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Next-up News 10 May 2006

Hillary Clinton rubbing shoulders with the "Conservative" elite and "opposition" Republicans

Hillary Clinton: Who's Party?

Puerto Rico, Bankrupt American Island

An American territory with close to four million inhabitants has suspended all payments. Parts of public services have been shelved; schools have been closed, and close to 100,000 people have stopped working in the last week. Yet the situation barely provokes any response in the United States: no official reaction, very limited media coverage...

Subordinate and Non-Subordinate States

In an interview with Khatchig Mouradian, Chomsky explains: "The general principle is that anything that places US actions in a questionable light is omitted, with very rare exceptions. So if you blame something on an enemy, then you can discuss it, and Syria, right now, is the official enemy. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the charges against Syria are wrong. It just means that everything else is omitted."

Bush Court Pick Denies Role in Torture Policies

Some Democrats say that Kavanaugh, 41, is too closely tied to GOP politics - and too unwilling to answer questions - to deserve a lifetime appointment to the US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit.

Hillary, Rupert, and the Culture of Corruption

Hillary & Rupert

Jeff Cohen writes: "By having Murdoch host her fundraiser, Hillary Clinton seems to be signaling to Murdoch that while Democratic Party activists have mobilized in recent years against media conglomeration and policies that favor and subsidize media giants, those are not concerns of hers."

Hillary, Rupert, and the Culture of Corruption

US, Iran Standoff Grows More Tense

Scott Peterson writes: "For 27 years, the rhetorical swordplay between the US and Iran has been unrelenting. Iran portrays its latest thrust in the ongoing row with the West, an unprecedented letter from President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to President Bush, as a 'new diplomatic opening.'"

John Edwards: "Poverty Is Personal"

John Edwards has fired up crowds at union rallies in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago and Boston as part of a campaign to raise wages and benefits for hotel workers. At a union rally in Chicago, he said, "The best anti-poverty strategy is a strong labor movement."


Informant: ranger116

Clash Foreseen Between CIA and Pentagon

President Bush's selection of General Michael V. Hayden to be the next director of the Central Intelligence Agency sets the stage for new wrangling with the Pentagon, which is rapidly expanding its own global spying and terrorist-tracking operations, both long considered CIA roles.

Deutsch-Iranische Handelskammer lehnt Sanktionen gegen Teheran ab

"Trifft deutsche Unternehmen": Deutsch-Iranische Handelskammer lehnt Sanktionen gegen Teheran ab (10.05.06)

Der Geschäftsführer der Deutsch-Iranischen Handelskammer, Michael Tockuss, bezweifelt, dass Wirtschaftssanktionen Iran dazu bewegen können, von seinem Atomprogramm abzulassen. "Ich halte es für sehr fraglich, ob sie helfen, die politische Position Irans im Atomstreit zu verändern", sagte er der "Financial Times Deutschland". Die iranische Wirtschaft sei "krisenerprobt und lebt seit Jahren mit einseitigen Sanktionen der USA".

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1600 Sheep Die After Grazing in Genetically Engineered Cotton Fields

Over 1600 sheep apparently died this month in India after ingesting genetically engineered (GE) cotton. The massive deaths occurred after several days of grazing in fields where Monsanto’s Bt and herbicide resistant spliced varieties of cotton were planted. Scientists from India's Centre for Sustainable Agriculture are calling on the government to launch a study into the impacts of GE cotton toxins.

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Despite Court Ban in France Monsanto Says Field Tests of GE Crops Will Continue

France’s top judicial court has denied Monsanto's requests to grow test plots of genetically engineered corn in two locations. The court says the biotech corporation has not provided enough details about where these experimental field trials would be located. Monsanto has responded by saying that despite the court ruling, the corporation will continue testing genetically engineered crops in France. "We'll continue our experiments, but we might have to change a bit the way we ask for licenses in the future," said Yann Fichet, director of external relations for Monsanto France.

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Fatal Contact: Bird Flu in America


Last night, ABC aired a movie entitled "Fatal Contact: Bird Flu in America". The film portrayed a worse-case scenario outbreak where millions of people die within the first few weeks of an avian flu pandemic. The network advertised the film as being based on fact and stated it was "one step ahead of the headlines." A coalition of public interest organizations, including the Organic Consumers Association have called on ABC to take a step back from sensationalism and present its viewers with factual information on the spread of such diseases. A letter written by the coalition to Anne Sweeney, the President of Disney-ABC, states "The role of large industrial-scale poultry operations – where up to hundreds of thousands of birds can be housed indoors in cramped conditions – is not being examined by most of the media or by government officials charged with preventing the spread of the virus. Such facilities not only provide prime conditions for the mutation and spread of the virus between birds, but also rely heavily on genetically similar birds not likely to be resistant to disease."

