The myth of national security

5 Myths about Keeping America Safe from Terrorism

By Stephen Flynn

The greatest threat isn't posed by the direct harm terrorists could inflict; it comes from what we do to ourselves when we are spooked. It is how we react -- or more precisely, how we overreact -- to the threat of terrorism that makes it an appealing tool for our adversaries.

US General Urges Strip Search of Muslim Men

By Press TV

A retired US general and member of Iran Policy Committee (IPC) says all 18 to 28 years old Muslim men should be strip searched at airports as "one of these bombers" will explode an airliner in the coming days.

Al-Qaida Uses U.S., U.S. Plays Along

By William Pfaff

It is not widely understood that the policy objective of al-Qaida is not to attack the Western countries, an objective that would accomplish nothing for the cause. - The ultimate purpose of al-Qaida is to bring about an upheaval in the Islamic world in which Islam can be rescued from corrupted governments and degenerate practices.


The myth of national security

Independent Institute
by Anthony Gregory


With the most powerful and expensive government security apparatus in the world, the federal government can’t even protect the president’s home. This is the same security apparatus that failed to protect its military headquarters on 9/11, to say nothing of its citizens. So when Obama talks about the ’systemic failure’ of the Christmas lap bomber and his administration fastens on a new set of onerous security precautions onto airline passengers — including ones that are just inherently incoherent (would you really want passengers not to be walking around and armed with blankets if there is a threat of sitting terrorists starting fires on planes?) — we must remember that the national security state is a myth...

The “Long War:” Who’s winning?

by Justin Raimondo


It has been eight years since al-Qaeda attacked the Twin Towers and the Pentagon: eight long years in which the ‘war on terrorism’ — begun by George W. Bush in a blaze of righteousness, and since carried on by his successor, in Afghanistan and Pakistan — has been waged on several fronts. So, how are we doing? No one can honestly say we are winning, or anywhere close to it. Osama bin Laden and the top leadership of al-Qaeda are still at large, still issuing messages mocking their pursuers and vowing fresh terrorist attacks to come. One of those messages, communicated by bin Laden himself in the days before the 2004 presidential election, effectively demonstrates not only our ongoing defeat but also the reason for it …”

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


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