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Nuclear Attack On Iran

Just in Time For Independence Day

by Pastor Chuck Baldwin

A few years ago, I sadly discovered that it was next to impossible to find our nation's great historic documents together in one volume, so we decided to fix that problem. It took us a full year to research and compile over 50 of our country's greatest historical documents, but we did it!.....

V-Day Until the Hysteria Stops

by Carey Roberts

“This criminalizing of ordinary private behavior and incarceration without due process follows classic police-state practices. Evidence is irrelevant, hearsay is admissible, defendants have no right to confront their accusers, and forced confessions are a common feature.”.....

Wall Street Rules

"It is important to understand that [the Fed's] method of restraining inflation does not affect everyone equally. The people who lose their job when the Fed raises interest rates tend to be factory workers, retail clerks, and custodians, not doctors, lawyers, and CEOs. In other words, the Fed controls inflation by forcing the middle class and poor to face higher unemployment and take pay cuts," writes Dean Baker.

Timber Becomes Tool in Effort to Cut Estate Tax

In a new attempt to permanently reduce the estate tax on inherited wealth, House Republican leaders moved on Tuesday to win over crucial Democrats with a tax sweetener for timber companies.

Tanker Inquiry Exposes Rumsfeld's Lack of Focus

In a previously undisclosed interview with two investigators for the Pentagon's inspector general, the defense secretary makes clear that he does wars, not defense procurement. As a result, he could not recollect details of what subordinates told him about the tanker lease or what he said to them.

US Effort to Rehab Image Falls Short

In Europe for two days, President Bush will lay out a full agenda on Iran, aid to Iraq, and farm subsidies in world trade. But he'll also confront a European public that has such a poor view of America that in some countries, the United States is seen as the biggest threat to global stability today - surpassing Iran.

Fight to keep beauty spot phone mast

By Gareth Tidman

A MOBILE phone giant is trying to remove a covenant which stops development of a beauty spot in Bromley Cross.

Hutchinson 3G has applied for the 1934 agreement to be scrapped or altered to allow its 15-metre phone mast to remain on the land at Hollands Nursery, Darwen Road.

The application was being considered by a planning inspector during a two-day hearing at Bolton Town Hall which was due to finish today. continued...

The covenant was created following an agreement between former landowner Arthur Ashworth and Turton Urban and District Council in a bid to create a permanent green space, free from building and development.

But John Barrett, for Hutchinson 3G, told the hearing that the covenant was a barrier to the proper planning and development of the area.

He said: "This area should be subject to proper development and that requires that people receive mobile phone coverage.

"Mr Arthur's concern was the loss of space to development and to impose a restriction to create a permanent area of land.

"Hutchinson 3G wishes to retain a monopole mast and equipment. It does not have an unacceptable effect on the area in terms of landscape and visual amenity."

Planning permission for the mast was approved on appeal in May, 2004.

Leolin Price, for Bolton Council, which is objecting to the application, was due to finish outlining its case today.

Planning inspector Rod Evans said he would have to decide whether the mast could be classed as a building and was affected by the covenant.

The new Local Government and Communities secretary and Bolton West MP Ruth Kelly had asked to be informed of the outcome of the inquiry, he said Mr Evans is due to announce his decision later in the year.

3:43pm today

Newsquest Media Group A Gannett Company

Iraq-Afghanistan, Western Failure

Daniel Vernet argues that the results in Iraq and Afghanistan undermine the principle of international intervention to impose stability, let alone democracy.

A Legacy of the Storm: Depression and Suicide

New Orleans is experiencing what appears to be a near epidemic of depression and post-traumatic stress disorders, one that mental health experts say is of an intensity rarely seen in this country. It is contributing to a suicide rate that state and local officials describe as close to triple what it was before Hurricane Katrina struck and the levees broke 10 months ago.

US House Clears $427.6 Billion for Pentagon

The US House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed a $427.6 billion Pentagon funding bill on Tuesday after rejecting a bid by Democrats to force the Bush administration to get court orders for its domestic surveillance program.

