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Phone mast fury after council gaffe

Hexham Courant

Richard Dodd, of Ponteland, said O2's decision to push ahead with the scheme was financially based, so it would not have to pay rent to use existing masts, ...


Protestors to meet Ponteland mast applicants

Morpeth Herald


A COMPANY at the centre of controversial mobile phone mast applications in Ponteland will meet protesters face-to-face. ...

More airport security won’t stop terrorists; leaving Middle East would

Christian Science Monitor
by Jeffrey A. Miron


Earlier this week, Osama bin Laden praised the Christmas Day attack in which a Nigerian-born man living in London attempted to blow up a Detroit-bound airplane by igniting explosives in his underwear. Mr. bin Laden’s endorsement, along with recent attacks in Baghdad, raise concerns about a new round of attacks against the United States. Politicians, security experts, and pundits have therefore called for heightened security measures at airports and on airplanes. It won’t work without addressing why there are attacks to begin with...

Read between bin Laden’s lies

Boston Globe
by staff


Nobody in his right mind would expect any truth-telling from Osama bin Laden’s latest audiotape, a one-minute burst of bravado broadcast on Al Jazeera TV. Still, it is important to spot the particular deceptions bin Laden is peddling, because they reveal how badly Al Qaeda has alienated Muslim audiences around the world. … Never mind that the Yemen-based group Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula already took credit for the Christmas attack, calling it retaliation for US intelligence assistance used by Yemen’s government in attacks on the terrorist group. Bin Laden’s big lie came with his evocation of the Palestinian cause … to counter revulsion in the Muslim world at scenes of innocent Muslims being killed and maimed by fanaticized murderers acting in the name of Al Qaeda...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

The State of the Empire

by Justin Raimondo


Economically ruinous, culturally poisonous, socially disruptive, and subversive of the Constitution, the very idea of imperialism is antithetical to our traditions and alien to the American character. That is why our more recent wars of conquest (Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan) have been so wrenching, domestically, and the cause of such bitter controversy: they required the sort of self-violation that is usually restricted to mental patients who maim themselves habitually...

How to fix the jobs problem

by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.


Read any account of economic history from the late middles ages through the 19th century and try to find any evidence of the existence of unemployment. You won’t find it. Why is that? Because long-term unemployment is a fixture of the modern world created by the interventionist state. ‘We’ try to cure it and ‘we’ ended up doing the opposite...

Obama’s campaign finance rhetoric is misleading

by BPeck


Actions will always speak louder than words. For instance, President Barack Obama preaching a minimal role for corporations in funding campaigns isn’t ethical when in fact he himself was a major recipient of corporate funds leading up to his presidential election in 2008. In fact, according to The Washington Examiner, ‘Obama’s $995,000 from employees and executives at investment bank giant Goldman Sachs is the most a politician has raised from a single company since the 2001 campaign finance reform law’...

Who are we a culture of freedom or politics?

Libertarian News Examiner
by Garry Reed


Corporations don’t threaten our freedoms; government threatens our freedoms. Government has the power, not corporations. Government has the guns. Government has the police, the prosecutors, the jailers, the military. They have the physical ability to exert as much or as little ‘influence’ over all of society, corporations included, as they care to exert. Corporations have none of that. They can exercise influence over political culture only to the extent that politicians deign to allow them to exercise it...

You wanted populism?

The New Republic
by Noam Scheiber


Going into the State of the Union, it was easy to expect a speech steeped in populism. The consensus was that the White House had misjudged the country’s anger over bailouts and unemployment, all of which boiled over in Massachusetts. And so, beginning last Wednesday, Obama went out of his way to channel that anger at Wall Street. ‘We’re about to get into a big fight with the banks,’ the president told George Stephanopoulos the day after the Kennedy seat went Republican...

Populism, left and right

by Justin Raimondo


Not content with going overseas in search of monsters to destroy, the current administration and its supporters are conjuring them right here at home. In any case, creating monsters, both real and imagined, is the one thing the US government is really good at. Our elites hate populism in all its forms simply because it threatens their power, their privileges, their pelf and their prestige: populism is by definition a revolt against the elites, in government and society. Worst of all, from a ruling class perspective, is populism of the ‘antigovernment’ variety, because it threatens the source and symbol of their power: what Murray Rothbard called the Welfare-Warfare State...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


It Is Now Official: The U.S. Is a Police State


The New American Century

Video Documentary

The film looks for the true reasons behind the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, whose unfolding is described in chilling detail in a document called "Project for the New American Century", published in the year 2,000, that seems to have served as the actual blueprint for such dramatic events.


