The proposed Vodaphone phone mast in St Mary's Church in Bathwick: TERMINATE THIS UNHOLY ALLIANCE

11:15 - 26 June 2006

Bath Chronicle

The proposed Vodaphone phone mast in St Mary's Church in Bathwick (The Bath Chronicle, June 21) has potentially serious adverse health implications for local inhabitants.

What is alarming is that church is ignoring the local community whose fears are based on worldwide evidence of adverse health implications. Independent research regularly shows that the inadequate (ICNIRP) guidelines that these masts comply with are set 9000 too high.

Mast electro magnetic radiation causes DNA damage to the human body causing cancers, and many other auto immune illnesses.

No scientist or Government advisory body has ever said that emissions from masts are safe.

In dismissing this research, the church's new direction appears to put financial gain before the health and well being of communities, particularly the weak and vulnerable.

Disregarding the health and well being of local residents is in direct conflict with the teachings of Jesus (and the New Testament) who taught us to love our neighbour, protect the weak and vulnerable, and place a higher value on human life and well-being than on material possessions.

So the church now sees St Mary's as a commercial enterprise.

In this context, we may care to reflect that Christ sent the money lenders out of the temple of God along with the cheats and people acting in their own commercial interests.

Jesus cast out all that sold and bought in the temple and overthrew the tables of the money changers.

Before the Rector of Bath's parishioners make the accusation, "my house shall be called the house of prayer but you have made it a den of thieves" (Matthew Ch. 21) perhaps this unholy alliance with Videophone should be terminated.

John Elliott
Westons Brake, Emersons Green, Bristol

Letter for publication please.

RE: Terminate this unholy alliance (Letters 26.06.06)

I totally agree with John Elliot’s comments as this technology has not been proved to be anywhere near safe, as some would have us believe. Nor is the church following the principles of its own teachings.

Instead of trying to fill its coffers with tainted gold, St Mary’s Church, Bathwick, should be working in the best interests of the community and showing by its actions the true message of Christianity. It comes to something when the parishioners have to try to show the clergy the light!

The Church of England made the excuse to me that they were doing the community a favour by getting these masts up in towers out of the way. This only proves to me that those responsible for signing contracts for mobile phone masts in churches across the UK did not even properly research this technology.

I have voluntarily answered the Mast Sanity advice line since 2004 out of concern for our children and their future. There are now so many people unwell around 3G and TETRA masts in the UK that I am delegating most of my free time to help them, as others also do. There would be no need for this if this technology was truly safe.

I do wish people would spend some time researching this subject rather than just taking this technology for granted and indulging in the whims of the moment.

How would people feel if they discovered too late that it could cause harm to human and animal life? What if their family/children/friends/pets were affected in the future?

Sandi Lawrence (website hopefully soon )


Vodafone Church Mast (Bath)


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