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Urge President Obama to End the War on Wolves



The Torture Memo John Yoo Should Have Written

Stephen Rohde, The Daily Journal: "On February 19, the Department of Justice released the long-awaited 261-page Report of the Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR), which concluded, among other things, that in his legal memos on torture and presidential power, John Yoo had 'committed intentional professional misconduct when he violated his duty to exercise independent legal judgment and render thorough, objective, and candid legal advice.' A senior Justice Department official, acknowledging that he had not reviewed all the documents available to the OPR, found that Yoo exercised 'poor judgment' and that Yoo's memos were 'flawed,' 'one-sided and conclusory' and 'wrong,' in various respects, but nevertheless declined to accept the report or refer Yoo for disciplinary action, leaving this decision to the state bars. Given what we now know, here is the memo John Yoo should have submitted to President George W. Bush."



How John Yoo and His Young Apprentice Tortured Health Care

Jason Leopold, Truthout: "Last Sunday, Nancy Pelosi vowed to wrangle up the votes needed to pass a health care bill even if it meant some Democratic lawmakers would be voted out of office in November's midterm elections. 'The point is we have a responsibility here ... ' Pelosi said later on CNN's 'State of the Union,' explaining the urgency in passing legislation. If only Pelosi and other Democrats applied the same aggressive attitude toward holding Bush administration officials accountable for implementing a policy of torture against 'war on terror detainees' after 9/11."



CREW Sends FOIA to DOJ Seeking Copies of Torture Memo Author John Yoo's Emails


John Yoo’s email fail

Mother Jones
by Nick Baumann


Government investigators can’t find the Bush lawyer’s emails. His explanation makes about as much sense as his legal rationale for torture...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


America's 30 Year War On Afghanistan

By James A. Lucas

The U.S. was the main force that created the conditions that allowed the Mujahideen and the Taliban to come to power because of the support it gave 20 to 30 years ago to the most violent and anti-democratic forces within Afghanistan who ruled ruthlessly.


This Is Getting Good

By Joe Klein

Senate Republican, Jon Kyl of Arizona, makes clear, the Republicans are turning toward a form of reactionary radicalism that is well to the right not only of traditional conservatism, but also of post-Victorian concepts of government and--not to put too fine a point on it--of common decency as well.



Blair Warned in 2000 Iraq War was Illegal

By Michael Savage

An invasion of Iraq was discussed within the Government more than two years before military action was taken - with Foreign Office mandarins warning that an invasion would be illegal, that it would claim "considerable casualties" and could lead to the breakdown of Iraq, The Independent can reveal.



Special Relationship? Why Britain's Affair With the U.S. Is Over


If anyone still doubts that George Bush and Tony Blair were the closest of allies, the text of a July 2002 note from the U.K. premier to the U.S. President, revealed in a new book, should dispel any lingering skepticism. "You know, George, whatever you decide to do [about Iraq], I'm with you," Blair assured his friend.



First Town Passes Resolution Demanding Congress Stop Funding Wars



Next-up News Nr 1281

- Santé: Témoignage Marie-Christine "Je suis sortie de l'EHS"

Lohndumping im Auftrag des Staates

Jeder zehnte Hartz-IV-Aufstocker arbeitet im öffentlichen Dienst. Nicht Lidl und Co., sondern der Staat ist der größte Lohndrücker im Lande. Artikel von Jens Berger auf Telepolis vom 02.03.2010 //www.heise.de/tp/r4/artikel/32/32175/1.html

Aus dem Text: „Die Tarifverhandlungen im Öffentlichen Dienst sind am Wochenende ohne ein wirklich befriedigendes Ergebnis für die Beschäftigten beendet worden. 1,15% Lohnsteigerung pro Jahr entsprechen noch nicht einmal dem Inflationsausgleich und sind de facto eine Reallohnkürzung. Doch viele Beschäftigte im öffentlichen Sektor wären bereits zufrieden, wenn sie überhaupt im Rahmen eines der Tarifverträge beschäftigt werden, die sich an den Löhnen im Öffentlichen Dienst orientieren...“

