Is Obama a Conservative?

Our Pavlovian Population


Obama sees both sides now

San Francisco Chronicle
by Debra J. Saunders


It all looked so easy in August 2008, when Sen. Barack Obama spoke before the Democratic National Convention in Denver. The Democrats were going to win in November, storm Washington with their reforming ways, and because they were so much smarter than everyone else, they’d know how to get the American economy cooking. There was no doubt as the enthusiastic Invesco Field throng cheered and chanted, ‘Yes, we can.’ Well, never mind. After the Democrats squeezed floor votes for unpopular health care legislation through the House and Senate, independent voters are turning on Obama, conservatives never warmed to him and the far-left base feels betrayed. It turns out that governing is a lot harder than lobbing mud and vitriol at the Bushies. Perhaps that is why, after having won office, Obama can’t stop...

Why won’t Obama hear our call?

Fox News Blog
by The Stiletto


In a speech at the University of Denver in 2008 just days before the Super Tuesday primaries, then-Senator Barack Obama said: ‘Democrats will win in November and build a majority in Congress not by nominating a candidate who will unite the other party against us, but by choosing one who can unite this country around a movement for change.’ Well, a year into his presidency Obama finds Republicans — in both houses of Congress — as well as moderate and independent voters, united against his expensive and unpopular agenda, and he made it clear that the White House is ‘not hitting a reset button at all’ … So the pundits who predicted Obama would pivot, move to the center and admit his mistakes … were wrong...

SOTU: A status report on the Far Right

Our Future Blog
by Sara Robinson


For the past several months, I’ve been trying to get a bead on the actual numbers of the far-right movement…. Finally, I called Chip Berlet of Political Research Associates … ‘Chip, how many far-right wingers are there in the United States?’ … Chip didn’t even skip a beat. ‘Ten percent of the population. … It’s been the same number for most of our history, and it doesn’t change much.’ He went on to explain that no matter how they define ‘far right’ or ‘authoritarian,’ no matter how they count up the fundamentalists and nationalists and proto-fascists, the numbers always come up somewhere between 7 percent and 12 percent. Or, on average, about 10 percent. Always. And it’s been that way going back as far as they can go...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Is Obama forgetting what he learned from Niebuhr?


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