Their Barbarism, and Ours

Gabriel wirft Glos Trickserei zugunsten der Atomindustrie vor

Alte Atomkraftwerke: Gabriel wirft Glos Trickserei zugunsten der Atomindustrie vor (21.06.06)

Im Streit um längere Laufzeiten für Atomkraftwerke hat Bundesumweltminister Sigmar Gabriel Bundeswirtschaftminister Michael Glos Trickserei vorgeworfen. Die Absicht, alte Atomkraftwerke in die nächste Legislaturperiode zu retten, sei zwar trickreich, aber keine Begründung für eine Genehmigung, sagte Gabriel der in Hannover erscheinenden "Neuen Presse". Die Übertragung von Laufzeiten sei an eine Ausnahmegenehmigung des Umweltministers geknüpft. "Ein solcher Antrag bedarf einer besonderen Begründung. Die kann ich bisher nicht erkennen", sagte Gabriel.

Die ganze Nachricht im Internet:

Körperschaftsteuer: Gysi fordert "gerechte Unternehmenssteuern"


Die Links-Fraktion wirft der Bundesregierung Sozialabbau und Steuerungerechtigkeit vor. Trotz des Arbeitsplatzabbaus durch große Konzerne sorge die Regierung nicht für gerechte Unternehmenssteuern, kritisierte Links-Fraktionschef Gregor Gysi am Mittwoch in der Generaldebatte des Bundestages. Stattdessen wolle Bundesfinanzminister Peer Steinbrück (SPD) die Körperschaftsteuer von 25 auf 12,5 Prozent halbieren. Dabei sei die Begründung, Deutschland müsse diese Politik aufgrund der internationalen Steuerkonkurrenz betreiben, unzutreffend, unterstrich Gysi. In der EU habe nur die Slowakei geringere Steuern als Deutschland.

Die ganze Nachricht im Internet:

Gesundheitsfonds: DAK-Chef kritisiert Umverteilung von unten nach oben


Der Vorstandsvorsitzende der gesetzlichen Krankenkasse DAK, Herbert Rebscher, kritisiert die Regierungspläne zur Gesundheitsreform. Der geplante Gesundheitsfonds werde "von den kleinen und mittleren Einkommen bezahlt", sagte Rebscher dem Magazin "stern". Es solle "von unten nach oben umverteilt werden, ohne dass es einer merkt." Rebscher begründete seine Kritik damit, dass "Normalverdiener für ihre paar Miet- oder Zinseinnahmen künftig Abgaben zahlen müssen, weil sie noch unter der Bemessungsgrenze liegen". Gleichzeitig sei absehbar, dass die Arbeitgeber künftig in den Gesundheitsfonds einen festen Prozentsatz ihrer Lohnsumme überweisen werden. "Der Anteil der Arbeitgeber wird nie mehr steigen", kritisierte der Chef der zweitgrößten deutschen Krankenkasse.

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Psychologists Urge Guantanamo Closure

As some of you may be aware, there is a major controversy in the psychological community regarding psychologists' role in Guantanamo and elsewhere.

PsySR has just issued the following statement regarding this issue. Please feel free to distribute it far and wide.

All the best,


Psychologists Urge Guantanamo Closure

Psychologists for Social Responsibility (PsySR) joins many other human rights organizations, and several heads of state, in calling for the closure of the U.S. prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. PsySR extends its call to include any other prisons maintained by the United States of America where prisoners are incarcerated beyond the bounds of international human rights law. We also call upon our fellow psychologists to refrain from participating in any consultation involving “interrogations” in these prisons.

The risks of abuse of power in coercive situations that are masked in secrecy are well documented and Guantanamo Bay prison is yet another example of such situations. Unfortunately, we also have a number of references from reputable sources, including Pentagon officials (NY Times, June 6, 2006), to the involvement of psychologists in these procedures, particularly as part of the so-called “Behavioral Science Consulting Teams” (BSCTs). We urge adherence to the many international human rights conventions, agreements, principles, and laws that can help protect both the practitioner and those who are at risk of having their human rights violated.

