Freitag, 26. Oktober 2007

(Un)Fair Game: Targeting Iraqis as "Big Game"

Nick Turse, writing for, says: "At a recent conference on urban warfare in Washington, DC, James Lasswell, a retired Marine Corps colonel who now heads the Office of Science and Technology at the Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory, opened an interesting window into this side of things. He noted that, as part of an instruction course named 'Combat Hunter,' the Marines have brought in 'big-game hunters' to school their snipers in the better use of 'optics.'"

The World of Private "Security": Unleashed, the Fat Cats of War

Kim Sengupta and Charlie Gilmour, reporting for The Independent, write: "In Iraq, no one expects anything to be done. The widely prevalent view was expressed by Hassan Jabar Salman, a lawyer who was shot four times in the back as he attempted to get away from the American convoy. 'This is not the first time they have killed innocent people, and they will do it again, you'll see,' he said as he sat swathed in bandages at Yarmukh Hospital. 'Nothing, absolutely nothing will be done.'"

Democrats can stop the war if they want to use their power of the purse


The closer you examine biofuels, the dirtier they look'Donnell

Datenschützer in Bund und Ländern erneuern Nein zu Online-Durchsuchungen

Die Datenschutzbeauftragten von Bund und Ländern bleiben bei ihrem Nein zu Online-Durchsuchungen von Computern. Der unantastbare Kernbereich privater Lebensgestaltung lasse sich bei der Datenerhebung durch technische Mittel nicht schützen, erklärten die Beauftragten am Freitag auf ihrer Konferenz in Saalfeld in einer einstimmig angenommenen Entschließung.

EU-Verteidigungsagentur: 2008 "Jahr der Rüstung"

Die Linksabgeordnete Inge Höger kritisiert Pläne des Direktors der EU-Verteidigungsagentur, Alexander Weis, das Jahr 2008 zum "Jahr der Rüstung" zu machen. Das Mitglied im Verteidigungsausschuss des Deutschen Bundestages sagte, "die Ankündigung für eine neue Aufrüstungswelle initiiert durch die EU-Verteidigungsagentur, zeigt einmal mehr, dass es sich bei dieser Agentur faktisch um eine Aufrüstungsagentur handelt. Hier wird mit Steuergeldern, die Rüstungsindustrie auf allen Ebenen unterstützt." Dies betreffe die vorbereitende Forschung und die Durchführung von Rüstungsvorhaben ebenso wie die Erschließung von Absatzmärkten, so Höger.

impf-report Newsletter Nr. 27/2007

Bernhard Kouchner, der katastrophale Humanist

Der neue französische Außenminister ist der Vater aller Menschenrechtskriege.

Next-up news n°351

Thought Crime Bill Could Ensnare Peaceful Activists

November 17th: Save Our Cypress Day of Action

Why is the US threatening Iran?

What is behind President Bush's warning about WW III?


Bush desperately seeking World War III

Informant: Gomez

Petition: Abschaffung Sommerzeit

Hier ein Link für Mitunterzeichnung einer Petition gegen die Sommerzeit.

Petition "Zeitumstellung" an den Deutschen Bundestag
Mitzeichnungsende ist am 7. November 2007:

Dazu auch ein Bericht der Uni München:
Chronobiologie: Jede Zeitumstellung bringt innere Uhr durcheinander

Helmut Breunig

Neoliberal: der permanente Parteiaustritt des Oswald Metzger

A Catastrophe Foretold

Paul Krugman writes for The New York Times: "'Increased subprime lending has been associated with higher levels of delinquency, foreclosure and, in some cases, abusive lending practices.' So declared Edward M. Gramlich, a Federal Reserve official. These days a lot of people are saying things like that about subprime loans - mortgages issued to buyers who don't meet the normal financial criteria for a home loan. But here's the thing: Mr. Gramlich said those words in May 2004."

The New York Times: Denying Children

The editors of The New York Times write, "The House approved a revised bill to finance the children's health insurance program yesterday by a 265-to-142 margin - a strong mandate, but still not enough to overcome another promised veto by President Bush."

Democrats Force White House Retreat on Wiretap Papers

Elana Schor, of The Guardian Unlimited, reports, "The White House has bowed to Democratic pressure and agreed to give senior senators access to subpoenaed documents on the legal justification for government wire-tapping without a warrant, the Senate majority leader said today."

Mukasey's Nomination Runs Into Trouble

The Associated Press reports, "Judge Michael Mukasey's nomination for attorney general ran into trouble Thursday when two top Senate Democrats said their votes hinge on whether he will say on the record that an interrogation technique that simulates drowning is torture."

