Make Impeachment Actually Happen

Are you as tired of hearing that meaningless "New Direction" slogan as we are, where all it's been is the same old caving in. Until just a couple weeks ago we could have sworn we had traded a rubber stamp Congress for a rubber spine one, and even there they could cave again on telecom immunity any day without our incessant pressure. And what's made just a little difference was the huge primary challenge win in MD by Donna Edwards. If we do the same thing in San Francisco on June 3rd, as Shirley Golub is doing, impeachment is on, for real.

We can show Nancy Pelosi herself a "New Direction" . . . OUT the door, by doing all we can to support Shirley Golub now.

Donations for Shirley Golub Mailings:

There are lots of other things we could be doing to work for real progressive policy change, but nothing would have MORE impact than demonstrating that the Speaker of the House herself can be seriously challenged for not doing her job.

We are doing conventional things and non-conventional things. The most important conventional things we need to do right now are mailings, to get to as many people as possible with the Shirley Golub's "I'm On The Table" message. And she really is, on all the issues we are fighting for, ending the horrid indefensible occupation of Iraq, instituting real national health care for all our citizens, ending NAFTA and rebalancing our trade policy to protect American jobs, and most urgently impeaching the president and vice president before they can do any more damage.

We can do lots of email for practically nothing. But not everybody has email and we certainly don't have the email addresses for every voter in San Francisco, which is where the critical battleground is right now. Thanks to your valiant help, Shirley is running multiple ads daily on MSNBC in her district, the Air America radio affiliate, and last weekend placed a prominent display ad in the San Franciso Chronicle. But we still need to do traditional mailings to win.

It's going to take about $30,000 to get this mailing out over the next week or so. But if each of our participants just kicked in a dollar we would raise far more than that. So anything you can do to help will make a real difference, knowing that we have candidate who is not afraid to put it on the line and proclaim her stands, where the incumbent, Pelosi, just mouths worn out and worthless slogans.

Donations for Shirley Golub Mailings:

If you can donate $100 to help show Nancy Pelosi the door and what direction it's in, Shirley will send you one of the new "IMPEACH BOTH!!!" baseball caps, so you can proudly proclaim your position on what Congress should have done long ago. And if you can be an angel and donate $1000 to get this mailing off the ground, you get a custom embroidered "I'm On The Table" baseball style satin award jacket.

At the same time, just based on our last alert, we have been hearing from people from all other the country excited about the theatrical impeachment passion play that Shirley is helping to make happen. Think of it like "An Inconvenient Truth". Think of the dramatic impact that movie has made on worldwide policy thinking, inspiring and mobilizing people to take action where before they were dreadfully uninformed.

Here we have a play cowritten by Bruce Fein, one of the premier impeachment scholars, together with some gifted dramatists. And if you have ever heard Mr. Fein speak at forum on the urgency of impeachment, you know that everyone needs to hear what he has to say about the mortal threat to our democracy posed by NOT acting to impeach this president and vice president now. Few people have had that opportunity, and you can't get most people to sit still for a lecture. But with this play we can have Mr. Fein as a character educating and inspiring people to speak out every night, while we pick apart all the specious White House excuses for their Constitutional offenses witness by witness, in the most dramatic way possible.

It get's better than that. Every person who will attend this play in San Francisco we can recruit on the spot to volunteer for the campaign, they can take home house signs with them, and every dollar we spend advertising the play will double as campaign advertising. The synergistic possibilities are breathtaking, not to mention the media attention phenomenon we can create by making the production the hit we know it will be. Unconventionial? Yes. But it could amazing and we have to go for it. We already have a top notch director in place, so if you would like to make a donation to help mount this production, please use this link.

Donations For Impeachment Play:

And especially if you are in another city and want to work on your own productions, to make this inspiring impeachment play the national media phenomenon it is destined to be, please email us too because we will be releasing the final locked script to all comers this week.

We beat back a corporate financed challenge to Dennis Kucinich for his own congressional seat with your help, against all odds. Now we can win a primary challenge in San Francisco, and in doing so change the course of American political history forever.

Paid for by Shirley Golub for Congress

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed to be ours, and forward this alert as widely as possible.


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