Electro Sensitivity - Support from Blair as mast is refused

This has also been sent to Tony Blair. Get your suitcases packed ready.


Concerning: Electro Sensitivity
From: SylviaWright
Date: Tue, 23 May 2006 07:02:01 EDT
An: Jill.Meara@nrpb.org,

I was heartened when I heard that the HPA were to recognise ES as a real condition. I know from experience that it can cause distressing symptoms, but I also know from testemonials that it can cause severe disruption - and even devastation - to the lives of sufferers. However, since last November, I see no movement towards helping ES people in their situations - only advice from you to avoid the washing machine!

Quite obviously, the HPA have not "come out" totally. There is no link to EMR from mobile phone masts - which most ES people feel is one of the biggest problems. If the HPA recognise these microwave emissions as a source of the problem, then the advice to "avoid" would be rendered useless. How does one avoid a danger to one's health which is being forced upon us by the lack of planning control, the failure to adopt the precautionary approach which was recommended six years ago and the ongoing refusal to accept worldwide scientific evidence of the health risk.

It is my belief that more in-depth investigations should be taking place to determine exactly what is happening to people who are badly affected by EMF/EMR. It is not sufficient to be able to claim that "no causal link has been established". In this time of advanced technology it is perfectly possible to obtain hard data, from a variety of biological markers, while monitoring varying frequencies to which we are all being exposed.

The question I would now like to ask is: What measures are going to be put in place to allow ES people a chance to escape from the constant bombardment of microwave emissions which severely disrupt the lives of sufferers? What funding is going to be allocated to secure "retreats" where the worst affected people can try to recoup some semblance of normality to restore physical and mental health?

We have recently heard how much it is costing us for John Prescott to "retreat" to a National Trust mansion house surrounded by tranquil and unpolluted grounds. This would be an excellent starting point for an ES haven - and only fair when one considers that it is the policy pursued by the ODPM which has supported (often) unlawful erections (of mobile phone installations). Mr Prescott has recently stated that only the insensitive cannot understand the mental anguish of people experiencing trauma - Well, here is a chance for an example to be set by the Government/HPA/ODPM - because the physical and mental trauma experienced by ES people throughout Britain certainly deserves some urgent and decisive consideration.

I look forward to your reply to the above very important questions.


Cllr Sylvia Wright


If I may offer a potential answer:

Why else would they continually lie?

We have to remember that the goverment as a whole is still made up of many individuals. And when you have a large number of individuals, it is highly likely that some are susceptible to financial offerings. Not only that, but the government has to weigh up all sorts of factors when taking sides in decisions. The government as a whole has a financial motive as well - and we know for sure that they are making billions from the phone companies. For all we know, there could be an entirely selfless motivation behind it all - perhaps the government decided that it could benefit more people by allowing these things than by preventing them. Or perhaps there are just some corrupt officials. Or poerhaps there's an official who doesn't want to admit that they were wrong and apologise because they'd lose their job. Or perhaps a combination of these. Or perhaps none of them. Perhaps an entirely different reason altogether.

Even when there is a clear direction and bias from the government, we cannot ascertain it's motive behind the actions. We cannot definitively say that they're trying to control us or take our money or kills us off....or any of the proposed motivations.

I think the best that we can do is be aware of the potential motivations so we can be as prepared as possible should any of them be true, but also be open minded and willing to accept new possible motives.

- Andrew Cohen,



So true, and the true answer is QUICK CASH, not concern for citizen’s health and wellbeing.

Never-Ending CASH.

It is like the old OPIUM, for the General public”

No-one, but No-one survives without his mobile, (except some of us actually do, and quite well at that)

But, to the selfless motive!

1). If you look at the objection letter to a one2one mobile mast Tony Blair sent to his Sedgefield constituency (Sunday Mirror article 10-12-2000)

Support from Blair as mast is refused

From the Northern Echo, first published Thursday 7th Dec 2000.

VILLAGERS have won their fight against plans for a mobile phone mast near their village green, after Prime Minister Tony Blair gave them his backing.

The Sedgefield MP wrote to planners after worried residents in Thornley, East Durham, called for his support.

Easington district councillors rejected One2One's proposal to site a mast of almost 15 metres near the village green, which is due to undergo a major facelift.

The petition was signed by 760 villagers, protesting that it would spoil the green's appearance and was close to a play area and houses in High Street.

The village's Labour district councillor Greg Wharrier said: "There were letters from Tony saying he backed our stance that the mast should not be near the village green.

"He asked them to find a different site that is more reasonable for the village.

"One2One has 40 days to appeal so we'll have to see what happens, but we are hoping they will have talks with the council to find a more suitable site, hopefully on the edge of the village.

"There is a lot of opposition to the mast and if the company did appeal, then the residents would fight it.''

Villagers were also worried about health effects from microwave radiation from masts despite a report last year which found no evidence of any risks.

Councillor Wharrier said they were concerned at the lack of powers for councils over refusal of new masts.

"We want some legislation, either from the Government or Europe, that will give more control over masts.''

From the Northern Echo
© Newsquest Media Group 2000


with the result of the mast siting being rejected on the grounds that the radiation had been linked to childrens leukemia, memory loss and headaches, it was near a playground and residential housing, and so, should be sited at the outskirts of the village.

Oh, yeah, pure gospel!

2). And then take a look at what he said in the B.ham post Mar 9 2005 Where he Quote: The Prime Minister yesterday dismissed public concerns about mobile phone masts by insisting they were safe and the Government had no plans to stop them going up.

Tony Blair backs phone masts

United Kingdom Created: 18 Jul 2005

Source: http://www.mast-victims.org

The Prime Minister yesterday dismissed public concerns about mobile phone masts by insisting They were safe and The Government had no plans to stop Them going up.

Our comments:

"Tony Blair is unconcerned about health effects from mast radiation. But then again, there is no mast radiating his house and his family. And he is not exactly known as a honest and trustworthy person."

Click here to view the source article.
Source: Published in Birmingham Post, 9 May 2005

Not in his constituency, where he has to spend some time, Only In Ours!

The ever politicians true to life: Not in my backyard! Only In Yours.

If you do not have the articles I will be more than happy to send them to you.

I got the first from Lynn at SCRAM, and the second from the B.ham post online.

Best regards.



Please see enclosed news reports with regards to Tony Blair, read his views about phone masts.


He says there is no evidence. This is the same man who stopped a phone mast from going up in his own constituency some years ago.

I have tried to present Tony Blair with the overwhelming evidence that is available on many occasions. I have requested many meetings through Labour MPs Mike O’Brien and Claire Curtis- Thomas. The last message I got back from Clair Curtis Thomas was on 26th July 2005, she said that Tony Blair’s correspondence secretary e-mailed to say that a meeting with the Prime Minister has been turned down not once, but twice. Once on June 10th and again on June 22nd, Claire Curtis Thomas followed this up with a phone call to 10 Downing St with a final request, this request was also refused.

How can Tony Blair say there is no evidence if he is not prepared to listen?

Kind Regards

Eileen O’Connor
Trustee – EM Radiation Research Trust

Source: http://omega.twoday.net/stories/2292653/


Who and what, helped Mr. Blair to change his mind about Moblie Phone Mast health risks?





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