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Don't Stand By as the Wars 'Drone' On

PTSD Nation

John Omaha, Truthout: "Can a nation have PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder)? Can a diagnosis created to understand the dysregulated behavior of individuals be applied to an entire nation? I argue yes on both counts. If a diagnosis can help us understand and treat aberrant behavior, then it doesn't matter if the aberrantly behaving thing is an individual or a nation of 350 million people."

PTSD Claims Rise Among Veterans Treated at VA, New Research to Study PTSD and TBI

Mary Susan Littlepage, Truthout: "New statistics show that the number of Iraq and Afghanistan veteran patients being treated for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and who have had PTSD claims approved increased. Also, new research projects are in the works to treat PTSD and traumatic brain injuries (TBI)."

Supply of Foreclosed Homes on the Rise Again

Mortgage analysts at Barclays Capital in New York estimated that banks and mortgage investors held a total of 645,800 foreclosed homes in January, up 4.6% from 617,286 a month earlier.

From Information Clearing House

Tony Blair's secret oil links to Middle East

Tony Blair's secret links to Gulf oil giants were revealed today as fresh details emerged of his "carte blanche" support for George Bush's Iraq war.

Profit From War: Blair's Fight to Keep his Oil Cash Secret

By Jason Groves

Former PM's deals are revealed as his earnings since 2007 reach £20million.

World will do "whatever it takes" to stop Iran nuke: Blair

"Iran must not be allowed to acquire nuclear weapons capability. Iran must know that we will do whatever it takes to stop them getting it," Blair told the pro-Israel lobby AIPAC, adding it was a matter of global security.

Tony-gate: Blair Strikes Oil in Iraq

By Jayne Lyn Stahl

Mr. Blair isn't the only prominent politician on UI's payroll. Others reportedly include former Australian prime minister Bob Hawke, as well as politicians like Congressman Stephen J. Solarz, former secretary of defense Frank Carlucci, former ambassador to Egypt, Nicholas A. Belites, and U.S. Commander for the Middle East General John P. Abizaid.

From Information Clearing House


The crisis that wasn’t

by Philip Giraldi


It might have seemed a no-brainer that the vital security interests of the United States would eventually trump the demands of a small client state that lately has not been much given to rational behavior. But in the latest showdown between the friends of Israel and the Obama Administration the President of the United States blinked first, demonstrating once and for all that no one in the US has the power to say no to Israel. And the truly amazing part was that the America Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) was so confident of the outcome that it didn’t even bother to hide very much of what it was doing, hardly deigning to engage in its usual clandestine arm twisting and slipped under the door ‘position papers’...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

The Offshored Economy

By Paul Craig Roberts

The U.S. is on a path to becoming a Third World economy.

Greenspan is Back

By Mike Whitney

See? It wasn't Greenspan's fault, after all. It was "the savings glut" or the "undercapitalised banks" or some other such nonsense. The bottom line is that everyone else was to blame for everything that went wrong. Everyone except the Teflon Fed chief, that is.

Only the People Can Stop the Wars

"I Encourage Everyone to Join Us on March 20"

A Call To Action - Only the People Can Stop the Wars!

By Ron Kovic

"We can no longer remain silent. Too many have died already. How many more senseless wars, flag draped caskets, grieving mothers, paraplegics, amputees, stressed out sons and daughters, innocent civilians slaughtered, before we finally begin to break the silence of this shameful night?

From Information Clearing House


Antiwar Protesters: "Bombs Don't Bring Democracy"

Yana Kunichoff and Mary Susan Littlepage, Truthout: "Two days before the seventh anniversary of the occupation of Iraq, more than a thousand antiwar protesters marched Thursday in downtown Chicago to chants of 'Obama, don't lie to me. Bombs don't bring democracy!' and 'Money for jobs and education, not for wars and occupation!' The rally is one of many antiwar events being held across the country in places ranging from New York to Utah to Georgia to protest the ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan."

A President Can Nuke the United States

From ufpj-news


It’s not me, it’s Yoo

by Dahlia Lithwick


John Yoo wants you to hate him. That’s kind of his whole point. When he writes op-eds like this one — suggesting President Obama should thank him for enhancing executive power in wartime — what he really wants to do is make you grind your molars into powder. When he tells a room full of undergrads today that for some prisoners locked up at Guantanamo Bay ‘it’s the first time these people have had medical or dental care in their lives,’ — perhaps so that they can have pretty teeth before you hurl them into a wall — he’s doing it to be provoking. It’s an old trick. Focus attention on the witch and the witch hunt, and away from the facts. Unfortunately for everyone, Yoo has been so terrific at making himself the witch in this hunt, he’s made himself the issue. The same screaming masses he says are out to get him won’t let him get a word in edgewise...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Next-up News Nr 1302

- Dossier: Bahia la Vérité Crash Airbus Yemenia Airways, BEA le Scandale?

Zu Guttenberg im Kunduz-Untersuchungsausschuss schwer belastet

Opposition spricht bereits vom möglichen Rücktritt des Ministers.

