Freitag, 2. Oktober 2009

Datenschutz wird zum Glaubwürdigkeitstest für die FDP

2. Oktober 2009

"Ob es den Liberalen in erster Linie um Regierungsposten oder tatsächlich um die Bürgerrechte geht, werden schon sehr bald die Koalitionsverhandlungen zeigen", sagt das Mitglied des Parteivorstandes Jan Korte (MdB). Wenn die FDP hier vor den Hardlinern der Union einknicke, verspiele sie ihre Glaubwürdigkeit. Er erklärt:

Der Präsident des Bundesverfassungsgerichts, Hans-Jürgen Papier, hat mit seiner Warnung vor einem «Super-GAU des Datenschutzes» die Dringlichkeit einer Trendwende in der Innenpolitik verdeutlicht. Gerne möchte ich den Aussagen von Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger glauben, wonach die Stärkung der Bürgerrechte für die Liberalen zu den Kernpunkten in einer schwarz-gelben Regierung gehöre. Die mutmaßlich neue Justizministerin kann es in Kürze beweisen. Zum Beispiel durch ein umfangreiches und modernes Arbeitnehmerdatenschutzgesetz, wie es DIE LINKE schon seit langem fordert. Seit Jahren wird es, trotz ständig neuer Datenschutzskandale, auf die lange Bank geschoben. Damit nicht auch in Zukunft gilt, dass Bürgerrechte, Datenschutz und die Freiheit immer weiter eingeschränkt werden, muss unverzüglich ein Moratorium für neue, bürgerrechtsfeindliche Gesetze beschlossen werden. Wenn die FDP ihrem Ruf, eine Bürgerrechtspartei zu sein, gerecht werden will, muss sie bei den Koalitionsverhandlungen darüber hinaus aber auch zeigen, dass ihre Kritik an den Überwachungsgesetzen ernst gemeint war und zumindest die schlimmsten Auswüchse des Überwachungswahns rückgängig machen. Ich bin gespannt, ob eines der ersten Gesetze in dieser Legislaturperiode wirklich ein Arbeitnehmerdatenschutzgesetz sein wird oder ob schwarz-gelb nahtlos dort weiter macht, wo Schäuble aufgehört hat.ürgerrechteÜberwachungäubleürgen+Papier

Politics as a war against life

by Butler Shaffer


The self-interest motivations of individuals assures us that they will always act for the purpose of enhancing their lives, however they define such ends; to be better off after acting than if they had not chosen to act. Liberty is the condition in which individuals are able to act in pursuit of their highest interests. By its very nature, then, liberty enhances the quality of life. By contrast, the state — which is universally defined as an agency with a monopoly on the use of violence within a given territory — never acts to enhance life. It is inconceivable that it could ever do so, for violence forces life to be what it does not choose to be...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Afghanistan: NATO strike said to kill family

Washington Post


A NATO airstrike on a compound in southern Afghanistan killed a family of six, a local tribal leader said Thursday, despite orders by Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal, the top U.S. and NATO commander in the country, to avoid air power if civilians are at risk. The U.S. military said the airstrike occurred after troops came under fire from the compound late Wednesday. … A British military spokesman, Lt. Col. Nick Richardson, said there were unconfirmed reports that 12 people were killed — six children, two women and four insurgents...

McChrystal: “Humility” needed in Afghanistan



The top U.S. commander in Afghanistan said Thursday the coalition in the war-torn country is going to have to do things ‘dramatically differently, even uncomfortably differently’ in order to succeed. ‘We must operate and think in a fundamentally new way,’ Gen. Stanley McChrystal said in a speech at the International Institute for Strategic Studies, a British think thank. He stressed the importance of connecting with the Afghan people, who he said are ‘frustrated’ that more has not been accomplished in the nearly 8-year-old war...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Vermutlich schüren die Sicherheitsvorkehrungen in München nur die Angst, aber sie offenbaren die Wirksamkeit der "Propaganda der Tat".

Verlorene Illusionen: Die Schröder-Ära als Weg in Richtung neue Klassengesellschaftöder

Iran and the Pipelineistan Opera

Pepe Escobar, "Oil and natural gas prices may be relatively low right now, but don't be fooled. The New Great Game of the twenty-first century is always over energy and it's taking place on an immense chessboard called Eurasia. Its squares are defined by the networks of pipelines being laid across the oil heartlands of the planet. Call it Pipelineistan. If, in Asia, the stakes in this game are already impossibly high, the same applies to the 'Euro' part of the great Eurasian landmass - the richest industrial area on the planet. Think of this as the real political thriller of our time."


The evilness of sanctions

Future of Freedom Foundation
by Jacob G. Hornberger


Following in the footsteps of his predecessors, President Barack Obama is threatening to impose even stricter sanctions on Iran, in an attempt to bend Iranian leaders to his will. Let’s examine two major cases in which the U.S. government has imposed sanctions, examples that any reasonable person would not consider to be success stories: Iraq and Cuba. For more than 10 continuous years after the Persian Gulf War, the U.S. government, under Presidents George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush imposed one of the most brutal systems of sanctions in history on Iraq...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Bitter Fruits of Mideast Wars

The sanctions road appears headed for dead end, or war.

By Patrick J. Buchanan

"Smart sanctions" that punish Iran's leaders are not going to persuade them to give up a nuclear program for which they have already suffered and sacrificed greatly. And a cutoff of gasoline to Iran would hit hardest not the Revolutionary Guard but Iran's middle class, which tends to be anti-regime and pro-Western.