From Organic Bytes #81


The White House is advising the public to stockpile food and water to prepare for a potential bird flu pandemic. The Bush Administration's report states that since the pandemic could kill as many as two million Americans, massive taxpayer subsidies must be handed over to the pharmaceutical industry to develop a magic bullet vaccine. Meanwhile, according to Wall Street analysts, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has already pocketed million dollars off of his investments in the company Gilead Sciences, the California biotech company that owns the rights to Tamiflu, the world’s most popular influenza remedy. On the other hand, the United Nations global coordinator on Avian Influenza is considering a more holistic approach to dealing with a potential outbreak. The result is a series of reports, including one entitled, "The Pivotal Role for Natural Products in Countering an Avian Influenza Pandemic". The report, authored by four leading scientists and doctors in the fields of nutritional medicine and health, focuses on the key nutrients zinc, vitamin C, and vitamin A as primary supplemental medicines to strengthen peoples’ immunes systems to fight off the flu. According to the report's lead author, "Following an extensive review of over 250 peer reviewed studies, we believe that the protocols developed here can help to buy time and fill the gap between the outbreak of a pandemic and the months or years required for development and manufacture of effective vaccines."

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Supposed Withdrawal of Coke & Other Sodas from Schools Nothing But Industry PR?


Last week, big soda producers like Coca-Cola and Pepsi sucked up volumes of positive press after announcing that they were removing soda pop from U.S. schools. The beverage companies seemed to be finally responding to pressure from parents across the nation concerned about junk foods and beverages in schools and childhood obesity. A closer look at the actual statements of the soda giants, however, reveals that no actual implementation of these policies is planned. In fact, according to the American Beverage Association, an industry trade group representing soda companies, the so-called new policy is completely voluntary, and first requires that individual school districts actually request to have soda machines removed. Susan Neely, president of the American Beverage Association said: "This is a voluntary policy, but I think schools will want to follow it." Because school districts already have the power to add or remove vending machines from schools, last week's policy announcement from the soda industry amounts to nothing more than another deceptive, albeit clever PR campaign.

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The U.S. Department of Agriculture, no doubt hoping to limit public controversy, has announced a very short public comment period (ends May 12, 2006) on proposed new federal regulations that will weaken organic standards. USDA’s proposed amendments, supported by grocery store chains and large food corporations, will allow so-called organic dairy feedlots to continuously import calves from conventional farms—where the calves have been weaned on blood, dosed with antibiotics, and fed genetically engineered grains and slaughterhouse waste. USDA’s new rules will also allow over 500 artificial (synthetic) substances in organic processed foods without prior scrutiny and review by the National Organic Standards Board. USDA’s latest efforts are basically an attempt to codify last fall’s controversial “Sneak Attack” in Congress, when industry players and the Organic Trade Association convinced the Republican Party majority to attach a last minute rider to the 2006 Agricultural Appropriations Bill. Take action now and tell the USDA to back off on lowering standards!


The USDA is also seeking public comments on revisions it has made to the National Organic Program regarding pasture access for organic dairy cattle. Two of the largest organic dairy companies in the nation, Horizon Organic (a subsidiary of Dean Foods), a supplier to Wal-Mart and many health food stores; and Aurora Organic, a supplier of private brand name organic milk to Costco, Safeway, Giant, Wild Oats and others, are purchasing the majority of their milk from so-called organic feedlot dairies where the cows are kept in intensive confinement, with little or no access to pasture. Together, Horizon and Aurora control nearly 65% of the organic dairy market. Recent scientific studies have shown that humanely raised, grass-fed dairy and beef are qualitatively better for human health and the environment. Take action to close the loopholes in organic standards that currently allow factory farm dairies to call their products “organic.”


One month ago, after a poll of our members, the Organic Consumers Association called on consumers to boycott dairy companies like Horizon and Aurora for their practice of raising "organic" cattle on intensive confinement feedlots. A number of natural food stores and co-ops across the U.S. are beginning to respond to concerned consumers and removing suspect dairy products from their stores. The Wedge Co-op in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the second largest co-op in the U.S., no longer carries Horizon products. In Colorado, the Boulder Co-op Market, has also discontinued stocking Horizon products. Amy Wyatt, Assistant General Manager for the Co-op, says, "Based on our concerns regarding Horizon's practices, we didn't feel that continuing to carry this company's products was consistent with our mission and values.” Dean Foods, Horizon’s parent company, is also starting to come under fire for abandoning U.S. organic soybean farmers and importing cheap soybeans from China, where organic standards are dubious, and farm labor wages and conditions are abysmal. Dean Foods now controls the nation’s largest organic soymilk brand, Silk, as well as the largest organic tofu brand, White Wave.

