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L'essentiel: SENAT et GRENELLE, la réalité du débat politique.

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AFP report : EHS "France has its first radiation-free refuge in the Drôme"

Swine Flu Shot Propaganda Goes Into Overdrive

Despite the fact that the H1N1 virus has proven far less deadly than regular seasonal flu

Paul Joseph Watson
Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The establishment’s propaganda drive to convince everyone to take the swine flu shot has gone into overdrive, surpassing any previous effort in the domain of public health and stoking suspicions about the motivations of pharmaceutical giants, especially in light of the fact that the H1N1 virus is far less deadly than the regular seasonal flu.

Big Pharma Reaps Billions From Swine Flu Fearmongering

Pharmaceutical industry more than doubles its money as a consequence of the H1N1 scam

Paul Joseph Watson
Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pharmaceutical corporations are reaping obscene profits as a result of the media fearmongering behind the swine flu outbreak, despite the fact that the H1N1 virus has killed far less people that the seasonal flu.

Woman Blames Paralyzing Neurological Disease On Flu Shot

25-year-old can barely walk or talk just two months after being vaccinated

Steve Watson
Wednesday, Oct 14, 2009

A Virginia woman is adamant that a flu shot has caused her to contract a debilitating and irreversible neurological disease, while the CDC refuses to comment on her case.

Tell the Obama administration to protect our oceans, coasts and Great Lakes

Phone mast protesters in Melton determined to sit tight

Leicester Mercury - Leicester, England, UK

Residents staging a live-in protest against a phone mast fear they will end up having Christmas dinner in their on-site caravan. ...

Help Stop Shark Finning

Lawsuit Filed to Halt Swine Flu Vaccine Distribution

by NWV News

WASHINGTON – With the U.S. Food and Drug Administration scheduled to begin nationwide delivery this week of swine flu vaccine to 90,000 government-approved locations, attorney James Turner filed a complaint Friday in federal court in the District of Columbia for a Temporary Restraining Order to halt the distribution, licensing and use of four controversial vaccines -- including their use under an existing Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) -- until there has been adequate safety testing and a full opportunity for public hearings.........

Obama’s national service corps

Albuquerque Libertarian Examiner
by Kent McManigal


Forced ’service,’ to individuals or to ‘the country,’ is slavery. Anyone who advocates forced ’service’ is advocating evil. They can dress it up in red, white, and blue and call it ‘patriotism,’ or they can wrap it in warm-fuzzies and say it is for the ‘common good,’ but slavery and collectivism under any guise is the same horror...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

80,000 is the high number of troops options in McChrystal’s request

ABC News


Among three different troop options currently before the President and his national security team, General Stanley McChrystal, the commander of US forces in Afghanistan, as first reported here, favors the middle option, which recommends an increase of some 40,000 more troops. A source familiar with the document says that’s the minimum McChrystal believes is needed for a chance for success in Afghanistan. Although the debate is really about the middle option, there is a much higher number included in the McChrystal options. Other sources who have seen the request say the highest number of troops requested is 80,000...

Backdoor escalation

by Justin Raimondo


If the Nobel committee was attempting to preemptively block a further escalation of the Afghan war by giving the prize in anticipation of future actions — actions they hoped would be motivated by a desire to live up to the award — they were too late, and their efforts too little. Because Obama — in addition to the 21,000 combat troops he has already announced he’s sending to the Afghan front — has quietly added 13,000 more ’support’ troops to the mix, and there are plenty more where that came from. For an administration in which virtually every public announcement and initiative involves a careful manipulation of language, this kind of craftiness is a key tool in keeping the public hazy about what exactly is going on in Afghanistan...

Pity the imperialists

Campaign For Liberty
by Jacob G. Hornberger


Pity the imperialists. What do they do? They must realize that the longer they continue occupying Iraq and Afghanistan, the more they weaken the Empire. Hey, they don’t call Afghanistan the ‘graveyard of empires’ for nothing. America’s imperialists are discovering what imperialists throughout history have discovered: empires are costly. This one is no exception. Military spending on Afghanistan and Iraq and the rest of the Empire all over the world continues to soar out of control...


