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Schweiz setzt auf Regenwaldzerstörung, Landnahme und Hunger


Wir möchten Sie hinweisen auf den lesenswerten Artikel in FOCUS ONLINE mit Bericht zu BP Aktion von Rettet den Regenwald:

Kampf um das Korn von morgen

In bevölkerungsreichen Ländern werden die Anbauflächen für Nahrungsmittel knapp, zudem soll Biosprit künftig den Treibstoffbedarf der Welt zumindest teilweise decken. Deshalb versuchen manche Staaten, Land in Entwicklungsländern zu kaufen oder zu pachten, um dort die gewünschten Pflanzen für den Eigenverbrauch anbauen zu können.

Sie können den Artikel auf der Seite von FOCUS bewerten und kommentieren.

Ein weiterer interessanter Artikel zu den Auswirkungen von Agrarenergie in Deutschland:

Ärger um Biogasanlage
Kalter Krieg in Ostfriesland

Ein Bauer in Ostfriesland bringt ein ganzes Dorf gegen sich auf - weil er eine Biogasanlage bauen möchte. Kollegen sorgen sich um die Bodenpreise, Nachbarn fürchten Gestank, Naturschützer warnen vor Umweltschäden. Das Problem: Mit Energiepflanzen lässt sich mehr Geld verdienen als mit Milch.,1518,664487,00.html

Reinhard Behrend
Rettet den Regenwald e. V.

Next-up News Nr 1199

- Telefonia mobile e sanguinamento dal naso.

Signal of fury over Batley phone mast eyesore

Batley News

By Adam Wolstenholme

THE trustees of a Batley beauty spot were furious when a mobile phone mast was installed without them having chance to object. ...

Phone mast didn't get our backing at all

Published Date: 07 January 2010

AS the four Councillors for Ponteland we are deeply concerned about the possible erection of a phone mast next to the school in Darras Hall and right in the middle of a residential area. We are asking serious questions of Northumberland County Council in this matter. The Council has a duty to explain why a clear decision to refuse this by Councillors has not been implemented and then to take all possible steps to stop this in its tra...

Phone company flexible over mobile mast site

Morpeth Herald


PLANS to put up a controversial mobile phone mast next to a Ponteland school are not yet set in stone. Telefonica O2 announced last month ...


Darras Hall O2 mast proposal put on hold

A controversial plan for a mobile phone mast outside a popular Northumberland school has been formally put on hold - as pressure grows from politicians and ...


Renewed talks on phone mast plan

Hexham Courant


HOPES have been raised that the political hot potato that is the mobile phone mast outside Darras Hall First School can be cooled down. ...

The never-ending War on Terrorism

The meaning of ists

by Jacob Sullum

One of the Bush administration’s most pernicious legacies is the never-ending War on Terrorism, a perpetual state of emergency that supposedly authorizes the president to break the law, abridge civil liberties, and ignore due process, all under a cloak of secrecy. Last week former Vice President Dick Cheney accused the Obama administration of forsaking Bush’s War on Terrorism. If only it were true...

Is Dick Cheney unpatriotic?

Independent Institute
by Ivan Eland


Former Vice President Dick Cheney has been railing against President Barack Obama for being weak-kneed on terrorism and failing to interdict the BVD bomber’s recent attempt to blow up a plane. Cheney seems to want us to put aside his own administration’s abysmal record on the subject — ignoring warnings and failing to prevent the most deadly foreign attack on U.S. soil in American history, failing to prevent the similar shoe bomber’s attempt to bring down an aircraft, and using 9/11 to launch invasions of Muslim countries that led to an increase in terrorist attacks worldwide — and thus tries to make us believe Republicans are better at countering terrorism than Democrats because, well, they’re Republicans...

That’ll show’em

Center for a Stateless Society
by Kevin Carson


As Matt Yglesias has argued, every Al Qaeda attack via the civil aviation system — even the failed ones — leads to new security measures that impose additional real costs on air travel and the sectors of the American economy dependent on it. Richard Reid tried to smuggle a bomb in his shoe, and everyone now has to take their shoes off before boarding. Someone was rumored to be planning an attack with liquid explosives, so now everyone’s searched for shampoo bottles. If Al Qaeda were really smart, they’d have somebody smuggle a bomb in their rectum; the resulting TSA policy of rectal searches for everybody would shut down the entire airline industry and throw the U.S. the rest of the way into a Great Depression. Every time the U.S. national security state reacts to another terrorist incident, you can almost hear Bin Laden and his cronies giggling in a cave somewhere: ‘Look! They’re doing it! The stupid schmucks are doing it! Hee hee hee!’...

The Weird Factor

by Justin Raimdondo


The Weird Factor seems to intensify whenever there is some significant event in our ongoing ‘war on terrorism,’ or whatever they’re calling it these days. My longtime readers will be familiar with my theory of how this works. Briefly: on Sept. 11, 2001, the impact of those airliners as they hit the Twin Towers sent us careening into an alternative dimension where up is down, right is left, and torture is the American Way — in short we landed in Bizarro World, where we have been trapped ever since. The post-9/11 cognitive shift that heralded our entry into this alternate dimension is amplified around these incidents, and certainly the most recent — the midair antics of the Undie Bomber — underscores the Weird Factor at its absolute weirdest...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Will the TSA wake Americans up?