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Frankenbucks National Week of Action June 19th-25th Despite years of grassroots pressure, Starbucks continues to serve milk from cows that are injected with Monsanto’s controversial genetically engineered recombinant bovine growth hormone, also known as rBGH or rBST. Virtually every industrial country, except for the United States, has banned the use of rBGH. Milk produced from cows injected with rBGH poses serious hazards to human health, including increased risks for cancer. The time has come to kick rBGH off the market, once and for all. If Starbucks, a major buyer of milk, were to ban rBGH dairy products in its coffee beverages other major corporations would likely do the same. Join OCA and allies June 19-25, to protest or leaflet at Starbucks cafes in your neighborhood. Help us reach our goal of 300 actions!

Click here to leaflet Starbucks or for more information


A message from Eleanor

Original Message:

Thank You, Anita (Sponsor) These are all her well written words.... PLEASE SIGN ! CROSS-POST WIDELY, FORWARD, ETC... KEEP THIS CIRCULATING. PLEASE SIGN...... I Care,

K. C.

Target: National Anti-Vivisection Society
Sponsor: Anita Solomon
NEW May 9th/10th

Animal Defenders International (ADI) and our sister group, The National Anti-Vivisection Society (NAV are launching a campaign to shame the Chinese Government into halting cruel tests involving burning of dogs. Tim Phillips, Campaigns Director for ADI says: “These are perhaps the cruelest experiments we have ever uncovered, these dogs must have been in almost unimaginable agony. Worse still, these animals suffered and died in vain, there are ways of conducting this research without animals, and dogs are simply a bad research model for human beings."

This petition will help to enhance and support the campaign to put an end to Chinese Torture on Animals. It will be forwarded to the Chinese Government. STOP LIVE DOG BURNING TESTS IN CHINA

The horrific series of experiments in which dogs are being burned alive took place at the Third Military Medical University at Chongqing, China. The experiments appeared in the Chinese scientific journal: ŒZhonghua Shao Shang Za Zhi. NAVS and ADI have uncovered three experiments published since 1999 and believe the programme of research continues. The 3 experiments involved:-

1. 37 dogs burned with napalm - The pain of napalm is so excruciating that people have died from the pain alone. The pain felt by the dogs would have been unbearable. The dogs were then kept alive with their agonizing burns for three days. 72hours of hell.

2. 26 dogs were burned so severely that their brains swelled - In order to determine the value of scanning equipment in diagnosing brain swelling due to excess water (oedema) following burns, dogs were inflicted with third degree skin burns, over half of their bodies. Yet, scanning techniques such as MRI cause little or no suffering to people so it is difficult to understand why the information could not have been derived from studies of burns patients.

3. 24 dogs were deliberately scalded and suffered steam inhalation injuries – 24 mongrel dogs were used in an experiment in which 40% of their total body surface area was deliberately scalded, giving them third degree burns, and they were left alive for up to two days. Some of the dogs died from shock within 36 hours.


Washington bastelt an Allianzen und Militärstrategien, die China im Schach halten sollen

Löcher im Containment

Article on vote fraud in Florida,0,5162832.column

Informant: David Diggins

Say “No” to the project “Pascua-Lama”: Gold-mining Co. wants to destroy Glaciers

A message from Ruth:

Signed 10. May! - Greetings from Doris and her husband Lars, too!

Dear friends who care about our earth. Judge for yourself if you want to take action. In the Valle de San Felix, the purest water in Chile runs from 2 rivers, fed by 2 glaciers. Water is a most precious resource, and wars will be fought for it. Indigenous farmers use the water, there is no unemployment, and they provide the second largest source of income for the area. Under the glaciers has been found a huge deposit of gold, silver and other minerals. To get at these, it would be necessary to break, to destroy the glaciers - something never conceived of in the history of the world – and to make 2 huge holes, each as big as a whole mountain, one for extraction and one for the mine's rubbish tip. The project is called PASCUA LAMA. The company is called Barrick Gold. The operation is planned by a multi-national company, one of whose members is George Bush Senior. The Chilean Government has approved the project to start this year, 2006. The only reason it hasn't started yet is because the farmers have got a temporary stay of execution. If they destroy the glaciers, they will not just destroy the source of specially pure water, but they will permanently contaminate the 2 rivers so they will never again be fit for human or animal consumption because of the use of cyanide and sulphuric acid in the extraction process. Every last gramme of gold will go abroad to the multinational company and not one will be left with the people whose land it is. They will only be left with the poisoned water and the resulting illnesses. The farmers have been fighting a long time for their land, but have been forbidden to make a TV appeal by a ban from the Ministry of the Interior. Their only hope now of putting brakes on this project is to get help from international justice. The world must know what is happening in Chile. The only place to start changing the world is from here. We ask you to circulate this message amongst your friends in the following way. Please copy this text, paste it into a new email adding your signature and send it to everyone in your address book. Please will the
100th person to receive and sign the petition send it to to be forwarded to the Chilean government. No to Pascua Lama Open-cast mine in the Andean Cordillera on the Chilean-Argentine frontier. We ask the Chilean Government not to authorize the Pascua Lama project to protect the whole of 3 glaciers, the purity of the water of the San Felix Valley and El Transito, the quality of the agricultural land of the region of Atacama, the quality of life of the Diaguita people and of the whole population of the region.


