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- Mondialisation : Santé, Téléphone mobile et Antennes relais "Clusters surmortalité" (Reportages TV version Fr)

- CTI TV Taïwan : JT Reportage 1 "Téléphone mobile et Santé : Avertissements utilisateurs" et JT Reportage 2 "Antennes relais et Santé : Clusters surmortalité cancers ville de Xinzhu"

STOP! Read This Before Vaccinating for Anything

Gardasil Vaccine Warnings Ignored Says Researcher


STOP! Read This Before Vaccinating for Anything

Do you know every implication and potential side effect of the proposed vaccine? And are you willing to live with the worst-case scenario? Know your risks and rights before consenting…


Is The Gardasil Vaccine An Experiment on Your Children?

by Mary Tocco

Since the introduction of the Gardasil vaccine, there has been a growing concern about safety and efficacy. As our vaccine producers come up with more vaccines, we must continue to fight this theory as dangerous and unnecessary. What is a theory about the cause of cancer, having never been proven, are the grounds for this vaccine. Once a vaccine to prevent HPV infection is raised as a weapon to prevent cervical cancer.........

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- In Memoriam Dr Eng. Joseph AGIE de SELSATEN, Président de Teslabel
- In Memoriam Joseph Agie de Selsaten, president of Teslabel Belgium

Der Jammer mit den mobilen Telefonen

Gerade im Winter nerven die "Du, ich bin gerade auf dem Weg nach Hause"-Telefonierer neben einem. Wie gut, dass es Abhilfe gibt.

Homeland Insecurity: Why "No-Fly" Just Doesn't Fly

Randall Amster J.D., Ph.D., Truthout: "Here's a quick quiz: What do Ted Kennedy, Cat Stevens and Nelson Mandela have in common? Okay, so that's an easy one for you folks with attention spans longer than it takes to type out a tweet. Indeed, all of these luminaries have appeared on the 'No-Fly List,' also known as the 'Terrorist Watch List,' which is used to prevent suspect persons from being able to fly on commercial aircraft in or out of the United States. The list was established after 9/11, and is estimated to contain perhaps half a million names, although its precise workings are shrouded by the vicissitudes of 'national security.'"

The Iraqi Oil Conundrum

Obama's Silent War Shocks Pakistan


Obama's 'secret war': U.S. soldiers killed inside Pakistan

U.S. Says 200 Troops on the Ground in Pakistan

It's a whole lot more than the "no American troops in Pakistan" promised by special envoy Richard Holbrooke. And let's not even get into the number of U.S. intelligence operatives and security contractors on Pakistani soil.

From Information Clearing House

Ron Paul on the Tea Party Phenomenon


Bottom up resistance to the GOP’s attempted top down takeover of the tea party movement

by d.eris


Is it possible that the GOP’s public hijacking of the tea party movement could turn out to be a grave strategic error? Is it possible that the attempted coup will solidify resistance to the co-optation of the movement by the representatives of the establishment parties and their political apparatus? One thing is certain: if tea party activists do not fight to maintain their political independence, they will soon find themselves deprived of it...

Sarah Palin’s storm at the tea party

by Fred Kaplan


At the Memphis party on Saturday, someone in the audience asked her about the prospects for what he called the ‘two words that scare liberals — President Palin.’ Let’s be clear on why those words should terrify anyone with a thinking brain. Palin is someone who has clearly never seriously thought through any issue of national importance on her own. She’s excellent at reciting a raucous speech, but she can’t improvise a coherent sentence, which usually reflects an inability to form a coherent idea. … She is deluded enough to believe (or at least to say Sunday morning on Fox News) that her brief, aborted stint as Alaska’s governor gave her more executive experience than President Obama has even now. She believes that the country should elect leaders, including presumably herself, who seek solutions in ‘divine intervention’...

To tea or not to tea

Nolan Chart
by Joel S. Hirschhorn

[I]t is heartening to see so many Americans with genuine anger, frustration and disgust about American politics and government. I share these feelings. Great motivation, but what it is producing seems little more than an avenue for racist views and desire to strengthen the Republican Party, which when it had considerable political power did far more to advance corporate interests and the wealthy than helping ordinary Americans. We need a populist Second American Revolution...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp




A Warning to the Tea Party Nation

by Pastor Chuck Baldwin

And now I hear that there are some self-professed members of the Tea Party Nation who are actually running for Congressman Paul's US House seat in Texas. If this is not a sign that establishment Republicans are hijacking the Tea Party movement, I don't know what is. I say again, be careful, Tea Party Nation. You are being infiltrated. You are being compromised. You are being neutered. Stick to your principles. Stick with the Constitution.........

The Torture Mentality

Is Secession Constitutional?

Secession Is In the Air

Nullification, Secession, and the Human Scale of Political Order


Secession and economic collapse

The Libertarian Enterprise
by Russell D. Longcore


Economic collapse in the United States is inevitable. But because the dollar is currently the world’s reserve currency, when the US gets sick, so will the rest of the world. Tragically, the worst of the consequences for regular people will happen here in America.

Secession in the air

The American Conservative
by Patrick J. Buchanan


No, it is not 1860 again. But with all the talk of the 10th Amendment, nullification and interposition, states rights and secession — following Gov. Rick Perry’s misstatement that Texas, on entering the Union in 1845, reserved in its constitution a right to secede — one might think so. Chalk up another one for those Tea Party activists who exploded in cheers when Sister Sarah brought up the dread word in endorsing Rick Perry in the primary. Looking back in American history, however, these ideas, these sentiments, decried as insane inside the Beltway, were once as American as ‘The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere’...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Rendition Victim Moves to Sue US

Obama Administration Sides with Bush DOJ, Asks Supreme Court to Keep Canadian Rendition Victim Maher Arar from His Day in Court


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