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US should prepare contingency plan for Pakistan

The US government should prepare a "contingency plan" for Pakistan in case Pervez Musharraf regime falls because of presence of nuclear weapons, a top opposition lawmaker has said while warning that the Islamic country was in for "a very rough period".

From Information Clearing House

Iraqi Nationalists Gaining Power Despite U.S. Efforts

Iraqi nationalism is the only political force capable of uniting Sunni and Shiite Arabs and ending the sectarian civil war, but for the past four years the United States has systematically worked to suppress it.

From Information Clearing House

Uncommon Grace: Biology and Economic Theory

By Charles Sullivan

We need to develop a holistic world view in place of that which was born of hubris and economic self interest. That view will not be born of capitalism, or any repressive religious theology. It can only come from healthful interaction with the organic world, in the big outside.

Paulson's $100 billion "Bankers Bankruptcy Fund" and the G-7 Fiasco

By Mike Whitney

Friday's bloodbath on Wall Street proved that the troubles in the credit markets have not been relieved by the Fed's rate cuts. The Dow Jones slipped 367 points on the 20th anniversary of Black Monday, the stock market's biggest one-day loss in history. Since Friday, Asian markets have plunged; stocks are down sharply in Japan, Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, the Philippines, Taiwan and South Korea.

Refugees and Puppets

Riverbend - Iraqi Girl Blog

It is estimated that there are at least 1.5 million Iraqis in Syria today. I believe it. Walking down the streets of Damascus, you can hear the Iraqi accent everywhere. There are areas like Geramana and Qudsiya that are packed full of Iraqi refugees. Syrians are few and far between in these areas. Even the public schools in the areas are full of Iraqi children. A cousin of mine is now attending a school in Qudsiya and his class is composed of 26 Iraqi children, and 5 Syrian children.

US Army Lures Foreigners with Promise of Citizenship

By Cordula Meyer in Washington

More than 30,000 foreign troops are enlisted in the US Army, many of them serving in Iraq. Their reward for risking their lives for their adopted country is US citizenship.

Intellectual Fallacies of the War on Terror

Chalmers Johnson, writing for, says: "Stephen Homes is a law professor at New York University. In 'The Matador's Cape', he sets out to forge an understanding - in an intellectual and historical sense, not as a matter of journalism or of partisan politics - of the Iraq War, which he calls 'one of the worst (and least comprehensible) blunders in the history of American foreign policy.'"

Is the DOJ Conducting Latino Outreach for the GOP?

Steven Rosenfeld reporting for, writes: "Earlier this month, the Department of Justice's top official overseeing voting rights, John Tanner, made some insensitive comments about elderly and minority voters at a Latino forum in Los Angeles, raising eyebrows in the voting rights community and prompting Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama to call for his ouster on Friday. But the greater outrage, according to civil rights lawyers across the country, is how the Department's Voting Section has turned away from defending minorities that are seen as supporting Democrats - African Americans and Native Americans - while instead focusing on another minority that is seen as a Republican swing vote - Latinos."

Hostage Taking Bankers and Subprime Borrowers

Dean Baker, writing for Truthout, says: "There is little public support for using taxpayer dollars for protecting the richest people in the country from bad investment decisions. For this reason, when the government goes to help out those rich investors who cannot fend for themselves, it must come up with some alternative explanation."

Billionaires Up, America Down

Michael Mukasey: Another Loyal Bushie

On the Eve of Destruction

Peak Oil Brings Risk of War and Unrest

No War, No Warming


No War No Warming

Growing collection of reports, photos, and lots of videos please send along any that are missing.

David Swanson
david Personal Site Co-Founder Creator Washington Director Board Member

From ufpj-news

Questions Remain About Housing Secretary

Pete Yost reports for The Associated Press: "During an investigation of his conduct last year, President Bush's housing secretary defiantly defended his dealings with federal contractors doing business with the department. Alphonso Jackson survived that investigation, but now faces a new one stemming from the same forceful style that got him in trouble the first time."