Subject: Gold-mining Co. wants to destroy Glaciers!

Message: We, the Undersigned, endorse the following petition:
Say “No” to the project “Pascua-Lama”.

Target: John McDonough, Vicepresident, Barrick

Say “No” to the project “Pascua-Lama”. A project of the transnational enterprise Barrick Gold, is a clear menace to some glaciers in a region of Los Andes. Some of the actions are move three glaciers in the frontier between Chile and Argentina, to extract 547 tons of gold.

This will poison whole eco-systems!

The Jewelers of America are putting pressure on gold-mining companies to use ecologically safer methods of extraction. Tiffany ran a full-page ad in the NY Times asking them to. No response from the big conglomerates so far! Go to I think it's GreenKarat for more info.

Please sign this petition! This is the beginning of a whole movement to rein in the destructive gold-mining business. Buy your gold jewelry second-hand; or, have old gold jewelry melted down and re-fashioned! Until the mining industry CLEANS UP ITS ACT! It takes an average of 3 tons of usually-toxic waste -- to make just one gold wedding ring!

Curtains For The CIA?

by John Prados,

Is Bush's pick to replace Porter Goss a move toward military domination over intelligence gathering?

The Welfare Kings

by Dean Baker,

The GOP's latest round of tax cuts confirms the nanny state has been turned on its head: the poor now subsidize the rich.

All of Us Participate in a New Iraq

"It is only when more people in the US begin to fathom the totality of the destruction in Iraq," writes Dahr Jamail, "that one may expect to hear the public outcry and uprising necessary to end the occupation and bring to justice the war criminals responsible for these conditions. Until that happens, make no mistake: all of us participate in a new Iraq, our hands dyed in the blood of innocents."

How prosperity generates poverty

Ludwig von Mises Institute
by Paul B. Trescott


There is a predictable annual ritual which begins when the Census Bureau releases its estimates that roughly one eighth of Americans live in poverty, and that this proportion has been relatively invariant in recent years despite the steady rise of per capita real incomes. This is followed by predictable rant by the anti-free-market crowd who lament the presence of an alarming number of children in poverty (a legitimate concern) and declaim that 'the system' must be seriously flawed and who advocate more heroic interventions to alleviate this condition. There follows a pro-free-market backlash which points out that a large proportion of the 'poor' own cars, color TV, air conditioning, and that compared to residents of mud huts in rural Zimbabwe, Bangladesh, or Brazil, the American poor aren't very poor...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Former NSA chief assails Bush spy plot



Former National Security Agency director Bobby Ray Inman lashed out at the Bush administration Monday night over its continued use of warrantless domestic wiretaps, making him one of the highest-ranking former intelligence officials to criticize the program in public, analysts say. 'This activity is not authorized,' Inman said, as part of a panel discussion on eavesdropping that was sponsored by The New York Public Library. The Bush administration 'need(s) to get away from the idea that they can continue doing it'...,70855-0.html?tw=wn_index_2

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Aiming for a more subtle occupation

Los Angeles Times


Some American troops in Iraq have been their 'own worst enemy,' unintentionally creating new insurgents by treating the Iraqi people in a heavy-handed or insensitive manner, according to the U.S. commander in charge of day-to-day military operations. Lt. Gen. Peter Chiarelli, in a weekend training session with troops and in an interview afterward, said he found a need to reemphasize to soldiers that they must use reasonable force and treat the Iraqi culture with respect, in part because the insurgency has persisted and grown. 'We have to understand that the way we treat Iraqis has a direct effect on the number of insurgents that we are fighting,' Chiarelli said in the interview with The Times after the seminar with about three dozen soldiers and Marines at Camp Taji, north of Baghdad. 'For every one that I kill, I create almost 10 more'...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Iranians fault Rice's dismissal of letter

Detroit Free Press


Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's abrupt dismissal of a letter from Iran's president might only strengthen hardline attitudes and mistrust of America, some Iranians warned Tuesday. As President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad began a high-profile visit to a key Muslim country, Indonesia, a former top Iranian official said Rice's response will give new justification to those who oppose ties with the U.S. Iran's former ambassador to France, Sadeq Kharrazi, said the letter -- the first from an Iranian head of state to an American president in 27 years -- 'could have been a turning point in relations.' But he said Rice squandered the opportunity with what he called a 'hasty reaction'...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Schwarz-rot setzt Umverteilung von unten nach oben fort

#Die Linkspartei.PDS: Pressemitteilungen

10. Mai 2006

Bestehende Ungerechtigkeiten werden durch die heute vom Bundeskabinett beschlossenen Änderungen im Steuerrecht verstärkt. Dazu erklärt Angelika Gramkow, Mitglied des Parteivorstandes:

