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US Commanders Knew Haditha Deaths From Gunfire

Marine commanders in Iraq knew within two days of the killings in Haditha in November that gunfire, not a roadside bomb, had killed Iraqi civilians but they saw no reason to investigate further, The New York Times reported on Saturday.

NYT again shows its disingenuousness in reporting on Iran

Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

We can't say no to the masts yesterdays Sussex Argus by of all people a Brighton Tory Councillor, Lynda Hyde.

I've emailed most Councillors re phone masts etc for years - this is the first time such a strong letter has been written by a Councillor.

See below


We can't say no to the masts

Kevin Haestler of Portslade is concerned for the health of his children if a 12.5m mast and base station is erected outside his house (to be precise 0.7 metres away and that is NOT a misprint) and asks why the planning system cannot refuse such applications on health grounds.

The reason is the Government has taken away the rights of local authorities to refuse applications on health grounds.

This is despite the Governments own Stewart Report which calls for a precautionary approach to the positioning of masts.

Masts of 15 metres and above are presented to the planning committee for a decision and many times such applications are refused.

However, if a telecommunications company appeals against the decision, it is then nearly always granted by the appeal inspector.

Again this is because councils are not permitted to refuse the application on health grounds.

Moreover, a mast which does not exceed 15 metres needs no planning consent at all.

A telecommunications operator may erect a mast under "permitted development rights".

The Government speaks of giving a "voice to the people" and then deliberately presses the mute button so they do not have a voice.

Perhaps I should also mention the Government sold licences to telecommunications companies for the magnificent sum of £23 billion.

Could this be the reason powers have been removed from local authorities?

Lynda Hyde

If ayone wants to write to Lynda Hyde her email is

Or send as reply to The Argus


I empathise with the gist of what Cllr Hyde has to say about central government banning the right to turn down such mobile phone installations on health grounds. She is also right in questioning whether this blanket ban has anything to do with the sale of 3G licences for the sum of circa £23 billion. I feel bound to comment on a couple of her other statements, however. This is not to criticise but merely to set the record straight.

It is quite true to say that masts 15 metres or more in height require full planning permission and that applications for such development are often refused. However, it is not correct to say that in the event of appeal, permission is almost always granted. Nor is it true to say that masts not exceeding 15 metres in height require no consent at all.

Ground based installations not exceeding 15 metres in height constitute permitted development through the provisions of Part 24 of the General Permitted Development Order (GPDO) and, other than in exceptional circumstances, applications are subject to the prior approval process which, as successive planning ministers have assured us, is a different procedure from planning permission in name only.

As with applications for planning permission, applications for prior approval are frequently refused but it does not follow that, in the event of appeal, approval is almost always granted by planning inspectors. The figures over the past five years indicate that over 30% of appeals against local planning authorities' decisions to refuse applications for masts are dismissed.

I accede that at present we cannot say no to masts on health grounds alone, albeit in my view it is only a matter of time before a causal link is established between the radiation associated with mobile phone technology and adverse health effects. Moreover, it is true to say that government policy and legislation in respect of mast development is very heavily weighted in favour of the operators and against the tenets of local democracy. That said, and despite the difficulties face by communities, there are several material planning considerations which can, and should, be deployed against applications to site mobile phone installations insensitively.

I will send a response based on the above text to the Argus.


Earplugs, Marines, and Haditha

Larry Johnson travels in Iraq, where he meets with soldiers who are heading to Haditha and offers that "We must also accept that Americans as a whole share some responsibility for the actions of these soldiers. We sent them to war. We put them square in the middle of the battle. We cannot simply sit idly on the sidelines clucking our tongues over the awful thing that was done."


End Cruel and Inhumane Factory-Farming Practice of Confining Pregnant Sows to Gestation Crates

A message from Eleanor

Pigs are intelligent, friendly and loyal creatures - and are far superior in every way to the folk who treat them in such an inhumane way. Please sign against such treatment - it's time there was a campaign against this horrific practice.




End Cruel and Inhumane Factory-Farming Practice of Confining Pregnant Sows to Gestation Crates

Target: Bonnie Beaver, President, American Veterinary Medical Association

Sponsor: Musi Faisal, The Ethical Treatment of Animals and Environmental Protection.

