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White House On Defensive Over Torture Memos

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World Bank Found to Have Seriously Violated Own Rules as Sought to Raze Congo's Rainforests


TODAY World Bank Found to Have Seriously Violated Own Rules as Sought to Raze Congo's Rainforests

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October 5, 2007 OVERVIEW & COMMENTARY by Dr. Glen Barry, Ecological Internet

A leaked report by the World Bank's independent inspection panel has found the World Bank gravely broke its own rules in regard to rainforest policies and projects pursued since 2002 in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The World Bank encouraged foreign companies to destructively log DRC's rainforests, endangering the lives of thousands of Congolese Pygmies; misled Congo's government about the value of their forests, and repeatedly broke their own rules regarding natural habitat and indigenous protections.

Congo's rainforests are the second largest in the world, hold some 8% of the Earth's carbon, and possess critical global ecosystems containing rich biodiversity. These forests provide medicines, shelter, timber and food for 40 million people. When the World Bank reentered the Congo in 2002, after years of war, it said industrial forestry could contribute to the country's recovery. It rushed through new forestry laws, divided the country's rainforests into logging zones, and along with the British government aimed to create a favorable climate for industrial logging. These efforts have now been discredited.

This revelation of Bank corruption in order to ensure Western access to ancient rainforest timbers is a victory, albeit sad and impartial, as the Pygmies' rights and livelihoods are safe for now from illegally promoted inappropriate development of the country’s rainforests by the World Bank. It is a victory for Rainforest Foundation -- UK, whose persistent efforts to highlight the World Bank's bad faith efforts in the DRC have paid off. And perhaps the mighty Congo rainforest is secure for awhile from more misguided World Bank forest conservation policies and projects that intensify industrial logging.

And lastly, it is a victory for Ecological Internet's action network (you!), who in support of Pygmies filing the inspection panel claim, the Rainforest Foundation, and out of a desire to keep DRC's rainforests intact; launched one of our largest email action protests ever, as tens of thousands of protests emails were sent by thousands of protestors. The protest alert in December of 2005 had such high levels of participation that we crashed our server handling the volume!

The alert just prior to the World Bank Board's consideration of Congo rainforest policy called for an Inspection Panel "investigation into claims by the 'Pygmy' indigenous peoples that you have failed to take into account how your plans would impact people depending on the forest for their survival... The World Bank is laying the basis for the destruction of Congo's rainforests, and it has breached many of its own internal safeguard policies in the process". These allegations have been borne out in their entirety.

It is clear that the World Bank must completely rethink their forest policy in the DRC and the world. Industrial logging must be rejected and replaced with an emphasis upon community development based upon standing, intact rainforests. Further, it is clear that the World Bank has been discredited, shown to not be a good faith participant in world efforts to protect the world's remaining primary and old-growth forests. As such, they must be disqualified from further administration of GEF and proposed Forest/Carbon protection monies. Expect an alert to this effect shortly... g.b.

To comment: ously_violated.asp


ITEM #1 Title: Country World Bank accused of razing Congo forests Internal report says mass logging threatens Pygmies; Findings are embarrassing for British government Source: Copyright 2007, Guardian, UK Date: October 5, 2007 Byline: John Vidal

The World Bank encouraged foreign companies to destructively log the world's second largest forest, endangering the lives of thousands of Congolese Pygmies, according to a report on an internal investigation by senior bank staff and outside experts. The report by the independent inspection panel, seen by the Guardian, also accuses the bank of misleading Congo's government about the value of its forests and of breaking its own rules.

Congo's rainforests are the second largest in the world after the Amazon, locking nearly 8% of the planet's carbon and having some of its richest biodiversity. Nearly 40 million people depend on the forests for medicines, shelter, timber and food.

The report into the bank's activities in Democratic Republic of Congo since 2002 follows complaints made two years ago by an alliance of 12 Pygmy groups. The groups claimed that the bank-backed system of awarding vast logging concessions to companies to exploit the forests was causing "irreversible harm".

It will be discussed at board level in the World Bank within weeks and may lead to a complete rethink of how forestry in the DRC is practised.

It is particularly embarrassing for the British government, which is a development partner of the bank and its third largest financial contributor. It encouraged the bank to intervene in the Congo forests with export-driven industrial logging and has earmarked £50m for further Congo basin forestry aid.

When the bank moved back into Congo in 2002, after years of war which cost up to 4 million lives, it said industrial forestry could contribute most strongly to the country's recovery. In its rush to reform the economy it devised new forestry laws, divided the county into zones and aimed to create a favourable climate for industrial logging.