Während auf der einen Seite den Bürgerinnen und Bürgern schamlos in die Tasche gegriffen wird, bleibt die Reichensteuer nur Kosmetik und ist ihren Namen nicht wert. Vor allem Eltern mit Kindern in der Ausbildung und Berufspendler werden erneut belastet. So sollen Pendler Fahrkosten zwischen Wohnung und Arbeitsstätte erst ab dem 21. Entfernungskilometer steuerlich geltend machen dürfen. Das betrifft vor allem Arbeitnehmerinnen und Arbeitnehmer in solchen Flächen- und Pendlerländern wie Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Und wer sonst immer laut tönt, Familien mit Kindern und Jugendlichen zu unterstützen, der darf sich nicht am Kindergeld vergreifen. Sozial gerechter wären die Wiedereinführung der Vermögenssteuer und eine Reform der Erbschaftssteuer, die insbesondere die Ländereinnahmen stärken würden. Darüber hinaus müsste der in der Vergangenheit drastisch reduzierte Spitzensteuersatz wieder deutlich angehoben werden. Allein die Rücknahme der jüngsten Absenkung um 3 auf 42 Prozent würde sofort 3,3 Mrd. Euro in die öffentlichen Haushalte spülen.

Save the BUFFALO and BISON from extinction at Yellowstone

A message from Lyn

Original Message:

I just finished writing another petition. This time I'm trying to save the BUFFALO and BISON from extinction at Yellowstone since the Governor Schweitzer issued a request to shoot all of them. More than 300 have been killed to date and we don't want them to be an endangerred species. With Endangerred Species Day, May 11th right around the corner will you help sign this so much needed petition now? They deserve to be here as much as you and I. It's a great place to bring kids . They can watch these wild animals in their natural habitats and learn while they're doing this too.


Importstopp von Katzen- und Hundefellen

130.000 Unterstützer für Importstopp

Liebe Tierfreundin, lieber Tierfreund,

noch immer dürfen Katzen- und Hundefelle in die EU und einzelne europäische Staaten importiert werden. Deshalb startete VIER PFOTEN International im August letzten Jahres die Online-Kampagne für ein Einfuhrverbot von Katzen- und Hundefellen. Auf der Internetseite haben Tierfreunde die Möglichkeit, sich zu informieren und für dieses Einfuhrverbot einzutreten.

Im Dezember 2005 riefen wir unsere Förderer und Unterstützer in Deutschland zusätzlich zu einer Unterschriftenaktion auf. Bis heute sind 130.000 Unterschriften eingegangen. Diese enorm hohe Zahl ist für uns ein klares Signal: Es bestärkt uns, unsere politische Arbeit zu diesem Thema auf nationaler Ebene vehement fortzuführen.

Das Gewicht dieser Unterschriften wird VIER PFOTEN in Berlin deutlich machen. Am 17. Mai 2006 wird unsere Geschäftsführerin Dr. Marlene Wartenberg dem zuständigen Bundesminister Horst Seehofer diese Unterschriften überreichen. Zeitnah wird auch ein Antrag im Bundestag zum Importstopp von Katzen- und Hundefellen beraten.

Wir werden Ihnen von der Übergabe der Unterschriften und dem Stand der politischen Diskussion zu diesem Thema berichten.

Wir danken Ihnen für Ihr bisheriges Engagement und hoffen, dass Sie auch weiterhin die Arbeit von VIER PFOTEN unterstützen.

Liebe Grüße

Beate Schüler
VIER PFOTEN - Stiftung für Tierschutz

Prof. Francis Boyle: IMPEACHMENT

Was man als Hartz-IV-Empfänger ertragen muss, ohne selbst etwas falsch gemacht zu haben

Schicksal ALG II - Das Amt ist in Zahlungsverzug

„"Was ist das denn? Das habe ich ja noch nie gesehen", meinte die Kassiererin im Supermarkt und musterte erstaunt das Papier mit dem Aufdruck: Wertgutschein Deutschland, "damit wollen Sie bezahlen?" Als sie aufsah, sah sie wie der Kundin vor Scham die Tränen übers Gesicht liefen. Eine Szene aus der Serie: Was man als Hartz-IV-Empfänger ertragen muss, ohne selbst etwas falsch gemacht zu haben…“ Artikel von Heike Stüben in Kieler Nachrichten vom 10.05.2006

Aus: LabourNet, 10. Mai 2006

Optimierung des Widerstands gegen das Optimierungsgesetz

Auf am 3. Juni nach Berlin!