We stand with the United Nations when it reminds us in its report on “Situation of Detainees in Guantanamo Bay” (16-2-2006), that, “Indeed, human rights law applies at all times, even during situations of emergency and armed conflicts” (p. 36). In that report there are several references to violations of international standards by mental health professionals--charges which remain unanswered. Many experts, including Robert Jay Lifton and Sephen N. Xenakis recently (Los Angeles Times, June 8, 2006), have cautioned about the dangers of allowing mental health professionals to become involved in interrogations. They write, “We are keenly aware of the dynamic and consequences of medical misbehavior in custodial settings….”

We also stand with the basic creed for psychologists: Do no harm. We applauded when the American Psychological Association made it clear that “Psychologists may never engage in, facilitate, or countenance torture or other cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment.” We were therefore most distressed to see that the military is planning to “use only psychologists…to help interrogators devise strategies to get information from detainees at places like Guantanamo Bay, Cuba”( NY Times 6-7-2006).

We join those with serious concerns about the practices being used at Guantanamo Bay. Since we cannot know the nature of the “interrogations” being carried out there, given the secrecy surrounding nearly all aspects of the incarceration of these people, there is no way to guarantee its humaneness.

The safest, most principled course of action at this time is for psychologists to refrain from participating in any way in interrogations under these circumstances, to close these prisons, and bring all detainees of all categories back under the umbrella of international human rights laws, treaties, conventions and principles governing their treatment.

Psychologists for Social Responsibility (PsySR) is a non-profit organization dedicated to using psychological knowledge to build a culture of peace with justice. Born in 1982, PsySR applies the research, knowledge, and practices of psychology to promote durable peace at the community, national and international levels. Its Steering Committee of psychologists leads an organization with members in almost every state of the Union, and in more than 40 countries.

Psychologists for Social Responsibility, 208 I St. NE, Suite B, Washington, DC 20002-4340, (202) 543-5347, (202) 543-5348 fax,,

Anne Anderson
Coordinator Psychologists for Social Responsibility
208 I (EYE) St. NE, Suite B Washington, DC 20002-4340
(202) 543-5347
(202) 543-5348 fax

From ufpj-news

Resistance in the US military to the Iraq war

Eine klimatische Zeitbombe im hohen Norden

Methanhydrat ist nicht die einzige Gefahrenquelle für plötzliche Gasfreisetzungen.

Auf dem Weg in den präventiven Sicherheitsstaat

Ein Gespräch mit dem Bremer Anwalt und Menschenrechtler Rolf Gössner über die innere Aufrüstung zur Fußball-WM und zum Bush-Besuch.

Bt Cotton: Biotech companys' evil genes show up in India

Informant: Andy

Inflation Jitters?

by Robert Reich,

By raising interest rates, the Fed and other central bankers are fighting the last war.

Net Neutrality Diversion

by Art Brodsky,

Big telecom and entertainment companies throw up a smokescreen to mask the goodies they stand to get from Congress.

The White House handling of Karl Rove's possible indictment proves that reality is unimportant in the White House press room

The Perfect Stonewall

by David Corn,

Stop Secret Kidnapping and Torture

Help me end the war in Iraq

Reiche verdoppeln ihr Vermögen

impf-report Newsletter Nr. 24/2006

Mobiles: are they doing you harm?

House Derails Bush Immigration Overhaul

Iraq: Means and ends

Mother Jones
by Jeffrey Laurenti


Disdaining such concerns as defeatism, the House Republican leadership described their expansive Iraq mission as integral to the 'global war on terror.' The war's supporters declared they would set no 'arbitrary' date for withdrawal from Iraq, and called on other nations to join the U.S. coalition. That coalition, however, is unraveling. Japan today is rushing to follow Italy out the door, and Korea and even Britain are edging toward the exit. The very link House leaders make between Iraq and counterterrorism is in fact what undermines the struggle against terrorism around the world...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Lieberman on the brink

by John Dickerson


By traditional measurements, Lieberman should still feel confident. He won the endorsement of the state party last month, and Lamont trails by double digits in the polls. However, the polling gap is closing -- Lamont is behind by 40 to 55 percent, but that is an improvement of 21 points in four weeks. And Lamont is winning endorsements from party veterans, including Jim Dean, brother of DNC Chairman Howard Dean. The challenger clearly has the momentum. He's doing so well that Lieberman has had serious discussions with political advisers about quitting the party to run in the general election as an independent. Lieberman enjoys higher poll numbers among Republicans and unaffiliated voters than among Democrats...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Clues from coal fields