Poor Countries Wag Fingers at Rich Ones

Steven R. Weisman reports for The New York Times, "The semiannual meetings of the world's top finance and banking officials are predictable in one sense: Europeans and Americans often use them to lecture leaders of poor countries about the need to modernize their capital markets, promote transparency and adhere to sound investment standards. What a difference a subprime mortgage crisis can make. Now developing countries are lecturing the West."

Immunity for Telecoms May Set Bad Precedent, Legal Scholars Say

Dan Eggen of The Washington Post reports: "When previous Republican administrations were accused of illegality in the FBI and CIA spying abuses of the 1970s or the Iran-Contra affair of the 1980s, Democrats in Congress launched investigations or pushed for legislative reforms. But last week, faced with admissions by several telecommunication companies that they assisted the Bush administration in warrantless spying on Americans, leaders of the Senate intelligence committee took a much different tack - proposing legislation that would grant those companies retroactive immunity from prosecution or lawsuits."

Iraq Says Civilians Killed in US Raid

Christian Berthelsen of The Los Angeles Times reports, "US forces engaged in an hours-long gun battle with militants during an early-morning raid in the Iraqi capital's Shiite Muslim district of Sadr City on Sunday. American officials said as many as 49 people were killed in the fighting. The Iraqi government said many of the victims were civilians and protested the action."

Iraqi gov't protests deadly U.S. raid in Baghdad

Associated Press photos showed the bodies of two toddlers, one with a gouged face, swaddled in blankets on a morgue floor. Their shirts were pulled up, exposing their abdomens, and a diaper showed above the waistband of one boy's shorts. Relatives said the children were killed when helicopter gunfire hit their house as they slept.

Photo Gallery: Scores killed in US Iraq raid

Women and children among victims of air strike targeting "criminals" in Sadr City.

From Information Clearing House

Bertelsmann in Schwierigkeiten

At the Poles, Melting Occurring at Alarming Rate

Informant: Teresa Binstock

South struggles to cope with drought

Informant: Teresa Binstock

Is it time for Democrats to start panicking?

The American Prospect
by Terence Samuel


They can’t stop the war or override the president’s veto on S-CHIP. Harry Reid is less popular in his home state of Nevada than the president is in the country, and, if you listen to the pollsters and the pundits, the Democrats are about to choose one of the most divisive political figures in the Republic’s history to be their 2008 presidential nominee. Which begs the question: When should Democrats begin to panic? The answer is ‘not yet.’ But the truth is that unless they can re-establish some of their 2006 momentum, Democrats may find themselves going into the next election tagged as the party that couldn’t stop Bush when given a chance, or as the party that did not try hard enough...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

The costs of war for oil

by Adil E. Shamoo and Bonnie Bricker


’We have to decide, as a nation, whether our need for Middle Eastern oil is more important to our future than our conduct as a moral and ethical people.’ Which brave presidential candidate would lay it on the line so clearly? None yet. And that’s the problem with the national debate on the war in Iraq, and possibly, our foray into Iran as well...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Tomorrow’s neocon today

by Radley Balko


For seven years, the left has been up in arms about President Bush’s aggressive foreign policy, his secrecy, his partisanship, and his expansive claims on executive power. It’s odd, then, that they’re prepared to nominate Hillary Clinton to carry the party into the 2008 elections. The problem with Hillary Clinton is two-fold: First, she’s likely to be as bad or worse than Bush on all of those issues, and second, she’s the one Democrat the Republicans still have a chance to beat...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

