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US soldiers shy from battle

Asia Times
by Dahr Jamail


They call them ’search and avoid’ missions in Iraq, where morale among US troops is falling and some soldiers are doing their best to avoid contact with the enemy. Instead of patrolling for insurgents, some servicemen say they’ve stayed alive by parking their vehicles in safe areas and radioing in routine reports of no contact...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Ending the war: Time for Dems to play hardball

Huffington Post
by Arianna Huffington


Taking a page from America’s retailers, President Bush is getting a jump on the coming battle over Iraq war funding. On Monday, he added an additional $45.9 billion in supplemental war funding to the $150.5 billion he’d already requested, and then turned up the heat on Congress to sign off on the $196.4 billion before heading home for the holidays. Only 60 more browbeating days until Christmas! And you have to give Bush credit. Despite record-low approval ratings, he’s unabashedly playing — and winning — the PR game on the war. By incrementally adding to his funding request, he made his ongoing plundering of our treasury to pursue his disastrous Iraq policy seem relatively modest. The headlines all focused on the $46 billion he’s just added to the tab — not the $196 billion he’s really after...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Turkey: US can’t stop invasion of Iraq



Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Thursday that U.S. objections would not stop Turkey from crossing into Iraq to eliminate Kurdish rebels. The Turkish military said it had killed more than 30 insurgents who were poised to launch an attack, near the Iraqi border. President Abdullah Gul said Turkey is running out of patience with the Kurdish separatist attacks. A steady stream of U.S.-made Turkish fighter jets roared into the sky near the Iraqi border, apparently loaded with bombs...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

75 percent disapprove of Congress’ performance



Americans think Congress is doing a pretty lousy job, according to a poll released Friday. The approval rating for all members of Congress sits at a dismal 22 percent, according to the CNN/Opinion Research Corp. poll. About 75 percent of those surveyed said they disapprove of the way Congress is handling its job...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Concern raised about anti-Iran rhetoric

USA Today


The head of the U.N. nuclear watchdog said Sunday he had no evidence Iran was working actively to build nuclear weapons and expressed concern that escalating rhetoric from the U.S. could bring disaster. ‘We have information that there has been maybe some studies about possible weaponization,’ said Mohamed ElBaradei, who leads the International Atomic Energy Agency...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Injured GI's Brother Becomes Caregiver

Kimberly Hefling, The Associated Press, writes about 22-year-old Dara Tan, who began "to cry each time he walked into his brother's hospital room. Pisey wondered how he could tell his mother he had lost his legs. She was a war refugee from Cambodia who had come to the United States as a teenager, and he didn't want to upset her."

Ab 1. November Reisepässe nur noch mit Fingerabdruckässe

Buchanan sees attack on Iran

Former Republican presidential candidate Pat Buchanan believes the Bush administration will attack Iran before the president leaves office in 2009.

From Information Clearing House

Explosive charge blows up in US's face

When the United States military command accused the Iranian Quds Force in January of providing the armor-piercing EFPs (explosively formed penetrators) that were killing US troops, it knew that Iraqi machine shops had been producing their own EFPs for years, a review of the historical record of evidence on EFPs in Iraq shows.

From Information Clearing House

Guantanamo military lawyer breaks ranks to condemn 'unconscionable' detention

An American military lawyer and veteran of dozens of secret Guantanamo tribunals has made a devastating attack on the legal process for determining whether Guantanamo prisoners are "enemy combatants".

From Information Clearing House

The Wahhabis are Coming, the Wahhabis are Coming!

An Anglo-American Conspiracy Theory

From Information Clearing House

German FM warns against military measures against Iran

German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier on Saturday warned against any "military adventures" against Iran over its controversial nuclear programs, local reports said.

From Information Clearing House

Sanctions: A Prelude to War?

Why shouldn't Iran have nuclear weapons?

As international political powers seek Iran's capitulation on nuclear weapons development, little notice is given to what the Americans and the British have done to create this crisis nor what steps the Israelis might eventually take to make it profoundly more complicated.

