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New Evidence That Blackwater Guards Took No Fire

James Glanz, The New York Times, writes: "Fresh accounts of the Blackwater shooting last month, given by three rooftop witnesses and by American soldiers who arrived shortly after the gunfire ended, cast new doubt Friday on statements by Blackwater guards that they were responding to armed insurgents when Iraqi investigators say 17 Iraqis were killed at a Baghdad intersection."

Former CEO Says NSA Punished Phone Firm

The Washington Post's Ellen Nakashima and Dan Eggen report: "A former Qwest Communications International executive, appealing a conviction for insider trading, has alleged that the government withdrew opportunities for contracts worth hundreds of millions of dollars after Qwest refused to participate in an unidentified National Security Agency program that the company thought might be illegal."

impf-report Newsletter Nr. 22/2007

The American dilemma

After the Riots, Burma Returns to an Unspoken Terror

Kevin Doyle, reporting for The Guardian UK newspaper, writes, "With the killing of an unknowable number of peaceful protesters and the imprisonment of thousands more during the pro-democracy demonstrations [in Burma] last month, many people fear reprisals by the military."

RFID Totale Ignorance

A review of US pressure & covert action against Iran

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Space-Based Solar Power

Cit. pages 10-11:

„Typical reference designs involved a satellite in geostationary orbit, several kilometers on a side, that used photovoltaic arrays to capture the sunlight, then convert it into radio frequencies of 2.45 or 5.8 GHz where atmospheric transmission is very high, that were then beamed toward a reference signal on the Earth at intensities approximately 1/6th of noon sunlight. The beam was then received by a rectifying antenna and converted into electricity for the grid, delivering 5-10 gigawatts of electric power.“

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Microwave skinheater weapon

Blasts just the outer layer of skin

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Ex-Commander Says Iraq Effort Is "a Nightmare"

David S. Cloud reports in Saturday's edition of The New York Times that a former top commander of American forces in Iraq: "In a sweeping indictment of the four-year effort there called the Bush administration's handling of the war 'incompetent' and said the result was 'a nightmare with no end in sight.'"


General condemns Iraq 'nightmare'

In a sweeping indictment of the four-year effort in Iraq, the former commander of American forces there called the Bush Administration's handling of the war "incompetent" and said the result is "a nightmare with no end in sight".

U.S. leadership dooms Iraq strategy: ex-commander

Without mentioning President George W. Bush by name, he called the president's troop-escalation "surge" strategy a "desperate attempt by an administration that has not accepted the political and economic realities of this war."

From Information Clearing House


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Wi-fi networks to be examined for potential risks to children

13th October 2007

Risks: Health Protection Agency is concerned that little research has been carried out into whether wi-fi networks are harmful

The potential risks to children from wireless internet networks in schools are to be examined by the health watchdog. The Health Protection Agency is concerned that little research has been carried out into whether increasingly popular wi-fi networks are harmful. The agency's two-year inquiry will look at levels of exposure in schools, homes and offices, where around two million wifi networks have been installed over the last two years.


Urgent action on pesticides

Kill King Corn

Nature Magazine: Biofuels need new technology, new agronomy and new politics if they are not to do more harm than good.

Atlanta's Water Source Drying Up

Stacy Shelton for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution writes, "Lake Sidney Lanier, metro Atlanta's main source of water, has about three months of storage left, according to state and federal officials."

Gore Wins the Norwegian Primary

The Nation Magazine's John Nichols writes, "Al Gore has arrived at the point that most politicians can only imagine in their wildest dreams. The entire world is asking him to be not merely a candidate but an ecological - not to mention, ideological - savior. And there is simply no question that he is viable. In fact, he is more viable than he has ever been."

Beware of the Silver Tongued Politicians

by Joyce Morrison

The National Animal Identification System (NAIS) is the most controlling regulation imaginable and yet groups supposedly representing the farm community such as Farm Bureau and Cattleman’s Associations are promoting NAIS for themselves – not the producer. Apparently they see dollars for their coffers regardless of the fact it will put the small producer out of business. It has nothing to do with prevention of disease........