SGB II – Optimierungsgesetz

Zitat des Tages – weil es nun auch der DGB gemerkt hat (und Hartz IV verbessern möchte): "Mit dem SGB-II-Optimierungsgesetz wird Hartz IV keinen Deut besser. Die Bundesregierung setzt auf verschärfte Kontrollen und Kürzungen, ohne die Arbeitsförderung zu verbessern. Damit wird das Prinzip Fördern und Fordern' immer mehr zu einer Blaupause für Sozialabbau…“ Die stellvertretende DGB-Vorsitzende Ursula Engelen-Kefer in der DGB-Pressemitteilung vom 09.05.2006: „Engelen-Kefer für Generalrevision bei Hartz IV“

Aus: LabourNet, 10. Mai 2006


"Durchpeitschen": Linksfraktion kritisiert Beratung zu "Hartz IV"-Optimierungsgesetz (10.05.06)

Die Linksfraktion kritisiert die geplante Parlamentsberatung über das so genannte "Hartz IV-Optimierungsgesetz". Der Parlamentarische Geschäftsführer der Linksfraktion, Ulrich Maurer, verwies am Dienstag in Berlin darauf, dass der Gesetzentwurf der Regierungskoalition nach dem Willen der großen Koalition erst am Donnerstagabend nach 20.00 Uhr in erster Lesung im Parlament diskutiert werden solle. Damit finde die Debatte "faktisch unter Ausschluss der Öffentlichkeit statt", sagte Maurer. Die "in dem Gesetz verankerte Sozialschnüffelei" solle offensichtlich "im Vorübergehen durchgepeitscht" werden.

Die ganze Nachricht im Internet:


Aktionen 2006

Aufruf zu einem NRW–Treffen am 24.05.2006 in Dortmund

LabourNet Germany und die Montagsdemo Dortmund laden Montagsdemos, Sozialforen, Agenturschluß und andere Initativen, zum Erfahrungsaustausch ein. Dieses erste Treffen soll NRW zusammen führen, damit in Zukunft Aktionen und Demos in NRW größer gestaltet werden können. Kurzfristig geht es um die Vorbereitung von Aktionen gegen das Hartz IV-„Optimierungsgesetz“. Siehe die Einladung mit Ortsbeschreibung und Anreise (pdf)

Siehe dazu auch den Aufruf zu Dezentrale bundesweite Proteste während der WM von BAG-SHI e.V. und Tacheles e.V. und Labournet Germany (pdf)

Übersicht über regionale Anti-Hartz-&-Co-Bündnisse ist aktualisiert worden!

Aus: LabourNet, 11. Mai 2006


Optimierungsgesetz bringt ein Optimum an Repression und Sanktion

Presseerklärung des Erwerbslosenausschusses ver.di Südbaden zu der geplanten 2. Nachbesserung des SGB II (pdf)

Risiko Wohngemeinschaft

Hartz IV-Optimierungsgesetz. Paare und Wohngemeinschaften müssen sich zukünftig vor der Arbeitsagentur rechtfertigen. Artikel von Maria Wersig in Freitag vom 12.5.06

Aus: LabourNet, 16. Mai 2006


Änderungsantrag der CDU/CSU- und SPD-Fraktion: Die Optimierung wird optimiert

Mit dem Änderungsantrag der CDU/CSU- und SPD-Fraktion (Auschussdrucksache 16 (11) 275) vom 30.5.06 (pdf)
wird das so genannte Fortentwicklungsgesetz zu Hartz (BT-Drs. 16/1410) nochmals verschärft: 1. Es sollen wieder die Erreichbarkeitsanordnungen eingeführt werden (Residenzpflicht). 2. Bei "wiederholter Pflichtverletzung" werden nunmehr alle Leistungen (auch KdU) um 100 % gekürzt … Das Gesetz mit den Änderungen soll heute durch die Ausschüsse und am Donnerstag (1.6.) durchs Bundestags-Plenum gepeitscht werden.

„DGB fordert Nachbesserungen bei Hartz IV“

Stellungnahme des Deutschen Gewerkschaftsbundes (DGB) zum Entwurf eines Gesetzes der Fraktionen CDU/CSU und SPD zur Fortentwicklung der Grundsicherung für Arbeitsuchende (pdf)

Aus dem Text: „…Mit dem Gesetzentwurf soll das Gesetz weiter optimiert werden. Dies ist auch dringend notwendig. Aber die Lösungsansätze im Gesetzentwurf zielen vor allem darauf, die Verwaltungspraxis zu straffen, den Leistungsmissbrauch zu bekämpfen und das Zusammenwirken des SGB II mit anderen Rechts- und Leistungssystemen zu verbessern. Hierdurch sollen dauerhaft 1,4 Mrd. Euro eingespart werden. Doch dies allein reicht nicht um die entstanden Schwierigkeiten zu beheben….“

Stellungnahme der Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft der Erwerbslosen- und Sozialhilfeinitiativen zum Entwurf eines Gesetzes zur Fortentwicklung der Grundsicherung für Arbeitsuchende (Stand 8.5.2006) vom 24.05.2006 (pdf)

