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H1N1 vaccination, account of the special hearing against the Minister of Health

- Paris: H1N1 vaccination, account of the special hearing against the Minister of Health

- Vaccination H1N1: Compte rendu du Référé contre Roselyne Bachelot, Ministre de la Santé


Revisiting the Swine Flu Lies and Hysteria


WHO Advisor Secretly Pads Pockets with Big Pharma Money

Real estate pain just beginning


It May Be Financially Irresponsible to Pay Your Mortgage

A war we can’t afford

Cato Institute
by Doug Bandow


The U.S. government is broke. Nevertheless, Washington is currently fighting two wars: one is ebbing while the other is expanding. How to pay for the Afghan build up? Democrats say raise taxes. Republicans say no worries. The best policy would be to scale back America’s international commitments. The United States will spend more than $700 billion on the military in 2010. The administration’s initial defense-budget proposal, minus the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, was $534 billion, almost as much as total military spending by the rest of the world. Even though the Iraq war is winding down, its costs will persist for years as the government cares for thousands of seriously injured veterans...

No exit

The American Conservative
by Andrew J. Bacevich

Since 1945, the United States military has devoted itself to the proposition that, Hiroshima notwithstanding, war still works — that, despite the advent of nuclear weapons, organized violence directed by a professional military elite remains politically purposeful. From the time U.S. forces entered Korea in 1950 to the time they entered Iraq in 2003, the officer corps attempted repeatedly to demonstrate the validity of this hypothesis. The results have been disappointing. Where U.S. forces have satisfied Max Boot’s criteria for winning, the enemy has tended to be, shall we say, less than ten feet tall... (for publication 02/01/10)

Congress spending like drunken sailors

Nolan Chart
by Jake Towne


Congress recently raised the debt ceiling by $290 billion in order to close out 2009 — but it almost wasn’t enough. As Zerohedge reports, spending surged by over $200 billion in two days, blasting through the old debt limit just after the bill managed to pass the Senate and hurriedly get rubber-stamped by the President. There is ‘just’ $140 billion left until the debt ceiling must be extended yet again...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Sozial ist, was Arbeit schafft

"Sozial ist, was Arbeit schafft" - und den armen, arbeitssuchenden Politikern, die aus ihren Ämtern ausscheiden und sich vor Langeweile und gesellschaftlichem Abstieg fürchten, hilft die Wirtschaft selbstlos aus.

Blackwater und die Killerkommandos der CIA

Ein CIA-Killerkommando soll auch auf den Deutsch-Syrer Darkazanli angesetzt gewesen sein, was nun deutsche Politiker in Aufregung versetzt.

Manipuliert die Fed den Aktienmarkt?

Zwar gibt es weder schriftliche Beweise noch Zeugenaussagen von Insidern, doch häufen sich die Hinweise, dass die US-Notenbank für den historisch einzigartigen Kursanstieg an den US-Aktienmärkten seit vergangenem März verantwortlich ist.

Next-up News Nr 1194

- 05 01 2009 Copropriétaires: Non renouvellement bail Bouygues Telecom et
démantèlement pour risque de trouble à la santé.

Getting Away with Torture

Witness Against Torture: Activists and Lawyers Rally, March and Offer Press Briefing, Mark 8 Years of Guantanamo

Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR): Statement of Faisal Hashmi on Behalf of Family of Syed Fahad Hashmi


The law is lost

by Paul Craig Roberts


Hashmi is a U.S. citizen but his government has violated every right guaranteed to him by the Constitution. The U.S. government, in violation of U.S. law, is also subjecting Hashmi to psychological torture known as extreme sensory deprivation. The bogus ‘evidence” against him is classified and denied to him. Like Joseph K. in Kafka’s The Trial, Hashmi is under arrest on secret evidence. As the case against him is unknown or non-existent, defense is impossible. Hashmi’s rights have been abrogated by his government with the allegation that he is a potential terrorist or perhaps just a terrorist sympathizer...