The GOP purge

by Justin Raimondo


The ongoing hara-kiri of the GOP proceeds apace, with the latest being a concerted effort by the party’s neoconservative wing to oust sitting Republican members of Congress who oppose the war. The latest examples: Walter B. Jones of North Carolina and Wayne Gilchrest of Maryland. Rep. Jones attracted national attention when, at the height of the pre-invasion war hysteria, he led an effort (with now-jailed Rep. Bob Ney) to rename the French fries on the menu in the House cafeteria ‘Freedom Fries’ — and then attracted more serious attention when he turned against the war he had championed, and began to denounce the president’s war policies in no uncertain terms. … There have been rumors that Jones — who started out a Democrat, like his father, who once represented the district — might return to the party of his youth, yet nothing has come of that so far. Local Republicans are rallying to his cause, and the veterans whom he has stood by so steadfastly — especially the wounded, who have been the worst victims of government incompetence in this war — have come to his aid, even as party officials have abandoned him...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


08:00 - 22 October 2007

Plans to put up extra mobile phone antennae near city schools have sparked protests.

Mobile phone giant O2 wants to put an extra three mobile phone antennae on an industrial site in Clayton Road, off Newark Road, Lincoln.

The equipment would be added to a 79m high mast, which already has similar machinery on it, on the site.

Nearby Bracebridge Infant and Nursery School, in Francis Street, off Newark Road, has formally objected to the plans on safety grounds.

And the Priory LSST School, in Cross O'Cliff Hill, has asked the council for a written assurance that the additions will have no detrimental effects on pupils or staff.


WiFi and other scientific study AFFSET (France)

- Nouveau Dossier d'analyse de l'impact du WiFi (France) :
- Nouvelle étude AFSSET 2007, la réponse du Pr Jean-François Veil, les photos HD,
- Next-up la réalité des mesures, les analyses, les centaines de commentaires des internautes.
- Next-up Impact WiFi : New Study (2007 France), comments with photos.

Bundesweiter Demonstrationsaufruf zum Stopp der Vorratsdatenspeicherung

Der Chaos Computer Club informiert als Mitglied des Arbeitskreises Vorratsdatenspeicherung:

„Bundesweiter Demonstrationsaufruf zum Stopp der Vorratsdatenspeicherung“

Der Arbeitskreis Vorratsdatenspeicherung ruft unter dem Motto „Freiheit statt Angst - Für die Grundrechte!“ zu bundesweiten Demonstrationen am 6. November 2007 auf, um die von der Koalition geplante Vorratsdatenspeicherung noch in letzter Minute zu stoppen.

Anlass für die Demonstrationen ist die Abstimmung des Deutschen Bundestags am 9. November über den Gesetzesentwurf zur Neugestaltung der Telekommunikationsüberwachung. Das Gesetz soll ab 2008 für Sicherheitsbehörden rückblickend über 6 Monate nachvollziehbar machen, wer wann mit welchen Adressen das Internet genutzt hat und wer mit wem per Telefon oder E-Mail Kontakt hatte, bei Handy-Nutzung einschließlich des Standorts. Diese Pläne der Regierungskoalition zur Aufzeichnung von Informationen über die Kommunikation, Beziehungen, Bewegung und Mediennutzung jedes Bürgers stellen die bislang größte Gefahr für unser Recht auf ein furchtloses, selbstbestimmtes und privates Leben dar. Wir fordern die Abkehr von diesem verfassungswidrigen Generalangriff auf Bürgerrechte und Datenschutz in Deutschland.

Deshalb rufen wir alle Bürger auf, am 6. November von 17:00 bis 19:00 Uhr mit friedlichen Protesten vor Rathäusern und Regierungsgebäuden für unsere Grundrechte einzutreten. Die Kundgebungen knüpfen an die Berliner Großdemonstration vom 22. September an, welche mit 15.000 Teilnehmern die größte Bürgerrechtsdemonstration seit der deutschen Wiedervereinigung war.

Wir wollen die Unverhältnismäßigkeit einer totalen Protokollierung jeglicher Telekommunikation nun in vielen deutschen Städten deutlich machen und appellieren an die Bevölkerung, mit ideenreichen Aktionen, Reden und schweigenden Mahnwachen die Einhaltung des Grundgesetzes von unserer Regierung einzufordern.