Imagine being shoved inside a small closet with barely enough room to move. Your feet begin to ache from the hard floor so you contort your body just enough to sit down. But after a while, this position offers no more comfort and you struggle to stand up again. The lack of room to walk or even turn around starts to atrophy your muscles, and festering sores on your feet make every movement agony. Now imagine spending six years like this-and you'll begin to understand what life is like for nearly 6 million pregnant or nursing pigs in the United States.

"Gestation crates” are miserably uncomfortable concrete-floored stalls so small that pigs inside them can’t even turn around. Although the scientific evidence condemning them as physically and mentally torturous for mother pigs is overwhelming and uncontested among scientists and veterinarians with animal welfare as their primary concern, the AVMA continues to support them. Sows in crates are forced into a constant cycle of pregnancy and birth and are never allowed to breathe fresh air, feel the sunshine on their backs, or know a moment’s joy or contentment.

In addition to torturing these intelligent animals into complete psychosis, the crates cause the sows’ bones and muscles to atrophy, and the pigs develop painful sores and lesions. Most of them are lame and very sick by the time they’re slaughtered. According to industry reports, more than 400,000 are crippled by the time they arrive at the slaughterhouse.

Clearly the AVMA would not remain silent were dogs so horribly abused, but pigs are smarter than dogs and just as sensitive and worthy of the AVMA’s concern. Unfortunately, pigs have anti-animal representatives in positions of power at the AVMA. The veterinarian who proposed the endorsement for gestation crates, Dr. David Madsen, is the AVMA delegate from the American Association of Swine Veterinarians, and he actually admitted in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association that the resolution was a response to animal rights groups’ objections to the use of gestation stalls.

Das texanische "Virtual Border Watch Program"

Um die Grenze zu Mexiko besser überwachen zu können, will der texanische Gouverneur Hunderte von Überwachungskameras installieren, deren Bilder von allen Internetbenutzern beobachtet werden können.

Mystery at Marc-Seignobos school

This is translated from the french newspaper items on Next-up website combined with report sent to me by Next-up representative who confirmed the translation.

Iris Atzmon.

France, Chabeuil, Marc-Seignobos school: On the 1st of June, firefighters arrived to evacuate 800 pupils from the classes. More than 50 pupils complained on headaches, stomach pains, vision problems. Other 17 were taken to hospital to go through medical examinations and were released to their homes on the same day. The police came and also the mayor - and reassured the worried parents that everything was OK. In two letters that were sent to the parents and to the teachers, the principal informed that the examinations of water and air were "negative", and that the bad feeling of the pupils "had no character of gravity". The principal also asked the teachers to dedicate several minutes in order to "de-dramatize" the situation and added that it seemed that "the phenomenon had psycholoigical origines". "I didn't see the concerned pupils and so it's difficult to confirm but it's true that the reactions of collective fear, which were not correctly valued for long time, exist. It's possible to help a series of brutal and short anxiety attacks. The symptoms- migranes, spams, lost of consciousness...correspond to what was described to me about these students" explains Dr, Patricia Chevalier, a psychiatrist of children.

Next-up organization arrvied at the school and found that the school is exactly in the axis of the radiation beam from the cellular base station placed 200 meters from the school. Next-up made measurements in the school and found that on the same floor and in the rooms of the classes where the complaints came from - the electromagnetic fields were 1.1- 1.4 V/m. Next- Up representative reports, that the most difficult thing is to get information about the investigations of the health authorities and the police. Next-up is going to demand with the parents that investigations will be done about the base station of Orange until they know wether there had been or not modifications of radiation emited on the 31/5/2006 . For example, wether the companies had done experiements with UMTS at the same time. In the first floor, the point where there was maximum radiation, was exactly in the same rooms of classes where the pupils complained about the most of the symptoms. Next up and the parents of the pupils of Seignobos school, think that the collective psychological explanation is impossible. According to the data arrived to Next up, only pupils on the same floor (of the radiation beam) had symptoms (the staff on the ground floor had no symptoms). Around 300 pupils are on the same floor, many complained "suddenly" on headaches. There was a total of 93 faints according to Next-up. They are going to follow up this subject which is going to be reoprted this week also in the national news and add that "it is not food poisoning, not gas, not the ground, not collective psychology of a serious accident, not the sun etc..."

