It's a lie that sacrificing our nation's greatest wildlife sanctuary will solve our problems at the gas pump

The Bush White House and Congressional leaders are exploiting rising gas prices to ram through legislation that would destroy the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

These front men for Big Oil are doing their damnedest to convince Americans that sacrificing our nation's greatest wildlife sanctuary will solve our problems at the gas pump.

It's a lie.

Here are the facts: the Bush Administration's own Energy Department says that drilling in the Arctic Refuge will save consumers only one penny per gallon at the pump -- and that's 20 years from now! The oil companies win, everyone else loses.

Even the most optimistic government assumptions admit that Arctic Refuge oil -- at peak production -- would amount to less than 1% of world oil production. Meanwhile, we use 25% of the global supply! Our nation simply doesn't have enough oil to affect the price of this world commodity.

We will NEVER drill our way to lower gas prices and energy independence. But we CAN secure our energy future by reducing our out-of-control appetite for oil. And there's already legislation pending in Congress that would do just that.

"The Fuel Choices for American Security Act" would cut our nation's dependence on oil by 2.5 million barrels a day within 10 years -- more than we currently import daily from the Persian Gulf.

We can do it by producing more hybrids and other fuel-efficient making renewable American biofuels widely available at our local gas relying on smarter and cleaner ways to power our economy.

But unless millions of Americans demand that better future right now, President Bush and Congress will continue leading the charge for Big Oil to plunder the Arctic Refuge.

Please go to right now and send a message to your Senators and Representative.

Tell them you will not surrender the Arctic Refuge to save one penny at the pump. Tell them to get to work on solving the real energy problem: our nation's dangerous and expensive addiction to oil.

Thank you for speaking out.


Robert Redford NRDC Action Fund


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