Aus: LabourNet, 2. März 2010


Vorwurf der Ausbeutung: Juristen reichen Hungerlohn-Klage gegen Lidl ein

„Lidl gerät erneut in die Kritik. Das Unternehmen wirbt offensiv mit guten Arbeitsbedingungen und fairen Löhnen bei Zulieferern in der Dritten Welt. Doch diese Botschaft entspricht möglicherweise nicht der Wahrheit. Verbraucherschützer und Bürgerrechtler verklagen jetzt den Discounter…“ Artikel von Hannes Koch auf Spiegel-Online vom 08.04.2010 //www.spiegel.de/wirtschaft/unternehmen/0,1518,687643,00.html

Siehe dazu:

Die Schönfärberei der Discounter - Klage gegen Lidl’s irreführende Werbung

Die Studie von der Kampagne für Saubere Kleidung, verlinkt bei der Initiative des European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR)
(pdf) //www.ecchr.org/index.php?file=tl_files/Dokumente/Wirtschaft%20und%20Menschenrechte/Studie%20Klage%20gegen%20Lidl.pdf

Lidl lohnt sich - nicht für die Arbeiter_innen

Das etwas andere Faltblatt will verwirren, aufmerksam machen, informieren und zum aktiv werden anregen. Verbreitung tut gut. Denn mit fair ist es bei Lidl nicht weit her. Download als PDF-Datei beim INKOTA-netzwerk e.V. //www.saubere-kleidung.de/ccc-50_materialien/ccc-51_aktionsmaterial.html#lidladbusting

Wie steht's um Fair statt prekär?

Berliner GEW verlängert Kampagne in Jugend- und Sozialarbeitsbranche. Interview von Peter Nowak mit Andreas Kraft, Betriebsrat und Fachgruppenleiter für Kinder, Jugend und Sozialarbeit in der Bildungsgewerkschaft (GEW) Berlin, im Neues Deutschland vom 3.04.2010 //www.neues-deutschland.de/artikel/168396.wie-steht-s-um-fair-statt-prekaer.html

Aus: LabourNet, 9. April 2010


Spying on Americans has become big business



Permanent wars for permanent peace

Freedom's Phoenix
by Stephen Lendman


America glorifies conflicts and the righteousness of waging them, packaged as liberating ones for democracy, freedom, justice, and the best of all possible worlds. Obama is just the latest in a long line of warrior leaders promising peace by waging war, justifying them by bogus threats, and calling pacifism unpatriotic to further an imperial agenda for greater wealth, power, and unchallengeable global dominance...


War is peace: Robert Gates edition

by Glenn Greenwald


For Orwellian Government Statement of the Month, allow me to nominate this gem from Defense Secretary Robert Gates, who warned that ‘the demilitarization of Europe — where large swaths of the general public and political class are averse to military force and the risks that go with it [is] … an impediment to achieving real security and lasting peace in the 21st.’ So according to our Secretary of Defense — itself an Orwellian title at this point — the greatest danger to peace (not to mention America’s ability to rule the world through mass invasions and occupations) is a desire on the part of Europeans to avoid war...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Who Poses the Greater Threat?


The black hole of Guantanamo

Future of Freedom Foundation
by Andy Worthington


When it comes to dealing with the thorny question of how to close Guantanamo, the remaining prisoners have been caught between two competing systems since President Obama took office last January, and the result, to put it mildly, has been confusing. Under President Bush, prisoners were cleared for release by military-review boards, established to review the supposed evidence against them, and to determine whether they constituted an ongoing threat to the United States...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Counterproductive counterinsurgency

Independent Institute
by Charles Pena

A recent NATO airstrike in the province of Uruzgan — against what was thought to be a convoy of Taliban insurgents on their way to attack Afghan and foreign military forces — killed at least 27 Afghan civilians, including four women and a child. In February, more than 50 Afghan civilians are believed to have been killed in more than half a dozen U.S. and NATO military operations. The good news is that ‘collateral’ civilian casualties have dropped since Gen. Stanley McChrystal took over as the commanding general in Afghanistan, and he has apologized publicly for the casualties on Afghan national television. The bad news, however, is that — although they are fewer than before — civilian casualties are counterproductive to counterinsurgency. Although there is a military component to successful counterinsurgency, it is largely about winning hearts and minds. Killing innocent civilians — even unintentionally — is a prescription for defeat...