See pictures:


Dear All

I've had a look at this and tried to decipher what it is saying. This is possibly something new.

53 children were suddenly taken ill in a school with violent headaches, sickness and eye problems.

The school was evacuated.

A phone mast expert measured the radiation in the school the next day and found it was in the main beam from a mast. However the levels being about 1v/m couldn't produce such a violent reaction (although these levels are way too high in terms of long term effects) so as far as I understand he is postulating that the power must have been turned up suddenly towards 10 v/m which would produce these violent effects.

They have asked why this happened and if Orange can redirect the beam away from the school. Note that all these levels are still way below 'guidelines'!

I have often wondered if there is a 'safety' mechanism on the antennae whereby they cannot 'accidently' be turned up above a certain point and if so what that point is?

If true that in this case the radiation levels were increased the only 3 reason I can think of are

a a mistake
b on purpose to see what the effects would be
c to obtain more coverage? (is this possible?)

What does this mean for all our existing masts?


I found this old article. Does anyone know if this is still the case that the above mentioned authorities have still got a ban on masts on schools?



United Kingdom (1999)

According to an article in the Sunday Mirror United Kingdom Education chiefs are banning mobile phone masts from schools amid growing fars of a link between low-level radiation and cancer. A quarter of 400 schools approached recently have turned down offers of up to £10,000 to have the masts put up in their grounds

New research has shown a possible link between low- level radiation from masts and childhood leukaemia, cancer and brain disorders. Now some education authorities are adopting a safety-first approach.

Mast bans have been imposed in Oxfordshire, Bedfordshire, Warwickshire, Norfolk, Essex, West Sussex, Hampshire, Leicestershire and Northamptonshire. In Lincolnshire and Manchester schools are advised not to instal them. Of the 400 school masts erected already, many may not have their leases renewed. A spokeswoman for the Local Government Association said: "This is an issue we are taking extremely seriously."

From Mast Sanity/Mast Network

Legal warning over phone mast decisions

Well this is interesting, the England's Parliamentary Party. Does anyone know anything about them?


Legal warning over phone mast decisions

Jun 2 2006

Chester Chronicle

A POLITICAL group has warned councillors they could be indicted for corporate manslaughter.

England's Parliamentary Party (EPP) collaborated with a pressure group called Masts Away from Schools Homes and Hospitals (MASHH), in a letter to the leader of Chester City Council, Paul Roberts (Lib Dem, Farndon).

The correspondence said if anyone was found to have been killed by radiation from a phone mast, criminal charges could be brought.

It said: 'England's Parliamentary Party is totally opposed to the location of these masts in populated areas and, hereby, formally puts you on notice that you may, as part of the decision-making process, be indicted for corporate manslaughter should a fatality occur resulting from illness deemed to be attributable to the emissions from these masts.

'You owe a duty of care to the people within the boundaries of this council and your decisions with regard to the location of telecommunications masts could breach that duty of care.

'As a result of that breach, should it cause a person's death, the law of negligence must be applied; if so, whether that breach of duty is so bad as to amount, when viewed objectively, to gross negligence, it will warrant a criminal conviction.'

Malcolm Harle, of MASHH, said his group was formed after residents fought against the siting of a mast in Westminster Park, close to a nursery.

He said: 'We are very concerned with the health implications but the Government at national and local level aren't listening. We realised pretty early on we needed political help.'

Cllr Roberts said: 'They are making some disgraceful threats without a shred of legal justification. In any planning decision, we listen to the best advice from Government and other professionals and we will always follow that advice.'



