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- L'Union : "Des cancers se développent sous l'antenne relais"

Stagnation amtlich

Die Steuereinnahmen brechen in Deutschland noch heftiger als gedacht weg und von Wachstum ist keine Spur zu sehen.

Situational Awareness für die Polizei

Militärische IT-Systeme zur "vernetzten Operationsführung" werden zunehmend im Bereich der "inneren Sicherheit" implementiert.

Is US a Police State?

Video Interview with Paul Craig Roberts

The US now has a list of Americans that the country can now murder abroad if they are fraternizing with terror groups. Paul Craig Roberts says that all of this points to a sign that the United States has become a police state.

Man Up, Obama, or Make Way for President Palin

By David Reilly

Obama needs to ditch his professorial, community-organizer mien and start cracking some heads. Unless, that is, he is intent on paving the way for a Palin presidency in 2013.

Indicting the Supreme Court

By Prof John Kozy

If the Court has the final say, then democracy in America is a sham. It simply does not exist and the Constitution has been subverted.

Fighting the Subversion of Our People's Sovereignty

By Jim Hightower

With their ruling, five unelected guys in black robes have subverted our people's sovereignty with a semantical perversion that twists special-interest things into "people" and money into "speech."

Corporations Aren't Persons

By Matthew Rothschild

Make no mistake about it: The court's ruling in Citizens United, if left to stand, will destroy whatever hope we may ever have had of democracy in this country. It will entrench corporate power as never before. And the promise of America will be dashed.

The Death Penalty for Murderous 'Corporate Persons'

By Len Hart

If corporations are 'people', as SCOTUS has said they are, then, by law, a corporation committing murder should be executed! A corporation like Dow or Union Carbide perpetrating mass murder should be tried and when found guilty put to death! Because corporations are now 'people', the same criminal penalties must apply to them as well as to the rest of us.


A Supreme injustice

In These Times
by Theo Anderson


January’s Supreme Court ruling in Citizens United v. FEC stirred passionate and opposing responses. In a 5-4 decision, the Court ruled that laws designed to curb corporate influence in politics violate the First Amendment’s guarantee of free speech. The ruling hinged on the idea that corporations are ‘persons’ entitled to the same constitutional protections as individuals. Left-leaning groups assailed the decision for tearing down a barrier that has protected American political life from overwhelming corporate influence...

Eight words that could save our country

by David Morris


‘Corporations are not people. Money is not speech.’ These are fundamental truths that our nation needs to remember — and add to the Constitution...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Walmart: The Inhuman Essence of a Corporate 'Person'

Wake-Up Wal-Mart: Walmart Sam's Club Lowering Worker and Community Standards


Corporations Are Not The People

This may well be the most important week ever in progressive policy advocacy.

As a first step to mitigating the terrible damage done by the edict of a rogue Supreme Court bare majority to give giant selfish interest corporations free rein in our elections, we must force full disclosure of what they are up to, by having Congress pass the Disclose Act.

So please submit the action page which will send real time faxes to all your members of Congress on this, just by clicking a mouse one time for the form below, where you will find more info on this bill.

Pass The Disclose Act action page:

In the meantime, we have been gearing up for this initiative by printing to have ready now tens of thousands of the "Corporations Are Not The People" bumper stickers. We need to give this issue maximum visibility, and we need your help to get these bumper stickers distributed and out there.

So please after you submit the action page above, consider picking one of the bulk packs of 25, for just a modest donation from the return page after you submit the form. Or you can go directly to the bulk order page here.

Bulk Corporations Are Not The People bumper stickers:

We have already given away tens of thousands of these ourselves, mailed singly, most entirely for free not even charging for postage, and we want to keep doing it. So if you can make a donation and pick up a bulk pack, that's what makes it possible for us to send free individual bumper stickers to anyone who cannot make a donation right now.

And absolutely, if you have not requested one for yourself, please go to the single sticker order page at the next link below, where we will continue to give them away to anyone who wants one.

Free Single Bumper Stickers:

As the monumental damage being done by the underwater oil eruption in the Gulf is starting to come home to those who have managed to stay in denial this long, with help of the police under the control of BP keeping the news media away from the real story, and trying to hide the scale of the "leak" by driving the massive quantities of crude oil under water with toxic dispersants, we all know what the real problem is.

The real problem is that for the longest time no law has passed out of Congress without the express permission and intervention of the special interest corporations it presumptively was supposed to regulate. That is why there was an ridiculously low liability cap inserted into the bill that was supposed to prevent another Exxon Valdez oil spill. That is why BP felt they could take such experimental risks in the first place, because they had put in place a law that said they could get away with it for a token cost if things went drastically wrong as they now have.

That is why the environmental review process was limited to 30 days, to make sure it would never amount to anything more than a once over lightly if at all. President Obama now says that any laws that need to be changed to make sure this does not happen again will be changes.