Christian Science Monitor
by Nick Anderson


Two days after I arrived in southeastern Kentucky, a coal mine explosion killed five men in nearby Harlan County. In the four weeks since the miners died, I have traveled through the coal-field counties in Kentucky and West Virginia. What I see is that coal is not the clean, cheap energy source that the coal industry advertises. The market price of coal may be relatively low, but the cost to the region is high. We are leveling the Appalachian Mountains, burying streams, polluting the water supply, and destroying North America's oldest and most ecologically diverse forests in pursuit of a fleeting supply of electricity. With underground mining, the cost is measured in lives...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Cut and run? Hardly

Boston Globe
by H.D.S. Greenway


Last week White House operative Karl Rove traveled to New Hampshire to pump up the faithful by telling them that if Democrats had their way, Iraq would have fallen to terrorists. 'When it gets tough, and when it gets difficult, they fall back on that party's old pattern of cutting and running,' said Rove. Never mind that there were no terrorists in a position to take over in Iraq before the US invasion. What struck me about Rove's speech was 'the old pattern of cutting and running' bit. I don't remember that either Democrat Woodrow Wilson, or Franklin Roosevelt, had advocated cutting and running in World Wars I and II. If I remember correctly, a good part of the opposition to Roosevelt's efforts to keep democracy alive in Europe came from the GOP. And wasn't it Dwight D. Eisenhower, the GOP's first successful presidential candidate in 20 years, who campaigned on the promise, 'I will go to Korea' to bring that unpopular war to a close?

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Court ruling knocks off a constitutional right

by staff


There's a knock on the door, followed by the announcement, 'Open up! Police!' Then comes the anticipation of someone answering the door. That scene is ingrained in the consciousness of Americans familiar with the standards of police work, because it represents the proper way to conduct a search warrant. But what if the cops never knocked? What if they just announced themselves, took a breath, then moved in? That's a case the Supreme Court considered last week, and the court failed miserably, siding with police who had violated a man's constitutional rights by the way they entered his home. The court ruled 5-4 that evidence seized in a search conducted by not even knocking may be used in court. That decision flies in the face of the Fourth Amendment protection from unreasonable searches. Over the years, courts have embraced the 'knock-and-announce' procedure as the way to conduct a constitutional search. The 'knock-and-announce' rule is what makes the search reasonable...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Peak oil = urban ruin

by George Orwel


Let's just assume that world oil production peaks in about 15 years. What will that mean to us, in concrete terms? It won't mean we'll run out of oil right away. It only means that net oil availability will decline at an annual rate of about 2 percent thereafter, and we should expect that supply will be down by 20 percent by about 2035, when world population will be doubled, along with fuel consumption. This is still speculative and things might turn out differently, including development of new technologies that would make life a little easier, but it's going to a huge problem. It's safe to say that the general progression of events points to a scary future...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Oil prices could spike, Saudi warns

US News & World Report


World oil prices could double or triple over the current painful $70-per-barrel level if diplomacy failed and military conflict broke out over Iran's nuclear ambitions, Saudi Ambassador Prince Turki al-Faisal warned this morning. 'We don't know' what will happen if the United States chooses a military option in Iran, al-Faisal said, but 'if there is military conflict, if bombs are dropped, ships are blown up, oil facilities on our side of the gulf are targeted ... just the idea of somebody firing a missile at an installation somewhere would shoot up the price of oil astronomically'...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Police bypass subpoenas to get Americans' phone records



