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Inexorable March Toward War With Iran?

Joseph L. Galloway, writing for McClatchy Newspapers, says, "There were some things far more frightening this week than Halloween's small ghouls and goblins - and the scariest of all is the Bush administration's seemingly inexorable march toward military confrontation with Iran."

No Waterboarding, No Dictatorship, No Mukasey

The Center for Constitutional Rights Calls For Senate To Vote Down Attorney General Nomination

War IS a Women's Issue, Senator Clinton

The Power of Inspection and the Claim of Impeachment

47 Million Americans Lack Health Insurance

Vermonters In Favor of Impeachment

US Advisor Says Waterboarding Is Torture

Protect the Western Arctic Reserve

Waxman Demands White House-Abramoff Data

The Associated Press reports, "A House committee chairman on Wednesday demanded that the White House turn over hundreds of pages of material about Jack Abramoff, the latest attempt by Congress to compel the Bush administration to detail its contacts with the disgraced lobbyist."

Gas Price Gouging ­ Call It Like It Is

Robert Weiner and John Larmett write for The Seattle Post-Intelligencer: "The oil industry uses the unrealized potential of small disruptions to implement huge price fluctuations. They are using the fear factor and war profiteering to repeat and increase what they had last year, the highest profits for any industry in American history."

US Criticized for Use of Torture

Ian Munro reports for The Sydney Morning Herald: "The United States's willingness to resort to harsh interrogation techniques in its so-called war on terror undermined human rights and the international ban on torture, a United Nations spokesman says. Manfred Nowak, UN Special Rapporteur on torture, said the US's standing and importance meant it was a model to other countries which queried why they were subject to scrutiny when the US resorted to measures witnessed at Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib prison."

Specter: "Mukasey Nomination Now at Risk"

Dan Eggen and Paul Kane report for The Washington Post, "Democratic support for attorney general nominee Michael B. Mukasey dwindled further yesterday over his refusal to comment on the legality of a harsh CIA interrogation technique, setting the stage for an unexpectedly close vote next week by the Senate Judiciary Committee."

Die «Schnüffelchips» beim Einkaufen sind da

01. Nov 10:45

Was soll's? RFID-Karten bei Karstadt

Mit Kaufhof und Karstadt machen nun zwei große Ketten erste Versuche mit der so genannten RFID-Technik. Die Konzerne wollen Zusatzinformationen weitergeben, Datenschützer sprechen von Überwachung.üffelchipsÜberwachung

Phone mast plans approved

By Katie Adams

PLANS for a controversial phone mast that will give train passengers coverage when travelling through Box Tunnel were approved last night.

The plans were submitted to North Wiltshire District Council by mobile phone giant Orange for the 12 metre high pole and two antennas.

The council had received 11 letters from people living nearby objecting to the mast, which is set be positioned on the hill over Brunel's famous tunnel.


Confronting Condi

H5N1 Vogelgrippe: Initiale, primäre Übertragung durch Leitungswasser

The war on telephone privacy

Future of Freedom Foundation
by Jacob G. Hornberger


A perfect example of the integrated threat that U.S. foreign policy and federal domestic regulations pose to the freedom, privacy, and well-being of the American people is the current telecommunications controversy. Soon after the 9/11 attacks, the feds approached various U.S. telephone companies and asked them to illegally share private information about their customers...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Travelers beware: Homeland Security is Googling you

Cleveland Leader
by Julie


Andrew Feldman, a Hungarian-born Holocaust survivor who’s currently a psychotherapist in Vancouver, was recently detained for four hours, fingerprinted, and then barred entry into the United States after Homeland Security googled him and found an article he wrote in a literary and scientific journal in which he talked about using LSD and various other drugs in the 1960’s. And even though he has no criminal record and says he hasn’t used drugs since the 1970’s, Feldmar must now get formal permission from the U.S. consul before entering the U.S...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Awaken our troops

Strike the Root
by Robert L. Johnson


What we really need to do is to support our troops by awakening them. We need to awaken them to the realities the media and government either refuse to discuss or at best give only an inadequate amount of attention to. Nobody likes to be played for a fool. This is exactly what Bush and all the plutocrats in Congress are doing to America’s military members and their families...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Are the poor getting poorer?

