellbeing of our staff first, above everything else."

Informant: Eileen O'Connor

Belastung durch Mobilfunk: Staatssekretär Michael Müller kündigte ein Aktionsprogramm an, Gesundheitsämter sind gefordert

"Nein !" Vodafone Chef Arun Sarin im Interview mit dem Nachrichtenmagazin Focus auf die Frage, ob er die vielen Milliarden für die UMTS-Lizenzen noch einmal bezahlen würde. (Quelle: Focus/Telecom Handel)

"Sie sollten sich nicht beschweren, wenn ein Politiker mal genau das tut, was er angekündigt hat" EU-Kommissarin Viviane Reding, im Focus über den Eingriff in die Roaming-Gebühren der Mobilfunknetzbetreiber. (Quelle: Focus)

Weiter möchte ich auf folgenden Artikel im Anhang hinweisen:

"SCHAUENSTEINER BÜRGERINITIATIVE ZU GESPRÄCH IN BERLIN" über den Empfang einer Delegation Mobilfunkbetroffenen beim Bundesumweltministerium in Berlin.


Nachricht von Ulrich Weiner


Electro Sensitivity - Support from Blair as mast is refused

This has also been sent to Tony Blair. Get your suitcases packed ready.


Concerning: Electro Sensitivity
From: SylviaWright
Date: Tue, 23 May 2006 07:02:01 EDT
An: Jill.Meara@nrpb.org,

I was heartened when I heard that the HPA were to recognise ES as a real condition. I know from experience that it can cause distressing symptoms, but I also know from testemonials that it can cause severe disruption - and even devastation - to the lives of sufferers. However, since last November, I see no movement towards helping ES people in their situations - only advice from you to avoid the washing machine!

Quite obviously, the HPA have not "come out" totally. There is no link to EMR from mobile phone masts - which most ES people feel is one of the biggest problems. If the HPA recognise these microwave emissions as a source of the problem, then the advice to "avoid" would be rendered useless. How does one avoid a danger to one's health which is being forced upon us by the lack of planning control, the failure to adopt the precautionary approach which was recommended six years ago and the ongoing refusal to accept worldwide scientific evidence of the health risk.

It is my belief that more in-depth investigations should be taking place to determine exactly what is happening to people who are badly affected by EMF/EMR. It is not sufficient to be able to claim that "no causal link has been established". In this time of advanced technology it is perfectly possible to obtain hard data, from a variety of biological markers, while monitoring varying frequencies to which we are all being exposed.

The question I would now like to ask is: What measures are going to be put in place to allow ES people a chance to escape from the constant bombardment of microwave emissions which severely disrupt the lives of sufferers? What funding is going to be allocated to secure "retreats" where the worst affected people can try to recoup some semblance of normality to restore physical and mental health?

We have recently heard how much it is costing us for John Prescott to "retreat" to a National Trust mansion house surrounded by tranquil and unpolluted grounds. This would be an excellent starting point for an ES haven - and only fair when one considers that it is the policy pursued by the ODPM which has supported (often) unlawful erections (of mobile phone installations). Mr Prescott has recently stated that only the insensitive cannot understand the mental anguish of people experiencing trauma - Well, here is a chance for an example to be set by the Government/HPA/ODPM - because the physical and mental trauma experienced by ES people throughout Britain certainly deserves some urgent and decisive consideration.

I look forward to your reply to the above very important questions.


Cllr Sylvia Wright


If I may offer a potential answer:

Why else would they continually lie?

We have to remember that the goverment as a whole is still made up of many individuals. And when you have a large number of individuals, it is highly likely that some are susceptible to financial offerings. Not only that, but the government has to weigh up all sorts of factors when taking sides in decisions. The government as a whole has a financial motive as well - and we know for sure that they are making billions from the phone companies. For all we know, there could be an entirely selfless motivation behind it all - perhaps the government decided that it could benefit more people by allowing these things than by preventing them. Or perhaps there are just some corrupt officials. Or poerhaps there's an official who doesn't want to admit that they were wrong and apologise because they'd lose their job. Or perhaps a combination of these. Or perhaps none of them. Perhaps an entirely different reason altogether.