But although the bank is legally committed to protecting the environment, and trying to alleviate poverty, the panel found that the policies it imposed on the Congo were having the opposite social and environmental effects:

• An area of 600,000 square kilometres (232,000 square miles) of forest was earmarked for logging companies.

• The bank failed to address critical social and environmental issues.

• It ignored between 250,000 and 600,000 Pygmies believed to be living in the Congolese forests, even though their presence was well known and documented.

• It put the Pygmies in serious potential harm.

Criticism is made of the forestry reforms that the bank imposed in return for loans of more than $450m. Initially, said the panel, "the bank provided [to the government] estimates of export revenue from logging concessions that turned out to be far too high. This encouraged a focus on reform of the forestry system at the expense of pursuing sustainable uses of forests, the potential for community forests and for conservation.

For the most part foreign companies, or local companies controlled by foreigners, have been the beneficiaries of this," the report said.

In a scathing analysis of the bank's economic reasoning, the panel said the bank had "distorted the real economic value of the country's forests" by looking solely at the tax and revenue that increased industrial logging might generate. "There seems to have been little action to support alternative uses of the forest resources," it said.

The panel travelled deep into the forest to take evidence from the Pygmy communities, who told it they were not consulted before the bank launched its wide-ranging forestry reforms.

One Pygmy leader told the panel: "We are being made poor in every aspect ... the [logging] company prevents us from going into the forests." Another said that the company had bought the land so that people could no longer live in the forests.

"Roads are going ever deeper into the forests, opening it up. We are increasingly deprived of our foods and drugs. We have never seen anything from the bank except promises," said a third.

Research by non-government groups last year showed that 12 foreign-owned or foreign-controlled companies were encouraged by the bank to dominate the entire industry. Some had concessions of more than 5m hectares, and all included Pygmy communities in their holdings. The bank is reviewing the legality of many of these concessions.

Yesterday international groups that have worked with Congolese communities said they were shocked by the panel's findings.

"The Pygmies must be fully involved in developing any future plans for the forest, and the bank need to find ways of helping them uphold their rights, rather than helping logging companies to destroy them," said Simon Counsell, director of the Rainforest Foundation.

"The World Bank must change drastically its forest policies. Industrial logging is not contributing to poverty reduction, while its expansion undermines future financial benefits for environmental services," said Staphan van Praet, the Africa forest campaigner for Greenpeace International.

ITEM #2 Title: Congo’s Pygmies vindicated as official watchdog condemns World Bank’s role in Africa’s great rainforest Source: Press Release, Rainforest Foundation -- UK Date: October 4, 2007

PRESS RELEASE EMBARGO: 4th October 2007. 00.01 hrs Congo’s Pygmies vindicated as official watchdog condemns World Bank’s role in Africa’s great rainforest

An unreleased report of the World Bank Inspection Panel obtained today by the Rainforest Foundation shows that the World Bank has committed grave errors in its projects in the rainforests of the Democratic Republic of Congo, which are the second largest on Earth after the Amazon [1]. The Panel’s investigation was undertaken after a formal complaint was submitted by a number of organisation’s working with Congo’s indigenous Pygmy people, who expressed their concern about the impact of Bank-funded activities in the forests which they inhabit [2]. An area of rainforest the size of France is at risk.

The report finds that two projects funded by the Bank since
2002 would have promoted massive industrial exploitation of Congo’s rainforests for timber production, potentially turning the country into ‘Africa’s premier timber producer’. However, the Inspection Panel also finds that there was inadequate consideration of the “many important socio-economic and environmental issues of forest us” at the time that the Bank projects were prepared and started; that the Bank had not even identified the fact that Congo’s forests were inhabited by indigenous people, and had only given ‘limited attention’ to the fact that some 40 million other people (mostly subsistence farmers) also depend on Congo’s forests for their survival. As well as threatening the environment, the projects would also probably not serve to help alleviate poverty; the Panel has found that the Bank misled the Congolese government into believing that the revenues from logging its rainforests would be much higher than were likely in reality.

Most damningly for the Bank, the Panel has found that Bank staff broke many of the agency’s own internal ‘safeguard’ policies, which are designed to protect the environment, natural habitats, and the rights of people living in the areas affected by Bank projects. Bank staff ‘downgraded’ projects to lower levels of potential environmental risk, thus reducing the level of environmental assessment required, and then anyway failed to carry out environmental and social impacts before the projects started.

