How To Impeach A President (And A Vice-President), The California Strategy

We already know so many of you feel very strongly that the well-deserved impeachment of President Bush and vice-president Cheney is long overdue. We don't have to recite their many lies and illegal acts which have been allowed by a spineless Congress. The question is, what will persuade these worthless incumbents that we the people are SERIOUS about demanding accountability?

There can only be one answer. They must see one of their cowardly own lose an election to a candidate taking a strong stand for impeachment, and we don't have to wait until November to do it. In fact, the sooner the better. And that means a successful primary challenge.

For the next three weeks we are going to put every effort into making that a reality in California. There is already a movement in the CA legislature to initiate the call for impeachment (AJR 39), using a Congressional rule allowing a state to do that. And, we have at least two Congressional candidates in Democratic primaries in the Los Angeles area who have agreed to team up to take a stand on an impeachment platform, Charles Coleman, Jr. (CA-28) and Bob McCloskey (CA-29). These are two very safe Democratic districts, so whoever wins the primary will certainly win in November as well.

As you know, these candidates already have their own action pages on impeachment. What they have agreed to do is dedicate the bulk of any donations they receive from you from this email to running "call to action" campaign ads to encourage even MORE people to speak out now. What this means is that any contribution you can make will go directly into building the movement for impeachment itself. Please read on and you will understand the importance of this.


Some fear that taking a strong stand for impeachment will hurt our chances in November. The opposite is in fact true. Your fellow constituents, and this crosses party lines, are just as appalled as you are with our current members of Congress and their continued failure to stand up for us. Strong candidates who are NOT afraid to speak the truth, and NOT afraid to stand up now help our chances in November. By supporting these candidates, we can inspire the turnout we need to overcome the expected pre-meditated election fraud.

Some fear that challenging the president will mobilize his base against us. What base? Less than 30% still cling to the vain belief that Bush and Cheney are either competent or truthful. Instead, we will rally our own base in a way that is not otherwise possible, and it will be the other side who sits out the election in disgust with the neocon nightmare we have for an Administration.

Some fear that any replacement for either Bush or Cheney might be equally as bad, however, once enough people have spoken out to make impeachment happen in the first place, we will have the power to control who the successor is. And that successor, must of course be approved by Congress, a Congress finally chastened by the people's voice.

What we are asking is that everyone who reads this should contribute at least ten dollars to help these brave candidates run their call to action ads. They want to run ads on Air America, not just in Los Angeles, but nationally to build the people's impeachment movement. They want to run ads in the L.A. Times so that the impeachment movement has real visibility. If each and every one of you can just contribute what you can now, this could be a real tipping point.


If you can contribute more, what a blessing that would be. There are many for whom $25, $50 or $100 is something they could comfortably do. Imagine what it would be like if you were so fortunate as to be able to contribute the campaign limit of $2100 to one of these worthy candidates. That's enough to buy an entire WEEK's worth of Air American streaming ads, calling on progressives everywhere to join the impeachment movement now.

We have spent two years complaining about the incumbents we have now, watching as they have failed us again and again. Now we have the chance to actually DO something about it. What we are asking is that even if you respond to no other appeal this year, THIS is the one that counts. THIS is the one that could mean the difference between being stuck with the same smug losers for what could be the last gasp of our great democracy, or replacing them NOW with candidates with the courage to take a stand for us.

This is your chance America. This is your chance to be rid of Bush and his gang of cronies forever. They remain in power only because they have conned you out of your own democracy. They remain in power only because we have not yet all spoken out at one time, all at the same time, to finally throw them out.

Look at what they have done to our country. Look at what it costs you every day extra just in the increase in gas prices caused entirely by their reckless destabilization of the Middle East, which they are determined to turn into an even wider conflagration. Look at all the money they have stolen from your own pocket to give lavish gifts to their most wealthy corporate cronies, in unlimited interest rates, propped up prescription drug prices, and paid for by the gutting of programs for the most needy.

Then, please think what it would be worth to you to remove our tormentors from office right now. And whatever that number is, make that donation today to build the impeachment movement which will make it happen.

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed to be ours, and forward this message to everyone else you know.

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