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Former Justice Official Pleads Guilty in Abramoff Probe

The Associated Press reports: "The Justice Department lost one of its own to the Jack Abramoff lobbying scandal Tuesday as a former high-ranking department attorney pleaded guilty to conflict of interest."

Report Calls Bush SCHIP Rules Illegal

Mike Lillis reports for The Washington Independent, "The Bush administration has no immediate plans to rescind controversial guidelines restricting enrollment in a popular children's health-care program, despite a recent legal finding that they were administered illegally."

StratCom in Context: The Hidden Architecture of U.S. Militarism

Informant: David Swanson

From ufpj-news

Arbeit um jeden Preis: Vollbeschäftigung zum Billiglohn

Müssen wir uns von der Idee der "guten Arbeit" verabschieden?


Die Neuentdecker der Vollbeschäftigung müssen die Statistik großzügig auslegen

Artikel von Berthold Paetz in Freitag vom 25.04.2008

Wir haben jetzt schon genug Niedriglöhne!

Arbeit um jeden Preis. Vollbeschäftigung zum Billiglohn: Müssen wir uns von der Idee der "guten Arbeit" verabschieden?

„Mehr als jeder fünfte abhängig Beschäftigte gehört mittlerweile zu den Geringverdienern. Ein Ende der Talfahrt ist nicht in Sicht, trotzdem kursiert das Zauberwort von der nahenden "Vollbeschäftigung"…“ Artikel von Thorsten Stegemann in telepolis vom 23.04.2008

Wer hätte das Recht, sie faul zu nennen?

„Vollbeschäftigung wäre möglich - wenn Phasen der Nichtarbeit ebenso normal sind wie Vierteltagsjobs. Für die soziale Sicherheit könnte ein Grundeinkommen sorgen. Die Vorstellung scheint absurd, der DGB könnte am 1. Mai mit der Forderung "Grundeinkommen für alle" aufmarschieren. In diesem Jahr wird es ihm sicher nicht einfallen. Viele wären ja froh, wenn er die Forderung wenigstens nur mild zurückwiese. Und doch hätte gerade der Dachverband der Arbeitenden guten Grund, die Sache noch einmal zu überdenken…“ Artikel von Michael Jäger in Freitag vom 25.4.08

Aus: LabourNet, 28. April 2008


Vollbeschäftigung um welchen Preis?

Während die SPD-Führung Vollbeschäftigung als Ziel der Politik formuliert, hat die Diskussion über Proteste gegen die zunehmenden prekären Arbeitsverhältnisse begonnen.äftigungöhneär

We Want Healthcare NOT Warfare, NOW

An estimated 9000 Americans have died since the beginning of the Iraq war because they lack health insurance.

From Information Clearing House

Climate change 'may put world at war'

Climate change could cause global conflicts as large as the two world wars but lasting for centuries unless the problem is controlled, a leading defence think tank has warned.

From Information Clearing House

This is the most dangerous period in more than 40 years: Navy Adm

Mullen, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said the threats of extremism and changes happening around the world associated with energy and resources make the present day "the most uncertain and potentially the most dangerous time since I've been serving".

From Information Clearing House

US 'war on terror' backfiring, says thinktank

The US "war on terror" has backfired, strengthening extremists in Afghanistan and Somalia and turning them into legitimate political actors in the eyes of their local populations, a thinktank said today.

From Information Clearing House

Petraeus picked to lead Mideast command

If confirmed by the Senate, Petraeus would replace Navy Adm. William Fallon, who abruptly stepped down in March after a magazine reported that he was at odds with President Bush over Iran policy.

From Information Clearing House

IAEA, Iran agree on process to clarify Iran's nuclear programs

The International Atomic Energy Agency and Iran have reached an agreement on the process to look into allegations regarding Tehran's nuclear programs, IAEA spokeswoman Melissa Fleming said Wednesday.

From Information Clearing House

Iranian Role in Training Militants Questioned

U.S. military commanders in Iraq say Shiite militants, believed to be linked to Muqtada al Sadr's Mahdi Army, have received training and equipment from Iranian military commandos. The militants are believed to be behind the recent upsurge in well-aimed rocket fire on the U.S.-protected green zone. Others say the threats from these elite Shiite fighters - and the role of Iran - have been exaggerated.

From Information Clearing House

How urgent are US "emergency" Iraq funds?

An "emergency" request to the U.S. Congress for funds to pay for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars is strewn with money to buy military goods that cannot yet be used in either country.

From Information Clearing House

The Great Silence: Our Gilded Age and Theirs

By Steve Fraser

The myth of the "ownership society" confronts the reality of the "foreclosure society." The great silence of the second Gilded Age may give way to the great noise of the first.

The New Face Of Hunger: UN Cuts School Children's Meals

By Jeremy Lovell in London

A "SILENT tsunami" unleashed by costlier food is threatening 100 million people, the United Nations has warned, revealing that its World Food Program has begun cutting the provision of school meals to some of the world's poorest children as the global food-price crisis worsens.

Food price rises are "mass murder"-UN envoy

Global food price rises are leading to "silent mass murder" and commodities markets have brought "horror" to the world, the United Nations' food envoy told an Austrian newspaper on Sunday.

The new face of hunger

Last year wheat prices rose 77% and rice 16% (see chart 1). These were some of the sharpest rises in food prices ever. But this year the speed of change has accelerated.

