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Why Didn't More Democrats Oppose The Hayden Nomination? ANSWER: Not Enough Primary Challenges

The above is the title of the featured article right now on OpedNews.com, the fastest growing and most innovative source of progressive opinion and news on the internet. And now they are pioneering the use of audio in progressive web media. If you visit the link directly below, you can hear the new Impeach Team "call to action" radio spot right on the page link directly below.


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This morning the Senate confirmed as CIA director the military general who is directly responsible for implementing the illegal wiretaps of vast numbers of innocent American citizens. This is an administration operative who by his own admission hasn't got the vaguest clue that the 4th Amendment to our Constitution expressly specifies there must be "probable cause" to justify any search or seizure. The president's approval ratings are dipping under 30% and still falling. And yet today only 15 U.S. Senators had either the judgment or courage to reject the Hayden nomination. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE?

The problem is our members of Congress believe they are immune from challenge. They believe they have their own districts so gerrymandered that it is unlikely they will ever lose an election to a member of the other party. They believe no serious alternative candidates could ever arise in their own party to cost them their own nomination. And UNTIL that happens they actually believe they don't have to listen to the voices of their constituents ever.

We have a message for those members of Congress. IT JUST HAPPENED.

In California right now there are THREE candidates in the Los Angeles area alone, count them, three, who are mounting serious challenges to incumbent Democrats in the upcoming June 6th primaries. They are Charles Coleman, Jr. (D-CA-28), Bob McCloskey (D-CA-29) and Marcy Winograd (D-CA-36) who are ALL challenging incumbent Democrats in their "safe" congressional districts, and they are all serious.

Together they have teamed up to run joint "call to action" ads to get people more involved and engaged in the political process by encouraging them to speak out on the issues with their own voices. Together they founded the Impeach Team, all standing up by calling for the impeachment of the president and vice-president NOW for their many lies, deceptions and abuses of power.

How long will the outrages go on? They will continue only as long as it takes for the first member of Congress to actually lose an election because of their spineless, gutless cowardice on issue after issue. Where is the law that says the representatives we have now are the best we could have in any of these districts? How many members of Congress are actually calling for the immediate impeachment of both occupants of our out of control White House. Would you believe zero?!?! If there were any justice in the world they would ALL be facing primary challenges and they would ALL lose.

If the flash animation player will for you (and it should work for most people) at the OpedNews.com link above you should be able to hear the new radio spot the Impeach Team put together with Air America Radio (courtesy of their production department), which is already running on the Air America Radio national stream, and is about to start running on the Los Angeles Air America Radio affiliate as well. Otherwise, click on the link below.

PAGE WITH AUDIO: http://www.impeachteam.com/donations.php

We need to all we can to support these brave candidates who DO have a chance to win. Marcy Winograd was featured on the front page of the Los Angeles metro section the other day, and the tone of the article was that they recognized her as a serious and viable challenger. Bob McCloskey and Charles Coleman are also getting good coverage, and with your support the Impeach Team can achieve a major media breakout between now and June 6th.

Please visit their action page on impeachment where you can send a message to your members of Congress calling on them to stand up for impeachment now. And then BACK THAT UP by making a contribution if you can so the Impeach Team can run as many of these "call to action" ads as possible.

ACTION PAGE: http://www.impeachteam.com

If you are from CA this same action page will send your personal message also to your members of the California state legislature, supporting AJR 39, the state measure of CA itself to bring impeachment to the floor of the U.S. House. And especially if you live in one of these Los Angeles districts, BACK THAT UP by coming out to vote on June 6th for one of these brave candidates, and rally all your friends to do the same. The ultimate message to send to Congress is the vote to remove them from office. SEND THAT MESSAGE.

If you have a web site of your own, please email the Impeach Team from one of their pages so you can play the call to action spot on your own web page. In exchange the Impeach Team will give you a featured link back to promote your own activism and thank you for helping to make participatory democracy work.

It is not enough just to take back Congress. It is not enough to have a majority if that majority is STILL afraid to exercise its power. We must take it back on the platform of courageous, decisive action. We must take it back on the platform of what we stand for and what we will do if restored to majority power. And the best evidence of that for the electorate is what we are standing up for and doing NOW with these action pages which our candidates champion.

Please do all you can to support these three candidates. And on June 6th let there be a political earthquake in the Los Angeles area, with tremors in every Congressional office in the Capitol. And THEN, our members of Congress WILL listen to the voice of the people at last.

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed to be ours, and forward this message to everyone else you know.

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