The Panel also finds that, whilst the Bank has repeatedly claimed that it is helping to bring Congo’s existing and mostly illegal logging operations under control, especially by reviewing the legality of all the existing 150 or so logging companies, there had been serious flaws in this process, with inadequate management of it by the Bank. The fate of around 15 million hectares of rainforest (about the size of England), some of it inhabited by Pygmies, could be determined by this flawed ‘review’ of logging concessions.

Simon Counsell, Director of the Rainforest Foundation, said;

“The Panel’s report is a major victory for the ‘Pygmy’ peoples of the Congo whose rights and livelihoods would be seriously harmed by inappropriate development of the country’s rainforests. We are now calling on governments to put pressure on the World Bank Board to realise the gravity of the report and ddemand immediate action to safeguard the Congo forests and the 40 million people depending on them.”

Notes to editors

[1] The report results from a year-long investigation by the Panel, which serves as an official but independent ‘watchdog’ over the activities of the Bank, the world’s largest development funding agency. The Panel’s report on the Congolese rainforests would probably be made publicly available at the end of October.

[2] The Request for Inspection submitted by 12 Congolese activists can be found on the Inspection Panel website: s/RequestforInspectionEnglish.pdf.

For further information contact:

Simon Counsell, the Rainforest Foundation UK T- 020 7485 0193 M- 07941 899 579 E:

Cath Long, Rainforest Foundation UK Programme Director T- 020 7485 0193 M – 07932 635 798 E –


World Bank "Encouraged" Razing Congo Forests

John Vidal for The Guardian UK reports that "the World Bank encouraged foreign companies to destructively log the world's second-largest forest, endangering the lives of thousands of Congolese Pygmies, according to a report on an internal investigation by senior bank staff and outside experts."

New Military Leaders Question Iraq Mission

Nancy A. Youssef and Renee Schoof report for McClatchy Newspapers, "Four and a half years after the nation's top military leaders saluted and fell in behind President Bush's pre-emptive invasion of Iraq, their replacements are beginning to question the mission and sound alarms about the toll the war is taking on the Army and the Marine Corps."

Saving the Military From Itself

William Astore writes for "It's time to save the military from itself. I say this as a retired Air Force officer who served for twenty years, my last three in a 'joint' assignment, working closely with Army, Marine, and Navy officers and enlisted men and women."

Next-up news n°326

Stop Torture, End Spying, Restore the Rule of Law

Did White House Lie About Loss of Five Million Emails?

Daemon Poeter, of the CMP Channel, reports: "when Congress asked about 5 million executive branch e-mails that went missing, a White House lawyer pointed the finger at an outside IT contractor. The only problem? No such IT contractor exists, according to sources close to the investigation of a possible violation of the Federal Records and Presidential Records acts."

Bush Official, Friend Under Investigation

Justin Rood, of ABC News, reports: "a Bush administration cabinet secretary is facing multiple federal investigations about whether he lied to Congress when he vowed he never intervened in contracting awards at his department, according to a new report. The FBI and the Justice Department are working with the inspector general for the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to probe whether HUD Secretary Alphonso Jackson arranged for nearly half a million dollars worth of work to go to a golfing partner and friend, according to the National Journal magazine."

Debate Erupts on Techniques Used by CIA

David Johnston and Scott Shane, of The New York Times, report: "the disclosure of secret Justice Department legal opinions on interrogation on Thursday set off a bitter round of debate over the treatment of terrorism suspects in American custody and whether Congress has been adequately informed of legal policies. Democrats on Capitol Hill demanded to see the classified memorandums, disclosed Thursday by The New York Times, that gave the Central Intelligence Agency expansive approval in 2005 for harsh interrogation techniques."

Major row erupts in Dunmore over mobile phone antennae

By Jennifer Long

RESIDENTS of Dunmore East are “shocked” and outraged” over claims that mobile phone antennae put up on the roof of their local supermarket could help in future sea rescues there.

The assertions by O2 and Meteor have been branded “hugely insensitive” in light of the appalling sea tragedies that have rocked the fishing village - including the sinking of the ‘Pere Charles’ fishing trawler only last January.


