Dangerous additions to masts

The other day I noted 3 white vans driving in convoy, very early in the morning and one turning into a Mr. Williams' smallholding where he has a Vodafone and an Orange mast. The van stopped next to the Vodafone mast and on its side was printed something like _www.rtn.com_ http://www.rtn.com/ . These masts are fairly near our house and I looked up the website when I got back from the school run. As follows some of the stuff pulled up from the web.


"Under the leadership of Lt. Gen. Henry Obering 111, the Missile Defense Agency of the Secretary of Defense has been charged by the President to develop a Ballistic Missile Defense System that has four primary objectives.

1. Defend the US deployed forces, allies and friends around the world from ballistic missile attack.

2. Employ multiple layers of defensive capabilities and techologies to intercept missiles in all phases of their flight (ie. boost, midcourse and terminal) against all ranges of threats (short, medium and intermediate and long)

3. Enable the services to field elements of the system as soon as applicable.

4. Develop and test technologies, using prototypes and test assets, to provide early capability and to improve the effectivness of the deployed system by inserting new technolgies. (PLEASE NOTE THIS ONE!!)

There is a System and Engineering Integration Team which Boeing leads.

AND Battle Management, Command, Communication and Control (BMC 31) headed by Lockheed Martin.

Also, did you know that the British Royal Military College of Science gives masters degrees in guided weapons systems.

It is possible that this company has nothing to do with the vans I saw - but hey......what a co-incidence!! Tell your friends to be aware of any van, marked or not, near to mobile phone masts.

What we are really concerned with here is that it appears that new technologies are being applied to the existing ones. We already know that Vodafone are in big poo with bugging. We also know that CIA, etc are involved. I have spoken to several people whose opinion and technological expertise is worth listening to and Barrie Trower has confirmed that surveillance is one of the technologies not only being considered, but actually being tested.

What this means is that we now have to be extra vigilant. Who knows what is going up and where and what will be the outcome? Working together and chiselling away, we will get somewhere.

Kind regards,

Vivienne Baron.

Hi Vivienne,

We have vodaphone bulldozing here, laying the cables for the mast before the application is in etc. Not only that but sensitive people have had a rough (but different kind of rough) week or so here, including me. All saying words wrongly, having trouble thinking straight, pain in the left side of the neck which travels to ears and head at times, the usual sore throat, a sort of "can't be bothered to do anything" and inertia - which you know is way out of character for me! Another sensitive person came to see me yesterday and she said she was shocked at how I looked (Great pick-you-up line, but she cared, so it was okay!) She even phoned today to check how I was. No idea what is going on but th Hutchison 3G at west park sprouted 3 small square boxes a while ago and an extra small cabinet. Bognor was hell last week! (And some minor TV disruption here, too)


Bit off topic, but:

ARCO sold HAARP to Raytheon. If you believe in weather manipulation / modification, then it is interesting that Raytheon is into hurricane relief: http://www.raytheon.com/feature/katrina_05/k_ext_response/

Don't you bet they would like to be heroes by steering hurricanes out of harm's way? Perhaps they've been working on it already.

http://www.bariumblues.com/storm_fury.htm etc...



More scary news about more spectrum uses above 60 GigaHZ.


Ofcom today published two reports on potential uses of radio spectrum. The first examines the current state and future bands above 60GHz for devices, systems, applications, sharing and regulation. For further information click here: http://www.ofcom.org.uk/research/technology/overview/ese/reliable/

The second report considers optimising the use of spectrum for license-exempt applications and the use of higher powers in licence exempt applications to provide wireless broadband in rural areas. For further information click here: http://www.ofcom.org.uk/research/technology/overview/ese/exempt/


Wednesbury Action for the Removal of Telephone masts. http://www.w-a-r-t.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk

Has everyone connected to the communications industries gone completely mad in this country, in the world even.

Yet another band of frequencies to bombard us all with (above 60 GigaHZ.), undoubtedly un-researched as to the likely adverse effects on plant and animal life. Possible military communications systems being surreptitiously installed on normal masts.

Like Lord Nelson, these people "see no ships" or the gathering storms of ill health on the horizon in the years ahead.

We feel so saddened that the young in particular are being brainwashed into thinking they NEED these technologies in order to have a full and happy life. They have already become addicts. We see it every day, a compulsive disorder, that drives many to get withdrawal symptoms if they are parted from their beloved phones.

Like Lemmings they will soon be running headlong over the precipice with their phones glued to their ear, to late to stop and turn around, and texting home on the way down "why didn't somebody tell me". So sad !!

Peter & Ann


With reference to Vivienne's contribution of a few days ago, something has occured in my area which could possibly be connected.

My day started early with an elderly neighbour having bad nosebleeds. When I went in to care for her I was almost knocked out by the strength of the emissions in her home. Within a short while the blood circulation in my feet had slowed and they gradually became mottled mauve/red/blue and painful. My knees and neck hurt, I could not think straight, talk straight, or concentrate, and I felt quite unwell. Being sensitve to this technology I knew it was TETRA but I could not figure out why or how. I went back to my protected home to recover and visited her later in the morning when she phoned to say she had another nosebleed and felt unwell. She has rarely ever had nosebleeds before and she is 86.

Later her son told me that he had been helping with a charity run from West Park (less than a mile from here) to Felpham (perhaps2/3 miles away from West Park) He said that a temporary mast had been erected in minutes for the police to use, as they needed a lot more handsets for extra police. Some people complained of feeling unwell during the morning.

The mast was erected and connected to the Hutchison mast's electrical supply in some way, he was told, by a firm called Raynet but he didn't know how it was spelt. That was how it sounded. The mast was switched off once the race was completed and taken away.

I wondered if we could expect temporary masts to appear anywhere/anytime if the police needed to use extra handset! That is quite a scary thought for those of us who are unwell around them.



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