The New Republic
by AJ Rossmiller


The situation in Afghanistan increasingly looks like Iraq did not too long ago. Not the actual political or military circumstances, of course, but the analysis and commentary. Phrases like ‘We’re entering a decisive period’ and ‘It’s now or never’ are being tossed around ominously as the debate over troop increases rages. One can hardly read an op-ed without being told that the situation is dire and that this is a critical time, perhaps even our Last Chance to Get It Right. Most notably, the report produced by General Stanley McChrystal announced that ‘the short-term fight will be decisive.’ There is not a single Afghanistan myth more prevalent or more specious than this one. To be at a ‘critical juncture’ implies that one side or the other is poised to decisively gain the upper hand and therefore to win. But the situation in Afghanistan is almost the exact opposite of that...

Obama fails to win Nobel prize in economics

by Tom Bemis


In a decision as shocking as Friday’s surprise peace prize win, President Obama failed to win the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences Monday. While few observers think Obama has done anything for world peace in the nearly nine months he’s been in office, the same clearly can’t be said for economics. The president has worked tirelessly since even before his inauguration to wrest control of the U.S. economy from failed free markets, and the evil CEOs who profit from them, and to turn it over to wise, fair and benevolent bureaucrats... [satire]

The Prince of Peace

Strike the Root
by B.R. Merrick


What is clear to me is that we mustn’t wait for prizes. We must walk away from these people, and throw their trophies in the trash. The only way to effectively bring about a revolution for the betterment of mankind is to reach the individual. The message is simple: You are freedom. You are peace. You are love. You are truth. You mustn’t wait for anyone else. You mustn’t be afraid. You mustn’t worry that mass murderers are continually lauded as bringers of peace. It will continue. But we needn’t continue along with it. They’ve set the table, but what they’re serving is rancid leftovers. Walk away. It will feel better when you do it in your own way, not the way some charismatic leader tells you to. If you are willing, you are The Prince of Peace’...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Liz Cheney Launches Group to "Keep America Safe"

CBS News


Like her father, former Vice President Dick Cheney, Elizabeth Cheney doesn’t think highly of President Obama’s policies. And now she has a new organization, Keep America Safe, dedicated to pressing her argument. ‘Like a lot of Americans, we have watched with concern and dismay as the Obama administration has cut defense spending, wavered on the war in Afghanistan, and launched investigations into Americans serving on the front lines of the war on terror, while at the same time expanding legal protections for the terrorists that plot to attack this country,’ Cheney writes in an opening statement, which is also signed by fellow board members Debra Burlingame and William Kristol.

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


VIDEO: ‘Tortured Law’


Indict Dick Cheney, Keep America Safe

By Scott Horton

If you enjoy fear-mongering, here's a not-for-profit organization for you: Keep America Safe. William Kristol and Liz Cheney are the dynamic duo behind it.

Strom aus dem All

Technology Review

Immerhin: Anfang September 2008 gelang Mankins auf den Hawaii-Inseln die erste Langstreckenübertragung von Strom mittels Mikrowellen. ...

Endstation für den nuklearen Alptraum: Sibirien

Der französische Atomkonzern Areva transportiert im Auftrag der EDF jährlich 108 Tonnen abgereichertes Uran nach Sewersk, wo es auf einem Parkplatz unter freiem Himmel lagert.

Auch deutscher Atommüll rottet in Atommüllbehältern in Sibirien vor sich hin

Nicht nur französischer Atommüll wurde nach Sibirien gebracht, sondern offenbar auch ein Drittel des schwachaktiven Atommülls aus Deutschland.

"Private Equity" vor Revival?

Während die übelsten Folgen der "Private Equity"-Blase wohl noch bevor stehen, bahnt sich bereits der nächste Übernahme-Boom an.

Zurück zum Rechtsstaat? Bloß nicht!

Die Posse um den hessischen Verfassungsschutz-V-Mann "123" geht in die nächste Runde.

Teil 2:Überwachung

Was bedeuten Arbeitnehmerrechte in Zeiten flexibilisierter Arbeitmärkte?

Streit um ein Phantom?

Die FDP möchte den Kündigungsschutz weiter aufweichen, ihr designierter Koalitionspartner will Auseinandersetzungen mit den Gewerkschaften unbedingt vermeiden. Doch was bedeuten Arbeitnehmerrechte in Zeiten flexibilisierter Arbeitmärkte?

If We Want Peace, We're Going to Have to Learn to Say No

Goldman Sachs 2009 bonuses to double 2008's

Yesterday, we brought you the insurance company that wouldn't insure a 17-pound infant because he was too heavy. Today, we bring you the investment bank that manages to double its bonuses during the worst recession since the Great Depression.