Federal and local police across the country -- as well as some of the nation's best-known companies -- have been gathering Americans' phone records from private data brokers without subpoenas or warrants. These brokers, many of whom market aggressively across the Internet, have broken into customer accounts online, tricked phone companies into revealing information and sometimes acknowledged that their practices violate laws, according to documents obtained by The Associated Press...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Amerikanische Politik gefährlicher als Iran

Studiengebühren, Hartz IV oder Lehrerausbildung: die Blaupausen werden entwickelt bei Bertelsmann

Die Tonangeber: die Bertelsmann-Stiftung macht sich stark für neoliberale Reformen in Städten und Regionen


Studiengebühren, Hartz IV oder Lehrerausbildung: die Blaupausen werden entwickelt bei Bertelsmann

Ethnic cleansing?

Thousands of New Orleans Public Housing Units to be Destroyed. 200,000+ Low-Income Residents Remain Displaced.

GOP Kills Bill to Police Halliburton

Republicans in Congress have made it clear they're willing to fight for military contractors' right to lie, cheat and defraud taxpayers.

LA's spy-in-the-sky drone sparks privacy concerns

The future of law enforcement was launched into the smoggy Los Angeles skies at the weekend in the form of a drone aircraft intended to bring spy-in-the-sky technology to urban policing.

From Information Clearing House

The Supersonic Shape-Shifting Bomber

With a shift of its wing, the Pentagon’s next attack drone goes from long-range endurance flyer to Mach-speed assassin.

From Information Clearing House

ACLU Report Condemns U.S. for Failing to Uphold Civil and Political Rights

The report, Dimming the Beacon of Freedom: U.S. Violations of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, documents the U.S. record on human rights in five areas: national security, women's rights, racial justice, immigrants rights and religious freedom.

Guantanamo desperation 'revealed'

"These documents are the latest evidence of the desperate and immoral conditions that exist at Guantanamo Bay," American Civil Liberties Union executive director Anthony Romero said.

Exposing the CIA's Italian Kidnapping Plot

Italian investigators are continuing to probe Italy's role in America's anti-terrorist war, particularly the rendition and torture of U.S.-wanted terrorist suspects.

Calipari case: “It is a political crime”

Italy will charge the US soldier who killed the Italian agent in Iraq, as a political crime.

From Information Clearing House

Bush's America opposes verifiable ban on fission

In a vote of the Disarmament Committee of the United Nations (UN), one and only one nation voted against El Baradei's proposal - George Bush's America.

U.S. Dunkirk In Iraq: The Tipping Point

The current 'coalition of the willing' in Iraq bribed or coerced into joining the invasion, is slowly melting away , leaving the 'opened Iraqi grenade ' in US - UK hands.

Japan orders withdrawal of ground troops from Iraq - Australia should follow Japan out of Iraq

Japan ordered the withdrawal of its ground troops from Iraq Tuesday, declaring the humanitarian mission a success and ending a groundbreaking dispatch that tested the limits of its pacifist postwar constitution.

Australia should follow Japan out of Iraq: ALP

LABOR has called for the immediate withdrawal of Australian troops in southern Iraq following the Japanese Government's decision to to recall its reconstruction taskforce.,20867,19538594-2702,00.html

From Information Clearing House

Iraqi's used for target practice?

U.S. soldiers charged with murder in Iraq

The three soldiers are accused of deliberately allowing three men detained during a raid on a former chemical factory to flee so they would have an excuse to shoot them, said a defence official, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Thirteen Iraqis, including child, killed in 'US air strike'

US troops were dropped to the ground after the strike. The troops then opened fire at the two farm houses, he added.

Unconstitutional: The War On Our Civil Liberties

Video - 60 Minutes - Windows Media

This new film, written, directed and produced by Nonny de la Peña, details the shocking way that the civil liberties of American citizens and immigrants alike have been infringed upon, curtailed and rolled back since 9/11 and the USA Patriot Act.

Click here to watch.

We must take our country back and give it to the people

The Strange Language of Capitalism

By Charles Sullivan

If we treasure anything above our own selfish comfort; if we believe in the ideals of freedom and democracy for people; if we believe in peace and justice, we must not sit by idly and allow these good men to be overthrown or assassinated by illegitimate Plutocratic henchmen. We must take our country back and give it to the people.