In a toxicological sense the environmental pollution by electromagnetic fields is cause (trigger and or part of chains of events) of damage to health. The chains of events would not happen if the link caused directly and or indirectly by the effects of the electromagnetic fields to the human being as a whole would lack. The health damage can be reversible (example: headache from a mobile phone) and irreversible (example: changes of DNA) can lead to or contribute to death (examples: Ena Bambrough in Newcastle (2001), suicides (known to have happened in France), cancer (changes of DNA)). In these cases indeed the operators of wireless systems, the owners of the systems, the owners of premises, the authorities are responsible. They consciously have added to the environmental pollution by electromagnetic fields, causing the link. They had information and could have decided to prevent the pollution by choosing the alternative of a wired system.


Feldbefreiung: Aktionen gegen Agro-Gentechnik

An diesem Wochenende finden mehrere Aktionen gegen Agro-Gentechnik statt. Wir freuen uns, dass sich viele Menschen so aktiv der Gentechnik widersetzen - Vielleicht dienen die folgenden Infos eigenen Solidaritäts-Aktionen?

Wir wissen bislang von zwei öffentlich angekündigten Aktionen, die durch unabhängige Menschen bzw. Gruppen geplant und durchgeführt werden. Weitere Informationen gibt es bei den Aktiven direkt:


Eine eigenständige Initiative griff das Motto "Gendreck weg" auf und startete am Freitag Aktionen gegen das Gentec-Gerste-Versuchsfeld der Universität. :
"Die Protestaktionen wurden am Abend von Polizei und Ordnungsamt auf rüde Art beendet. Der aufgebaute Informationsstand wurde von einem großen Polizeiaufgebot abgebaut und beschlagnahmt. Doch zuvor machten Anti-Gentec-AktivistInnen den Uni-Forschern einen Strich durch die Rechnung. Am frühen Nachmittag verschafften sich mehrere Personen Zugang zum eingezäunten Versuchsfeld, rissen die Schutzverkleidung um das Feld nieder und begannen die Gentec-Pflanzen zu vernichten. HR-Hessenschau-Bericht:


In Oberboihingen wächst auf mehreren Versuchsfeldern Gentech-Mais. Inzwischen wurde bekannt: Es soll am Pfingstmontag eine Feldbegehung geben. Um 13.00 Uhr haben einige Menschen angekündigt, am Bahnhof Oberboihingen bei Nürtingen zu einem von mehreren Genmais-Feldern in der Nähe aufzubrechen. Die Erklärung eines Imkers, der diese Aktion ins Leben rief, lässt sich nachlesen auf unter "Aktionen/Termine"


Hier tagt ein Kreis von Gendreck-weg-Aktiven, um das Aktionswochenende mit Feldbefreiung im Juli vorzubereiten. Weitere MitstreiterInnen sind herzlich willkommen. Kontakt:

Aus: Newsletter-Feldbefreiung


Newsletter-Feldbefreiung 10. Juni 06


Verkehrte Welt: Gentechnik-Gegner vor Gericht - Prozess gegen zwei Imker, die 2005 eine Feldbefreiung ankündigten
Datum: Do, 29.06.2006, 11:16

Am Freitag um 9:00 Uhr beginnt im baden-württembergischen Rottenburg ein Prozess gegen die beiden Imker Michael Grolm und Jürgen Binder. Sie hatten 2005 angekündigt, Genmaispflanzen auf einem Feld bei Strausberg in Brandenburg herauszureißen. Der Vorwurf gegen die beiden lautet "öffentlicher Aufruf zu Straftaten".

Untenstehend berichten wir von den Gründen und der Motivation der beiden Imker und würden uns sehr freuen, wenn Sie die Information über den Prozess und die Initiative Gendreck-weg! in Ihren Medien, Mailverteilern und auf Ihren Internetseiten bekannt geben könnten.

Anja Becker,

Für Interviews: Michael Grolm,
Berufsimker 0170 / 10 87 17 4,

Presseinformation vom 29.06.2006

* Verkehrte Welt: Gentechnik-Gegner vor Gericht
* Prozess gegen zwei Imker, die 2005 eine Feldbefreiung ankündigten
"Die Zeit ist reif. Wo manipuliertes Saatgut ausgesät wird, bleibt uns nur noch das Prinzip der Gefahrenabwehr."

