The "War on Terror" Has Been About Scaring People, Not Protecting Them

By Gary Younge

The ease with which the plane bomber could operate exposes the vacuity and recklessness at the heart of the US response to 9/11.

Message to Obama and Brown

How about asking WHY?

By Alan Hart

When George "Dubya" Bush and Tony Blair ruled the world and were pressing ahead with their "war on terrorism", I used to ask this question: Are they ignorant of history and don't know what they are doing and therefore stupid, or do they and/or some of the powerful vested interests which pull their strings want a Clash of Civilizations, Judeo-Christian v Islamic?

2010 The Year Of Resistance

Actions You Can Be Involved In

By Cindy Sheehan

How do we stop this constant cycle of violence that is perpetrated, fomented and encouraged by the U.S. Empire? We have to realize that the people of Yemen have the same existential imperative as do the 300 travelers aboard the flight from Amsterdam to Detroit!

Yemen opposes any US troops in terror fight

Foreign Minister Abu Bakr al-Qirbi told The Associated Press in an interview that "there is a lot of sensitivity about foreign troops coming to Yemeni territory."

'Yemen to let US set up air base on its soil'

Al-Ahmed added that his sources have revealed that the Yemeni government has decided to let the US military establish the air base on an island called Socotra located off the coast of Yemen.

45 minute claim included in Iraq dossier to add 'local colour'

Sir David Omand, who was the Government's security and intelligence co-ordinator, said that the way the dossier was produced to "make a case" for military action was a "big mistake".

From Information Clearing House


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