Demonstrationen sind bereits in Planung in Berlin, Bremen, Frankfurt am Main, Bonn, Köln, Leipzig, Karlsruhe, München und Münster. Weitere Städte sowie Einzelheiten werden auf der Internetplattform des Arbeitskreises Vorratsdatenspeicherung abrufbar sein. Wir rufen die Teilnehmerinnen und Teilnehmer an den Kundgebungen auf, Grundgesetze, Kerzen, Fackeln oder Grablichter mitzubringen.


Die geplante Vorratsdatenspeicherung halten wir aus den folgenden Gründen für inakzeptabel:

1. Eine derart weitreichende Registrierung des Kommunikations-, Bewegungs- und Internetnutzungsverhaltens greift unverhältnismäßig in die persönliche Privatsphäre ein.

2. Die geplante Vorratsdatenspeicherung hebt den Schutz besonderer Vertrauensbeziehungen auf und beeinträchtigt dadurch berufliche Aktivitäten.

3. Die geplante Vorratsdatenspeicherung verhindert Terrorismus und Kriminalität nicht.

4. Die geplante Vorratsdatenspeicherung belastet Wirtschaft und Verbraucher mit hohen Kosten und schränkt Zugangsmöglichkeiten zum Internet ein.

5. Die geplante Vorratsdatenspeicherung diskriminiert Nutzer von Telefon, Handy und Internet gegenüber anderen Kommunikationsformen wie der Post und unmittelbaren Gesprächen.

6. Die geplante Vorratsdatenspeicherung verletzt das Menschenrecht auf Privatsphäre und informationelle Selbstbestimmung. Sie ist daher verfassungswidrig.

7. Wegen offensichtlicher Rechtsverstöße ist der deutsche Gesetzgeber nicht zur Umsetzung der EU-Richtlinie zur Vorratsdatenspeicherung verpflichtet.

Eine Pressekonferenz ist für den 02.11. angesetzt, weitere Informationen hierzu unter:

Informationen zum Organisationsstand der für den 06. November geplanten Demonstrationen und Kundgebunden in den verschiedenen Städten gibt es unter

Hier finden sich auch Hinweise zum mitmachen.


Gegner der Vorratsdatenspeicherung planen größte Verfassungsbeschwerde in der Geschichte der Bundesrepublik

„Fast 7000 Bürger wollen sich in Karlsruhe gegen die von der großen Koalition geplante verdachtslose Erfassung von Kommunikationsdaten wehren. Der Präsident des Bundesverfassungsgerichts, Hans-Jürgen Papier, kommentierte im Deutschlandradio die größte Verfassungsbeschwerde in der Geschichte des Gerichts…“ Pressemitteilung des Arbeitskreises Vorratsdatenspeicherung vom 30.10.2007:

Bundesregierung will deutsche Kommunikationsprofile an 52 ausländische Staaten weiter geben

„Unter dem Schlagwort „Cybercrime-Konvention“ will die Bundesregierung sensible Daten über unsere Kommunikation, Handystandorte und Internetnutzung an ausländische Staaten wie Azerbaijan, Russland und die USA weiter geben. Bürgerrechtler schlagen Alarm und fordern einen „Stopp der geplanten Datenhalden mit weltweitem Lagerverkauf“…“ Pressemitteilung des Arbeitskreises Vorratsdatenspeicherung vom 25.10.2007 mit weiteren Informationen zu Cybercrime-Konvention

Not braucht viel Gebot. Terrorgefahr in Deutschland – eine Produktivkraft für den Rechtsstaat

Artikel aus dem GegenStandpunkt 3-07

Aus: LabourNet, 30. Oktober 2007

Living Paycheck to Paycheck Gets Harder

The calculus of living paycheck to paycheck in America is getting harder. What used to last four days might last half that long now. Pay the gas bill, but skip breakfast. Eat less for lunch so the kids can have a healthy dinner.

From Information Clearing House

Money gone, Iraqi refugees forced to go home

Many reluctantly leave safe-havens of Syria, Jordan to return to 'death row'.