2005 hatten Agraringenieur Michael Grolm und Imkermeister Jürgen Binder, angekündigt, Genmaispflanzen von einem Feld in der Nähe von Strausberg in Brandenburg herauszureißen. Am Freitag beginnt um 9.00 Uhr ein Prozess gegen die beiden wegen öffentlichen Aufrufes zur Straftat.

Binder und Grolm hatten per Info-Brief und Internetseite zahlreiche Menschen an ihrem Vorhaben teilhaben lassen. Unter dem Motto "Gendreck-weg" hatten sich schließlich 300 Gentechnik-Gegner und -Gegnerinnen Ende Juli der Feldbefreiung angeschlossen. Nun wirft ihnen die Tübinger Staatsanwaltschaft vor, öffentlich zu Straftaten aufgerufen zu haben. "Das verdreht die Tatsachen", sagt Michael Grolm. "Politik und Konzerne setzen uns und unsere Landwirtschaft dramatischen Risiken aus. Straftäter sind doch nicht die, die dagegen aktiv werden."

Der Konflikt um die Gentechnik in der Landwirtschaft ist zugespitzt. Für die Imker bedeutet Genmais selbst in entfernter Nachbarschaft Spuren gentechnisch veränderten Pollens im Honig - und damit eine Gefährdung ihrer Existenz. Die Agro-Gentechnik gefährdet die Gesundheit, mittels Patentrecht, Lockangeboten und massiver Lobbyarbeit bringen die Gentech-Konzerne Bauern in aller Welt in ihre Abhängigkeit.

Auch für 2006 sind Feldbefreiungsaktionen angekündigt. Erneut laden GentechnikgegnerInnen unter dem Motto "Gendreck-weg" zu einem gentechnikfreien Wochenende nach Brandenburg ein. Sie kündigen an, am 30. Juli ein Genmaisfeld bei Zehdenick nördlich von Berlin zu befreien.

Am Freitag findet der Prozess im kleinen Saal des Amtsgerichtes Rottenburg statt. "Es wäre schön, wenn dieser Saal voll wird", sagte Michael Grolm.

Für Rückfragen:
Michael Grolm,
0170 / 10 87 17 4
Anja Becker, 0176 / 52 23 25 80

060603 - R - Mobilfunk - Newsletter

060602 - R - Mobilfunk - Newsletter

060531 - R - Mobilfunk - Newsletter

060529 - R - Mobilfunk - Newsletter

Residents mobilise against mobiles

Traffic on the Cavehill Road was brought to a standstill during a protest by angry families against the proposed building of a mobile phone mast at the junction of the North Circular Road.

Over 100 people held the demonstration after test holes were seen being drilled on the roadside, indicating that the mobile phone company ‘3’ were renewing interest in the site.

Four years ago local people got together and formed the Cavehill Residents Action Group (CRAG) to object to a planning application from the telecommunications company ‘3’ (then known as 3G) for a 15-foot mast and cabinet. The residents maintained there was no evidence that the equipment was safe, a claim disputed by the phone company. CRAG then sought a high court injunction after the planning application was approved but this move also failed.

Despite getting the go ahead however, no more work was carried out by the phone company.

But the Planning Service have now confirmed that inquiries have been made by an agent for ‘3’ to establish if the company now needs any further planning permission to erect a mast. Briege O’Hare of CRAG this week said residents are as determined as ever to prevent any future mast being built.

“Based on government reports there is still not enough evidence to show that mobile phone masts are safe and until we have a better idea of the long term risks associated with these things – especially on children – we will be fighting to prevent them being built in areas like this. This campaign will be a success because we will not stop no matter what happens. CRAG is willing to help other groups who are fighting against these masts.”

She said more care should be put into the decisions as to where masts are built.

“People do need mobile phones but they also need to know they are safe. We want exclusions zones set up like down south and in Scotland where masts are not allowed to be built until they can prove they are safe.”

Backing the residents in their campaign and taking part in the protest was Sinn Féin councillor Tierna Cunningham, who said the people of the Cavehill Road had her party’s full support in their fight.

“I pledge my support and the support of Sinn Féin to this campaign because we oppose the building of these masts in residential areas. Health is at the forefront of this campaign and we are totally opposed to the building of this mast beside schools and shops.