Viren im Trinkwasser

Bertelsmann-Stiftung im Visier der Staatsanwaltschaft

A minority of the majority

Unqualified Offerings

by Thoreau

The ugly face of illegal imperial war

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

McCain rebukes Giuliani on waterboarding remark

New York Times


Rudolph W. Giuliani’s statement on Wednesday that he was uncertain whether waterboarding, a simulated drowning technique, was torture drew a sharp rebuke yesterday from Senator John McCain, who said that his failure to call it torture reflected his inexperience. ‘All I can say is that it was used in the Spanish Inquisition, it was used in Pol Pot’s genocide in Cambodia, and there are reports that it is being used against Buddhist monks today,’ Mr. McCain, who spent more than five years in a North Vietnamese prison camp, said in a telephone interview. Of presidential candidates like Mr. Giuliani, who say that they are unsure whether waterboarding is torture, Mr. McCain said: ‘They should know what it is. It is not a complicated procedure. It is torture’...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

US launches new round of sabre-rattling vs. Iran

Roseburg News-Review


The United States announced harsh new penalties on the Iranian military and state-owned banking systems Thursday, raising pressure on the world financial system to cut ties with a regime the West accuses of bankrolling terrorism and seeking a nuclear bomb. The U.S. sanctions on elements of Iran’s vast armed forces and its largest bank are the most sweeping since 1979, when the takeover of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran ruptured diplomatic, business and military ties...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Ron Paul Introduces Bill to Defend Constitution

Informant: Bob Banner

2,000-Year-Old California Redwoods' Fate in Mediator's Hands

Erwin Seba for Reuters reports: "A US bankruptcy judge in Texas said on Tuesday he would appoint a mediator to try to hammer out a deal on the fate of 29,000 acres of giant, 2,000-year-old California redwood trees, which environmentalists and loggers battled over in the 1990s."

Presidential Power

Bill Moyers Journal examines the unprecedented presidential power that some say is being amassed by our current administration and kept secret in the name of national security.

Second Court Ruling Redacts Information About Interrogation

Dan Eggen for The Washington Post reports on the case of Abdallah Higazy, who is suing the FBI and FBI agent Michael Templeton, for their aggressive interrogation techniques, which forced Higazy to admit to a crime he did not do.

Save the planet? It's now or never, warns landmark UN report

Humanity is changing Earth's climate so fast and devouring resources so voraciously that it is poised to bequeath a ravaged planet to future generations, the UN warned Thursday in its most comprehensive survey of the environment.

From Information Clearing House

Goodbye dollar, hello inflation

The dollar is no longer the world's reserve currency. This is the statement you heard twice in one day if you were checking out the news on Bloomberg over the past 24 hours.

From Information Clearing House

Conservatives too busy for hearing on Iraq war's cost

The House Budget Committee held a hearing today to receive testimony regarding the CBO's estimate that the Iraq and Afghanistan wars may total $2.4 trillion. Only one Republican member of the committee attended.

From Information Clearing House

Kucinich: Bush Wants More War, This Time With Iran

"The Administration has been dramatically increasing its efforts in the last several weeks to go to war with Iran," Kucinich said. "This latest stunt is nothing more than an attempt to deceive Americans into yet another war-this time with Iran."

Pete, Nancy, George and WWIII

By Cindy Sheehan

BushCo has over 14 more months to sew their demented seeds of destruction all over the planet. We must all join Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-Oh) in his call to remove them from office not only for their past, but for their future, illegal wars of aggression, possibly even doing the unthinkable: using a nuclear weapon.

Attack Iran And You Attack Russia

By Pepe Escobar

The barely reported highlight of Russian President Vladimir Putin's visit to Tehran for the Caspian Sea summit last week was a key face-to-face meeting with Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

Israeli Foreign Minister Admits: Iranian Nuclear Arms Pose Little Threat to Israel

By Gidi Weitz and Na'ama Lanski

Livni also criticized the exaggerated use that Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is making of the issue of the Iranian bomb, claiming that he is attempting to rally the public around him by playing on its most basic fears. Last week, former Mossad chief Ephraim Halevy said similar things about Iran.

Putin objects to sanctions against Iran

Russian President Vladimir Putin objected on Thursday to new sanctions against Iran, saying such action would put Iran in a corner over its nuclear programme.

Putin warns against sanctions on Iran

"Running around like a madman with a razor blade, waving it around, is not the best way to resolve the situation," the Russian leader said.

Romney open to Iran 'bombardment'

Republican Mitt Romney said Thursday he would be willing to use a military blockade or "bombardment of some kind" to prevent Iran from gaining a nuclear weapon.

From Information Clearing House

U.S. Bunker-buster Request Prompts Iran Attack Fears

By Susan Cornwell

Some Democratic lawmakers questioned on Wednesday whether a new Bush administration request for $88 million to fit "bunker-busting" bombs to B-2 stealth bombers was part of preparations for an attack on Iran.

US, bent on 'miscalculation,' imposes unilateral anti-Iran sanctions

Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

Petition zur Entflechtung der Gentechnikindustrie

Kenyan tribe punishes developers with curse

By Nick Wadhams in Nairobi

Last Updated: 2:36am BST 26/10/2007

Elders of the Kikuyu tribe in Kenya are to curse anyone they deem to have desecrated a sacred hill after enduring 20 years of logging, tea planting and the erection of a mobile phone mast.



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