From Information Clearing House

Blair's war of words

In a speech last night Britain's ex-prime minister launched an attack on Iran that should cause all of us to shudder.

Jaw-jawing to war-war

Tony Blair's incontinent rhetoric in New York, comparing militant Islamism with 1920s fascism, only takes us closer to the abyss of war with Iran.

From Information Clearing House

Blackwater: The Rise Of The World's Most Powerful Mercenary Army

For some answers we turn to a one-man truth squad who has been reporting on Blackwater and Erik Prince's influence.

From Information Clearing House

Imran Khan: Benazir Bhutto has only herself to blame

What she hadn't taken into account was Musharraf's unpopularity. He is regarded in Pakistan as an American stooge. And the US war on terror, which he supports, is now perceived as a war against Islam.

Tariq Ali: Bhutto's Bloody Return: A Massacre Foretold

The government pleaded with her to delay her return. Jihadi leaders, angered by her slavish support of US foreign policy, had publicly threatened to kill her. She survived but a few hundred people have been killed without reason.

Backstage, U.S. nurtured Pakistan rivals' deal

To lay the groundwork for Benazir Bhutto's return to Pakistan, some of the highest ranking officials in the Bush administration lavished attention on her as they worked to broker a power-sharing arrangement between Bhutto and her longtime rival, President Pervez Musharraf.

From Information Clearing House

Cheney calls Iran an obstacle to peace

Cheney, in a speech to a think tank, also accused Tehran of practicing "delay and deception" regarding its nuclear program and warned of consequences if it did not comply with the West's demands that it halt sensitive nuclear work.

Cheney: U.S. will not let Iran go nuclear

If Iran continues on its current course, Cheney said the U.S. and other nations are prepared to take action. The vice president made no specific reference to military action.

From Information Clearing House

SAS raiders enter Iran to kill gunrunners

From Information Clearing House

U.S. air strikes in Baghdad kill toddlers

From Information Clearing House

Is it really fair to blame one man for destroying the US economy?

Housing Flameout: California Falls Into The Sea

By Mike Whitney

Freedom's Watch Targeting Iran

By Bill Berkowitz

After successfully holding the line on Congressional support for the surge in Iraq, wealthy Bush backers are turning their attention and money to drumming up support for military action against Iran.'s+Watch

The ultimate nightmare for White House/Pentagon on Middle East energy resources is the unified Iraqi resistance

It's The Resistance, Stupid

By Pepe Escobar

The ultimate nightmare for White House/Pentagon designs on Middle East energy resources is not Iran after all: it's a unified Iraqi resistance, comprising not only Sunnis but also Shi'ites.

The State of Georgia's Control of Their Own Water

by Devvy Kidd

The State of Georgia is drying up along with several other states because of extreme drought conditions. While the political squabbling has gone on, at the heart of the matter is whether or not Georgia has the right to control their own water, its allocation and the fish in its lakes and rivers........

Das Thema globale soziale Rechte hat das Potential dazu, die Kämpfe der Beschäftigten für bessere Arbeitsbedingungen zu verbinden

22. Oktober 2007

Gemeinsames Nachdenken

Die stellvertretende Parteivorsitzende Katja Kipping hat am Streitgespräch "Soziale Bewegungen und politische Parteien - Ein Dialog über Widersprüche und Gemeinsamkeiten“ auf dem 2. Sozialforum in Deutschland teilgenommen. Im folgenden einige Auszüge aus Ihrem Diskussionsbeitrag:

Die Chronik der Zusammenarbeit zwischen sozialen Bewegungen und linken Parteien verzeichnet so manchen Konflikt und so manche herbe Enttäuschung. Ursächlich dafür waren sowohl Vereinnahmungsversuche durch Parteimitglieder als auch umgekehrt die Ablehnung von Parteien durch sozial Bewegte. Aus diesen Fehlern sollten wir lernen.