National Center for Policy Analysis
by staff


People who want more government income redistribution programs often sell their agenda by saying the poor are getting poorer and the rich are getting richer. But in reality, the rich are getting richer, and so are the poor, says Walter E. Williams, John M. Olin Distinguished Professor of Economics at George Mason University...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Bringing Rumsfeld to justice

Bangor Daily News
by Pat LaMarche


I learned Friday that in the ‘Court of First Instance’ (Tribunal de Grande Instance) Donald Rumsfeld was charged with war crimes. Why Friday? Because Rumsfeld was in France and French law requires that the accused be in the country when charged. Hey, what’s Rumsfeld doing in France? I thought he didn’t like ‘Old Europe.’ This isn’t the first time either. He’s also been charged in five other countries including Germany. Since World War II, Germany’s had a zero tolerance policy on war crimes — so they get a jump on things, they don’t require that the accused be present. But the French charges could get real interesting. Some of the former prisoners of Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib now live in France and they can testify...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

New Iraq policy prompts angry words at the State Department



Calling it ‘a potential death sentence,’ several hundred diplomats expressed their resentment Wednesday over a new State Department policy that could force them to serve in Iraq or risk losing their jobs. Some at the hourlong town hall-style meeting questioned why they were not told of the policy change directly, learning about it instead from news organizations last week...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Court takes second look at “enemy combatant” case

New York Times


[Ali al-Marri] is the only person on the American mainland being held as an enemy combatant, at the Navy brig in Charleston, S.C. A citizen of Qatar legally in the United States, he was arrested in December 2001 in Peoria, Ill., where he was living with his family and studying computer science at Bradley University. The government contends that he is a sleeper agent for Al Qaeda. The central question before the nine judges hearing the case on Wednesday was whether the executive branch may capture people in the United States and subject them to indefinite military detention without charges...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Japan withdraws occupation support ships

Agence France-Press


Japan on Thursday ordered home ships engaged on a refuelling mission in the Indian Ocean, halting the close US ally’s main role in the ‘war on terror’ due to domestic opposition. Japan, which has been officially pacifist since the end of World War II, has supplied fuel to US and other forces operating in Afghanistan under legislation first passed after the September 11, 2001 attacks on the United States. But the government failed to extend the mission as the main opposition party, which controls one house of parliament, has vowed that Japan should not take part in ‘American wars’...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Workers of the World Unite

In Mother Jones, Joan Hamilton writes: "There's a crisis in the labor movement: In the past half century, union membership in the United States has dropped from 35 percent to 13 percent of the work force. As homegrown employers such as Alcoa and Firestone have morphed and prospered in the global economy, American workers have stood pat and lost their shorts. More than 3 million US manufacturing jobs have been cut."

World's Local Governments Vow to Combat Climate Change

Lee Jong-Heon, UPI Asia, writes that "Delegates from 136 countries, representing local governments, vowed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and use renewable and clean energy sources to combat climate change, at the second World Congress of the United Cities and Local Governments. Some 2,000 mayors, councilors, and other officials of local autonomies from around the world attended the four-day Congress, in the South Korean resort island of Jeju, which concluded today."

White House Adviser Linked to Cuts in Climate-Change Report

Jeff Tollefson, Nature News, reports: "The chief science adviser to President George W. Bush came under fire last week for his role in watering down Congressional testimony on the health effects of global warming."

You Want to Know Why You Feel Like You Are Struggling Financially?

Because the U.S. Dollar Has Just Been Devalued by a Third Over the Past Five Years. And more devaluation is coming. Perhaps another 50 percent.

