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Housing Chief Inattentive to Crisis

In The Washington Post, Carol D. Leonnig writes: "In late 2006, as economists warned of an imminent housing market collapse, housing Secretary Alphonso Jackson repeatedly insisted that the mounting wave of mortgage failures was a short-term 'correction.'"

Democrat Blames Weak Economy on Iraq War

Will Lester, The Associated Press, writes: "The growing cost to the United States of fighting the war in Iraq 'is not only linked to our economic skid, but is a leading cause of it,' a Democratic congressman said Saturday."

Torture Was Approved at Highest Levels of Bush Admin

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- France 3 Antennes Relais Camouflées 13 04 2008: HLM "Pluie d'Antennes".

War Without End

Cheney, Torture and the Chance to Restore the Rule of Law

Federal Panel Fails To Prevent Vicious Animal Testing

Autism in the U.S. has reached epidemic levels

Informant: Dorothee Krien

Hysterical Hearn Hatefully Harasses Harp Seal Heroes

Informant: Lotus

Is Google sharing your information with US govt?,130061733,339287334,00.htm

The Complex: How the Military Invades Our Everyday Lives

The Military-Leisure Golf Complex

According to Nick Turse, in his new book "The Complex: How the Military Invades Our Everyday Lives," "Back in 1975, Senator William Proxmire (D-Wisconsin) decried the fact that the Department of Defense spent nearly $14 million each year to maintain and operate 300 military-run golf courses scattered across the globe. In 1996, the weekly television series America's Defense Monitor noted that 'Pentagon elites and high government officials [were still] tee-ing off at taxpayer expense' at some '234 golf courses maintained by the US armed forces worldwide.' In the intervening twenty-one years, despite a modest decrease in the number of military golf courses, not much had changed. The military was still out on the links. Today, the military claims to operate a mere 172 golf courses worldwide, suggesting that over thirty years after Proxmire's criticisms, a modicum of reform has taken place. Don't believe it."

Why Food Costs Are Climbing

The Globe and Mail's Eric Reguly says, "For the first time in decades, the specter of widespread hunger for millions looms as food prices explode. Two words not in common currency in recent years - famine and starvation - are now being raised as distinct possibilities in the poorest, food-importing countries."

Rising Food Prices Spark Deadly Unrest

According to the Agence France-Presse, "The World Bank meets here Sunday as rising food prices spark deadly unrest in developing countries, underscoring the urgency of getting food aid to desperate people." In a related story, Joseph Guyler Delva and Jim Loney of Reuters report: "Haiti's government fell on Saturday when senators fired the prime minister after more than a week of riots over food prices."

UN Report: Change in Farming Can Feed World

John Vidal reports for The Guardian UK, "Sixty countries backed by the World Bank and most UN bodies yesterday called for radical changes in world farming to avert increasing regional food shortages, escalating prices and growing environmental problems.... The authors of the 2,500-page International Assessment of Agricultural Science and Technology for Development [IAASTD] say the world produces enough food for everyone, yet more than 800 million people go hungry."


Global food prices crisis

Global stability under threat as drought, energy costs and growing demand push food prices up.

Food shortages threaten 100 million

Major funding needed to fight rapidly escalating crisis, UN chief says.


Rush to Biofuels is Driving Up Price of Food

Global Hot Spots of Hunger Set to Explode


Soaring food prices now top threat, IMF says

Ministers representing 185 countries agreed on the weekend that soaring food prices threaten global calamity and pledged to co-operate on a solution to save the world's poorest people from starvation.

From Information Clearing House

Losing Our Will

The New York Times columnist Bob Herbert writes: "I wonder what the answers would be if each American asked himself or herself the question: 'How is the war in Iraq helping me?'"

More FAA Whistle-Blowers Begin to Come Forward

Dave Montgomery of McClatchy Newspapers reports: "More Federal Aviation Administration whistle-blowers are beginning to step forward with fresh allegations of a 'culture of complacency' between the FAA and the airlines industry, the head of the government agency charged with investigating whistle-blower complaints said Friday."

The Torture Memo

According to Stephen Gillers in The Nation, "The Justice Department is investigating the lawyers whose memos gave the Bush administration the legal support it needed for waterboarding and other brutal interrogation techniques. We are 'examining whether the legal advice in these memoranda was consistent with the professional standards that apply to Department of Justice attorneys,' H. Marshall Jarrett.

