Obama, Tea Parties and the Battle for Our Brains

George Lakoff, Truthout: "Over the past couple of weeks, The New York Times has been reporting on results from the cognitive and brain sciences that confirm past research in those fields partly by me and partly by my community of colleagues. What makes this of general, not personal, interest is that the scientific results are especially important for understanding what has been going wrong for the Obama administration and for liberals generally, and what has been going right for conservatives."


Terrorism Law, the New McCarthyism

Stephen Rohde, The LA Daily Journal: "Tomorrow, the US Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in the first encounter with the free speech and association rights of American citizens in the context of terrorism since the 9/11 attacks, and in the first test of the constitutionality of a provision of the USA Patriot Act."


Teabaggers Trying to Rewrite the Constitution

Walter Brasch, Truthout: "Sarah Palin stood before an audience of 600 at the first Tea Party convention and in her twinkly homespun rhetoric, she declared we don't need a professor of law but a commander-in-chief. As expected, she received roaring applause. And, as expected, she was wrong."


Where Is the Outrage?

William Fisher, Truthout: "It was fascinating to watch the leaders of the Republican Party going through their ritual gyrations at CPAC - the annual conservative jamboree - last week to woo the support of the Tea Baggers. The party that spent us into historic deficits now attempting to join hands with the newest proponents of fiscal restraint!"



A tea party plan to save the economy

by Wayne Allyn Root


We are not recovering from a recession. The spin, propaganda, and wishful thinking from Obama, Congress and the Fed are wearing thin on the average American. There may be a recovery for big business, due to stimulus and bailouts, but not Main Street, where the average worker and the small business owner live. What we need is a state of the union for small business owners...


The end of the Tea Party

The American Prospect

by Mark Schmitt


As the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) overtook Washington this past week, the cheering for Dick Cheney, the sessions promoting “nullification” (the concept that states can opt out of federal laws, last heard from John C. Calhoun in the 1830s), and the angry rants about ACORN and homosexuality were a reminder that the idea that there is a “conservatism” that is measured, responsible, decent, and worthy of the word is a bit of a myth. As the historian Kevin Mattson showed in his 2008 book, Rebels All!, modern conservatism even in the era when William F. Buckley was founding National Review drew much of its energy from anger, mockery, and misinformation. This year the “tea party” movement has stirred up the old conservatives of CPAC (now in its 38th year) and given them a new confidence and passion. The tea-party strain which increasingly dominates the Republican Party represents the latest wave of right-wing populism to sweep the country — or, rather, the media...


Obama’s phony populism

Future of Freedom Foundation
by Sheldon Richman


President Obama likes to portray himself as a man of the people. But a look behind the veil shows this to be a deception. Take the financial regulatory overhaul brewing in Washington. I know what you’re thinking: What could better illustrate Obama’s bona fides as a champion of the people? He wants to regulate the banking industry after the recent debacle and is being fought by the banks and the Republicans...


The Obama regime: Year one

Liberty Unbound
by Bruce Ramsey

Apart from Universal Healthcare, two other big changes were going to happen with Obama: a cap-and-trade program and an exit from Iraq. Neither happened in 2009. During the 2008 campaign, few noticed that Obama kept saying he favored an intensified war in Afghanistan. People were thinking more about Iraq. In 2009 he did what he said he would in Afghanistan. It turns out that Obama is not an antiwar president. His policy on the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan is different in detail from Bush and Cheney’s, but not fundamentally different in respect to the way in which libertarians think about it... (for publication 03/01)


The new rules of war

Foreign Policy
by John Arquilla

Every day, the U.S. military spends $1.75 billion, much of it on big ships, big guns, and big battalions that are not only not needed to win the wars of the present, but are sure to be the wrong approach to waging the wars of the future. In this, the ninth year of the first great conflict between nations and networks, America’s armed forces have failed, as militaries so often do, to adapt sufficiently to changed conditions, finding out the hard way that their enemies often remain a step ahead. The U.S. military floundered for years in Iraq, then proved itself unable to grasp the point, in both Iraq and Afghanistan, that old-school surges of ground troops do not offer enduring solutions to new-style conflicts with networked adversaries.” (for publication 03/10)


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


What's So Bad About Stimulus?


The Populism of the Privileged

By E.J. Dionne

And this must be the first "populist" movement ever driven by a television network: 63 percent of the tea party folks say they most watch Fox News "for information about politics and current events," compared with 23 percent of the country as a whole.


The Return of Christian Terrorism

By Mark Jurgensmeyer

The hostile right-wing political climate in this country has created the groundwork for a demonic new form of violence and terrorism.




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