Income-Inequality Gap Widens

The wealthiest 1% of Americans earned 21.2% of all income in 2005, according to new data from the Internal Revenue Service. That is up sharply from 19% in 2004, and surpasses the previous high of 20.8% set in 2000, at the peak of the previous bull market in stocks. The bottom 50% earned 12.8% of all income, down from 13.4% in 2004 and a bit less than their 13% share in 2000.

From Information Clearing House

US ready to sanction countries cooperating with Iran, warns Rice

The United States is considering imposing new sanctions on countries cooperating with Iran, US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Friday after high-level Russia-US talks.

Respect Iran sanctions, US warns

The US on Friday warned China, Russia and other countries opposed to tougher economic sanctions against Iran not to seize business opportunities left open by the departure of those respecting the sanctions regime.

US threatens Turkey over energy support to Iran

The United States has suggested that Turkey could come under sanctions for its energy cooperation with Iran. The State Department has criticized Turkey for its agreement for natural gas cooperation with Tehran.

Putin Warns Against U.S. Missile Plan

Russian President Vladimir Putin said he hopes the United States doesn't try to strike a missile system deal in Europe before U.S.-Russia talks are complete.

Russia threatens to discard nuclear missile treaty

Russian President Vladimir Putin warned Friday that his nation might pull out of a key nuclear missile defense treaty, a tense start to what has been hailed as a key meeting here with the U.S. secretaries of State and Defense.

From Information Clearing House

Jimmy Carter calls Cheney a "disaster" for U.S.

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter on Wednesday denounced Vice President Dick Cheney as a "disaster" for the country and a "militant" who has had an excessive influence in setting foreign policy.

UN calls for inquiry into deadly US strike in Iraq

The United Nations mission in Iraq urged U.S. forces on Friday to pursue a "vigorous" probe into an air strike that killed 15 women and children and said its findings must be made public so that lessons can be learned.

Iraq: At least 17 killed as U.S. occupation grinds on

Iraqi security forces found the bodies of five people across Baghdad.

US air strikes kill 19 "insurgents", 15 women and children

U.S. forces killed 19 insurgents and 15 women and children in air strikes north of Iraq's capital.

U.N. documented more than 100 civilians allegedly killed by U.S.-led forces

"The killings are still taking place, the torture is still being reported, the due process issues are still unresolved," said Ivana Vuco, a U.N. human rights officer in Baghdad.

From Information Clearing House

Rulers and Ruled in the US Empire

By Stephen Lendman

"The growth of monstrous and rigid class inequalities reflects the narrow social base of an economy dominated by finance capital" with the US redistributing far less to its people than other developed nations like those in Western Europe. Democrats are as culpable as Republicans with both parties tied to big monied interests through campaign funding and the power of lobbies. It makes everyone in the political power structure unwilling to change things so they don't. The result is working Americans suffer hugely while those at the top never had it so good."

The Sino-Russian Alliance: Challenging America's Ambitions in Eurasia

By Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya

America and Britain, the Anglo-American alliance, have engaged in an ambitious project to control global energy resources. Their actions have resulted in a series of complicated reactions, which have established a Eurasian-based coalition which is preparing to challenge the Anglo-American axis.

Dramatischer Klimawandel durch Regenwald-Vernichtung

The Alarming Parallels Between 1929 and 2007

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Verizon cell antenna plan draws fire

Brad Breithaupt
Article Launched: 10/12/2007 12:27:28 AM PDT

Plans to put a 78-foot cell phone tower disguised as a plastic pine tree near the top of Mount Barnabe drew objections from Lagunitas and Forest Knolls neighbors, prompting officials to schedule a county Planning Commission hearing.



Cyborg insects with embedded microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) will run remotely controlled reconnaissance missions for the military, if its '"HI-MEMS" program succeeds. Hybrid-Insect MEMS -- a program hatched earlier this year at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (Darpa) -- aims to harness insects the way horses were harnessed by the cavalry.

Informant: NHNE


The Canary Effect takes an in depth look at the devastating effect that US policies have had on the Indigenous people of America. Using beautifully crafted imagery it presents a chilling case to what many believe is an ongoing genocide of the American Indian. Featuring interviews with some of the leading scholars and exponents of Indigenous struggles, alongside revealing insight from those who work and live on reservations today, The Canary Effect creates a link between the past and present in a unique way never before explored on film.


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