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Kommerzieller Walfang erhöht CO2-Emissionen

Fatale Zusagen an Walfänger geplant


Kommerzieller Walfang erhöht CO2-Emissionen

Experte: Meeressäuger sind Wälder der Ozeane.

Armut ist Folge von Umverteilung

impf-report Newsletter Nr. 06/2010

Destroyed By Swine Flu Vaccine

All politics is hypocritical

The Blair House Witch Project

The American Spectator
by George Neumayr


The middle distance between truth and error is still error, but Barack Obama can’t even get there. He is the self-appointed custodian of ‘common ground’ while not moving an inch towards it, as evidenced by the fact that the most controversial element in his plan, abortion funding, remained in it up to the day of the summit. That Obama considers the taking of unborn life essential to ‘health care’ explodes the conceit of the whole discussion, namely, his great concern, supposedly superior to the concern of Republicans, for the lives and welfare of the American people...

All politics is hypocritical

by John Dickerson


All politicians are hypocrites, right? On this, a divided nation can agree. In the current version of this dispute, Democrats say Republicans are hypocrites for opposing the use of reconciliation to avoid a Senate filibuster even though Republicans used the same measure. Republicans, meanwhile, say President Obama is a hypocrite for supporting reconciliation — a simple majority vote — for health care reform when he said as a Senator that such majoritarian rule was ‘not what the Founders intended.’ Hypocrisy is the seesaw of American politics. One side is labeled hypocrites and the other side returns the same charge. Whatever you say bounces off of me and sticks to you. But not all hypocrisy is the same. It differs in degree and kind. In the interest of truth in labeling and keeping a tidy spice drawer, we should categorize the types. As a matter of politics, Democrats are hoping voters see the distinctions and agree that Republicans are the worse offenders. Their hopes of limiting 2010 election losses hinge on it...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Waiting to be Saved

Prosecuting Bush for war crimes

by Russell Mokhiber


In 2008, Charlotte Dennett ran for Attorney General in Vermont. Dennett’s key campaign pledge — if elected, she would appoint Vincent Bugliosi as a special prosecutor to seek a murder indictment against George W. Bush for the deaths of U.S. soldiers in Iraq. … While Dennett’s 2008 run for Attorney General garnered only 5.9 percent of the vote, she and Bugliosi have not given up on prosecuting Bush for murder...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Ron Paul vs. the naysayers

by Justin Raimondo


Neocons go where the power is, which is one reason why, as an organized movement, neoconservatism can hardly be said to exist outside of Washington, D.C., and Manhattan’s Upper West Side. The movement spawned by Ron Paul, however, is a completely different sort of creature: it is, indeed, the exact opposite of neoconservatism in every respect. It is populist, while the neocons are elitists: it is born of the heartland, whilst the neocons are clustered in two of the nation’s biggest cities. The defining difference, however, is that, while the neocons worship power, and dream of attaining ‘national greatness,’ the Paulians are the self-described enemies of power, and dream only of taking their old republic back...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Homeland Security contractors outnumber federal workers

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


The Department of Homeland Security said this week that it employs more private contractors than federal employees, an admission that officials blamed on the department’s quick establishment seven years ago and the federal government’s burdensome hiring process. DHS officials informed Senate staffers this month that it employs roughly 200,000 contractors and about 188,000 federal employees...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Is America Becoming a Police State?

By Pastor Chuck Baldwin

When will we say, "That's enough"? When will we truly rise up against this out-of-control federal monstrosity? When will we demand that government once again be our servant and not our master? When will we begin to see through these Big Government politicians from both major parties that are selling our posterity into tyranny for their own selfish pursuits? When will we wake up to what both Big Business and Big Religion are doing....

Beware of McCain's Freedom-Destroying Dietary Supplement Regulatory Bill

Tyrants, Torturers, and Taxmen: Pillars of 'Civilization'

Punishments from the Fed-complex


Centralizing Power: The Tyrants’ Agenda

Part 2

by Attorney Timothy Baldwin

After establishing in Part 1 of this article series that (1) tyrants accomplish their agenda through centralizing power, (2) the federal government has accomplished and is continuing to accomplish that agenda and (3) the tool of freemen is decentralization and separation from that agenda, I ended the article with this question: “What is the most effective manner to reinstitute and what political form of governments and unions........

A lesson in economic crisis propaganda


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