Graveyard of Empire

Obama Sneaks into Kabul to Beg Karzai to Clean Up His Act


"Why We Should Get Out Of Afghanistan"

By George Galloway and Tony Benn


Casualties will rise in 2010, US and British officials warn

NATO forces have been fighting in Afghanistan for eight years, but casualties are rising and the insurgency shows no sign of buckling.

Karzai demands end to Nato raids

Afghanistan's president has demanded that Nato forces in his country stop all military raids on local villages.

The Philippine War is Not So Different from Afghanistan

By David Silbey

The war in Afghanistan feels foreign to Americans: a far distant land, a confusing and alien culture, and combat against a shadowy enemy. That feeling is mistaken. America has spent much of its history fighting wars like the one in Afghanistan.

From Information Clearing House


The US can no longer afford its empire

Independent Institute
by Ivan Eland


President Obama has presented Congress with a spending request of $3.8 trillion for the next fiscal year in 2011, but with a third of it not paid for with taxes, thus resulting in a $1.3 trillion deficit (a whopping 8.3 percent of GDP). The small piece of good news is that this deficit is smaller as a portion of the nation’s economic output than this year’s gargantuan 10.6 percent for FY 2010 (that $1.6 trillion deficit is a post-World War II record). Budget deficits of this magnitude have occurred before, but only during cataclysmic wars — the Civil War and World Wars I and II. Contrary to the rhetoric of congressional Republicans, who are stridently criticizing Obama for his excessive spending, these budget deficits are largely the result of George W. Bush’s new entitlement program (Medicare prescription drug coverage), the usual Republican fake tax cuts (tax cuts without concomitant reductions in government spending), bank and insurance bailouts, and the conduct of two disastrous U.S. occupations of foreign countries. Of course, Obama is far from blameless...

Washington’s greatest Afghan war danger: Self-deception

Campaign For Liberty

by Tom Engelhardt


Almost every day, reports come back from the CIA’s ’secret’ battlefield in the Pakistani tribal borderlands. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles — that is, pilot-less drones — shoot missiles (18 of them in a single attack on a tiny village last week) or drop bombs and then the news comes in: a certain number of al-Qaeda or Taliban leaders or suspected Arab or Uzbek or Afghan ‘militants’ have died. The numbers are often remarkably precise...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


On Vietnam, Afghanistan and Bloody Irreversibility

William J. Astore, Truthout: "Reading old articles about the Vietnam War is sobering precisely because they read like articles written yesterday. Consider just one example. On May 30, 1967, Look magazine published a comprehensive, 25-page review entitled 'USA in Asia.' The subtitle gave the game away: 'Our bloody commitments in Asia horrify many Americans. But like it or not, we are irreversibly involved.'"


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