Even when there is a clear direction and bias from the government, we cannot ascertain it's motive behind the actions. We cannot definitively say that they're trying to control us or take our money or kills us off....or any of the proposed motivations.

I think the best that we can do is be aware of the potential motivations so we can be as prepared as possible should any of them be true, but also be open minded and willing to accept new possible motives.

- Andrew Cohen,



So true, and the true answer is QUICK CASH, not concern for citizen’s health and wellbeing.

Never-Ending CASH.

It is like the old OPIUM, for the General public”

No-one, but No-one survives without his mobile, (except some of us actually do, and quite well at that)

But, to the selfless motive!

1). If you look at the objection letter to a one2one mobile mast Tony Blair sent to his Sedgefield constituency (Sunday Mirror article 10-12-2000)

Support from Blair as mast is refused

From the Northern Echo, first published Thursday 7th Dec 2000.

VILLAGERS have won their fight against plans for a mobile phone mast near their village green, after Prime Minister Tony Blair gave them his backing.

The Sedgefield MP wrote to planners after worried residents in Thornley, East Durham, called for his support.

Easington district councillors rejected One2One's proposal to site a mast of almost 15 metres near the village green, which is due to undergo a major facelift.

The petition was signed by 760 villagers, protesting that it would spoil the green's appearance and was close to a play area and houses in High Street.

The village's Labour district councillor Greg Wharrier said: "There were letters from Tony saying he backed our stance that the mast should not be near the village green.

"He asked them to find a different site that is more reasonable for the village.

"One2One has 40 days to appeal so we'll have to see what happens, but we are hoping they will have talks with the council to find a more suitable site, hopefully on the edge of the village.

"There is a lot of opposition to the mast and if the company did appeal, then the residents would fight it.''

Villagers were also worried about health effects from microwave radiation from masts despite a report last year which found no evidence of any risks.

Councillor Wharrier said they were concerned at the lack of powers for councils over refusal of new masts.

"We want some legislation, either from the Government or Europe, that will give more control over masts.''

From the Northern Echo
© Newsquest Media Group 2000


with the result of the mast siting being rejected on the grounds that the radiation had been linked to childrens leukemia, memory loss and headaches, it was near a playground and residential housing, and so, should be sited at the outskirts of the village.

Oh, yeah, pure gospel!

2). And then take a look at what he said in the B.ham post Mar 9 2005 Where he Quote: The Prime Minister yesterday dismissed public concerns about mobile phone masts by insisting they were safe and the Government had no plans to stop them going up.

Tony Blair backs phone masts

United Kingdom Created: 18 Jul 2005

Source: http://www.mast-victims.org

The Prime Minister yesterday dismissed public concerns about mobile phone masts by insisting They were safe and The Government had no plans to stop Them going up.

Our comments:

"Tony Blair is unconcerned about health effects from mast radiation. But then again, there is no mast radiating his house and his family. And he is not exactly known as a honest and trustworthy person."

Click here to view the source article.
Source: Published in Birmingham Post, 9 May 2005

Not in his constituency, where he has to spend some time, Only In Ours!

The ever politicians true to life: Not in my backyard! Only In Yours.

If you do not have the articles I will be more than happy to send them to you.

I got the first from Lynn at SCRAM, and the second from the B.ham post online.

Best regards.



Please see enclosed news reports with regards to Tony Blair, read his views about phone masts.


He says there is no evidence. This is the same man who stopped a phone mast from going up in his own constituency some years ago.

I have tried to present Tony Blair with the overwhelming evidence that is available on many occasions. I have requested many meetings through Labour MPs Mike O’Brien and Claire Curtis- Thomas. The last message I got back from Clair Curtis Thomas was on 26th July 2005, she said that Tony Blair’s correspondence secretary e-mailed to say that a meeting with the Prime Minister has been turned down not once, but twice. Once on June 10th and again on June 22nd, Claire Curtis Thomas followed this up with a phone call to 10 Downing St with a final request, this request was also refused.