“I will be lobbying the Council for the setting up of exclusion zones. There are already four masts in this area and we do not need or want any more. This is only the start of the campaign but we are determined to make sure it will be successful,” she said.

A spokesman for the Planning Service confirmed that permission had been granted for a mast on the site under the now defunct ‘prior approval’ scheme. But he said officials were currently investigating whether a new planning application was required because the agent dealing for ‘3’ requested moving the mast by 60 cm to avoid pipes that have recently been laid. “The planning service has recently received correspondence from the agent advising that the mast needs to be moved by approx 60cms and seeking clarification whether or not a planning application is required. The matter is currently under consideration.”

No one from the phone company was available for comment.

Journalist: Evan Short

Why Those Pay Hikes Are Not Going Very Far

On average, American paychecks are rising, as employers offer higher salaries to attract and retain staff. At the same time, inflation has been heating up, burning a bigger hole in consumers' pockets. The result is a dynamic that's challenging for workers and potentially risky for the economy.

Bush's Tepid Strategy to Curb Global Warming

The Government Accountability Office reported last week that projects begun in 2002 and 2003 to encourage private businesses to reduce greenhouse gases "appear not to be progressing at the rate expected by the sponsoring agencies." Only 38 of 74 companies have set emissions reduction targets.

Exxon: Immovable Obstacle to Action on Climate Change

Eric Goldstein, a lawyer with the Natural Resources Defense Council, said: "ExxonMobil has gone out of its way time and again to distinguish itself from its competitors as the most anti-environmental oil company."

Kerry Attacks Bush Over Iraq Policies

Senator John Kerry harshly criticized the Bush administration for "disdaining diplomacy" in favor of a confrontational and unilateral foreign policy that has hurt the United States' standing around the world and made it less safe, and warned that the mistakes of Iraq must not be repeated in the current standoff with Iran.

New Florida vote scandal revealed

A secret document obtained from inside Bush campaign headquarters in Florida suggests a plan - possibly in violation of US law - to disrupt voting in the state's African-American voting districts, a BBC Newsnight investigation reveals.

How Voter Data Was Used To Prevent Democrats From Voting In The Last Presidential Elections

Congress legislating our rights away

Why was Congress silent when Bush wrote his own military law to designate individuals as "enemy combatants," and deny them due process, before sending them into limbo?

From Information Clearing House

Bush Tops List As U.S. Voters Name Worst President

Strong Democratic sentiment pushes President George W. Bush to the top of the list when American voters pick the worst U.S. President in the last 61 years. Bush is named by 34 percent of voters, followed by Richard Nixon at 17 percent.

From Information Clearing House

The Mother of All Scandals

From Vice President Cheney to the new Director of National Intelligence John Negroponte, so many of the Iran-Contra era scoundrels returned to the political stage these last years for a grim second bow and, perhaps not so strangely, similar results -- though this time not on the relatively parochial stage of Central America, but in the oil heartlands of our planet.

Coverup: Behind the Iran Contra Affair

Windows Media Video -Coverup exposes several of the most disturbing chapters in the history of U.S. covert foreign policy. It presents a tale of politics, drugs, hostages, weapons, assassinations, covert operations and the ultimate plan to suspend the U.S.Constitution.

Runtime 22 Minutes

Former CIA Analyst and Presidential Advisor Ray McGovern Says Iran Strike

Former CIA analyst and Presidential advisor Ray McGovern, fears that staged terror attacks across Europe and the US are probable in order to justify the Bush administration's plan to launch a military strike against Iran, which he thinks will take place in June or July.

Sham US Proposal to Iran Evokes Memories of Past Similar Ones

It’s simply just the latest ploy and example of US deceit designed to solidify support among its European allies as well as try to convince the Chinese and Russians to come aboard.

Is the 'independent' media institute that translates the Arabic newspapers quite what it seems?

Brian Whitaker investigates whether the 'independent' media institute that translates the Arabic newspapers is quite what it seems.,,773258,00.html

From Information Clearing House

War pimp alert: as Iranian response is awaited another US nuke warning

In a BBC interview earlier, US Director of National Intelligence John Negroponte warned that Iran could have a nuclear bomb between 2010 and 2015, 'which is a cause of great concern.'