Alle (weiteren) Entwürfe und Stellungnahmen gibt es nun auf einer Sonderseite der Arbeitnehmerkammer

Arbeitsuchende unter Generalverdacht

“Die Bundesregierung hat den "Entwurf eines Gesetzes zur Fortentwicklung der Grundsicherung für Arbeitsuchende" beschlossen, der von den Koalitionsfraktionen in den Deutschen Bundestag eingebracht worden ist (Bundestags-Drucksache 16/1410) und bereits am 1. August 2006 in Kraft treten soll. Ein wesentliches Ziel des Entwurfs ist es, die stark gestiegenen Kosten der Hartz-IV-Reform durch eine verstärkte Kontrolle aller Arbeitsuchenden nennenswert zu begrenzen. Der Bundesbeauftragte für den Datenschutz und die Informationsfreiheit (BfDI) hat mit Schreiben vom 18. Mai 2006 gegenüber dem Ausschuss für Arbeit und Soziales des Deutschen Bundestages Stellung genommen und auf die datenschutzrechtlichen Probleme hingewiesen. Die Datenschutzbeauftragten unterstützen nachdrücklich die in der Stellungnahme des BfDI enthaltenen Forderungen…“ Gemeinsame Erklärung des Bundesbeauftragten und der Landesbeauftragten für den Datenschutz der Länder Baden-Württemberg, Bayern, Berlin, Brandenburg, Bremen, Hamburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Niedersachsen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Rheinland-Pfalz, Saarland, Sachsen, Sachsen-Anhalt, Schleswig-Holstein und Thüringen vom 26. Mai 2006

Aus: LabourNet, 31. Mai 2006

The Motherhood Manifesto: working moms get treated to brunch or dinner on Mother's Day, but are burdened and exhausted the rest of the year

Poor and minority women have long worked in the paid labor force. During the last four decades, middle class women have joined them, but American society has done precious little to restructure the workplace or family life. The result? Working moms get treated to brunch or dinner on Mother's Day, but are burdened and exhausted the rest of the year.

The Forward March of Women Halted?

To what extent have the movements for women's emancipation that emerged in the 1960s and 1970s achieved their ambitions? Fred Halliday draws up a balance sheet.

Emails from the Edge of Disaster: it was business as usual in the world of money, power and government inside the Washington beltway

While many residents were awaiting rescue from rooftops or wading through toxic floodwaters, it was business as usual in the world of money, power and government inside the Washington beltway, as revealed by more than 900 pages of ex-FEMA head Michael Brown's e-mail communications.

Americans have a right to be angry with mainstream journalists for neglecting their duty to tell the truth in the run-up to the Iraq invasion

An Open Letter to Richard Cohen

In an open letter to Washington Post writer Richard Cohen, Will Pitt tells Cohen he needs to develop a thicker skin. Americans have a right, he says, to be angry with mainstream journalists for neglecting their duty to tell the truth in the run-up to the Iraq invasion.

Senator Brendan Kenneally urged Ballygunner GAA club to take down a mobile phone mast sited beside the St Mary's National School

The Irish Examiner reports that parents of pupils at St Mary's National School in Waterford who are opposed to a mobile phone mast close to the school convened a meeting on Tuesday night to discuss their next move. Local Fianna Fail senator Brendan Kenneally has raised his concerns over the development. He has urged Ballygunner GAA club to take down a mobile phone mast sited beside the school.

Ray McGovern: The Man of the Day

EPA: More than half of US streams polluted

The survey found activities such as farming and logging helped raise the levels of nitrogen and phosphorous in the water.

From Information Clearing House

The housing bubble has popped

Reports of falling sales and investors stuck with properties they can't sell are just the beginning. Property owners should worry; so should their lenders.

From Information Clearing House

Congress' Budget Will Put America Deeper In Debt

A $2.7 trillion budget plan pending before the House would raise the federal debt ceiling to nearly $10 trillion, less than two months after Congress last raised the federal government's borrowing limit.

From Information Clearing House

U.S. Newborn Survival Rate Ranks Low

America may be the world's superpower, but its survival rate for newborn babies ranks near the bottom among modern nations, better only than Latvia.

From Information Clearing House

Congress For Sale

Who Else Was Bribed With Limos, Cash and Prostitutes?

The newest scandal involves allegations that multiple members of Congress and high-ranking CIA officials were bribed with free limo rides1, hospitality suites at hotels in Washington, and prostitutes to induce them to steer federal contracts to undeserving businesses.

From Information Clearing House

Learning About Racism

One can find hundreds of white separatist towns throughout the United States, though they are not considered as such.

From Information Clearing House

Chicago's Abu Ghraib

UN Committee Against Torture Hears Report on How Police Tortured Over 135 African-American Men Inside Chicago Jails.

From Information Clearing House

A just war? Hardly

Actions in the real world all too often reinforce the maxim of Thucydides that "The strong do as they can, while the weak suffer what they must" — which is not only indisputably unjust, but at the present stage of human civilisation, a literal threat to the survival of the species.