How can Tony Blair say there is no evidence if he is not prepared to listen?

Kind Regards

Eileen O’Connor
Trustee – EM Radiation Research Trust

Source: http://omega.twoday.net/stories/2292653/


Who and what, helped Mr. Blair to change his mind about Moblie Phone Mast health risks?




MOBILFUNK: das können Kommunen tun

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

wir machen Sie heute auf nachfolgendes Attendorner Seminar aufmerksam. Diese Veranstaltung soll insbesondere eine Hilfestellung für Kommunalpolitiker bieten, welche mit der Thematik Mobilfunk konfrontiert sind. Angesichts der Aktualität der Thematik möchten wir den kommunal politsch Verantwortlichen diese Veranstaltung ganz besonders empfehlen!

Selbstverständlich sind aber auch andere Interessierte hierzu herzlich eingeladen.

In der Anlage befindet sich die Originaleinladung im pdf-Format.

M.f.G. Alfred Tittmann


Das können Kommunen tun - Tatsächliche und rechtliche Handlungsspielräume für Rat und Verwaltung

Das Mobilfunknetz wird immer dichter. Mit jeder neuen Anlage wächst, insbesondere in der Anwohnerschaft, der Widerstand. An dieser Stelle rücken die Kommunen in den Focus. Die Bürger erwarten zu Recht, dass die Verwaltung - quasi als Bindeglied zwischen der Bürgerschaft und den Betreibern – ihrer Verpflichtung aus der kommunalen Daseinsvorsorge nachkommt und ihre Interessen gegenüber den Mobilfunkbetreibern vertritt. In den Verwaltungen aber steht man angesichts eines als unzureichend kritisierten Immissionsschutzes und einer derzeit eher mobilfunkfreundlichen Rechtsprechung vor der Frage, wie sich eine effektive Einflussnahme auf den Standortfindungsprozess insbesondere rechtlich bewerkstelligen lässt.

Der Verein „ Erforschung und Therapie der Elektrosensibilität e.V., Wiesenthal„ will mit Unterstützung ausgewiesener Experten Möglichkeiten kommunaler Handlungsspielräume aufzeigen. Das Tagesseminar richtet sich in erster Linie an die in den Verwaltungen zuständigen Leiter/-Innen und Mitarbeiter/ - Innen, aber auch an die politisch Verantwortlichen. Darüber hinaus sind auch alle anderen Interessierten herzlich eingeladen.

Termin: Mittwoch, 5. Juli 2006
Semionarbeginn 10.00 Uhr
Ort: Stadthalle ( Seminarraum)
Breslauer Straße 40
57439 Attendorn


I. Welchen Wert haben Grenzwerte beim Mobilfunk
Dr. L. von Klitzing, Stockelsdorf

II. Planungsrecht und dessen bürokratische Hürden am Beispiel Wiesenthal/Rhön
J.-U. Kehrer, Zella-Mehlis (Architekt)

III. Kommunale Mobilfunkkonzepte am Beispiel Attendorn
W. Hilleke, Stadt Attendorn (Dipl. Verw.)

IV. Kommunale Mobilfunkkonzepte: Handlungsspielräume und Umsetzungsmöglichkeiten
F. Sommer, München (Rechtsanwalt)

V. Gerichtliche Entscheidungen aus kommunaler Sicht Dr. W. Herkner, Lindlar (Rechtsanwalt)

Jeweils nach den einzelnen Präsentationen besteht ausreichend Zeit für Diskussionen.

Seminarende: ca. 16:00 Uhr
Kaffeepause: ca. 11:15 Uhr
Mittagessen: 12.30 – 13:30 Uhr

Handlungsspielräume für Rat und Verwaltung
am 5. Juli 2006 in Attendorn.

Bitte stellen Sie mir eine Teilnahmebescheinigung als Fortbildungsnachweis aus.