Cheney used 9/11 to go to war

"Frontline" documentary makes case that Cheney used 9/11 to go to war

Last week's grim milestone of 2,500 American military deaths in Iraq will look even grimmer after tonight's "Frontline" documentary, "The Dark Side."

By Mark Rahner

The damning 90-minute exposé stops short of laying those bodies at Vice President Dick Cheney's feet. But it does finger Cheney and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld — through more than 40 interviews with CIA veterans, journalists, politicians and others — as the ones who ignored, suppressed and manipulated intelligence after the 9/11 attacks to lead us into war with a country that had nothing to do with our attackers.

How to Fix Our Health Care Mess

Clean Water at Risk

The New York Times says: "The United States Supreme Court issued a decision on wetlands yesterday whose main virtue is that it could have been much worse.... Still, the signs are ominous. Right now, Justice Anthony Kennedy, the swing vote in the case, is all that appears to stand in the way of gutting critical environmental protections."

Next Victim of Warming: the Beaches

According to a 2000 report by the Heinz Center for Science, Economics and the Environment, at least a quarter of the houses within 500 feet of the United States coast may be lost to rising seas by 2060. There were 350,000 of these houses when the report was written, but today there are far more.

The Most Powerful Force on Earth

An economist questions the drive for growth at any cost, and offers some hope for change. Martin Weiss says: "The population explosion is beyond control. It has emerged as the single most powerful, immutable force on Earth, driving geopolitical change, stimulating economic growth and generating global inflation."

"Dark Side" Sheds Light on Cheney

"Frontline" delivers a devastating look tonight at the efforts of Vice President Dick Cheney to gain control of the war on terror after 9/11. In doing so, the show purports, he compromised the integrity of America's intelligence system.

An overwhelming majority of Americans believe that the invasion of Iraq was a colossal mistake

Seeking a Better Debate

Will Pitt says: "An overwhelming majority of Americans believe that the invasion of Iraq was a colossal mistake, and further believe that a withdrawal of our forces is absolutely necessary. Anyone observing what took place in Congress last week cannot deny that the Republican majority has no intention of seeing those desires brought to fruition."



As the Senate today debates a resolution to start bringing our troops home from Iraq, this would be a great time to tell them that only those with the COURAGE to take a stand for national sanity deserve to get re-elected. No matter how many lies they tell to the American people about how great things are going in Iraq, a leaked cable communication from our own embassy reveals they are telling THEMSELVES that the situation is growing increasingly worse.

Voters For Peace are sponsoring a peace pledge which says:

"I will not vote for or support any candidate for Congress or President who does not make a speedy end to the war in Iraq, and preventing any future war of aggression, a public position in his or her campaign."

And when you submit the action page at the new Peace Team site above you can add your name to the tens of thousands signing the peace pledge right now, AND you can send a personal message to all your members of Congress at once calling on them to bring our troops home now.


Vice president Cheney, who is in fact the acting dictator for all matters of real policy decisions, was just quoted at a press conference saying "I don't think anybody anticipated the level of violence we've encountered."

Leaving aside that just a year ago he tried to lull us into thinking the insurgency was in it's "last throes", this is the same administration that tried to tell us that nobody could have anticipated that the levies in New Orleans would be breached, when in fact they did. And this is the same administration that tried to tell us that nobody could have anticipated terrorists flying planes into buildings, when in fact they DID!

But of course EVERYBODY with the integrity to tell the the truth to the American public about any of these things they have systematically driven out of government. And anybody outside of government who would dare to speak the truth is ruthlessly smeared by a corporate media controlled by their campaign contributor cronies.

But people are speaking out. More and more every day. And you can too, by signing the peace pledge and telling your members of Congress that not a single additional one of our brave servicemen and women shall die for the Bush administration's premediated knowing lies.

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed to be ours, and forward this message to everyone else you know.

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Le "triple play": un suicide financier pour les opérateurs historiques?