The sins of Guantanamo

by Dahlia Lithwick


In light of America’s spontaneous discovery of the existence of Yemen on Christmas Day, it may make political sense to argue that Guantanamo detainees repatriated there will turn to terrorism. But it makes no more legal sense than their original incarceration did. The idea that we would hold onto these men based solely on a foiled terror plot connected to their country of origin shows how little factual accuracy matters when it comes to Guantanamo. A reminder: Despite Donald Rumsfeld’s famous assertion that the folks at Guantanamo represented the ‘worst of the worst,’ we know that the majority of the prisoners at the camp were largely just unlucky...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Guantanamo Recidivism: Mainstream Media Parrot Pentagon Propaganda (Again)

Andy Worthington, Truthout: "Last May, The New York Times uncritically published a front-page story entitled, '1 In 7 Detainees Rejoined Jihad, Pentagon Finds,' in which Elisabeth Bumiller, relying on an unpublished Pentagon report, stated that '74 prisoners released from Guantanamo have returned to terrorism, making for a recidivism rate of nearly 14 percent.'"


A Convenient Bomb Plot

By Finian Cunningham

So, just when the US public is growing increasingly weary of these trillion-dollar wars that are killing young Americans and innocent villagers with no end in sight and for no credible purpose, and just when Washington wants to expand its regional war into Yemen - we conveniently have the "Christmas Day bomb plot" with a Yemeni connection. Now, that is a gift for US war aims.

Report: US had intel to stop Christmas bomb plot

A new White House reports says the U.S. government had plenty of information to keep the alleged Christmas Day bombing suspect off an airplane.

From Information Clearing House

Air Force Completes Killer Micro-Drone Project

The Air Force Research Laboratory set out in 2008 to build the ultimate assassination robot: a tiny, armed drone for U.S. special forces to employ in terminating "high-value targets."

From Information Clearing House


America's Deadly Robots Rewrite the Rules of War

MI5 'still using threats to recruit Muslim spies'

MI5 faces accusations that its officers have blackmailed and harassed vulnerable immigrants living in Britain as part of a campaign to recruit spies to report on Muslim communities.

UK has 5,700 "secret agents"

The report also revealed there were 5,296 staff employed at the GCHQ monitoring station in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, where they intercept telephone, email and internet communications. The report said the combined budget for MI5, MI6 and GCHQ was now £2.2bn.

From Information Clearing House

German soldiers 'trained to kill' in Afghanistan

"Soldiers are trained to kill others, or at least to threaten people in a way that they consider it plausible that they will be killed if they don't do what is expected of them," Ischinger said in an interview with the German Press Agency dpa.

From Information Clearing House

The "War on Terror" Has Been About Scaring People, Not Protecting Them

By Gary Younge

The ease with which the plane bomber could operate exposes the vacuity and recklessness at the heart of the US response to 9/11.

Message to Obama and Brown

How about asking WHY?

By Alan Hart

When George "Dubya" Bush and Tony Blair ruled the world and were pressing ahead with their "war on terrorism", I used to ask this question: Are they ignorant of history and don't know what they are doing and therefore stupid, or do they and/or some of the powerful vested interests which pull their strings want a Clash of Civilizations, Judeo-Christian v Islamic?

2010 The Year Of Resistance

Actions You Can Be Involved In

By Cindy Sheehan

How do we stop this constant cycle of violence that is perpetrated, fomented and encouraged by the U.S. Empire? We have to realize that the people of Yemen have the same existential imperative as do the 300 travelers aboard the flight from Amsterdam to Detroit!

Yemen opposes any US troops in terror fight

Foreign Minister Abu Bakr al-Qirbi told The Associated Press in an interview that "there is a lot of sensitivity about foreign troops coming to Yemeni territory."

'Yemen to let US set up air base on its soil'

Al-Ahmed added that his sources have revealed that the Yemeni government has decided to let the US military establish the air base on an island called Socotra located off the coast of Yemen.

45 minute claim included in Iraq dossier to add 'local colour'

Sir David Omand, who was the Government's security and intelligence co-ordinator, said that the way the dossier was produced to "make a case" for military action was a "big mistake".

From Information Clearing House

National Guard Home Now!

CIA Killings Spell Defeat in Afghanistan


CIA Agents in Afghanistan Are 'Menace to Themselves,' Former Operatives Claim


CIA bomber's wife: 'War against U.S. must go on'

The Turkish wife of a Jordanian doctor who killed seven CIA employees in a suicide attack in Afghanistan says her husband was outraged over the treatment of Iraqis at Abu Ghraib prison and the U.S.-led invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan.

From Information Clearing House


Attack on CIA was 'revenge operation' against US 'drone teams'

The 2010 food crisis could be horrific


Independent Media Source

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