Name, Vorname


Amt /


Telefon E-Mail

Anmeldende Stelle




Telefon /



Datum Unterschrift

„ Erforschung und Therapie der Elektrosensibilität e.V.“, Wiesenthal

Senden Sie uns Ihre Anmeldung bitte möglichst mithilfe des anhängenden Anmeldeformulars. Unter Nennung Ihres Namens, Ihrer Dienststelle und Ihrer Kontaktdaten können Sie uns Ihre Anmeldung aber auch formlos zusenden. Die Anmeldung ist verbindlich. Nach deren Eingang erhalten Sie eine schriftliche Bestätigung. Aufgrund begrenzter Räumlichkeiten gilt für die Teilnahme die Reihenfolge der Anmeldungen. Sobald Ihnen die Seminarbestätigung vorliegt, bitten wir um Überweisung der Teilnahmegebühr. Bei fehlender Abmeldung, Stornierung am Veranstaltungstag oder auch nur zeitweiser Teilnahme ist die volle Teilnahmegebühr zu entrichten. Bei einer Abmeldung, die nicht wenigstens 10 Tage vor der Veranstaltung erfolgt, sind 50 % der Teilnahmegebühr zu entrichten.

Die Teilnahmegebühren betragen € 150,00.

Hierin enthalten sind das Mittagessen, Erfrischungsgetränke und Seminarunterlagen.

Die Teilnahmegebühr zahlen Sie bitte nach Erhalt der Seminarbestätigung auf das Konto 185 509 16 bei der Volksbank Lübeck (BLZ 230 901 42) unter Angabe der Bestätigungsnummer und Ihres Namens.

Kontoinhaber ist der gemeinnützige Verein Erforschung und Therapie der Elektrosensibilität e.V., als steuerbegünstigt anerkannt vom FA Suhl unter der Steuernummer 171/141/24737.

„Erforschung und Therapie der Elektrosensibilität“

Anmeldung zur Informationsveranstaltung am 5. Juli 2006

Frau Susanne Günther
Lohstraße 170 A
23617 Stockelsdorf

Mobile giant loses mast bid

MOBILE phone bosses at Orange have lost their appeal for a mast in Ribbleton, Preston. An inspector has dismissed an appeal from the company for an 11.5m high pole with antennae and equipment cabin on Pope Lane.

The inspector said the mast, which would have resembled a telegraph pole, would have affected the appearance of the area if previously-granted permission for a mast 15m away was taken up.

Originally, Preston Council turned down the application due to its effect on the local area and objections from residents.

Neighbours put together a petition and sent letters of objection in a bid to halt the plans.

23 May 2006

All rights reserved © 2006 Johnston Press Digital Publishing.


Salvage Logging Bill Isn't Needed

The Eugene Register Guard says, "The salvage logging bill approved Wednesday by the House has a deceptively appealing title: the Forest Emergency Recovery and Research Act. But members of the Senate, who will soon consider a similar bill ... should not be deceived. This legislation is not about optimizing forest recovery...."


One Out of 136 Americans in Jail

Prisons and jails added more than 1,000 inmates each week for a year, putting almost 2.2 million people, or one in every 136 US residents, behind bars by last summer. Arrests for drug and parole violations were a leading factor.



Greenpeace Slams US Commodities Giant for Amazon Crimes


Can Things Get Any Worse?


In Search of Political Courage


Old Hands Against War


The Winds of Change: Weather and the Destruction of Civilizations

Bill Moyers: Pass the Bread

Demonstrations Expected as Rice Speaks at Boston College


Rising Ocean Temperatures Threaten Florida's Coral Reef


Help Gain Full Protection for Corals

Add Your Voice: Help Gain Full Protection for Corals

Elkhorn and staghorn corals were once the primary components of coral reef ecosystems throughout the Caribbean. But since the 1970s, these species have declined by more than 97 percent in nearly every location that scientists have studied. Coral diseases and global warming are threatening the continued existence of these species, but fortunately, the Endangered Species Act provides effective tools to overcome these threats.