Dossier Santé: Champs ElectroMagnétiques et Fausses couches

'The Dark Side' on Dick Cheney is 'devastating'

Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

New EPA Rule Gives Refineries, Chemical Plants Free Pass for Toxic Air Pollution

After Bushenomics: Rescuing America

Big Oil Has Had Its Way With Americans For Much Too Long

Father, "What's Going On?"

Japanese Whaling A Barbaric Spectacle

Thirteen Iraqis Killed in Alleged US Fire on Poultry Farm

Police Got Phone Data from Brokers

Stress Disorder Seen Soaring Among Returning Troops

Bush Wrongfooted as Iran Steps up International Charm Offensive

Auf dem Weg zu Hartz V: Zwischenbilanz und aktuelle Entwicklungen im Arbeitsförderungsrecht

„Nein, das Ende der Fahnenstange ist noch nicht erreicht. Nachdem Hartz I–IV – gemessen an den Zumutungen – so gemütlich eingeführt werden konnten, bereiten Sabine Christiansen & Co. ideologisch das Terrain vor für Hartz V. Jürgen Karasch wagt für uns den Blick aus dem Inneren der Bundesagentur für Arbeit zurück und in die Zukunft…“ Artikel von Jürgen Karasch

Aus: LabourNet, 21. Juni 2006

Phantom Wealth & Phantom Education

Test your freedom IQ: ask yourself how well you understand the principles upon which the nation was founded

On the state media's willing accomplices

Why the Duke Case Matters: it shines a spotlight on an American sickness

That Death Toll: Two Thousand Five Hundred

The internal war between the intelligence community and Richard Bruce Cheney

Informant: NHNE

Mobiles 'as addictive as smoking'



MOBILE-phone users who spend most of their waking hours glued to a handset may have to call a therapist after a university study found they were as addictive as smoking and junk food.

The heaviest mobile users even display the typical signs of "cold turkey" drug withdrawal - anxiety, restlessness and even panic - when parted from their phones.

The psychological cost of excessive mobile phone use was highlighted in a study published yesterday by Queensland University in Australia.

Diana James, the academic who led the study, said: "Mobile phone addiction is going to surpass internet addiction because at least you can walk away from your computer.

"Our dependency on mobiles means most people are never without them. The fact that handsets are carried around all day and provide instant pleasure means the risk of addiction is on a par with snacking on junk food and even smoking."

The Queensland study analysed people under 45 to establish the emotional, psychological, financial and social impact of their use of mobiles. It found some suffered low self-esteem if they were not free to receive calls and text messages and the phone appeared to be a kind of "security blanket" which improved feelings of self-worth. Other users appeared "obsessive" in their need to be near a mobile phone and became deeply agitated when parted from it.

In a few cases, large amounts of texting led to the physical symptoms of repetitive stress injury as well as the psychological issues, the report found.

Ms James said: "Like substance abuse, excessive use of mobile phones can lead to personal problems. People who use their phone heavily may be addicted - it depends on the impact it has on their day-to-day life. Is their phone costing them more than money in terms of emotional, social and physical stress?"

Britain's love affair with the mobile phone is now virtually universal, with 80 per cent of the population owning at least one. Ofcom, the telecoms watchdog, says the average Scot makes about 21 mobile phone calls a week and sends about 29 text messages. However, heavy use among office workers and younger people - particularly when it comes to texting - can send that tally far higher.

A 19-year-old from Paisley last year became what was thought to be the first person in Scotland to be treated for text addition. The teenager, whose name was not made public, spent £4,500 on text messaging in a year and at one point was sending approximately 700 texts a week. He received counselling at the Renfrewshire Council on Alcohol Trust in Paisley.

Philip Irvine, a project leader at the trust who treated the youth, described excessive mobile phone use as similar to a gambling addiction, in that users frequently become dependent to bolster their self-esteem.

"If a person is using a mobile phone to make themselves feel better, or it is actually impinging on their life - they are not going to work, or they are spending more money than they can afford - then I would certainly say they've got a problem," he said.