From Information Clearing House

War pimp alert: Rice warns Iran it doesn't have much time

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice says Iran will not have much time to respond to an international offer of rewards aimed at halting its uranium enrichment.

From Information Clearing House

Putin: Talk Of Sanctions Vs Iran Premature

"We are against the use of force in any circumstances," Putin said. "As for sanctions, it is too early to talk about that yet. It is necessary to conduct a thorough discussion with the Iranian leadership."

From Information Clearing House

In Iraq a Predator fires its missile

In Las Vegas a pilot pulls the trigger.

In Iraq a Predator fires its missile: An RAF unit based in the Nevada desert is conducting highly secret operations against Iraqi insurgents and Afghan guerrillas using unmanned, powerfully armed American Predator aircraft.

From Information Clearing House

Purple Hearts


Documentary filmmaker Roel van Broekhoven crossed the United States to visit wounded Iraq veterans.

Who will weep for the cemetery of innocents?

By Joan Chittister, OSB

Dinned day and night by TV replays of real life war strikes, life becomes one large unending Nintendo game for us. Reality becomes just like the software we buy so our children can shoot at digital figures who never bleed, never cry, never look us in the eye before we shoot them.

New Report on the Haditha Killings

BBC Video News Report

Reports from Iraqi witnesses.

Click here to view - Real Media and Windows Media

U.S. Tells Iran: Unilateral Military Action Is ‘On The Table’

Bolton: ‘This is Put Up or Shut Up Time For Iran’

Windows Media Video

Click here to watch - Transcript and video

Le Villefranchois: Orange mobilise tout un quartier

Refus du Maire: l'opérateur Orange l'a amère.

L'affaire de Chabeuil, l'analyse, le scandale?

2 JUIN 2006

Le Dauphiné Libéré: Peur-être une réaction de peur collective.

Wrong Mission Accomplished: How Invading Iraq Has Set Back Democracy

Haditha Signals Beginning of End of Iraq War

Regrets? Confessions? Bring 'em On!

War Handicaps Senators in '08 White House Race

U.S. Accused of New Iraq Massacre

New 'Iraq Massacre' Tape Emerges

The BBC obtains new video evidence that US troops may have deliberately killed 11 Iraqi civilians in March.

The BBC has obtained disturbing pictures of the aftermath of an alleged massacre of 11 Iraqis by American troops. Iraqi police have accused US soldiers of killing the people in Ishaqi, north of Baghdad. - Click here to view -

Real Media and Windows Media

Blix Says U.S. Impedes Efforts to Curb A-Arms

Bush Administration Wants Internet Companies to Save Personal Web Surfing

Immigrant advocates decry microchip idea

On the US creation of yet another enemy

What Would the Framers Think of Bushian America?

Do Hadithans Hate Us for Our Freedoms?

Under the Shadow of Inflationomics

Presidential Aggression Against Congress

Christianity and War

Das Ende der Belastbarkeit, wie viel verträgt der Mensch?

----- Original Message -----
From: Aida I.-Göb
To: MCS-Life
Sent: Saturday, June 03, 2006 2:27 AM
Subject: Umwelttag des Vereins zur Hilfe umweltbedingt Erkrankter e.V. So, den 23. Juli 2006

Umwelttag des Vereins zur Hilfe umweltbedingt Erkrankter e.V. So, den 23. Juli 2006 in Nürnberg „Das Ende der Belastbarkeit – wie viel verträgt der Mensch?“

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

der vor einem Jahr gegründete Verein veranstaltet am 23. Juli seine erste Tagung, zu der ich auch Sie herzlich einladen möchte. Es geht uns primär darum, die neuesten umweltmedizinischen Erkenntnisse weiter zu verbreiten, als dies bisher der Fall ist. Mit Sicherheit haben auch Sie die Erfahrung gemacht, dass Umweltthemen nicht so ohne weiteres in die Öffentlichkeit zu bringen sind – und doch hängt es von einer flächendeckenden Verbreitung ab, ob wir in den nächsten Jahren einen Prozentsatz an Erkrankten haben werden wie z.B. in den USA (ca. 15 %).

