Iraqi Troops Flee Sadr City Fight

Iraqi soldiers attempting to retake parts of Sadr City deserted their positions, ignoring pleas from their U.S. advisers, military officials said.

US jets drop bombs on Sadr City

US warplanes have dropped bombs on east Baghdad district of Sadr City where hundreds of civilians have already been killed in air strikes.

Iran deplores civilian deaths in Basra, Sadr City, urges US to stop air strikes

Iraqi religious leader Moqtada Sadr protested to Iraqi government against military operations on his followers, al-Mahdi Army. He warned the the Iraqi government of public uprising if the operations continue in the two Shia cities of Basra and Sadr City.

US snipers accused of targeting civilians in Sadr City

Residents, doctors of Baghdad's Sadr City say US snipers deliberately shoot civilians in feet, stomachs.

From Information Clearing House


Iraqi Troops Again Abandon Position

The Associated Press reports from Baghdad: "A company of Iraqi government troops in Sadr City retreated when they came under attack from Shiite militiamen who used the cover of a sandstorm, police said Friday." And, Michael R. Gordon, writing for The New York Times, reports, "Trying to stem the infiltration of militia fighters, American forces have begun to build a massive concrete wall that will partition Sadr City, the densely populated Shiite neighborhood in the Iraqi capital."

GIs in Sadr City Under Fire From Friends and Foes

Leila Fadel of McClatchy Newspapers reports: "Three weeks after US troops were ordered into the sprawling Shiite Muslim slum of Sadr City to stop rockets from raining down on the US Embassy compound in Baghdad's Green Zone, they're caught in crossfire between Shiite militiamen and the mostly Shiite Iraqi army."

The New Walls of Baghdad

Steve Niva writes for Foreign Policy In Focus, "The explosion of walls and enclaves reinforced by aerial violence across Iraq suggest that the primary counterinsurgency lessons being followed by the US military in Iraq today derive less from the lessons of 'Lawrence of Arabia' than from Israel's experiences in the Occupied Palestinian Territories over the past decade."


Sadr City wall is US's latest contribution to Iraq's deepening civil war

Informant: jensenmk

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