Don't Spy On Me: ACLU seeks to rally against phone snooping

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A civil rights group was launching a nationwide Don't Spy On Me campaign Wednesday to urge the public to demand that the Federal Communications Commission and state utility commissions probe whether phone companies broke laws by sharing customer records with the government's biggest spy agency. On its Web site Tuesday night, the American Civil Liberties Union said it was demanding action at the FCC in Washington, D.C., and in 17 states. It was to advertise the start of its program in newspapers across the country Wednesday. The campaign, symbolized by a telephone with an eye on it, urges members of the public to go to an ACLU Web site to add their names to complaints being filed with the FCC and with state utility commissions to show there is a large population of people upset by the sharing of their records...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


American Civil Liberties Union: Don't Spy On Me

It's illegal and un-American for your phone company to hand over your phone records to the government without a legal order. But it looks like that's just what they're doing: violating the privacy and rights of millions of innocent Americans in the process.

The phone companies have no right to forfeit your privacy. And just last night we learned that the FCC has refused to investigate these illegal actions, using the same “state secrets” excuse used by the very phone companies it’s supposed to hold accountable.

Today, the ACLU is launching a nationwide consumer campaign demanding that regulators do their jobs and protect our privacy. We need your help.

Act now to stop phone companies from abusing your privacy.

It’s outrageous that the agency created to guard the people’s interest is burying its head in the sand during what may be the most massive abuse of customer privacy in American history.

We can’t stand idly by while corporations, federal regulators and even our elected leaders fail to champion our rights or uphold our basic system of checks and balances. The power to right these wrongs ultimately resides in the hands of the American people.

The ACLU is filing formal documents with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) insisting that they fulfill their regulatory obligation and investigate this breach of consumer trust. At the same time, ACLU offices across the country are filing similar demands with regulatory authorities in dozens of states.

Regulators need to hear that the public demands action. The longer the list of names, the more powerful our message. Federal and state officials must use their authority to investigate and fine the phone companies, and your voice will make a difference.

Act now to stop phone companies from abusing your privacy.

We must not allow the government and the phone companies to collude in this massive illegal attack on our privacy and our trust.

And we certainly can’t wait for Congress to act, or for the phone companies to reverse course.

Join us in telling the FCC that we won’t take no for an answer -- they must investigate. And don’t let the states follow the FCC’s wrong-headed example. We are simultaneously filing 20 actions across the nation TODAY.

Please add your name and your voice. All you have to do is use our online form. We’ll add your name to our demand for FCC action and to local filings in applicable states. After you sign on, you can also send an email directly to each of the four FCC commissioners letting them know Americans want answers and action.

Act now to stop phone companies from abusing your privacy.

As always, thank you for standing with us. Every voice in this fight is going to matter, so please take action today.


Anthony D. Romero
Executive Director ACLU


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