Mit unserer Veranstaltung – siehe beiliegendes Programm – wollen wir Zeichen setzen: für mehr Aufklärung, für mehr Verständnis der Wechselwirkungen verschiedener Einflüsse, für die Thematisierung eines „Tabuthemas“ und für mehr Kooperation untereinander.

Es würde uns sehr freuen, wenn Sie sich mit unserer Arbeit identifizieren können und an unserer Tagung teilnehmen, denn ohne Solidarität wird es nicht möglich sein, viel für eine gesündere Zukunft und Umwelt zu bewegen.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen


VHUE 23.7.06 Flyer als doc.-Datei statt pdf.


Aida I.-Göb

How They Stole Ohio And the GOP 4-step Recipe to 'Blackwell' the USA in 2008

Informant: ranger116

As horrible as the Haditha massacre was, it is only the tip of the iceberg in atrocities carried out by the US military in an unjust war

Informant: ranger116

Ex-Feds Blast 9-11 Panel and Bush,mondo3,56719,6.html

Informant: Milo

Muskogee, Oklahoma Grand Jury Impeachment

From: Jane Swartley
Date: Mon May 29, 2006 11:38am(PDT)
Subject: Muskogee impeachment Grand Jury

Muskogee, Oklahoma Grand Jury Impeachment News

Over the next few weeks, our goal is to not only get the Muskogee Grand Jury Impanelment petition signed but also to promote this countermovement in the major media and political circles of our country and the world.

There is only one way to stop the Bush-Cheney movement cold in its tracks, and that is by influencing public opinion and applying pressure. It is not unnoticed by us that we have several months before the off-year congressional elections and this target is as important as the main goal. We have had to take action as a population because the judicial and congressional elements in our government have been ineffective -- and, worse, seem to be part of this movement to seize the country into control by the powerful, and to h... with the people.

It must be stopped, and we can do it. Go here and read; and please help us in this countermovement.

More about the Muskogee Grand Jury proposal:
(posted in numerous Oklahoma newspapers last week)

As you probably know, only two states in the union have a constitutional provision allowing empanelment of a grand jury on the strength of the requisite number of petition signatories from the registered voters in a given county of the respective state.

One of these states is New Mexico; the other happens to be your state, Oklahoma.

Between now and the November 2006 election cycle, you and a handful of volunteer assistants have the opportunity to gather the several hundred signatures needed for presentment to the selected court-of-record there in your county -- a court that would have no recourse but to empanel the sought-for state grand jury to investigate, and report upon, the alleged criminal activity of Bush-Cheney (e.g., lying to the public re Iraqnam, and waging warrantless wiretapping of U. S. citizens on American soil).

The resulting report could serve as an impetus for Congress to expedite its oversight power and investigatory role into how (and why) the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld regime has undermined the governmental security and constitutional protections afforded Oklahomans and all other Americans.

Of course, the empaneled grand jury would have no authority to subpoena relevant testimony or other evidence from federal officials, but it could (and should) INVITE formal submission of such evidence. Presumably, this call for evidence would smoke out some additional whistleblowers as to official, presidential wrongdoing -- and facilitate "leakage" of incriminating, verifiable documentation.

As an Oklahoman empowered by your state's constitution, you occupy a potential, historic turning point in our nation's growing demand for accountability on the part of Bush-Cheney. If you, and/or someone you know, can accept this challenge, please let me know whether you'd like for me to draft the proposed petition-for-empanelment.

As I await your response, by all means feel free to e-circulate and Internet-post the contents of this letter. Who knows: maybe someone in New Mexico might like to pursue this proposal in his/her county.

Larry W. Bryant
3518 Martha Custis Drive
Alexandria, VA 22302

Jerry Pippin
Radio Productions
P. O. Box 333
Muskogee, OK 74402

Informant: Milo

The Bush Administration's Use of Covert Propaganda Against Americans

Informant: Milo

Media finally starting to report the President's systematic lawbreaking

Informant: shaman_nation

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