Restore habeas, restore security

Christian Science Monitor
by William H. Neukom


Americans understand that the government can’t just lock away their friends or neighbors without explanation or giving them a day in court. But should that still be true when we’re talking about accused terrorists? For five years, the executive branch and Congress have said that foreign enemy combatants should not have access to federal courts and have allowed them to languish in a Guantanamo prison without outside judicial review. Last month, US senators narrowly failed to reverse this misguided strategy, but we all have a stake in the consequences of this debate. At stake is habeas corpus, a doctrine as old as Magna Carta. Its core principle, that no person can be locked away without a fair and impartial court review, is the cornerstone of all free societies, including America’s...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

The Blackwater massacre

by Justin Raimondo


The rising political firestorm over the Blackwater massacre runs up against a legal firewall in the form of an edict issued by Paul Bremer, former U.S. viceroy, that forbids US military personnel (including private contractors) from being charged by Iraqi authorities or tried in Iraqi courts. It was one of his last acts, one that put the lie to the American proclamation of Iraqi ’sovereignty.’ The crisis will come when Iraqi demands for justice collide with the reality of Iraq’s de facto status as a U.S. colony. In the event of a showdown over this case — and over the larger issue of sovereignty — the Americans will either go to war with the government they hailed as the vanguard of the region’s democratic transformation, or else pack up their gear and go. I’m betting on the former...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

America’s Nuremberg trials

from Reason to Freedom
by Melinda Pillsbury-Foster


America’s Constitution laid out a limited role for the Federal government. That role was clearly defined; nearly all of the functions for government staying either with the states or the people; instead of respecting the limited scope of the duties assigned Federal government has ignored every barrier intended to protect Americans from the assault of misapplied authority. Those acting under orders from Congress, the President, or any other authority should take note; under the mandate of the Constitution you are guilty of treason. They shoot traitors. The question is not if, but when. Just because those now abusing power are not now charged does not mean they can evade accountability. That accounting will, inevitably, come...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

UK Guards “assault and racially abuse” deportees

Independent [UK]


Hundreds of failed asylum-seekers deported from the United Kingdom have been beaten and racially abused by British escort teams who are paid to take them back to their home countries …. The scale of the alleged abuse has been uncovered in a joint investigation by The Independent and a group co-ordinating the representation and medical care of failed asylum-seekers. A dossier of 200 cases, collated by doctors, lawyers, immigration centre visitors and campaign groups over the past two years, has unearthed shocking claims of physical and mental mistreatment of some of the most vulnerable people in our asylum system...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Contractor involved in Iraq shooting got job in Kuwait



A Blackwater USA employee who was fired after he allegedly shot and killed an Iraqi security guard on Christmas Eve last year was hired by another private contractor to work in the region less than two months later. Andrew J. Moonen returned to the United States within a few days of the incident, his attorney said, but in February he returned to Kuwait, working for Defense Department contractor Combat Support Associates (CSA), a company spokesman said...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

A Giuliani Nomination Dooms The GOP And Maybe America

by Pastor Chuck Baldwin

Let me say it plainly: a Hillary Clinton administration would be no worse than a Rudy Giuliani administration. In some ways, it might not be as bad. At least, with a Democrat in the White House, conservatives might try to act like conservatives and muster the energy to actually oppose some of her liberal proposals. The record is clear: when a Republican is in the White House, conservatives not only lose their backbone, they also lose their brain cells. They walk around in a daze without the ability to even see what is going on right before their eyes........

Dollar's double blow from Vietnam and Qatar

Vietnam is planning to cut its purchases of US Treasuries and other dollar bonds, raising fears that Asian central banks with control over two thirds of the world's foreign reserves may soon join the flight from US assets.

Dollar Falls Against Euro, Yen on Drop in U.S. Factory Orders

The dollar fell against the euro and yen for the first time in four days as a drop in U.S. factory orders suggested the housing recession is slowing the economy.

Recession isn't an 'if' but a 'when': Housing prices are heading lower

Stock prices are heading down. And it's all systems go for a downturn in the U.S. economy, no matter what the bulls say.

From Information Clearing House

Officer: Drop Marine's murder charges

Staff Sgt. Frank Wuterich, 27, of Meriden, Conn., is charged with the unpremeditated murder of 17 Iraqis in Haditha in 2005. The former squad leader allegedly directed his Marines in an assault that left 24 men, women and...

From Information Clearing House

Red, white and mercenary in Iraq

Under the cloak of freedom, the U.S. exempted Blackwater and other contractors from Iraqi law -- and destroyed its own democratic credibility.

Five Million and Counting

Little is actually being done to attend to the needs of what now amounts to nearly 5 million refugees.

From Information Clearing House

Richardson calls for immediate pullout from Iraq

Democratic presidential candidate Bill Richardson criticized his rivals on Thursday for failing to support an immediate and complete U.S. troop pullout from Iraq, saying it is time to "get all our troops out".