Americans hoard food as industry seeks regs

Farmers and food executives appealed fruitlessly to federal officials yesterday for regulatory steps to limit speculative buying that is helping to drive food prices higher. Meanwhile, some Americans are stocking up on staples such as rice, flour and oil in anticipation of high prices and shortages spreading from overseas.

From Information Clearing House

Massive Attack

By Richard Silverstein

Hillary Clinton's pledge to 'obliterate' Iran if it attacks Israel is unnecessarily bellicose.

Why Does Bush Want to Rule Iraq?

By Paul Craig Roberts

Bush invaded Iraq with the intent of turning Iraq into an American colony. The so-called government of Maliki is not a government. Maliki is the well paid front man for U.S. colonial rule. Maliki's government does not exist outside the protected Green Zone, the headquarters of the American occupation.

At Last: A Chance for Real Action on Global Warming

Mast bid fails

Mobile phone company O2 has failed in its attempts to put up a phone mast in Pevensey Bay. Wealden District Council dismissed an appeal by O2 after its original planning application was turned down in August 2007.

Planning inspector Elizabeth Lawrence made a visit to the site on Eastbourne Road and concluded the 12.5 metre mast would 'seriously and unacceptably harm the character and appearance of the area'.


Pennsylvania Primary Primary Elections: What do we know?

Phone mast victory for residents

By Jill Harding

RESIDENTS of Campbell Road are celebrating after plans to erect a mobile phone mast in front of Leehurst Swan school were rejected by the council.

At a meeting last Thursday, Salisbury City Area Committee threw out the application for a 12-metre phone mast by mobile phone company Orange.

The decision has delighted people living in the area who staged a protest demonstrating against the plans, claiming there would be a health risk to children attending the schools nearby.


Talk to Dove before they destroy Paradise Forests

Agrarsprit zerstört Urwälder und heizt den Klimawandel an

When will young Americans get angry about the war?

USA Today
by Peter W. Fulham


Young people are tired of hearing about Iraq, and they gave up getting angry about its steep death toll and mounting costs a long time ago. There is indeed an unsettling absence of anger here in Middletown, Del., at least within the hallways of St. Andrew’s, the small boarding school I attend. Instead of fretting about the war, upperclassmen worry about this year’s record-low acceptance rates at Harvard and whether we’ll get custom T-shirts for the junior prom. Sad as all this is, it’s tough to blame anybody my age for this indifference. Why should we worry when we have no personal stake in the conflict?

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Families win mast fight after 10 years


23 April 2008 07:00

Residents of Lloyd Road and Fakenham Road in Taverham celebrating the T-Mobile mobile phone mast being taken down - 15 years after it was installed. Photo: Angela Sharpe.

Families who have been campaigning for more than a decade to rid a street near their homes of a mobile phone mast are celebrating after it was finally taken down.


Next-up news N°545

Can Grandmothers End Wars?

Informant: David Swanson

From ufpj-news

White House Defends NAFTA as Bush Meets With Heads of Mexico, Canada

The Washington Post's Michael Abramowitz writes, "With the North American Free Trade Agreement taking a pounding on the campaign trail, President Bush met here Monday with the leaders of Mexico and Canada to defend the pact and to seek new ways to cooperate on border, economic and regulatory issues."

Canada, US, Mexico Accused of Interference With NAFTA Watchdog

Environment News Service says: "An international coalition of academics, environmental, and conservation groups today called on the governments of the United States, Mexico, and Canada to 'stop interfering' with the tri-national Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC), particularly its core citizen complaint procedure."

World's Land Surfaces Reach Record Temperature

Randolph E. Schmid of The Associated Press reports: "Last month was the warmest March on record over land surfaces of the world and the second-warmest overall worldwide. For the United States, however, it was just an average March, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reported Thursday."

How Many Earth Days Do We Have Left?

Terrence McNally, AlterNet, says: "Of all the resources needed to build an economy that will sustain economic progress, none is more scarce than time. That is one of the key messages of 'Plan B 3.0: Mobilizing to Save Civilization,' the newest book by Lester Brown."

US to Insist That Travel Industry Get Fingerprints

The Washington Post's Spencer S. Hsu and Del Quentin Wilber write: "The US government today will order commercial airlines and cruise lines to prepare to collect digital fingerprints of all foreigners before they depart the country under a security initiative that the industry has condemned as costly and burdensome."


Chertoff Says Fingerprints Aren't 'Personal Data'

In a recent briefing with Canadian press (which has yet to be picked up in the U.S.), Chertoff made the startling statement that fingerprints are "not particularly private".

From Information Clearing House

Protecting America’s Arctic from Big Oil: Loons, Whales, and Polar Bears


Help Protect Polar Bears

The Bush Family Business

Council ignores petition and OKs tower

South Western Rural Advertiser - Sydney, NSW, Australia

"The concerns arise from possible adverse effects of electromagnetic fields
on human health, especially that of young children. ...

'Dollar looking more and more like a typical developing country's currency'

Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

Just Listening To Cell Phones Significantly Impairs Drivers

ScienceDaily (Mar. 6, 2008) — Carnegie Mellon University scientists have shown that just listening to a cell phone while driving is a significant distraction, and it causes drivers to commit some of the same types of driving errors that can occur under the influence of alcohol.


Informant: Martin Weatherall


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