While texting in moderation remains comparatively cheap, financial problems with mobile phone bills have become an issue due to the soaring popularity of ringtone services. In many cases, people have been unaware that buying a single ringtone often means signing up to a subscription service costing £3 a week plus the cost of reverse-charge text messages. Missing a call sparks feeling of dread

FRANSINA Nuuyuni's dependence on her mobile phone extends to taking the odd call while in the toilet.

The 25-year-old, from Edinburgh, admits to spending about £120 a month on phone charges and calls.

Ms Nuuyuni, a receptionist who works for a Dalkeith-based property company, admits to using her mobile phone at least once an hour for calls or texts throughout the week and said her usage increases at the weekend.

The thought of being parted from her Nokia provokes feelings of dread.

"It would make me very awkward and anxious - as though I might miss out on something," she said. "I can't stand the thought of missing a call."

While Ms Nuuyuni admits to cooking while on the mobile phone, several rooms in her house remain off limits, for now.

"I don't take the mobile into the shower or the bath with me, although I do leave it behind the bathroom door so that I can hear it if it rings," she said.

Her main mobile phone vice is texting, a practice she occasionally suffers for.

"I love texting and sometimes get a sore thumb from texting so much," she said.

However, the office worker regards herself as a symptom of an era driven by technology rather than a victim of it - and is determined to keep up.

Ms Nuuyuni got her first mobile phone eight years ago and upgrades her handset every two years.

"It's important to keep up with new technology if it makes life easier," she said.

"I'm going to upgrade my phone next month so that I can get one with a camera and video on it."

Ms Nuuyuni admits that one consequence of upgrading to a new handset is that she will probably spend "even longer" on the mobile phone than before.



Are cell phones addictive?

Are cell phone microwaves addictive?

Droge Handy: Suchttendenzen nehmen zu



In der aktuellen Ausgabe des P.M. Magazins schlagen Psychologen Alarm: Immer mehr Handynutzer zeigen Suchtsymptome. Verlieren wir langsam aber sicher die Kontrolle über das mobile Leben?

Einer neuen Umfrage aus den USA zufolge kann ein knappes Drittel der Handybesitzer nicht mehr "ohne" leben. Mehr als die Hälfte lässt das Gerät immer eingeschaltet. Teilnehmer einer aktuellen Studie der australischen Uni Brisbane fühlten sich ohne Handy sogar, "als würde eines meiner Glieder fehlen". Studienautorin Diana James warnt vor finanziellen Problemen, kaputten Beziehungen und sogar Rechtschreibschwächen. In Südkorea, wo praktisch jeder ein Mobiltelefon besitzt, hat eine Studie bereits 2003 eindeutige Suchtsymptome bei Handynutzern festgestellt. Medienabhängigkeit: Es ist nicht nur das Handy

Macht das Handy tatsächlich süchtig - wie Alkohol oder Zigaretten? Psychologen sprechen lieber von "Medienabhängigkeit". Seit dem vergangenen Jahr häufen sich die Fälle von Handypatienten, beobachten Psychologen. "Schlagartig kamen Kinder mit Handyproblemen in die Therapie", berichtet Diplompsychologin Simone Trautsch, "vorher war das kein Thema." Werner Platz, Leiter der psychiatrischen Ambulanz des Berliner Vivantes Humboldt-Klinikums und Spezialist für Onlinesucht, betreut erstmals auch zwei Patienten mit einem ungesunden Verhältnis zum Handy. "Die Dunkelziffer ist viel höher", vermutet Platz. Problem: Abstinenz für Berufstätige fast unmöglich

Weil man heute jedoch nicht mehr um Handy und Internet herumkommt, ergibt sich für die Therapie medienabhängiger Patienten ein Problem: "Sie können nicht auf völligen Verzicht hinarbeiten wie etwa beim Alkohol", erklärt Psychiater Platz. "Verringerung ist das Ziel - und souveräner Umgang mit dem Gerät." Platz schließt mit seinen Patienten Abkommen, jede Woche weniger Zeit mit dem Handy zu verbringen.

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