The American Dream Has Moved Abroad

Why I'm Voting 'Yes'

By Dennis Kucinich

I have spent my life struggling for the rights of working class people and for health care. I grew up understanding first hand what it meant for families who did not get access to needed care. I lived in 21 different places by the time I was 17, including in a couple of cars. I understand the connection between poverty and poor health care.

The Filibuster Flim Flam

By Ralph Nader

Today, the Senate lies paralyzed even as it is controlled by 59 Democrats-usually enough for comfortable passage of legislation sought by a majority party that also controls the presidency.

The Green They Steal, The Greed They Wear

A St. Patrick's Day Lament

By Michael Moore

It was amazing. Every story on the front page of Monday's New York Times told the story of the Age of Greed during which a system known as capitalism is slowly, but surely, killing us.

The American Dream Has Moved Abroad

By Washington's Blog

The American dream is what has kept Americans from rebelling against corporate corruption.

Keep The Change

By Sheila Samples

Each time it appears that Republicans can't get any nastier, any more bereft of morality, they wrap themselves in the flag, grab their guns and Bibles, and manage once again to hit the bottom of the ethical barrel.

An Absence of Class

By Bob Herbert

A group of lowlifes at a Tea Party rally in Columbus, Ohio, last week taunted and humiliated a man who was sitting on the ground with a sign that said he had Parkinson's disease. The disgusting behavior was captured on a widely circulated videotape. One of the Tea Party protesters leaned over the man and sneered: "If you're looking for a handout, you're in the wrong end of town."


Five Yards and a Cloud of Dust

William Rivers Pitt, Truthout: "Last week, Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) made it clear to any and all that he was going to vote 'No' on the health care reform package currently being considered by the House. His argument was simple, and on many levels, entirely correct: the current bill is half a loaf, does not contain any kind of public option and is a big, fat giveaway to the insurance and pharmaceutical industries."


The Tea Party & The Circus

Dennis Kucinich and Ralph Nader: A Discussion on Healthcare, Politics and Reform

Republican Lawmakers Stir Up the 'Tea Party' Crowd


Tea Partiers: The new (distorted, screaming) face of conservatism

Our Future Blog
by Terrance Heath

Buzzkill at the Tea Party

by Kelley B. Vlahos


As the 2010 campaign season hits full-throttle, as the 2012 presidential contest looms ever closer, the popular Tea Party Movement is at risk of being absorbed into the GOP like the Borg. It will be a subtle takeover, mind you, as more Republican candidates seemingly embrace the charge of the neo-liberty cause, while more Tea Partiers than not come to the conclusion that getting Republicans elected is more important (and easier) than pushing for a third-party solution. This marriage will not be difficult, as they have more in common with each other than with the renegade libertarian minority among the ranks...

Now we’ll find out if the Tea Party movement is real

J. Neil Schulman @ Rational Review
by J. Neil Schulman


For most of my lifetime any opposition to the federal income tax has been a fringe movement — sometimes on the left, as a war protest, sometimes on the right, by objectors like Irwin Schiff who make various constitutional arguments against the income tax that federal courts have regularly dismissed as not only absurd, but a trial on the court’s patience. But I can’t remember a time when opposition to the federal income tax has been widespread enough to constitute a popular movement. The Tea Party won’t prove anything by supporting Republican candidates who would raise your taxes in a heartbeat if it gave them power to punish abortions — or keep out illegal Mexicans, or put more cops on the street. The proof would be protests and resistance against the tyrannical power of the federal government to control your behavior through its power to tax you...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


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