From Information Clearing House

Kucinich Asks Tough Questions of Bush, Rumsfeld

Kucinich wrote, "Any military deployment to Iran would constitute an urgent matter of national significance. I urge you to report immediately to Congress on all activities involving American forces in Iran."

From Information Clearing House

The Oil Boil

Iran Ready to Form Nuclear Alliance with Russia

Ahmadinejad defined Russia as an ally and the relations between Tehran and Moscow – as “friendly and constantly developing”.

From Information Clearing House

Feingold: Democrats Must Stand Up to Bush

"We must get out of our political foxholes and be willing to clearly and specifically point out what a strategic error the Iraq invasion has been,'' Feingold, D-Wis., told a National Press Club audience.,,-5809944,00.html

From Information Clearing House

Recruiting Abuses Mount as Army Struggles to Meet Goals

From Information Clearing House

IRAQ: UN report cites vast under-nutrition among children

One in three Iraqi children is malnourished and underweight, according to a report released by the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF).

And We Think We Are Free

By Nolan K. Anderson

Why are we Americans not afraid as we watch our freedoms evaporate - not concerned - not interested in stopping the erosion of the rights that our forefathers fought and died to achieve? Why is it so hard to understand that the way we deal with enemy prisoners today will be the way our government will deal with Americans when the time comes to "re-define" the "enemy.

We the People’: Don't Want To Hear It!

Give us liberty to live in denial

By Don Nash

We don’t want to hear about dying and death. We don’t want to hear about ethnic cleansing. We don’t want to hear about detention or torture and we don’t want to hear about atrocity. We don’t want to hear about napalm or uranium be it depleted or otherwise. We don’t want to hear about terrorists, even when the terrorists are our own creation. Remember 9/11 and Flight 93 and give us a rousing myth we can cherish.

From Information Clearing House

The President of Iran's Letter To President Bush

Mr George Bush,

President of the United States of America

For sometime now I have been thinking, how one can justify the undeniable contradictions that exist in the international arena -- which are being constantly debated, specially in political forums and amongst university students. Many questions remain unanswered. These have prompted me to discuss some of the contradictions and questions, in the hopes that it might bring about an opportunity to redress them.

CREW Sues Secret Service Over Abramoff-Related Visitor Records, Secret Service Refuses to Hand Over Docs to Ethics Org

Let's Deport Immigration Myths

The Path to War With Iran

U.S. "Help" in Iran Could Spur Crackdown

Joining the Near-Poor: on the future for some Americans

The Coalition of the Losing: on the Afghan war

Save the Internet From the Government: on the threat to free speech

One Step Closer to 'The Vaccine': on a federal scheme

Picking More Fights: on Wilhemine America

Talk to the Iranians: on the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld-Rice juggernaut for war

Will the TSA Be Always With Us?

4th Int. Workshop on EMFs: new deadline

----- Original Message -----
From: Ketty Apostolou
Sent: Sunday, April 30, 2006 11:35 AM
Subject: 4th Int. Workshop on EMFs/ New deadline

Dear colleagues,

The Organizing Committee of the 4th International Workshop on Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Fields would like to inform you that there is a change in the deadline for abstracts and papers submission. The new deadline is May 30th 2006 and for the submission of papers is July 30th.

The reason for this change is that many participants were asked to the Organizing Committee to move it at least one month forward.

Additional information concerning the Workshop can be found in our web site: or If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact directly the Workshop secretariat:

Ms Ketty Apostolou
The Organizing Committee of the 4th International Workshop on Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Fields

Informant: Sianette Kwee

"Gen. Michael Hayden's background is far from what would seem to be required as director of the CIA"

Shuffling Spies Around

"Gen. Michael Hayden's background is far from what would seem to be required as director of the CIA," writes the editorial board of the New York Times.

The USDA on Iraq: Everything's Coming Up Rosy

Career appointees at the Department of Agriculture were stunned last week to receive emailed instructions that include Bush administration "talking points" - saying things such as "President Bush has a clear strategy for victory in Iraq" - for every speech they give for the department.

Social Security Endures

"President Bush apparently still wants people to believe that their only options are ending up with nothing from the government in old age or relying on financial markets," writes the editorial board of the New York Times.

Potential Evidence Surfaces of Bush's Illegal Spying

Five months after news of the NSA's warrantless spying program broke, and after we've learned numerous details of the program's extent, a Portland, Oregon, attorney may have finally obtained hard evidence of illegal wiretaps by the government.

Bush Ignores Growing Opposition to Hayden

Ignoring opposition from Congress, President Bush nominated General Michael V. Hayden on Monday to be the next CIA director, setting the stage for a confirmation struggle that is certain to focus on Hayden's military background and his role in a controversial domestic eavesdropping operation.


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