Iran threatens 'decisive strike' if US attacks

Iran has threatened to hit back with an "even more decisive strike" if the US bombs its nuclear installations, as international tensions rise following Washington's imposition of sanctions against Teheran.

Iran's Guards: We are ready for war

Foreign ministry spokesman Mohammad Ali Hosseini declared: "The hostile American policies towards the respectable people of Iran and the country's legal institutions are contrary to international law, without value and - as in the past - doomed to failure."

Iran: Another Turn of the Screw

One of the most severe sanctions packages in U.S. history was ready six weeks ago. But never before had Washington branded virtually the entire military of another country as criminal, and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and her top aides were waiting for the right moment, diplomatically, to drop it on Tehran.

From Information Clearing House

'War on terror' is now war on Iran

Scores of middle-aged, mild-mannered, bearded gentlemen - the technocrats of the Iranian military bourgeoisie - are now officially enjoying the status of "terrorists", at least from a Washington point of view.

From Information Clearing House

Widerstand gegen Mobilfunkantennen

Knesset: Kein Bau von Antennen in Wohngebieten

Mobilfunkantennen werden nicht mehr in Wohngebieten gebaut, eingeschlossen auf Balkonen, bestätigte das Komitee für innere Angelegenheiten und Umwelt der Knesset am Mittwoch, als Teil einer einstimmig gefassten...

Ambitious policies emphasizing sacrifice and preparation can yet keep the Earth from dying


It is late, despair high; yet ambitious policies emphasizing sacrifice and preparation can keep the Earth from dying

Never, Ever, Ever, Ever Give Up on Gaia

A series of personal ecological essays by Dr. Glen Barry
October 28, 2007

Human caused ecosystem destruction has progressed well beyond the Earth's carrying capacity -- its ability to provide goods and services, and to regenerate. Global heating is occurring at a rate and extent far exceeding expectations. There are too many people to meet basic needs for all based upon further habitat destruction for resources, much less making possible Western lifestyles. Ecological crises have progressed to the point where global ecological, economic and social upheavals are guaranteed. This is ecological fact, truth, knowledge -- it is what it is, and no value is gained by stating otherwise.

Yet it is critical that we never, ever, ever, ever give up on Gaia. There IS still time to save the Earth and allow humanity and most of her creatures to thrive indefinitely. The global family has not yet reached the point where environmental policies no longer matter. The degree of disruption that will be caused by ecological decline is being determined now. While it is unlikely serious and painful changes can be entirely avoided, much can be done now to limit the extent and permanence of ecological collapse, and resulting pain and suffering.

How quickly we stop emitting greenhouse gases; and end destruction, while preserving and restoring, natural ecosystems, will determine whether the biosphere and her ecosystems are able to avoid complete destruction. We can make it more likely, and easier, for humanity to reconstitute some sort of advanced (and hopefully more peaceful, just, equitable and sustainable) society post-collapse -- and maximize the recovery of all life.

My acknowledgement in earlier writings of my own despair, shared by many, was not meant to suggest that we should give up. As always my intention was to think freely and write truthfully, including in regard to my feelings, and by doing so help identify, pursue and achieve policies adequate to solve grave ecological crises facing my and other species.

There is much that can be done, if will and knowledge are developed and harnessed, to pursue ambitious policy responses adequate to sustain and regenerate the biosphere. These include societal policies based upon the Planet's ecological conditions and needs; such as ending coal emissions into the atmosphere, and stopping ancient forest logging and markets. Similarly, individuals are responsible for their procreation, levels of consumption and commitment to environmental sustainability.

But let me be clear, any hope for achieving just, equitable and ecologically sustainable societies depends upon embracing personal and societal sacrifice. That most environmentalists suggest we can increase population by 50%, reduce energy consumption, and continue to have it all -- with no need for sacrifice -- deeply disturbs me. This pervasive misleading self-denial hampers sufficient responses to global ecological emergencies. We shall learn to live simply, well, and within limits; or humanity and the Earth will cease to exist.