Utah bankruptcies soar 62 percent over first nine months of 2009

Bankruptcy filings nationally surged past the 1 million mark during the first nine months of 2009. It was the first time that seven-figure number has been hit in any nine-month period since the overhaul of the nation's bankruptcy laws in October 2005

From Information Clearing House

Guardian gagged from reporting parliament

The Guardian is also forbidden from telling its readers why the paper is prevented - for the first time in memory - from reporting parliament. Legal obstacles, which cannot be identified, involve proceedings, which cannot be mentioned, on behalf of a client who must remain secret.

From Information Clearing House

Russia must prepare for NATO defeat in Afghanistan, ambassador says

NATO is facing defeat in Afghanistan, and Russia and the states of Central Asia must be ready to pick up the pieces, Russia's ambassador to NATO said Tuesday.

40% of Afghan aid 'never arrives'

The United Nations was presiding over an unco-ordinated and unmanaged mess, said Dr Cordesman, who has advised the Obama Administration and the US military extensively on Afghanistan and Pakistan as they plan a new strategy to defeat the insurgency. ''This is a major problem,'' he said.

From Information Clearing House


Pro-War Officials Play Up Taliban-al Qaeda Ties

Columbus, the Indians, and Human Progress

Indigenous People Across Latin America Protest Spanish 'Genocide'

By Agence France-Presse

Tens of thousands of indigenous people took to the streets across Latin America on Monday to protest the anniversary of Christopher Columbus's 1492 discovery of the Americas.

Where Is The Gold?

Columbus, the Indians, and Human Progress

By Howard Zinn

Arawak men and women, naked, tawny, and full of wonder, emerged from their villages onto the island's beaches and swam out to get a closer look at the strange big boat. When Columbus and his sailors came ashore, carrying swords, speaking oddly, the Arawaks ran to greet them, brought them food, water, gifts. He later wrote of this in his log.


Columbus Day, the real story

One Nation, Under Illusion

Take America Back From the Banks

By Dean Baker

Reining in the financial industry's power and greed will be a long, hard-fought war. But it is one that must be fought.

Student Loans are the New Indentured Servitude

By Mike Konczal

The prevalence of this debt, especially among the young and the poor/working classes, the transformation from a rounding error amount to a significant burden amount over the past 30 years, the length of term, the idea of mobility and "transport" to a job, debt secured not by property but by personhood, and limited legal recourse.

One Nation, Under Illusion

By Neal Gabler

We've been living in a fool's paradise. The result may be a government that is as good as the American people, which is something that should concern everyone.

We're Headed for Hooverville?

By Ted Rall

When Bush flew home to Texas, we thought we were getting an FDR to replace a Hoover. Instead, we got another Hoover.

Charge Of The Beckerheads....

By Sheila Samples

I didn't know Van Jones. I didn't know Van Jones was a friend of mine -- at least not until the stench billowing from the Fox Hate Channel became so foul I was forced to take a closer look at this terrifying creature. No -- not Jones, whom President Obama wisely had hired as Special Advisor for Green Jobs at the Council on Environmental Quality...


One nation under Beck

Mother Jones
by Stephanie Mencimer

In which our reporter learns about the divine origins of the Constitution at a Tea Party seminar...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Saving Face in Afghanistan

Perpetual War Is Here and Americans Are Getting Used to It

Support Your Global Police?

The State Hates the Internet

Humanitarian Law Applies to All

By Tammy Obeidallah

Sharing military technology with a nation that is known to use such technology against civilians is against international law; yet human rights take a back seat to the promise of job opportunities and economic growth at the expense of people half a world away.

"The UN Has Failed" D'Escoto

By Real News

Outgoing General Assembly prez says most powerful are to blame for UN failure to address war and poverty.

Thomas Friedman Glorifies American Militarism

By Patrick Martin

In the Sunday edition of the New York Times, the newspaper's chief commentator on foreign affairs, Thomas L. Friedman, devotes his entire column to a grotesque celebration of the role of the American military, presenting its operations, particularly in Afghanistan and Iraq, as humanitarian and liberating.

Controversial cell phone tower destroyed


Monkagedi Gaotlhobogwe
Staff Writer

The controversial cell phone tower erected on the royal Phuthadikobo Hill, a few metres away from the royal palace, has been destroyed by the villagers, it was confirmed on Saturday.


Informant: Martin Weatherall

U.S. Wants 'Bunker Buster' Bomb Promptly,8599,1929950,00.html

Informant: she4bikes


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