Progress Democrats of America (PDA): Brownbagger Vigils Against War Funding in 60 Congressional Districts

Von "Yes, we can" zu "I don't quit"

US-Präsident Obama stellt in seiner ersten Rede an die Nation die Schaffung von Jobs und nüchterne Realpolitik in den Vordergrund.

Nach dem 11.9. haben sich Geheimgefängnisse und Verschleppungen verbreitet

Ein Bericht für den UN-Menschenrechtsrat weist darauf hin, dass neben den USA und deren Komplizen zahlreiche Staaten im Namen der Terrorbekämpfung schwere Menschenrechtsverletzungen begangen haben.ämpfung

Millionen für die Korruption

Afghanistan-Konferenz in London: so viel Strategie war noch nie, die schlechten Aussichten bleiben.

Prämien für Taliban-Aussteiger?

Ein Ausdruck der kapitalistischen Hypermoral.

Is Obama a Conservative?

Our Pavlovian Population


Obama sees both sides now

San Francisco Chronicle
by Debra J. Saunders


It all looked so easy in August 2008, when Sen. Barack Obama spoke before the Democratic National Convention in Denver. The Democrats were going to win in November, storm Washington with their reforming ways, and because they were so much smarter than everyone else, they’d know how to get the American economy cooking. There was no doubt as the enthusiastic Invesco Field throng cheered and chanted, ‘Yes, we can.’ Well, never mind. After the Democrats squeezed floor votes for unpopular health care legislation through the House and Senate, independent voters are turning on Obama, conservatives never warmed to him and the far-left base feels betrayed. It turns out that governing is a lot harder than lobbing mud and vitriol at the Bushies. Perhaps that is why, after having won office, Obama can’t stop...

Why won’t Obama hear our call?

Fox News Blog
by The Stiletto


In a speech at the University of Denver in 2008 just days before the Super Tuesday primaries, then-Senator Barack Obama said: ‘Democrats will win in November and build a majority in Congress not by nominating a candidate who will unite the other party against us, but by choosing one who can unite this country around a movement for change.’ Well, a year into his presidency Obama finds Republicans — in both houses of Congress — as well as moderate and independent voters, united against his expensive and unpopular agenda, and he made it clear that the White House is ‘not hitting a reset button at all’ … So the pundits who predicted Obama would pivot, move to the center and admit his mistakes … were wrong...

SOTU: A status report on the Far Right

Our Future Blog
by Sara Robinson


For the past several months, I’ve been trying to get a bead on the actual numbers of the far-right movement…. Finally, I called Chip Berlet of Political Research Associates … ‘Chip, how many far-right wingers are there in the United States?’ … Chip didn’t even skip a beat. ‘Ten percent of the population. … It’s been the same number for most of our history, and it doesn’t change much.’ He went on to explain that no matter how they define ‘far right’ or ‘authoritarian,’ no matter how they count up the fundamentalists and nationalists and proto-fascists, the numbers always come up somewhere between 7 percent and 12 percent. Or, on average, about 10 percent. Always. And it’s been that way going back as far as they can go...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Is Obama forgetting what he learned from Niebuhr?

To Make Lies Sound Truthful

Justice Alito Was Right

The Source of Corporate Power

On Human Nature and Aggression

Howard Zinn (1922-2010)

On Human Nature and Aggression

A Tribute to the Legendary Historian with Noam Chomsky, Alice Walker, Naomi Klein and Anthony Arnove.

Howard Zinn: A Just Cause, Not a Just War

A Memory of Howard

Remembering Howard Zinn

Howard Zinn: How I Want to Be Remembered...

Matthew Rothschild: Thank You, Howard Zinn

FAIR: Action Alert: NPR Finds Right-Wing Crank to Spit on Howard Zinn's Grave

Afghan Military Strategy Doomed Without Big Changes, UN Chief Warns

NATO's Role in the Afghanistan Escalation


Afghan summit didn't achieve very much

Miliband is being very naive if he thinks the Taliban can simply be paid off.

From Information Clearing House

Economic Growth 'Cannot Continue'


Independent Media Source

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