After being prompted by the Center for Biological Diversity, the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) recently protected elkhorn and staghorn corals as "threatened" under the Endangered Species Act, a major advancement for coral reef conservation. However, NMFS has not yet created a proposal to protect the corals' critical habitats, and has not yet placed restrictions (known as “take” prohibitions) on killing or harming the species. Please write NMFS today and ask that it provide full protection for Caribbean corals through complete take prohibitions and by designating critical habitat as soon as possible.

Tell me more

Native American Students Organize 214 Mile Relay Run to Honor Klamath River Salmon

The event is in Hoopa, CA, Memorial Day weekend, May 26th - 28th.

From: Andre Cramblit
Subject: Salmon Run
Date: Sun, 14 May 2006 20:51:13 -0700

Attached please find a video link for the National Brower Youth Awards for Environmental and Social Activism. The video focuses on the Salmon Run that was organized by Kayla and Erica that will be expanded this year to "Run to Iron Gate Dam" a 160 mile journey! They are currently recruiting runners for the Memorial Day Weekend Run. If you are interested please let me know, I will add you to the runners list. Mostly runners are needed above Somes Bar on Saturday and Sunday. There is no cost to participate!

If you are interested in participating, but are unable to run, they organizers are currently accepting donations to help pay for T-Shirts and for water.

Please forward to all who may be interested.

Leo Canez lc7gen@pacbell.net


Subject: Salmon Run
From: Andre Cramblit
Date: Fri, 19 May 2006 22:04:04 -0700


Native American Students Organize 214 Mile Relay Run to Honor Klamath River Salmon by Dan Bacher Thursday, May. 18, 2006 at 11:59 PM

The young organizers of the Salmon Relay Run have decided to extend the annual 41 mile run to a 214-mile journey - from the mouth of the Klamath all of the way to Iron Gate Dam!

Klamath Trinity Joint Unified School District



Contacts: Melodie George, Salmon Run Coordinator (530) 625-4976 Leo Canez, Seventh Generation Fund (707) 825-7640 Kayla Carpenter, Salmon Run Co-founder (707) 499-8319 Erika Chase, Salmon Run Co-founder (530) 784-7501 Mid Klamath Watershed Council (530) 627-3202

NATIVE AMERICAN STUDENTS ORGANIZE 214 MILE RELAY RUN TO HONOR KLAMATH RIVER SALMON Runners will relay to Irongate Dam in support of dam removal

Hoopa, CA. Memorial Day weekend, May 26th - 28TH. The health of the spring Chinook Salmon run will be on the minds of over 100 runners as they trek along side of the Klamath and Trinity Rivers. Runners will include members of the Yurok, Hoopa Valley and Karuk Tribes, sport fisherman, environmentalists, members of the Humboldt Track Club and many other groups and organizations.

Organized by Hoopa Valley High School students, this annual relay run was organized in response to the 2002 Fish Kill, which claimed the lives of over 68,000 salmon returning to spawn. In a year when dam relicensing and fish closures are making headlines, the young organizers of the Salmon Relay Run have decided to extend the annual relay of 41 miles run to a 214-mile journey.

This year's relay also comes at a time crucial for the survival of Klamath salmon. The offspring of salmon that survived the 2002 Fish Kill will be returning to spawn this year, prompting the closure of the depleted fishery from Oregon to San Francisco. Many commercial fishermen will be forced to hang up their trolling gear for jobs on shore, and tribal subsistence fisheries will face closure and restriction as well.

In 2005, organizers of the salmon relay run received the Brower Youth Award for bringing attention to the urgent need for action to save the Klamath and Trinity River salmon populations.

The students hope to unite the communities affected by the fish kill, including tribes, fishermen and river enthusiasts, by inviting them to participate in running a one to five mile leg of this year's Salmon Relay.

The students also hope to raise awareness of the long-term affects of the fish kill on the survival of the species and the river ecosystems, as well as local Native cultures, spirituality, and the traditional diets.