Fakt ist, Parteien und soziale Bewegungen folgen unterschiedlichen eigenen Gesetzlichkeiten und haben ihre spezifischen Stärken und Schwächen. Erst das Zusammenwirken der unterschiedlichen Kräfte bringt Gesellschaftsveränderung hervor. Grundlage hierfür ist die gegenseitige Anerkennung sowie der Verzicht auf Dominanzansprüche.

Während der Gipfelproteste im Juni 2007 hat sich zwischen sozialen Bewegungen und der LINKEN eine Form der Zusammenarbeit jenseits von devoter Unsichtbarkeit der Partei einerseits und jenseits der Vereinnahmung der Bewegungen durch die Partei anderseits entwickelt.

Davon profitierten beide Seiten. Diese Zusammenarbeit gilt es fortzusetzen, um gesellschaftliche Kräfteverhältnisse zu verändern und Spielräume für linke Politik auszuweiten.

Das Sozialforum nun ist ein Ort der vor allem der Bewegungsinternen Verständigung dient. DIE LINKE wird dem Rechnung tragen. In Cottbus geht es nicht um die Sichtbarkeit der Partei. In Cottbus geht es um das gemeinsame Nachdenken.

Auf Sozialforen der vorangegangenen Jahre konnte man beobachten, wie auch die Kräfte des Widerstandes die bestehenden gesellschaftlichen Hierarchien in sich reproduzieren. So waren die Podien zu oft vor allem mit lebenserfahrenen Männern aus westlichen Ländern besetzt.

Vor dem Sozialforum in Deutschland steht die Herausforderung, sich stärker gegen die bestehenden gesellschaftlichen Hierarchien zu immunisieren. Es gilt Methoden zu entwickeln und anzuwenden, die mit patriarchalen Mustern brechen.

Nach den erfolgreichen Gipfelprotesten geht es in Cottbus auch um die Frage, wie weiter. Es kommt darauf an, gemeinsame inhaltliche Klammern zu finden, die die Kämpfe verschiedener Gruppen verbinden können. Das Thema globale soziale Rechte hat womöglich das Potential dazu, die Kämpfe der Beschäftigten für bessere Arbeitsbedingungen zu verbinden mit den Kämpfen der Erwerbslosen für gesellschaftliche Teilhabe sowie mit Kämpfen gegen Privatisierungen weltweit.

DIE LINKE bereitet gegenwärtig eine Kampagne gegen die Privatisierung der öffentlichen Daseinsvorsorge vor. Diese Kampagne soll Herbst/Winter
2007 beginnen. Damit macht DIE LINKE den Kampf gegen den Ausverkaufs des öffentlichen Eigentums und die Demokratisierung der öffentlichen Unternehmen zu einem ihrer politischen Schwerpunkte. Diese Kampagne kann einen Beitrag zur Untersetzung des Themas globale soziale Rechte liefern."

Message à NKM Secrétaire d'État chargé de l'Écologie

Grenelle J-4 : Message à NKM Secrétaire d'État chargé de l'Écologie (vidéo reportage Flash)

Stand Against Bush's Illegal Spying

Old Enough Now to Ask How Dad Died at War

Lisa W. Foderaro of The New York Times reports: "In a grim marker of the longevity of the war, children who were infants or toddlers when they lost a parent in action are growing up. In the process, they are coming to grips with death in new, more mature and at times more painful ways — pondering a parent they barely knew, asking pointed questions about the circumstances of the death and experiencing a kind of delayed grief."

California to Sue Bush Administration Over Law to Limit Emissions

The San Francisco Chronicle's Bob Egelko writes: "California will sue the Bush administration next week to demand action on a long-stalled request to let the state limit auto emissions of gases linked to global warming, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's office said Friday."

Manipulation of Energy Prices Is Hard to Detect

David Cho of The Washington Post reports: "One year ago, a 32-year-old trader at a giant hedge fund named Amaranth held huge sway over the price the country paid for natural gas. Trading on unregulated commodity exchanges, he made risky bets that led to the fund's collapse - and, according to a congressional investigation, higher gas bills for homeowners."


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