Counterinsurgency isn’t “progressive”

Center for a Stateless Society
by Kevin Carson


That it should even be necessary to point out that counterinsurgency is not a kindler and gentler form of warfare utterly astounds me. The U.S. operation in South Vietnam — Operation Phoenix, strategic hamlets, free fire zones, and all the rest of it — was a counterinsurgency. Ditto the Soviet operation in Afghanistan, the Brits in the Boer republics, the Spanish in Cuba, the American suppression of the Moros in the Philippines, the Japanese counterinsurgency in Manchuria, the Belgians in the Congo, and all the rest of it. All these operations aimed at the same general objective: preventing an occupied population from supporting an insurgency it sympathized with. And they all followed the same rulebook: herd the civilian population into glorified prison camps where they could be controlled, shooting everything that moved outside, and if necessary resorting to terror when support for the insurgency continued...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


McChrystal's Support for Raids Belies New Image


American oligarchy

Empire, Oligarchy and Democracy


American oligarchy

The Weekly Standard
by Christopher Caldwell

[E]very time the president accuses Republicans of trying to ‘block progress’ or of defying ‘common sense,’ as he did that night, he is executing a dangerous tightrope walk. His party’s electoral fortunes depend on his making forceful calls for reform of our banking laws. His party’s fundraising fortunes depend on his ensuring that no serious reform — of the kind that endangers the big banks’ size and power — ever happens. That may be why the Democrats’ strategy of painting the Republicans as obstructionists on finance reform has gained little traction. By the same token, if Republicans ever did get serious about reforming the banks — and even about breaking up an industry that has turned into a Democratic war chest — they would put Democrats in mortal peril. There seems no chance of this. Obama’s taunts show a confidence, verging on certitude, that Republicans’ hypocrisy is as deep as his own... (for publication 05/10/10)


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


The Death and Life of American Journalism



Ein Viertel der Deutschen würde sich angeblich einen RFID-Chip implantieren lassen


Ein RFID-Chip unter die Haut scheint also vielen gar nicht mehr so schlimm zu erscheinen. Das sollte aber erschrecken, weil tatsächlich das alltägliche ...



Nachricht aus dem Grab per RFID


Die Firma Objecs hat RFID-Sender im Portfolio, die am Grabstein angebracht werden und über kurze Strecken kurze Nachrichten an die Handys der ...



Köter mit Chips

Spiegel Online

Per RFID-Chip könnte man Herrchen und Hund auch aus leichter Distanz identifizieren Englands Regierung will Hunden RFID-Chips einspritzen lassen. ...



How Does the 1 percent Control the 99 percent?


From APFN daily update


Obama Could Be a One-Term President



Could Obama be their downfall?

The Libertarian Enterprise
by Rob Sandwell


Something got people to believe. Not just fall for it. Not just vote enthusiastically, all the while knowing in their hearts that nothing of substance would be done. This time, people really believed. And now, two years in, there is no change, and people are losing hope. And I think, at least for some, this is finally it. They’ve hit bottom, and like any other addict, they may finally be ready for real change. We know Obama isn’t changing anything. He’s continued the same tax policy as Bush. He’s continued the same invasion of privacy. Same foreign adventurism. Same terrorism policies with regards to detainees and tribunals. Same corporate welfare programs. H..., he even overturned the ban on federal funding of stem cell research only to sign it back into law two days later. Of course, I don’t support state funding of science, I’m simply pointing out what an obvious fraud he is...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Bizarre Spending Habits



The Road to Dictatorship



Don't Bet on a Recovery



Fiscal Insanity: Creating Money to Buy Government Debt




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