A recent report conducted by the University of California-Davis, titled "The effects of altered diet on the health of the Karuk people," also alarmed the students. The report estimates a shorter life span for younger generations of Native Americans living on the Klamath River. The study linked the decline of salmon to increased rates of health problems. These problems include diabetes, heart disease, obesity, depression and suicide in tribes that have been dependent on wild salmon for subsistence for thousands of years.

The runners will be calling for increased water flows and the removal of the lower four Klamath River Dams as steps necessary for restoring the salmon population.

"Since the fish kill, things have only gotten worse for our salmon. That's why this year we're running all the way to Iron Gate Dam. We want to highlight the fact that dam removal is part of the solution," according to Kayla Carpenter, one of the event organizers and Brower Youth Award winner. Carpenter goes on to add that, "PacifiCorp must be held accountable for the damage their dams have caused."

The run will start on Friday the 26th at the mouth of the Klamath River beginning with a boat relay arriving at Johnson's Bar at 7 a.m. In Weitchpec, at the confluence of the Klamath and Trinity rivers, the runners will continue following the routes of the two surviving wild spring salmon runs. One group of runners will continue to the South Fork of the Trinity River, about 5 miles east of Willow Creek on HWY 299, while the other will continue North from Weitchpec on HWY 96 to Somes Bar at the mouth of the Salmon River. Day two will begin at 7 am From Somes Bar to Sara Totten Campground located 25 miles north of Happy Camp. The third day will again start at 7am to end at Iron Gate Dam.

The first day May 26th includes an Elders Dinner at the Hoopa Valley High School cafeteria beginning at 5:00 p.m. Day three of the run is estimated to end at Iron Gate on May 28 between 3:30 and 4:00 pm with a celebration and rally to honor the Klamath River Salmon. All are welcomed to attend and participate in the run and /or the rally.



History of Guantanamo Bay

US officials have described riots at Guantanamo Bay as the most intense outbreak of violence since if opened in 2002. But Guantanamo has been in existence for more than a decade. Peter Marshall reports on its last forgotten prisoners.


From Information Clearing House

2.2 million in prisons, jails, in the US: racial disparity persists


From Information Clearing House

Torture Inc. Americas Brutal Prisons

Savaged by dogs, Electrocuted With Cattle Prods, Burned By Toxic Chemicals, Does such barbaric abuse inside U.S. jails explain the horrors that were committed in Iraq?


National Security Department: Listening In

The N.S.A.’s carefully constructed rules were set aside.

Homeland Security Seeks Deportation Aid

It will take nearly 35,000 more jail beds to end a much-criticized "catch and release" program for dangerous illegal immigrants in the United States, but the Bush administration has not budgeted enough to do that, the Homeland Security Department's internal watchdog said Friday.


From Information Clearing House

AT&T's Implementation of NSA Spying on American Citizens

Whistle-Blower's Evidence, Uncut

From Information Clearing House

Decline and fall in the US: Iraq, healthcare, a possible Bush impeachment

The Republicans are in trouble on all fronts


Straussism: The Philosophy Directing The Age Of Tyranny

The purpose of this document is to present the principles of Straussism as a rosetta stone to give one the knowledge to decipher and translate the rhetoric and behavior of the George Bush neocon administration into some degree of coherent meaning.


Target Russia?

Beating up on Russia's shrinking democracy has become a geopolitical blood sport from Vice President Dick Cheney down to unreconstructed cold warriors who gleefully say, "I told you so." They see no contradiction in berating Vladimir Putin's governing style and imprecatory Bush administration diplomatic efforts to enlist the Russian president's support to persuade Iran to abandon its nuclear ambitions.



War pimp alert: no security guarantee for Iran, Rice says

The U.S. has not offered a guarantee against attacking or undermining Iran's hard-line government in exchange for having Tehran curtail its nuclear program, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Sunday.


From Information Clearing House

War pimp alert: US wants new base in Europe to counter possible missiles from Iran

The Bush Administration is moving to establish a new anti-missile site in Europe that would be designed to stop attacks by Iran against the United States and its European allies.