The Earth Can Die

I receive a lot of email saying do not worry about what happens to humans, the Earth's life will continue regardless. Will it, or does thinking so just provide false comfort? I believe based upon science, spirituality and intuition that the Earth is a self-regulating organism, that other than the rise of blue-green algae there has never been a planetary disturbance on the scale of human impacts upon the biosphere (and never at this rate), and that there is nothing to suggest that the Earth cannot die.

Death of the Earth may be a complete absence of life, or perhaps an unrecoverable loss of complex life, in either case the end of being. The fact that past extinction events led to further evolution of complex life does not mean it must necessarily, or can always, be so. The sheer scale and rate of concurrent liquidation of terrestrial habitat, atmospheric change, ocean and water dimnishment, and all the rest, I suggest, may well make the Earth uninhabitable for organic life. All things must die, you may say, but must it be needlessly and prematurely allowed to happen through sheer ignorance and apathy?

There is still time to pursue necessary policies to ensure the Earth and our loved ones do not pointlessly die upon our watch. However, it is not much time. And it is no longer possible to save ourselves and the Earth with cosmetic reforms and without substantial sacrifice and change. To survive the human family must learn to live simply and well without burning and cutting.

Survival of Your Family and Community Is Your Responsibility

The likelihood that the biosphere will be saved, and you and yours survive, is going to depend upon your personal preparation including living more closely with the Earth. Self-reliant, ecologically sustainable living is not synonymous with kooky survivalists. Any extended, truthful examination of the Earth and her humanity's condition makes it clear we are living beyond our means, and that a period of profound ecologically induced upheaval is nearly certain, indeed will be imminently upon us.

There is much that can be done to limit its duration and impact. There are many books that describe long established homesteading, permaculture, animal husbandry and organic gardening techniques. Tightly coupled agro-ecological systems exist that provide basic needs indefinitely within the context of operable ecosystems to which they contribute. Indeed, this is precisely what is required for sustainable lifestyles. Personally I find inspiration in early American homestead life, indigenous cultures, and the 70s back to the Earth movement.

A neo-agrarian ecologically sustainable democracy movement is the next big thing! Indications are that a family of four can produce what they need on five or so acres. Recently I read that in addition to shelter, garden and crop seeds, and a water source; that a dozen chickens and two goats provide all the protein, manure, and waste disposal systems necessary. I intend to write further on this in the future, but let me encourage you now to embrace hope, never give up, and help avoid the Earth's death by working for your own self-reliant, sustainable future.

Dr. Barry is founder and President of Ecological Internet; provider of the largest, most used environmental portals on the Internet including the Climate Ark at and http://www.EcoEarth.Info/ . Earth Meanders is a series of ecological essays that are written entirely in his personal capacity. This essay may be reprinted granted it is properly credited to Dr. Barry and with a link to Earth Meanders. Emailed responses are public record and will be posted on the web site unless otherwise requested.

Why HR1995 was rammed through under cover of fire

by Devvy Kidd

"First let's take a look at the definitions of violent radicalization and homegrown terrorism as defined in Section 899A of the bill. The definition of violent radicalization uses vague language to define this term of promoting any belief system that the government considers to be an extremist agenda. Since the bill doesn't specifically define what an extremist belief system is, it is entirely up to the interpretation of the government. Considering how much the government has done to destroy the Constitution they could even define Ron Paul supporters as promoting an extremist belief system........

Stamping Out Freedom With Deadly Intent

by Former Sheriff Jim Schwiesow, Ret.

Ron Paul, as a true statesman and an upholder of the truth, should be increasingly vigilant. If it is established that he has a credible chance to seize the nomination and move onto the presidency it will not go unnoticed by the elites who have everything to lose if government is severed from corporate control and the sovereignty of the people is restored. If the spark that he has ignited is fanned into a flame for freedom he needs to be acutely aware that the dark forces of evil will be stalking him with malevolent intent. He is a man of great integrity.......

Ron Paul’s Writings: A New Declaration

Informant: Neo Mulder

The FBI’s Threat of Torture

Informant: Neo Mulder

Ron Paul 2008: Hope for America

Informant: Neo Mulder

Iran: The Road to Armageddon?

Informant: Neo Mulder


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