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

"Capitalism and Freedom" Unmasked

By Stephen Lendman

Iraq above all other nations today is a ghoulish testimony to the myth of free market magic, but it's even worse than that. It proves Friedmanomics a crime against humanity and the man who led it a Nobel prize-winning fraud whose legacy is failure. His real time record is so horrific, it's unrevealed in the mainstream to suppress it.

Mike Gravel: "I'm Ashamed Of This"

Jim Lehrer interview with Democratic Presidential candidate Sen. Mike Gravel

MIKE GRAVEL: I love my country, and I love the human race. And I want to see a change made in the leadership of our country so we can do more to protect the human race....With respect to my country going to war when there's no reason to go to war, killing human beings, I'm ashamed of this.

Preparation for Martial Law

ACLU Sharply Condemns Bush Administration’s Secret Torture Memos


US, Iran Play with Fire

Cindy Sheehan: Imagine Peace


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Amnesty Lists Horrors of US Executions

Code Pink Finds Marine Recruiters In Berkeley: Protests Begin

Secret US Endorsement of Severe Interrogations

Native Women Mark Autumn in Nuclear Shadows

Laura Paskus for Women's eNews reports on a gathering of women from six native communities near Los Alamos National Laboratory to discuss their concerns about nuclear contamination, type-II diabetes and the near-extinction of traditional midwifery.

Why are not more people talking about the imminent oil supply crisis?

Crude Awakening

Sarah Phillips for The Guardian UK asks why more people are not talking about the imminent oil supply crisis.

EPA Urged to Limit CO2 Pollution From Cargo and Cruise Ships

Environmental News Network reports that "today a coalition of environmental advocates filed a petition with the US Environmental Protection Agency, asking the agency to set pollution rules for large, ocean-going marine vessels."

How We Can Save Ourselves

Tim Flannery for The Age, Australia writes about actions that are required to happen this year, not next, to address global climate change.

Pastor John Hagee advocates for a preemptive strike against Iran

The All-White Elephant in the Room

Frank Rich, of The New York Times: "Bored by those endless replays of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright? If so, go directly to YouTube, search for 'John Hagee Roman Church Hitler,' and be recharged by a fresh jolt of clerical jive. What you'll find is a white televangelist, the Rev. John Hagee, lecturing in front of an enormous diorama. Wielding a pointer, he pokes at the image of a woman with Pamela Anderson-sized breasts, her hand raising a golden chalice."


Hagee the Horrible: On McCain's hate-filled minister pal

Informant: Lew Rockwell


Undercover to Join the Flock of John Hagee

From Information Clearing House


Why Media Fix on Wright and Ignore Hagee

Senator Craig Won't Resign in Sex Sting Plea

Thomas Ferraro for Reuters reports: "Republican Sen. Larry Craig of Idaho reversed course on Thursday and said he intends to remain in the US Congress despite his conviction in a sex-sting operation."

Lt. Watada Argues Second Court-Martial Is Illegal

Mike Barber for The Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports that First Lt. Ehren Watada asked a federal court on Wednesday to bar his upcoming court-martial, saying that the Army is violating his constitutional rights by trying him twice for the same crime. Truthout will be covering the court-martial from Fort Lewis, Washington. The trial begins Tuesday.

Stop Blue Whales From Being Killed by Ships

FDA Ineptitude Costs Many Lives

by Byron Richards

On September 27, 2007 the president signed the hotly debated FDA “reform” legislation into law, which does nothing but give the highly dysfunctional FDA management team more power. FDA ineptitude is costing Americans dearly. The FDA does not need more power or money, it needs management that truly has the health and well-being of consumers as its top priority. FDA crimes of commission and omission are becoming more evident with every passing day........

Melting ice cap triggering earthquakes

Informant: Tim Edwards

Active-Duty Generals Will ‘Revolt’ Against Bush If He Maintains Escalation Into 2008

Informant: ranger116

Rachel's News #926

Rachel's News #927

Secret US Endorsement of Torture Revealed

Scott Shane, David Johnston and James Risen, of The New York Times, report: "when the Justice Department publicly declared torture 'abhorrent' in a legal opinion in December 2004, the Bush administration appeared to have abandoned its assertion of nearly unlimited presidential authority to order brutal interrogations. But soon after Alberto Gonzales's arrival as attorney general in February 2005, the Justice Department issued another opinion, this one in secret. It was a very different document, according to officials briefed on it, an expansive endorsement of the harshest interrogation techniques ever used by the Central Intelligence Agency."

Biowarfare and the Emergence of Police State

1 hour audio interview with Francis Boyle


Independent Media Source

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