From Information Clearing House

War pimp alert: Iran may already have nuclear bomb

Expert: Iran may already possess a nuclear bomb but is "smart" enough to pretend to be on the way to achieving nuclear capability so that it could induce concessions from the international community.


From Information Clearing House

Army suicides up since Iraq war

The number of U.S. Army soldiers who took their own lives increased last year to the highest total since 1993, despite a growing effort by the Army to detect problems and prevent suicides.


From Information Clearing House

Vladimir Putin and the rise of the petro-ruble

By Mike Whitney

Russia is planning a preemptive strike on the United States that is likely to trigger a market meltdown and economic disaster in America.


Confessions Of An Iraqi War Veteran

"What we are doing over there is wrong"

Jessie Macbeth -Former Army Ranger and Iraq War Veteran, Tell it like it is
"She was begging me, begging me to save her and to save her kids, but, I didn't you know. I wanted to be, ah, I killed them. You know?

This 20 minute video will change your life. Click here to watch

Powerful Government Accounting Office report confirms key 2004 stolen election findings

Ethical questions about unvarified electronic computer and corporate involvement in the election process.


Powerful Government Accounting Office report confirms key 2004 stolen election findings
By Bob Fitrakis & Harvey Wasserman
October 26, 2005
from http://www.freepress.org/

As a legal noose appears to be tightening around the Bush/Cheney/Rove inner circle, a shocking government report shows the floor under the legitimacy of their alleged election to the White House is crumbling.

The latest critical confirmation of key indicators that the election of 2004 was stolen comes in an extremely powerful, penetrating report from the General Accounting Office that has gotten virtually no mainstream media coverage.

. . .

The non-partisan GAO report has now found that, "some of [the] concerns about electronic voting machines have been realized and have caused problems with recent elections, resulting in the loss and miscount of votes."

The United States is the only major democracy that allows private partisan corporations to secretly count and tabulate the votes with proprietary non-transparent software.

. . .

Among other things, the GAO confirms that:

1. Some electronic voting machines "did not encrypt cast ballots or system audit logs, and it was possible to alter both without being detected." In other words, the GAO now confirms that electronic voting machines provided an open door to flip an entire vote count. More than 800,000 votes were cast in Ohio on electronic voting machines, some seven times Bush's official margin of victory.

2. "It was possible to alter the files that define how a ballot looks and works so that the votes for one candidate could be recorded for a different candidate." Numerous sworn statements and affidavits assert that this did happen in Ohio 2004.

3. "Vendors installed uncertified versions of voting system software at the local level." Falsifying election results without leaving any evidence of such an action by using altered memory cards can easily be done, according to the GAO.

4. The GAO also confirms that access to the voting network was easily compromised because not all digital recording electronic voting systems (DREs) had supervisory functions password-protected, so access to one machine provided access to the whole network. This critical finding confirms that rigging the 2004 vote did not require a "widespread conspiracy" but rather the cooperation of a very small number of operatives with the power to tap into the networked machines and thus change large numbers of votes at will. With 800,000 votes cast on electronic machines in Ohio, flipping the number needed to give Bush 118,775 could be easily done by just one programmer.

5. Access to the voting network was also compromised by repeated use of the same user IDs combined with easily guessed passwords. So even relatively amateur hackers could have gained access to and altered the Ohio vote tallies.

6. The locks protecting access to the system were easily picked and keys were simple to copy, meaning, again, getting into the system was an easy matter.

7. One DRE model was shown to have been networked in such a rudimentary fashion that a power failure on one machine would cause the entire network to fail, re-emphasizing the fragility of the system on which the Presidency of the United States was decided.

8. GAO identified further problems with the security protocols and background screening practices for vendor personnel, confirming still more easy access to the system.

Other links on election fraud. http://www.iefd.org/articles/stolen_election.php

Posted by Gary the Grouch



Informant: NHNE



Iraq Veterans Speak Out


Avoiding War With Iran


When George Bush looks in the mirror is Woodrow Wilson looking back?


On a cost of war


Moussaoui and Foreign-Policy Unrealities


A Nation in Chains: on the US of prisons



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