Jemen: neue Front im Kampf gegen den Terror

In dem korrupten Staat findet bereits ein Bürgerkrieg statt, den Islamisten kommen Mitglieder der erfolgreichen somalischen Shabab-Milizen zu Hilfe.

"Man braucht Guantanamo nicht, um Attentäter vor Gericht zu stellen"

Roger Willemsen über die Situation der ehemaligen Guantanamo-Häftlinge und die Enttäuschung über Obamas Politik.

The Backfiring of the Surveillance State

Cancer: The Deadly Legacy of the Invasion of Iraq

Legacy of War: Iraq Littered With High Levels of Nuclear and Dioxin Contamination, Study Finds


Poison Bullets: Depleted Uranium Factor Covered-up?

Video Report By RussiaToday

Poison Bullets follows doctors and experts as they voice their opposing views in the DU controversy and travels to the US, Great Britain, Jordan, Iraq and Spain, where we meet many of those who are victims of both DU-related diseases and the indifference of government officials.

Iraq littered with high levels of nuclear and dioxin contamination, study finds"

Greater rates of cancer and birth defects near sites - Depleted uranium among poisons revealed in report.

From Information Clearing House

US Convoy's Driving Questioned in Wreck That Killed Iraqis

Hannah Allam, McClatchy Newspapers: "Dazed and blood-spattered, an Iraqi woman stumbled among the bodies of her relatives Wednesday on a strip of highway south of Baghdad where a US military convoy had struck a passenger van in a deadly accident. Badriya Hussein whispered prayers over the blanket-covered bodies and then looked at the stricken American soldiers standing nearby. 'Why?' she asked. 'Why?'"

Abandoning EFCA Is Obama's Political Suicide: Lessons From Three Presidents on Workers' Rights

Mike Elk, Truthout: "Whatever happened to the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA)? Is it dead? I remember sitting in a meeting last May with Senate staff who said that after Al Franken was sworn in, EFCA would be an eight-week fight and then a vote in the Senate. It has been nearly eight months and there still has been no vote, not even in committee."

UN official tells US it risks Afghan defeat

Time is running out for US-led forces in Afghanistan and their Afghan government allies to reverse the Taliban insurgency, the United Nations outgoing envoy to Kabul said on Wednesday.

Afghanistan a gold mine for security companies

Private military companies are being criticized for profiteering from the conflict in Afghanistan while the number of deadly attacks keeps rising and the local population remains in an insecure environment.

Blackwater wants $1 billion to train the new Afghan police force

Blackwater, mercenaries known around the world for their brutality, might get the contract to train the Afghan police? In what world does this seem like a good idea?

Afghans Losing Hope After 8 Years of War

According to Bashardost, about 80 percent of the country is without electricity and unemployment is 60 percent. Many families can only afford to eat once a day and corruption is so rampant, "it's practically legal," he said.

From Information Clearing House


Retired Army General Predicts 300 to 500 Casualties Per Month in Afghanistan

Mary Susan Littlepage, Truthout: "The US could see as many as 300 to 500 soldiers killed and wounded per month in Afghanistan as 30,000 additional troops are sent to the country to launch a major offensive against insurgents, retired Army Gen. Barry McCaffrey said in a recent report."

Liberty Has Been Lost

By Paul Craig Roberts

Americans think they have freedom and democracy and live under the protection of the rule of law. The law is lost, and with it American liberty.

The Rule of Law Has Been Lost

By Paul Craig Roberts

What is the greatest human achievement? Many would answer in terms of some architectural or engineering feat: The Great Pyramids, skyscrapers, a bridge span, or sending men to the moon. Others might say the subduing of some deadly disease or Einstein's theory of relativity.

The Coming Fury Of An Angry America

By Aetius Romulous

A tiny part of a tiny part of the population of the earth will set the terms for the future of all humans. A tiny part that is broken, spent out, and increasingly disillusioned.

Wall Street Poltergeist: The Return of Robert Rubin

By Mike Whitney

Face it; the Obama administration is less interested in engineering a strong recovery than they are with micromanaging a protracted downturn. That's because a long drawn-out mini-Depression puts the Rubin troupe right where they want to be---with one hand choking the life out of the economy while the other steals whatever is left in the national vault.

New Revelations Tear Holes in Nuclear Trigger Story

By Gareth Porter

New revelations about two documents leaked to The Times of London to show that Iran is working on a "nuclear trigger" mechanism have further undermined the credibility of the document the newspaper had presented as evidence of a continuing Iranian nuclear weapons programme.

The Mushroom Effect

By Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich

One could be forgiven for thinking that the neoconservatives who nudge us towards war with Iran are under the effect of the magic mushroom. Obsessed with Iran, their trips take on the shape of a 'mushroom cloud'. Christopher Hitchens is one such example.

Nuclear Deceit - The Times And Iran

By kanan48

On December 14, The Times announced that it had obtained documents about Iran's nuclear programme that revealed "a four-year plan to test a neutron initiator. This is the component of a nuclear weapon that triggers the explosion". - The Times had no doubts about the authenticity or significance of the document.

The CIA, Narcotics And Underworld

Tyranny and Finance

Modern Day Lunacy


Independent Media Source

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