Well, they ALL have to be changed. Every single law on the books has got to be totally revamped to stop giving self-serving corporations a pass when it comes to public safety and the public interest. It's time to stop letting criminal corporations like BP essentially regulate themselves like they could actually be trusted, with industry cronies installed in all administrative positions. And that goes for Wall Street, the medical care industry, and on and on right on down the line.

But the first step is to put the brakes on the outlaw Supreme Court's corporate coup, by passing the Disclose Act to shine the light of day on what is really going on with faceless corporations dominating our election process. So please submit the action page above. And get some bumpers stickers to pass out to all your friends, your political groups and let's get them out there where people can see them.

And here is the Facebook link for the Pass The Disclose Act action page further above.


[Facebook] Action Page:

And this is the Twitter reply for this same action

@cxs #p1045

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed to be ours, and forward this alert as widely as possible.


The government knew early on that the Vietnam War was not likely winnable

Whistle-Blowers: A Conversation with Ellsberg and Dean


The Pentagon Papers revealed that the government knew early on that the Vietnam War was not likely winnable and would lead to many times more casualties than ever admitted. After failing to persuade a few U.S. Senators to release the papers on the Senate floor, Ellsberg decided to risk prison and leaked the documents to the New York Times.

Afghanistan: Civilian Casualties "Inevitable"


Statements from Brig. Gen. Nicholson, commander of the operation, indicate that he feels he has leeway to use airstrikes in the civilian area.

Karzai says 10 civilians killed in Afghan assault

Ten civilians have been killed during a major US-led military offensive to clear a southern Afghan region of Taliban militants, the Afghan president said Sunday.

Seven Afghans killed as Karzai urges NATO to avoid civilian deaths

President Hamid Karzai urged international troops to prevent civilian casualties during military operations in an emotional appeal on Saturday, as six civilians were killed in two blasts and another was shot dead by NATO troops in southern region.

Helmand elders want US-led forces out

Tribal elders in the southern Afghan province of Helmand want an end to the US-led anti-Taliban offensive there, citing Western troops' disregard for civilian lives as a reason.

Fears of Humanitarian Crisis in Marjah

Video Report

More than a week into the Nato-Afghan military offensive against the Taliban in the southern Helmand province town of Marjah, warnings of a humanitarian crisis are growing.

US general: Marjah just the start

"This is just the initial operation of what will be a 12 to 18-month campaign" - "People who are ill cannot get to hospitals and others cannot bring them medicines," Ajmal Samadi, the head of the Afghan Rights Monitor group, said. "They cannot get food or even go outside to look after their farms."

From Information Clearing House


US Poised to Commit War Crimes in Marjah

Robert Naiman, Truthout: "The United States and NATO are poised to launch a major assault in the Marjah District in southern Afghanistan. Tens of thousands of Afghan civilians are in imminent peril. Will President Obama and Congress act to protect civilians in Marjah, in compliance with the obligations of the United States under the laws of war?"

Team America Kills Five Kids in Marjah

Robert Naiman, Truthout: "'Civilian casualties are inevitable,' said US officials before launching their weekend military assault on Marjah in southern Afghanistan, and in this case, they were telling the truth. Yesterday, The New York Times reported, a US rocket strike 'hit a compound crowded with Afghan civilians ... killing at least 10 people, including 5 children.'"


Civilians Die in Afghan Offensive


Afghanistan: US rockets strike home, kill twelve civilians

ABC News


Two U.S. rockets slammed into a home Sunday outside the southern Taliban stronghold of Marjah, killing 12 civilians after Afghanistan’s president appealed to NATO to take care in its campaign to seize the town. Inside Marjah, Marines encountered ‘death at every corner’ in their second day of a massive offensive to capture this bleak mud-brick city filled with booby traps, hardcore Taliban fighters and civilians unsure where to cast their loyalty...

Learning from history: Can the US win the Afghan war?

by Ivan Eland


The primary reason that counterinsurgency warfare has not been very successful over time is that although counterinsurgents are usually much stronger than insurgents, they are also often foreign occupiers. This is one huge strike against them. People naturally get really annoyed when foreigners invade their country, as our own experience with British forces in the American Revolution attests. Even if the foreign troops are fairly benevolent — building schools, roads, and health clinics and handing out candy to children — they are still foreigners who are killing civilians by accident and arrogantly telling locals what to do at gunpoint, thus creating a nationalist backlash...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Lewis-McChord waterboarded 4-yr-old daughter unable to recite alphabet

Sibel Edmonds: The Traitors Among Us

True Conservatives Condemn Military Tribunals for Terrorists

Terrorism Is Terrorism: An American Contradiction in Terms

Fear Takes the Wheel

The Alarming Economic Future

Locals gear up for next mast battle

Northside People

The 18.5 metre high structure was erected on the grounds of TEK United Football Club at Rockford Park in Stradbrook by the Meteor mobile phone company late ...


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