Coakley Loses And So Does Obama

Mass. Voters Protested Against Weak Wall Street, Health Care Policies

Open Letter to Obama: One Year later, Progressives Losing Hope

The Massachusetts Lesson: Go Populist Now

Time to Stop Letting Corporations Write the Health Care Bill


Obama, Remember Who Your Friends Are

Truthout, Editorial: "In the wake of a crushing Democratic defeat in the Massachusetts Senate race, we find ourselves faced with the one-year anniversary of a spirit-changing day in the history of the United States, the inauguration of President Barack Obama. This odd confluence of events provides an opening for a very timely warning: It is time to remember who your friends are, Mr. President."

Building Hope in the Time of Obama

Joseph Nevins, Truthout: "The mayor of my town just north of New York City lives one street away. He was - until last month - a visibly proud supporter of Barack Obama: more than a year after the presidential election, his front porch displayed a couple of Obama campaign posters with words like 'hope' and 'change' on them, along with an American flag with a peace sign in place of the fifty stars. For unknown reasons, the posters and the flag are no longer there."


The meaning of Massachusetts

Adam Smith Institute
by Tom Clougherty


Regular readers will know that I have no love for the US Republican Party, especially in its big government, Bush-era guise. Given the incompetent, spendthrift way Bush and his colleagues in Congress governed, they deserved to lose in 2008. But still, I couldn’t be more delighted that Ted Kennedy’s former Senate seat has fallen to the Republicans: it is precisely the one-year anniversary present that Barack Obama deserves...

Does he feel your pain?

The New Republic
by John B. Judis


Forget Massachusetts. Obama’s problem is nationwide...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Kucinich Shreds Democrats for Betraying the Promise of Change

By Sahil Kapur

"Every area of the economy is still about taking wealth from the great mass of people and putting it into the hands of a few. If you don't have a economic democracy, you don't have a political democracy."


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