Ireland: Vote "No" to the Lisbon Treaty

Alledged War Criminal may become president of Europe: Blair to be named EU President 'within weeks' if Irish ratify Lisbon Treaty

Mr Blair is among the favourites to become the first President of the European Union, a role that is chosen by the EU's 27 leaders and not by voters. Such an appointment would restore him to the world stage as well as boost his long-term income.

Ireland: Vote "No" to the Lisbon Treaty

Designed to consolidate a political, trade and military bloc to advance the interests of Europe's imperialist powers worldwide, the constitution promoted the further privatisation of social services and the break-up of residual labour protection across the continent.

From Information Clearing House

At least a million widows struggle for survival in Iraq

Under Saddam Hussein, despite the brutality of his regime towards so many of Iraq's people, war widows were looked after by the state. Now, they are mostly hidden and vulnerable.

From Information Clearing House

Pakistan warns United States against drone attacks

Pakistan has warned the United States that it will not allow drone attacks on suspected Taliban bases in its troubled Balochistan province, military sources have said.

'Drone attacks in Balochistan will jeopardise US interests'

Drone attacks in Balochistan will hamper the flow of goods and logistics to NATO troops in Afghanistan, Balochistan Chief Minister Aslam Raisani said, adding they will also jeopardise US interests in the region.\10\01\story_1-10-2009_pg7_8

Pakistanis Continue to Reject U.S. Partnership

The survey says that 76 percent of the respondents were opposed to Pakistan partnering with the United States on missile attacks against extremists by American drone aircraft.

Buying Pakistans Sovereignty: US Congress triples Pakistan aid

The aid money will not be directly handed over to Pakistan. It will be spent on different development projects through the US embassy in Islamabad.

From Information Clearing House

U.S. Bombs Kill 6 or more Afghan civilians

Ghulam Mohammad Khan, a tribal leader, said a local farmer, his wife and four children were among nine dead in the airstrike Wednesday evening. He said three guests at the compound also died, but he did not know their identities.

From Information Clearing House

"I Would Like To Apologize To The Dead"

By Congressman Alan Grayson

44,789 U.S. residents die every year because they have no health insurance.

John Murtha's Pork Laden Airport


As the U.S. Stimulus Plan continues, just take a look at the way our politicians spend our tax money.

US Census Bureau report: 40 million living in poverty

By Kate Randall

The overall poverty rate in the US rose to 13.2 percent in 2008, as workers across all sectors of the economy became jobless and increasing numbers of families were forced into destitution, according to a new government report. Real median household income also declined by 3.6 percent.

Detroit: Too broke to bury their dead

Money to bury Detroit's poor has dried up, forcing struggling families to abandon their loved ones in the morgue freezer.

Foreclosed On Homeowner Wanted Cops To Kill Him

Kurt Aho's home was sold at a foreclosure auction on Tuesday. When the new owners came by and asked him when he was going to vacate, he shot out their tires. He had a beer with a neighbor right before the police came.

From Information Clearing House

A Truly Shocking Guantanamo Story

Judge Confirms That an Innocent Man Was Tortured to Make False Confessions

By Andy Worthington

In four years of researching and writing about Guantánamo, I have become used to uncovering shocking information, but for sheer cynicism, I am struggling to think of anything that compares to the revelations contained in the unclassified ruling in the habeas corpus petition of Fouad al-Rabiah, a Kuwaiti prisoner whose release was ordered last week by Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly.

Top Things you Think You Know about Iran that are not True

No Credible Evidence' of Iranian Nuclear Weapons, says UN Inspector

By Julian Borger and Richard Norton-Taylor

The UN's chief weapons inspector, Mohamed ElBaradei, said today he had seen "no credible evidence" that Iran is developing nuclear weapons, rejecting British intelligence allegations that a weapons programme has been going on for at least four years.

Top Things you Think You Know about Iran that are not True

By Juan Cole

Belief: Iran is a militarized society bristling with dangerous weapons and a growing threat to world peace. Reality: Iran's military budget is a little over $6 billion annually. Sweden, Singapore and Greece all have larger military budgets. - Iran spends less per capita on its military than any other country in the Persian Gulf region with the exception of the United Arab Emirates.

Bizarro World: Karl Rove Blasts Obama for 'Outsourcing Afghanistan'

By Jeremy Scahill

There are racist astroturf loons that appear to have recently landed on earth from planet Fiction and are navigating their way through the country, speaking in tongues, led by snakeoil salesmen like Glenn Beck.

Is This What "Shielding Afghans From Violence" Looks Like?

By Derrick Crowe

Warning: The following video contains graphic images.

Israel Strike on Iran the Trigger

Secession Movement Spreads Well Beyond Texas

No Revival in US: Big Economic Crisis Ahead

ACLU: Troubling Start for Patriot Act Reauthorization

It's Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran Time

Casino Capitalism as Usual

Wall Street's New Halloween Trick

Casino Capitalism as Usual

On the Exploitation of Pat Tillman's Death

Justice Dept. Ordered to Release Cheney Statements in Plame Case

Starting Another Year of War in Afghanistan

White House Split on Second Afghan Troop Surge

Starting Another Year of War in Afghanistan

War Resisters League (WRL): Antiwar Groups Demand End to Afghan War, Demonstrate at White House

Study linking flu shots, swine flu raises concern

Navy Ships Under Swine Flu Quarantine

Flu Vaccine Exposed


Thimerosal: A vaccine ingredient's toxic legacy

Informant: Dorothee Krien


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