Die untergeschobenen Zivilisten von Kundus

Der Kundus-Untersuchungsausschuss zeigt noch einmal deutlich, warum der ehemalige Verteidigungsminister Jung gehen musste.


20. März 2010

Zu Guttenberg muss sich umgehend öffentlich erklären

Der stellvertretende Vorsitzende der Linken, Klaus Ernst reagiert empört auf die Ankündigung von Verteidigungsminister zu Guttenberg, erst am 22.April zu seiner Rolle in der Kundus-Affäre Stellung zu nehmen. Guttenberg müsse sich umgehend öffentlich erklären, wenn er nicht den Verdacht der Vertuschung verstärken wolle.Andernfalls müsse er vom Parlament zu einer Debatte gezwungen werden. Ernst erklärt:

Der Verteidigungsminister kann nicht ernsthaft glauben, dass er die Öffentlichkeit noch einen ganzen Monat hinhalten kann. Zu Guttenberg muss sehr schnell vor der Öffentlichkeit Stellung nehmen und seinen Beitrag zur Aufklärung der Kundus-Affäre leisten. Er irrt, wenn er denkt, dass er diese Sache aussitzen kann. Die Vorwürfe, die im Raum stehen, sind schwerwiegend. Alles sieht danach aus, als ob er hochrangige Berater für die Vertuschung seiner eigenen Fehleinschätzung geopfert hat. Wenn das so stimmt, dann hat er öffentlich die Unwahrheit gesagt. Diese Vorwürfe muss er entkräften. Das Land kann nicht einen ganzen Monat lang mit einem Verteidigungsminister da stehen, an dem der Verdacht der Lüge klebt. Ich erwarte, dass zu Guttenberg in der nächsten Woche der Öffentlichkeit Rede und Antwort steht. Sonst muss das Parlament handeln und zu Guttenberg zu einer Debatte zwingen.

Neuer Theaterdonner in Regierungskoalition

Es ist die Rede von einem Strategiewechsel und einer kleinen Steuersenkung, Dementi inklusive.

The 2012 Recession Will Be Worse

The Crime of Iraq: Thousands Dead, $747.3 Billion Spent And Not Any Safer


Iraq: Thousands Dead, $747.3 Billion Spent And Not Any Safer


An Iraqi Holocaust: 7th Anniversary Of Invasion Of Iraq

By Dr Gideon Polya

It is the 7th anniversary of the illegal and war criminal invasion of Iraq by US, UK and Australian forces on 20 March 2003. What has been the human cost?

Seeking a 'real' end to Iraq War

On the eve of the the seventh anniversary of the US-led invasion of Iraq, American anti-war activists are still calling for a real end to a conflict that has now lasted longer than both world wars and the American Civil War.

Iraq War Triumphalism Ignores a Key Matter: Dead Civilians

By David Corn

It's rather easy to be a freedom fighter with somebody else's blood.

From Information Clearing House


Vanity of Vanities: The Iraq War Seven Years Later

Truthout Staff Editorial

In a staff editorial marking the seventh anniversary of the US-led invasion of Iraq, the editors of Truthout write: "We are still shocked. We were never awed. We have not adjusted. The senseless waste of our blood and treasure, our honor and our reputation continue. Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom - the latter unleashed seven years ago today - have morphed into a single Operation Enduring Occupation, set to bankrupt this country financially as well as morally, to destroy our own security as it has that of the over 31 million people who populate Iraq."

Cultural Cleansing in Iraq

Lieven De Cauter, Truthout: "With the anniversary of the war waged on Iraq, I think of what I wrote seven years ago: that this illegal invasion had nothing to do with the war on terror, but was planned well in advance, and was not about democracy but about the destruction of Iraq. I was openly taunted for it. At best, I was considered endearing or pathetic in my anger, but not on the level when it came to world politics."

Groups Discuss Soldiers' Conscience Issues

Mary Susan Littlepage, Truthout: "On Sunday, more than 80 national religious, academic, advocacy and veterans' leaders will lead a discussion titled, Truth Commission on Conscience in War. The discussion, centering on issues of conscience facing service members in war, will launch the commission's eight-month campaign to bring national attention to decisions of moral and religious conscience facing American service members.

Capitalism Is Experiencing An Existential Crisis

Is 'Capitalism' Politically Incorrect?

'Capitalism' Yesterday, 'Capitalism' Today, 'Capitalism' Tomorrow, 'Capitalism' Forever


Capitalism Is Experiencing An Existential Crisis

Antoine Mercier, Marianne2: Marianne2, with France Culture, has presented a series of interviews by Antoine Mercier with various intellectuals on the subject of the economic crisis. To close the series, economist and epistemologist Christian Arnsperger evokes the existential crisis of capitalism.


An economy of liars

Cato Institute
by Gerald P. O'Driscoll, Jr.


Free markets depend on truth telling. Prices must reflect the valuations of consumers; interest rates must be reliable guides to entrepreneurs allocating capital across time; and a firm’s accounts must reflect the true value of the business. Rather than truth telling, we are becoming an economy of liars. The cause is straightforward: crony capitalism...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Ask Not What Ron Paul Can Do for You


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