Freedom’s destruction by constitutional de-construction

Oath Keepers

Liberty For All
by Jessi Winchester


America is under assault and time is running out. No longer is the enemy ‘at the gate;’ it is in the White House. Every day there is some new attack from those at the highest levels of our own government. Attacks that threaten the very structure of our nation and our very freedom. From so-called ‘health care’ that would cause the demise of millions, to Hitler style brainwashing propaganda on all the major TV networks, the litany of Obama’s meddling into every area of people’s lives is not only terrifying but should not be tolerated by freedom loving citizens...

Freedom’s destruction by constitutional de-construction

Campaign For Liberty
by Timothy Baldwin


During the Constitutional Convention, from May to September 1787, delegates from the colonies were to gather together for the express purpose of amending the Articles of Confederation to form a ‘more perfect union’ (NOT a completely different union!). The men that met in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, were under direct and limited orders from their states to attend the Federal Convention explicitly to preserve the federation and State rights and to correct the errors of the existing federal government for the limited purposes of handling foreign affairs, commerce among the states and common defense...

What would a truly free nation look like?

The Libertarian Enterprise
by Russell D. Longcore


One day soon, the United States Federal government is likely to collapse. The cause will probably be that the rest of the nations of the world will reject the dollar as the world’s reserve currency, and adopt another currency, or a basket of currencies, as their new reserve. This currency move is not just a rumor, but is already happening on a small scale. Once the nations of the world have cast aside the dollar, its value will freefall against all other world currencies...

Can you imagine a free society?

Fr33 Agents
by Kirsten


We live in a world where more and more people are being ‘born blind’ to freedom. With children being brought under government influence earlier and earlier in their lives and that influence growing more and more extensive, what associations, what past experience with freedom do they have? And without that past experience, how much harder is it for people to wrap their heads around notions such as that taxes are theft, that government is just legalized thuggery, that we are responsible for caring for each other rather than government, etc.? It’s somewhat easier for many people to get to minarchism than voluntaryism, but even that can be difficult when the idea is ingrained in our culture that we turn to government to solve our problems first rather than leaving it as a last resort...

More questions for Congress

Downsize DC
by James Leroy Wilson


Two weeks ago, we asked you to write Congress about the Constitutionality of the War on Drugs. Some in Congress responded, but none answered our questions. Even so, we must keep asking such questions. The more we ask, the more nervous Congress will become. Eventually, they will be forced to either answer our questions or admit publicly that they don’t care what the Constitution says...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


America's Drug Crisis


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