From Information Clearing House

Number of uninsured vets nears 2M

The increase in veterans lacking insurance coincides with Bush administration policies aimed at limiting the number of veterans eligible for VA coverage, according to the study published online Tuesday in the American Journal of Public Health.

From Information Clearing House

Russia Bolsters its Ties with Iran

Relations between Russia and the United States will be put to severe test in the coming weeks as there are growing signs that the US has decided, or has almost decided, to launch a military strike against Iran.

From Information Clearing House

U.S. to face "quagmire" if attacks Iran: commander

The United States or its allies would find themselves trapped in a "quagmire deeper than Iraq and Afghanistan" if it chose to attack the Islamic Republic, Iran's Revolutionary Guards commander said on Wednesday.

From Information Clearing House

Power plants shut due to lack of fuel

Several Iraqi power plants are idle due to shortages in fuel supplies, exacerbating blackouts across the country.

From Information Clearing House

Poland May Pull Out of Iraq

Polish Prime Minister-designate Donald Tusk said his future government would seek to end the nation's military mission in Iraq next year.

From Information Clearing House

Organized Money Vs. Organized People

By Cindy Sheehan

We are a nation that was created by "the rich, white, male property owners" and specifically for "the rich, white, male property owners." Women and blacks, (who were counted as 3/5ths a person for representation purposes), were excluded from this self-proclaimed elitist establishment.


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Support the inquiry into Elder H Nahanee's death

Next-up news n°356

Hagel wrote privately to Bush on Oct. 17 calling for unconditional talks with Iran

Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

Diktatur des Neoliberalismus: der Fall des VW-Gesetzes

Gesundheitsrisiko umstritten?

Tell the Feds What You Think of E-Voting Machines

By Kim Zetter

EAC Voluntary Voting System Guidelines and Comment Submission Tool

Kathy Dopp

The material expressed herein is the informed product of the author Kathy Dopp's fact-finding and investigative efforts. Dopp is a Mathematician, Expert in election audit mathematics and procedures; in exit poll discrepancy analysis; and can be reached at P.O. Box 680192 Park City, UT 84068 phone 435-658-4657

History of Confidence Election Auditing Development & Overview of
Election Auditing Fundamentals

Vote Yes on HR811

Voters Have Reason to Worry

"Enlighten the people generally, and tyranny and oppressions of body and mind will vanish like evil spirits at the dawn of day," wrote Thomas Jefferson in 1816

911: Moral Cowards and FBI Admission

by Devvy

I received one email from a real gentleman named David, who believes the government's fairy tale, but he's honest about it and I think does want the truth. However, like a whole lot of Americans, he doesn't want to believe anything other than the official story. Just like the families who lost loved ones. Just like former military who have served this country, some under Bush. No one wants to believe that rogue elements within this government would allow such a monstrous slaughter of humans and not lift a finger - or worse, have orchestrated events to allow it to happen for plausible deniability.........

This is a Real Emergency

by Dr. Edwin Vieira, Ph.D., JD

We must save this country’s existence as an independent, self-governing nation­by thwarting the North American Union (and turning back the invasion of illegal aliens which is aimed at promoting it). But, although necessary, that alone is not sufficient. We must also save the Constitution­by thwarting the national para-military police state being erected in the guise of “homeland security.” But, although also necessary, that alone is not sufficient, either........

Campaign victory as mast must go

Oct 31 2007

by Chris Robinson, The Journal

TWO major mobile phone companies have been ordered to take down a phone mast in Gateshead after tireless campaigning by families.

O2 and Vodafone built the 20-metre mast at the Glebe Sports Ground in Whaggs Lane, Whickham, last year without the correct planning permission.

The companies appealed against an order for it to be removed but lost. Government planning inspectors decided the mast was a “dominant and overbearing structure”, particularly for those living nearby, and the companies have been given four months to take down the mast.


Excessive Consumption: America’s Real Addiction

Informant: Bob Banner


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