US troops suffer worst week this year


Informant: Shawbear

The Coming War with Iran

Informant: gary100dm


It's About the Oil, Stupid

By Joe Lauria

World civilization is based on oil. The world is running out of oil. The oil companies and governments are not telling the truth about how close we are to the end. Dick Cheney knew about peak oil back in 1999 when he spoke to the London Petroleum Institute as Halliburton CEO.

Greenpeace report estimates climate impacted migration to be 10 times worse than Partition

Greenpeace alerted the Indian government and people of the subcontinent to the massive humanitarian crisis the South Asian region could face if global warming was not kept below the 2 degree tipping point.

Atomausstieg und Versorgungssicherheit

Umweltbundesamt legt Kurz-Studie zur angeblichen „Stromlücke“ wegen des Atomausstiegs bis 2020 vor.

Umweltbundesamt: Keine Stromlücke, sondern Stromexport

Die deutschen Stromkonzerne und der Bundeswirtschaftsminister weisen in bekannter Eintracht darauf hin, dass Deutschland im Jahr 2012 eine „Stromlücke“ droht.ücke

Dramatischer Rückgang der Entwicklungshilfe weltweit

Die weltweiten Ausgaben für Entwicklungszusammenarbeit sind im zweiten Jahr in Folge drastisch gesunken: 2005/06 um 5,1 Prozent und 2006/07 um 8,4 Prozent.

Kommt alles noch viel schlimmer?

Renommierte US-Klimaforscher sind nach einem Studium von Daten der Klimageschichte des Planeten zu der Ansicht gelangt, dass das Klimasystem empfindlicher als bisher gedacht ist. Die Menschheit könnte sich bereits gefährlich nah an einem Punkt finden, an dem der Masseverlust der arktischen und antarktischen Gletscher zu einem unumkehrbaren Prozess und ihr vollständiges Verschwinden nicht mehr aufzuhalten sein wird. Ein Bericht von Wolfgang Pomrehn.

Gefahr durch Klimawandel schon spürbar

NABU veranstaltet Konferenz „Klimawandel und Biodiversität".

Die Gletscher schrumpfen unaufhaltsam

Alle 93 vermessenen Gletscher sind zurückgeschmolzen, der mittlere Längenverlust beträgt 22,2 m.

Schmelzendes Eis könnte Vulkanaktivität steigern

Britische Forscher zeichnen gefährliches Szenario. Die Klimaerwärmung könnte nicht nur die Polkappen zum Schmelzen bringen, sondern auch Magma.

Klimawandel trifft indigene Völker am stärksten

Kleinste Verursacher bekommen schlimmste Auswirkungen zu spüren.

Wie der Klimawandel gestoppt werden kann

Die Klimadebatte ist voll entbrannt und geht doch am entscheidenden Punkt vorbei: Es geht um den kompletten Umbau der Industriegesellschaft. Die Frage ist nicht, ob das Zeitalter von Öl, Kohle und Atomenergie zuende geht, sondern wann und wie das geschieht.

TV - T I P P: Rückkehr der Sintflut (1/2)

Wenn das ewige Eis schmilzt (Teil 1) | Wie unsere Kinder leben werden (Teil 2) ZDF | 15.04.08 | 20:15 Uhr | ZDF | 22.04.08 | 20:15 Uhr

Urwaldzerstörung in Kanada heizt Klimawandel an

Ein soeben von Greenpeace veröffentlichter Report zeigt, wie die Zerstörung des Urwaldes in Kanada das Klima anheizt.

John McCain 'would confront Russia and China'

Informant: Gomez

Administration Set to Use New Spy Program in U.S.

DHS has not stated what federal laws govern new National Applications Office, whose funding and size are classified. 12 Apr 2008 The Bush regime said yesterday that it plans to start using the nation's most advanced spy technology for domestic purposes soon, rebuffing challenges by House Democrats over the idea's legal authority. The administration in May 2007 gave DHS authority to coordinate requests for satellite imagery, radar, electronic-signal information, chemical detection and other monitoring capabilities that have been used for decades within U.S. borders for mapping and disaster response. But Congress delayed launch of the new office last October. Critics cited its potential to expand the role of military assets in domestic law enforcement, to turn new or as-yet-undeveloped technologies against Americans without adequate public debate, and to divert the existing civilian and scientific focus of some satellite work to security uses.

Informant: Shawbear


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